The Archmage’s Reincarnation in the Hero’s Party chapter 6

Episode 6:

That year’s winter was lengthy.

A winter that stretched on for a full three years.

Deep in the Arctic, an abyss had erupted, and it was said that two FakeWarriors were dispatched to subdue it.

It was an era of peace. Even as the winter of that year drew to a close, the boy was receiving education under Skalzi Ludwick.

The focus of his training was on mana cultivation and the opening of the Magical Eye, but first to unlock the Bell Quires…

“You must be able to wield the Bell Sidius with ease. Now, read quickly! Don’t miss a thing!”


“Do you intend to just stand there gawking until the opponent’s magic is cast? Move quickly!”

Every time he saw his grandson learn a hundredfold from a single lesson, Skalzi was filled with joy. The boy’s genius was indescribable.

Wasn’t he mastering in one day what would take a dunce ten years, an average person one year, and a genius a month?

All that was needed was time. Time for the use of the eyes and the growth of mana.

And the boy was having fun, too.

He would have been bored with conventional magic education, but the secret magics of the Ludwick family were a world of knowledge the boy had never known.

And the reward was clear.

To control all superpowers at will–it was an astonishing privilege compared to his previous, foundationless life.

“True training blooms under the risk of life and brings greater growth.”

“I understand.”

“Now, I will cast a fireball. If you can’t dodge, prepare to die.”

Although Skalzi said this, he was ready to dispel the magic with his own Bell Quires if real danger were to arise.

“Here goes…”

The boy took a deep breath and nodded. Cold sweat ran down his body as his breath turned white, blending into the winter air.


Skalzi was a splendid magician.

The mark of a battle mage was the speed of their calculations. By Rein’s standards, Skalzi’s computational speed was impressive.

‘If Skalzi had been in my era, perhaps he would have joined the Lista Party in my stead.’

It was a relief that it had not happened. As the fireball loomed closer, a mirage churned, warping the entire surroundings.

“Bell Sidius!”

The fireball drew nearer, burning pain searing the skin.

“Hurry, Rein!”

The activation conditions for Bell Quires began with the challenging theory. Instant computation of all five secret magics of the Ludwick family, infusing power into the eyes.

Beyond the three stages of the Bell Sidius–reading, interpreting, and discerning magic quick–it also required manipulating and interacting with that power.

Thinking about it now, who would have thought to create such a secret magic… Was Ryoken Ludwick so filled with regret over being unable to break through as a mage?


The fireball rushed toward him.

But the boy thought, ‘This multi-layered computation of magic is nothing to me.’

All five spells were cast in an instant.

Suddenly, blood streamed from his eyes, and a scorching agony as if the retina was burning and melting erupted.

But wait?

The surroundings drenched in a horrific crimson color, everything began appearing as numbers.


The fluttering white snowflakes, Skalzi’s distant urgent shouts, and the wildly burning fireball right in front of him!

In that moment, Rein knew something had changed in his eyes. The Bell Quires had been activated.


This was truly amazing.

The whole world interpreted into mathematical equations and directly beaming information into the brain, an impossible spectacle.

– If Bell Quires has perceived the information, then it’s all here. Now, manipulate the visible equations as if you’re doing mental arithmetic.

Although there were similarities to Bell Sidius, something was fundamentally different.

The numbers…

They seemed tangible, disintegrating or distorting like ripples on water at the touch of a hand or gaze as if they could interfere with everything.

┏ 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 ┓

· The original ritual is formed by two triangles.

· The runes used are the mathematical form Ruticien.

· Size 17 axles, range 23 gimetes.

┗ 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 ┛

Interpretation complete.

Commencing correction.

Shall I twist the rune ‘발'(發) into ‘발'(跋)? Meaningless attributes conferred, runes no longer resonate with the mathematical formula, transforming the equation’s solution into nothingness.

This means one thing.

The spell is rendered null.

After interference, the aggressive fireball that scorched his face scattered into countless sparks, and soon an eerie calm settled around.

The boy could hear only his breathing.

Then suddenly, a sharp pain shot through his wrists, signaling mana depletion. Skalzi caught the staggering boy.

“Grandfather, did it work just now?”

“Yes! Look at your eyes now! You only lack mana! Haha! Such an impossible feat… to achieve Bell Quires at fourteen!”

At that moment, Skalzi Ludwick was smiling, but he couldn’t just smile forever.

‘At the age of thirty-nine, only then did I reach this realm…’

The reality was that he was celebrated as a genius for that in the current magical world.

What sort of genius was Rein, then?

Was it even fitting to simply describe him as a genius? This was talent that could overturn the history of the empire’s magic.

“Rein, whatever path you take or life you live, it’s not of my concern.”


“But when you turn sixteen, make sure to knock on the doors of the magic academy, <Delaiten>. You are a gem.”

The magic academy…

Frankly, he had no interest in it.

