The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 102

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 33: Cause of the Extraordinary

The reputation of the Mord Squad had been skyrocketing. Many people took an interest in the squad, and a few even requested to join. However, Mord rejected all the applicants. Some lacked the necessary skills, but more importantly, he had no intention to increase the squad’s numbers. What Mord needed were reliable comrades, not just squad members.

One day, a man came looking for the Mord Squad.

“Senior Rowen?”

Cael, recognizing him, was startled and stood up. The man was Rowen, a middle-aged man with a rough red hair and noticeable scars.

He wore the common attire of a gatekeeper squad, on the pretense of being a superior warrior from a ghost squad dispatched to a distant location. Interestingly, Cael had once used a similar disguise before his discharge from the Shadow Wolf Squad.

Rowen chuckled and asked,

“How does it feel to start anew as an ordinary warrior?”

“Do you really need to ask to know?” responded Cael.

“I haven’t experienced it myself, so I can’t quite imagine it.”


Cael sighed heavily after Rowen’s teasing.

“Well, watch me. I’ll climb up from here and become a top-tier warrior. Then, when I’m a lord, living comfortably, you’ll be the one envying me.”

“Sure. It’s good to dream big. For now, you’re just a wrinkly ordinary warrior.”

“Ugh… Did you come here just to make fun of me?”

Rowen shrugged his shoulders and said,

“No. I came because the General gave an order.”

“What order? Don’t tell me…”

“You think the General would order me to work under this whelp?”

“Well, he ordered me to.”

“And that’s the difference between you and me.”

With that, Cael trembled with frustration. Rowen turned his gaze toward Mord and asked,

“Can I take care of these two from now on?”


Cael and Leon’s expressions changed. Looking at Mord as if asking ‘what’s going on?’, Mord, rather than looking back at them, simply nodded at Rowen.

“Please take good care of them. But before you arrived, Sir Eiden wanted to see Leon…”

“The General had to deal with urgent matters and stepped out. He’ll be away for a few days.”

“I see.”

If Eiden, the gatekeeper squad’s chief, moved personally, it indicated an issue of high importance. That Leon’s meeting is postponed was unavoidable.

Rowen glanced at Cael and Leon and spoke,

“Let’s see your level first, shall we?”

“Hold on. I’ve got a question!” Cael raised his hand.

When Rowen gestured him to speak, Cael asked,

“Could you explain what exactly is going on here?”

“Lord Mord requested the General to find someone who could teach you. The General sent me.”

Mord shrugged as both stared at him in confusion,

“I’ve always thought that I’m not good at teaching others. Besides, it seemed better for you, Cael, to be taught by someone skilled with the sword.”

And it was true. Both Cael and Leon had agonizingly realized that Mord had no talent for teaching others.

Rowen inquired,

“I’m thinking four hours a day of training will be necessary. Is that alright?”

“You can do longer. I’ve been training even more than that these days.”

“Good. Then I’ll take care of it. You… you’re going to do as you please, right?”


Listening to their exchange, Cael’s expression hardened, sensing something ominous—his feelings proved to be disastrously accurate.

That day would mark the opening of a hellish gateway for both of them.

* * *

Days filled with rigorous training were proving productive. The echoing screams of Cael and Leon never ceased at the training ground, and Rowen seemed ecstatic, not knowing what to do with himself.

“Your aura change is too slow! Do you intend to die from depleting your mana by needlessly covering yourself in aura from all directions?”

“If you’re going to say that, you should perform a predictable attack so that I can… Argh!”

Cael’s protest was cut short as he was sent flying by Rowen’s aura blade.

A master of aura, capable of freely controlling its properties, Rowen was beating Cael with his ultimate spanking blade—an aura blade that barely inflicted physical harm but was agonizingly painful.

“How long will you rely just on your sturdy body? That’s why your techniques don’t improve!”

“Come on, you’re the one driving me to use my body as the only resort… Cough!”

Leon also found himself beaten and rolling on the ground, a victim of Rowen’s punishing aura blade.

Rowen was not only strong but also pushed Cael and Leon with an incredibly harsh yet efficient training method.

‘This is crazy!’

Both of them were driven to the brink of madness, especially knowing that Rowen’s brutal training routine was exceptionally effective! They were growing stronger day by day under his harsh direction.

Watching them, Mord nodded in satisfaction.

‘Leaving things to someone who knows what they’re doing is best.’

Cael and Leon had also become stronger training with Mord. But there’s a difference between advancing through trial and error on one’s own and receiving years of accumulated know-how from someone who’d traversed that path.

In this sense, Rowen was an outstanding instructor. Mord made a mental note of the training methods, considering them valuable for his own practice.

Observing all of this, Farwell thought,

‘I’m glad to be a mage…’

Farwell wasn’t idling either. Mord had ensured that he had everything needed to advance as a mage, providing various magical components collected from exploration and victories against foes like the Apostles of Resurrection, the Dark Sage, and the forces of the Blood of Silver.

Farwell had unlimited resources for research and experimentation, rapidly advancing his abilities. Moreover, the seized spellbooks from the mages of the Blood of Silver were of great help.

“Lord Mord, I have a request.”

“What is it?”

