The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 100

The Extra is too strong

In the icy cold that froze everything around them, there stood a man with his forearms bared. The gatekeeper’s military uniform typically included thick cold-weather gear as a standard issue, but he had discarded all that, wearing such minimal attire that just looking at him made one feel cold.

Like a gust of wind, the man approached a mid-tier warrior. Even though the mid-tier warrior was nearly 180 centimeters tall, he had to look up at the man who stood before him.

“Mord’s squad, responding to the emergency support request.”


The mid-tier warrior’s eyes widened at the response.

“Mord’s squad?”

It was a name recently famous within the gatekeeper’s forces, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

“…What about the other squads?”

“They’re still on their way. For now, it’s just the four of us.”


The warrior had to fight the urge to curse. He had been elated when he heard that support troops had arrived, only to find that it was merely four of them—and not just any four, but the infamous greenhorns of Mord’s squad!

“Alright. Thanks for the support. For now, join us in taking down that mutant ogre…”

“I’ll handle it. See to the wounded.”


Ignoring the mid-tier warrior’s question, Mord walked briskly toward the recovering mutant ogre.


The attempt to stop him was cut short as the mid-tier warrior hesitated, recalling the recent events that had slipped his mind amidst the confusion. ‘That blow that sent the mutant ogre flying wasn’t from a mage’s attack.’

He had thought whoever dealt that blow must be at least of advanced warrior grade. But the only one here with that level of skill was Adoit, who was engaged with a grey orc warrior on the left flank.

‘Could it be?’

Just as the mid-tier warrior was piecing together his thoughts, the mutant ogre roared.


It swung its massive metal club, attempting to smash Mord.


Everyone braced for a horrible outcome.


However, the result amidst the loud blast was nothing like anyone expected. The mutant ogre’s club was shattered in two, its pieces flying through the air.

And before the ogre stood Mord, who had leaped forward and delivered an uppercut.


The pounding sound reverberated, and then…

“My goodness…”

With a single strike, the mutant ogre’s head flew off, and its body collapsed with a thunderous fall.


As the ogre’s huge frame toppled beside him, Mord casually strode past. The monsters froze at the incredible sight. Mord muttered to himself, observing the Ice Trolls stumbling in confusion.

“So this is what an Ice Troll looks like. Not just a different skin color.”

Typically, trolls were characterized by their gray skin, standing over two meters tall, and appearing rather gaunt. Their arms were abnormally long relative to humans, and they were known as humanoid monsters with severely hooked noses, slit eyes, bristly white hair, and sharp teeth protruding out their mouths.

Ice Trolls shared the general appearance of their kin but had a pale skin with a hint of blue, and ice-cut bead-like eyes that looked entirely alien. They were bald and seemed to have organs that generated cold on their shoulders and hands, as the area around them was frozen white.

“Keeeyah! To kill an ogre without a weapon! You must be of the Bernass bloodline!”

Trolls, being more intelligent than ogres and having a higher proportion of magic-users compared to orcs, immediately deduced that Mord was of the Bernass bloodline upon witnessing his feat with the ogre.


The trolls’ mages cast frost spells that engulfed Mord, with consecutive explosions of chilling white frost. As the Troll warriors lunged with their long spears toward where Mord stood…


Before their spears could even reach through the smoke, a surging attack shattered one of them completely.

Breaking through the frost explosions, Mord leaped amidst the Ice Trolls.


His punch sent one Ice Troll warrior flying into his comrades, resulting in an explosive chain reaction.

– Impulse Transmission!

The technique utilized a direct blow to the target as a conduit for an impulse wave to spread and detonate.

Ka-boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

With that single strike, ten Ice Trolls were dead. Despite their celebrated regenerative abilities, even trolls couldn’t survive once dismembered by such a blast.

Ka-boom! Ka-boom! Ka-boom…

Mord relentlessly pressed on, taking down Ice Trolls with terrifying momentum. It wasn’t just a one-hit-one-kill. Each time his fists swung, the impulse wave spread, annihilating at least five or six Ice Trolls at once.


Words failed everyone as Mord single-handedly cleaved through enemy lines. The impressive display of power from the mutant ogre that had once caused havoc in the gatekeeper’s forces now seemed trivial in comparison.

The abnormal show of strength wasn’t limited to Mord alone.

* * *

On the left flank, the superior warrior Adoit and his elite fighters were reorganizing their faltering lines. And then, one more person joined them.


The air vibrated, and a vivid trail of light streaked across the sky, slashing through the Grey Orcs tangled within its path.


The trail of light, extending five meters, cleanly bisected a Grey Orc rider and its Ashenrealm Direwolf mount. Unlike Adoit’s powerful cleave, it was so cleanly cut that the two monsters staggered for a moment before collapsing, blood gushing from their wounds.

Ssshhlick! Ssshhlick! Ssshhlick!

Such scenes weren’t a one-time occurrence. As if on a leisurely stroll, each swing of the swordsman’s blade brought down clusters of Grey Orc riders, their blood spraying as they fell. This was made possible by the Aura Blade, the essence of swordsmanship.

