The Extra Is Too Strong Chapter 1

The Extra Is Too Strong Chapter 1: It’s Okay to be an Extra

Eom Tae-seong had spent the previous night reading a web novel until he fell asleep. The title of the novel was “The Magician Who Devoured the World.”

Set in a fictional world governed by swords and magic, rather than Earth, the fantasy novel had drawn him in with an incredibly cheap discount event that started last week. He began to read it idly, but before he knew it, he had finished all 500-plus episodes of the long series.

The ending was unsatisfactory. Terrible, actually.

It wasn’t merely a bad ending—it was the worst kind of ending one could imagine. After overcoming countless hardships, the protagonist trampled everything he had protected and brought ruin upon the world. Could there be anything worse than that?

Eom Tae-seong had read web novels to escape reality, which was unbearably cruel for him. And the ending of the novel he was so absorbed in turned out to be this nonsensical.

Feeling annoyed and icky, he fell asleep. And then…

“Does this make any sense?”

When he woke up, he found himself in the world of the novel he had just finished reading, and he was now an extra character in it.

* * *

When Eom Tae-seong opened his eyes, a message appeared before him explaining his current situation:

-You have awoken in the world of “The Magician Who Devoured the World.”

-From now on, you must live as the character Mord Vernaas from “The Magician Who Devoured the World.”

-This very moment is the beginning of “The Magician Who Devoured the World.”

-If Mord dies in this world, that will be your death as well.

“…What kind of nonsense is this?”

Eom Tae-seong was dumbfounded.

Waking up as a character in a novel?

However, a sensation that denied his disbelief washed over him.

‘Is this body… real?’

Eom Tae-seong had been a paraplegic.

It happened a year ago. On his way back from a convenience store in the middle of the night, he was hit by a speeding car driven by a drunk driver and became paralyzed from the waist down. He miraculously survived, but Eom Tae-seong, now a paraplegic, had lived in despair every day since.

But now?

The constant pain tormenting his body was gone; he only felt a slight hunger. His whole body was filled with strength, and his legs stood firm on the ground.

‘Goodness gracious.’

The fact that he was standing on his own two legs, an act he thought he had lost forever, was enough to bring him to tears.

It was unbelievable.

Yet he couldn’t consider this overwhelming experience a dream. An overpowering sense of reality dominated him.

-Break the fate of destruction, and you shall achieve your wish.

“A wish, what wish are we talking about?”

As he was intoxicated by the vivid sensations, the final message appeared before Eom Tae-seong.

-You will be able to choose the life you desire, and everything you wish for will be granted.

Memories suddenly flooded into his mind.

Eom Tae-seong staggered.

His head swirled with countless memories unfolding like a panorama.

“Gasp, what is this?”

He groaned, clutching his head.

Then he was startled.

The language he was muttering was not Korean, but Prin, the common language of this world.

‘What is this? Memories of this body? No, it’s a bit different…’

Eom Tae-seong realized he had been imbued with the language and script of this world, processed as information applicable to anyone.

Now, not only did he perfectly master Prin, but he could also read and write the Prin characters, which held even more significance in this world than the alphabet did on Earth.

Then, memories of Mord’s life poured in like a flood.

But this time, Eom Tae-seong did not flounder in the deluge of memories.

‘It’s like this, huh.’

The memories felt distant, like watching a movie.

Eom Tae-seong now had knowledge of how Mord was born and lived, but he did not share the emotional experiences Mord had felt.

‘Is this to protect my ego?’

Fully absorbing another person’s memories and emotions could be a dangerous affair, likely to contaminate one’s self.

‘I don’t know who has done this to me…’

A complex emotion washed over him.

It was frightening, yet exciting.

Perhaps because he had lived in despair every day after his accident?

Despite the situation being utterly unrealistic, Eom Tae-seong accepted that this was not a dream, but reality.

In fact, he found himself desperately hoping it was not a dream.

And after all he had just experienced, there was no way he could dismiss this situation as merely a dream. The realism was too overwhelming.

‘In any case, I’m not the original Mord. It’s my Earthling self that’s meant to wield this body.’

Whoever had turned Eom Tae-seong into Mord was beyond his comprehension, but clearly, they decided that they needed the ego of Earthling Eom Tae-seong for whatever purpose they had in mind.

‘Mord, a potential-filled body that’s almost insignificant in “The Magician Who Devoured the World”.’

Mord Vernaas was only a fleeting extra in the story—it would be strange to remember him with any clarity.

Yet curiously, Eom Tae-seong was able to vividly recall the entire content of “The Magician Who Devoured the World,” or ‘Se-Dok-Ma’ for short.

Especially the parts where Mord appeared, as if he had experienced them just moments ago.