“It’s rather difficult. Are there advanced mages in this squad?”

“There are.”

“Could you negotiate with them to obtain the 5th and 6th circle spell scrolls I describe?”

Mord was taken aback by the request,

“6th circle?”

“Yes. I believe I’ll master the 5th circle soon. It won’t be long now before I can attempt to unlock the 6th circle.”

Mages are evaluated by the standards established in antiquity. Each circle has ‘reference spells,’ mastery of which marks one’s mastery over that circle.

Of course, there are many other spells in the world, but mastery is gauged only by the reference spells, and only those who command all the reference spells can advance to the next circle.

It’s more than just a standard; it’s part of a mage’s inner world, necessary for casting spells—constructed from those very reference spells. Without them, even with Farwell’s talent, he couldn’t reach a higher sphere.

‘Not long after we’ve met, and he’s almost mastered the 5th circle—Seidok, the ‘Genius of the Serene Toxicity,’ wasn’t kidding about his talent.’

Even with divine heritage, reaching the advanced mage status by the age of fifteen and mastering the 5th circle is impossible for anyone but a genius.

And Farwell did not reach this level under stable conditions. After learning up to the 3rd circle under his mentor’s guidance, he used the leftover materials and spell scrolls provided by Eiden to self-educate up to the 5th circle.

Considering he’d only been with Mord for a little over a month and now was on the brink of becoming a 5th circle master was astounding.

‘As long as he stays alive, he’ll definitely be a great mage. The question is how much can he shorten the time to reach that…’

Becoming a great mage in a short period is unheard of, yet in this world brimming with opportunity, nothing was impossible.

‘Seems I’ve heard stories of characters growing impossibly fast before.’

Mord himself was, after all, growing at an unprecedented speed. Look at his achievements over the past eight months and imagine what’s to come.

If Mord’s pace isn’t out of the ordinary, Farwell’s ascent to great mage stature within a few years could even seem modest.

“Understood. I’ll look into it.”

The Mord Squad held several senior mages. Trading with them for the reference scrolls should be enough.

Mages consider their learned spells as valuable assets and are reluctant to trade… unless given a proper price.

And Mord had plenty to offer in return. His spatial bag alone was brimming with magical items, including those seized from the defeated forces of the Silver Blood and other powerful adversaries. Though some were impractical for Mord’s team or of lower performance, they held high value and trading them would likely be more than enough.

‘Kael will handle the trade well.’

And Mord’s confidence was justified. Shortly after, just under ten days, Farwell mastered the 5th circle and began steps toward the 6th circle practitioner.

* * *

A month after forming the Mord Squad, it was mid-November. Their days continued to alternate between training and rest.

“When are you thinking of starting your operations?” inquired Eiden. He had wanted to know Mord’s plans. Mord’s secretive knowledge was still useful even in this whitened magical plane. Even here, Mord had countless fates to discover.

“Well, I’m not in a rush for now. Cael and Leon are making good progress with training. Besides, if an emergency support request comes along, or we participate a few times in joint operations, then maybe you, Sir Eiden, would offer us a special designation?”

“Hah, I thought you’d be anxious to start, but not at all, it seems.”

Apart from essential schedules, Eiden had summoned Mord daily for one-on-one training. With the news spreading, people began seeing Mord as a special figure, with Eiden perceived as taking him under his wing.

Although Mord could never inherit the gatekeeper’s seat as a bastard child, just like Kestner, he could grow to become one of Bernas’ pillars in the future. Neither Mord nor Eiden bothered to correct the misapprehension.

‘To some degree, the assumption isn’t wrong.’

While they hadn’t formally established a master-disciple relationship, should anyone ask Mord about his mentor, he would name Eiden, for he had taught and provided for him generously.

Their training wasn’t confined to the training grounds within Antak Castle.

Boom! The reverberations of their sessions echoed.

Sometimes, cloaked in confidentiality, they stepped out of Antak Castle to wreak havoc in the deep mountains as part of their regimen.

Boom! Bang! Thunderous clashes!

Neither Mord nor Eiden were in their normal forms. Transformed into beings of silver radiance, giants of light, they continued to exchange blows, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

A mythic battle of epic proportions!

“You’ve grown sturdier than before!”

Eiden, encapsulated in his radiant form, laughed boisterously as he received a punch from the radiant Mord.

As their vigorous training progressed, both continued to grow stronger. Granted, Mord was accelerating in strength far quicker than Eiden, who was nevertheless becoming more powerful as he honed his mastery over the divine powers through training with Mord.


After altering the landscape with their fight, both released their divine forms. Eiden, donning his distant clothes, remarked,

“Soon, your squad will join the combat operations.”

“It seems the time has come,” responded Mord.

“The command is growing restless.”

Under these extreme conditions, leaving a force as potent as the Mord Squad inactive was a strategic loss. Their impatience was understandable.

“We’ll start by joining other squads when they move. Build a record, and then you’ll earn special dispensation for independent action.”

“I hope we’re not too rushed. We’re in our prime growth phase right now.”

Laughing heartily at Mord’s comment, Eiden seemed amused.

Eight days later, the Mord Squad embarked on their second operation, supporting another squad tasked with stalling the demonification.

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