“A half-elf?”

One soldier muttered at the unbelievable sight. The blond, stunningly beautiful half-elf boy, draped in a simple armor over the gatekeeper’s uniform, continued to slash through Grey Orcs as he approached Adoit.

“I’ve come in response to the emergency support request. I’m Kael, a regular warrior from Mord’s squad.”


Adoit couldn’t hide his disbelief. Not because of the boy’s youthful appearance, but because he was clearly a master-level mage, yet claiming to be a mere regular warrior.

‘Wait. Mord’s squad, that’s…?’

It was a shockingly belated realization for Adoit that he was dealing with that Mord’s squad.

Before he could say anything, Kael asked.

“It looked like you were engaged in one-on-one combat. What would you prefer? Continue one-on-one, or should I join and help?”

Both the Orcs and the Bernass Duchy revered strong warriors. Hence, even amidst mass combat, they preferred a fair duel if it came down to a one-on-one between strong warriors.

Considering this, Kael deliberately chose not to ambush the Grey Orc warrior, instead inquiring about Adoit’s preference.

“Well… Um. Let’s just join forces and finish this quickly.”

“Of course, let’s do that, then.”

“Kwoah! Wait! Human! Have you no honor as a warrior?”

The Grey Orc warrior panicked, but Adoit was nonchalant.

“I’m supposed to care about that while my soldiers are dying?”

As a commander, Adoit prioritized practicality over personal honor. The reason he had been trading blows one-on-one with the Grey Orc warrior was that at the time, it seemed the most effective strategy.

“I’ll gladly join,” Kael said with a brilliant smile.

It didn’t take more than 20 seconds for the Grey Orc warrior to fall.

Monsters’ blood began to blow through the left flank as well.

* * *

The center was also undergoing a change, following the right and left flanks. The central battlefield was in fierce competition, largely because both sides were fully exerting their magical forces.

But then the equilibrium started to crumble.

– Dance of the Fire Spirits!

A human side advanced mage, Parwell, had joined the fray. An advanced mage capable of fifth circle magic was considered a valuable combat asset.

Adoit’s five magicians had consisted only of beginner and intermediate mages, so the balance of the magical battle tipped dramatically once Parwell joined.

And then a huge, muscular man leaped into the center.


Wrapped in silvery light and with his silver hair flowing, he was a towering figure standing at 2 meters and 25 centimeters. It was Leon.

– Impulse Ball Barrage!

Ten impulse balls poured down among the monsters, exploding in succession.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…

Leon then plunged into the chaos, causing panic among the monsters.

“Kwoar! This guy!”

Grey Orc warriors tried to intercept Leon in vain.

Leon didn’t even bother to dodge their attacks. He simply endured them with his twitching muscles and swung his fist, smashing them to death.


With every punch in his opened meridians state, a silvery typhoon raged, sweeping away the surroundings.

“Hahaha! Ugly cretins! Is this all you’ve got? Come at me all at once!”

Leon laughed heartily. The resentments of being looked down upon and ridiculed were being released into violent blows against his enemies.

But before Leon and Parwell could fully break through the center, the battle had effectively ended.


Mord had broken through the right flank and reached the rear of the enemy lines. After the Ice Troll and Grey Orc mages at the back were quickly slaughtered, the whole battle tipped in favor of the humans.

What remained was a battle of annihilation, leaving no monsters alive.

* * *

News of Mord’s squad’s achievements spread rapidly. Everyone was in awe. Responding to the emergency support call, a mere four of them had turned the tide of an unfavorable battle.

Just counting the number of enemies those four had taken down alone surpassed the rest combined. And they had finished the battle before the arrival of the other forces that had been called for support.

They were thought to be incompetent, but they turned out to be monsters beyond belief.

“Hahaha! Well done. Really well done!”

Elden couldn’t stop laughing. Since the formation of Mord’s squad, Elden hadn’t summoned Mord even once. Meeting with him may have sparked unfavorable rumors among their peers.

However, with Mord’s squad responding to the emergency call and achieving a significant victory, he could use it as a pretext to speak with Mord privately.

“It’s fortunate that the chance to advance came quickly. Leon’s stress was not to be taken lightly…”

“That so. A rightful successor, treated as a churl, is bound to be frustrated.”

Elden laughed heartily.

“Let’s see. Promoting two of them to mid-tier warriors would be better after a few more battles, but… I can certainly give Parwell the treatment due to a mid-tier warrior.”

In battle, magicians are rarer and more highly valued than warriors. Therefore, even if their skill level isn’t high, they receive high honors.

That’s just how it was. For starters, entering magic is more difficult than martial arts due to the intellectual barriers that one has to overcome, even for those with aptitude. Moreover, while warriors fundamentally fight for a living, magicians are not necessarily so. Combat magicians, who practice magecraft as a vocation in battle, are only a fraction of all magicians. Thus, even without many accomplishments, advanced mages like Parwell unavoidably receive high honors.

Upon enlistment, he had received the rank of a regular warrior, and promoting him to mid-tier warrior after this battle wouldn’t garner any objections.

“What are your plans going forward?”

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