‘My memory isn’t that good normally. This must be some kind of care, right?’

Details about Mord in Se-Dok-Ma were really minimal.

To put it simply, an extra is like a bit part.

Whether someone is a leading role, a supporting role, or an extra does not depend on the character’s setup. Even characters such as stunningly beautiful men or women, powerful dragons, or summoned otherworldly warriors can be extras if they don’t play a significant part in the story.

Se-Dok-Ma had an unusual number of such extras.

There were many characters with great backgrounds who died meaningless deaths.

Mord was one of these extras.

A member of the peculiar Vernaas Ducal family.

Originally a bastard of Duke Vernaas, Mord appears later in Se-Dok-Ma as a hidden card prepared by the Duke, who emerges as a powerful enemy.

‘But despite having an impressive setup, he died without even getting a chance to fight.’

Introduced as a being so powerful that the protagonist’s party, composed only of overpowered characters, could not ensure victory, Mord’s existence was discovered by the protagonist during the magical ritual meant to control him fully, and he was ambushed and vanquished anticlimactically.

‘Is this how they wanted to use such a narrative twist? It’s neither funny nor sensible.’

Eom Tae-seong sighed.

Mord’s memories were separate from his own. They were like records he could examine at will, hidden from his consciousness unless he deliberately chose to look at them.

Scanning the memories, it was clear that Mord had led a frustrating existence.

Mord’s mother had died shortly after his birth.

She had been healthy, but her health deteriorated during pregnancy with Mord, and she lacked the strength to recover after giving birth.

Because of this, Mord was labelled as the one who “killed his own mother to be born”, growing up amid such accusations.

Although he was bigger than normal for his age, he lived a life of an oppressed weakling, receiving harsh treatment without ever rebelling.

It wasn’t due to lack of strength or ignorance of anger. It was because the phrase “the one who killed his own mother to be born” had cut deep into his young heart, drowning him in guilt.

At the age of fifteen, Mord was on his way to the Vernaas Ducal family.

This followed the content of a will left by his mother.

‘If by today’s incident you bear my child, and should that child reach his fifteenth birthday safely, then come and join my family.’

Duke Vernaas had identified himself with those words.

Following that will, Mord headed to the Vernaas family, who accepted him after several verification steps.

‘That happened just this afternoon… only a few hours ago.’

Mord was filled with a desire to be acknowledged as the child of a father he had never known.

‘It would have been easy for the Duke to raise him as a hunting dog.’

Mord might just be an extra in Se-Dok-Ma, but Duke Vernaas is one of the major villains. Naturally, there was a lot of information about him.

The same was true for the Vernaas Ducal family.

‘Anyway, I probably will never be acknowledged as a real child in any official capacity… but human hearts don’t always follow rational paths.’

Noble families typically do not accept bastards as members of the family unless they are in dire straits where even a bastard must be named the successor.

The Vernaas Ducal family had more than enough direct descendants.

Mord had no chance of being acknowledged as a legitimate member of the Vernaas family.

‘But I have no reason to cling to such vain pursuits.’

Eom Tae-seong had no intentions of living bound by Mord’s circumstances.

‘Saving the world is typically the hero’s job, but here I am, an extra tasked with that role.’

The ending of Se-Dok-Ma was horrific because the protagonist brought the world to destruction.

The protagonist was never particularly virtuous, to begin with.

But still, it was revolting for Eom Tae-seong, as a reader, to learn that the protagonist chose to doom the world for personal gain.

‘Anyway, this seems worth a try.’

Eom Tae-seong felt a surge of motivation from within.

Surely this was far better than spending every day lying in a hospital bed as a paraplegic, drowning in despair?

Just the realization of standing on his own two legs was enough to make Eom Tae-seong refuse to give up on this undertaking.

‘No, I will succeed.’

He would not return to the hopeless state of being unable to stand or walk alone ever again.

‘A wish, eh?’

The wish that came to Eom Tae-seong’s mind at that moment was simple.

To regain the healthy body he had lost in the accident.

‘No, that alone is not enough to be satisfied.’

However, he quickly reconsidered his thoughts.

The being capable of offering this wish was surely able to grant something that transcended realistic limitations.

Furthermore, what he had to do to earn this wish seemed grand—was it just to regain a healthy body?

Of course, saving the world seemed like an insane goal, but in this body that he now possessed, there was potential enough to accomplish it, with the bonus of future knowledge obtained from Se-Dok-Ma’s omniscient perspective.

It was a worthy challenge.

‘But the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Should I take care of my immediate needs first? Fortunately, I seem to have enough strength to do just that.’

Eom Tae-seong put a halt to his runaway thoughts and decided to focus on the pressing matters at hand.

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