His interest lay with the central magic library attached to <Delaiten>. Wasting time was not in his nature.

“Do you know that if you graduate at the top of <Delaiten>, you get a chance to see the corpse of the great magician Lin?”

“Yes, that is… well…”

Enough with this necrophilia.

What’s so great about looking at a body frozen in ice, calling that a privilege?

Are you referring to Jun-Dan?

“I’m not particularly interested.”

“I felt the same. But don’t you wonder about the contents of the note left by the hero Rista for Lyn?”


What does Rista have to do with me…?

“No one has ever opened their Bel Quirius at your age. With that power, it should also be possible to decipher the contents of that note.”

At that time, I merely listened in shock to this explosive information, but looking back at it later, it was the beginning.

This is a story of a journey.

Following Rista’s letter, tracing the tracks of old comrades, it’s a story about travelling to every corner of the world and documenting it.

And on that road.

The story of meeting that child.

* * *

I turned fifteen.

At the onset of another summer’s return, a downpour provided a good excuse not to return to the mansion and to stay at the Magic School.

After submitting my application to Magic University, I developed an interest in school lectures and started attending classes occasionally.

Rivarden, located in the Imperial Central Capital, , is like other magic schools and divided into primary, middle, and high school divisions.

Normal magicians graduate from primary, middle, and high schools, take the Bandoran (1-star) rank examination, and become magicians.

The gifted ones, after graduating middle school, acquire a Bandoran (1-star) rank and proceed to magic university.

“Today’s lesson will be on factorization. Though you’ve learned the basics in middle school, now we will go deeper…”

Lain paid more attention to the students attending the class than the lecture itself.

“Hey, how do you solve this?”

“Can I see your notes for a sec?”

“Why is this so hard? Should I just give up on math?”

“You’re insane, how can a magician give up on math, what are you even talking about?”

Asking each other about things they don’t know, working together on tough problems… they laugh and chat in the process.

‘It’s similar to when I followed the Rista party, helping each other with our shortcomings.’

It was a life completely different from Lyn’s; learning basic theories sitting opposite the tower’s headmistress and memorizing formulas locked in a room alone.

‘It could be fun…’

But wait… I encountered a slight problem here. How should I behave with peers my age?

‘I didn’t even know that when I was Lyn, and now I’m even the eldest son of a mage family?’

The life of Rain before regaining his memories was that of an outsider, cut off from the world, which was no help at all.

Such a useless child I am!

“Am I… slightly in trouble here?”

The only thing he could rely on was Lyn’s memories. Let’s think back to the past once more.

When was that?

There had been a time in the past when Lyn had discussed attitudes towards others with his party members.

“May the souls of these children find the rest of the gods in Durciel.”

As the Divine Dragon Maiden, Friede laid her hands on the foreheads of the fallen and offered prayers, the sound of weeping seeped from the crowd.

Friede, a maiden of her religious position in the republic, was followed by people wherever she went, tears in their eyes, pleading for her to pray for the peace of their loved ones’ souls.

Lyn might have been moved by the sight of Friede, offering prayers on behalf of those left behind with her kind and tender disposition. Of course.

– Knowing Friede’s true nature, I just feel dizzy.

– What, human?

At Lyn’s comment, Friede yelled out. Kies nodded vigorously as if in agreement, while Rista waved her hands in dismissal.

– Friede? I don’t think that way.

– As expected, there’s no one like Rista! These men who smell of widower—just…

– It’s not dizziness; it’s more like feeling slightly nauseous? Really, just a tiny bit?

Friede’s face turned a furious red as she faced simultaneous attacks from the three of them.

– I am a maiden! One of the top two in the republic! Must I smoke and behave like this with you all? People expect a certain image of me!

– Yes, Friede’s words are right.

Lyn sarcastically replied in a dismissive manner, which made Friede almost retort back but instead, she placed a pipe in her mouth.

– Hmph, a sneaky kid like you will have to perform differently eventually. We’ll see. I’ll tease you properly then.

– No way. Why should I?

– How disappointed would people be if the great archmage of the hero’s party was timid, rarely smiled, and only cast scathing remarks? They would ask if you’re an imposter, no?

Lyn, after joining the hero’s party, although not frequently, often smiled. That could be said to be Lyn’s true nature.

Being naturally shy with strangers, as a boy who had only lived in slums and the magic tower, it was inevitable for him to harbor a fundamental wariness towards others.

Suddenly his expression grew serious, and Lyn closed the book he always read with a slap.

– Acting… how do you do that? Like Friede, with a face thick as iron? But you’d need a broad face like Friede to pull that off.

– Come here, you’re dead!

As Friede howled and thrashed about with punches and kicks, Kies was holding her back, and Rista came to sit next to Lyn.

– What book is that?

– “The History of the Dragon Race – II” by Gren Benivel.

– …Lyn, there’s no need to act. Friede’s case is special.

– Special?

– You just need to be Lyn. It would be nice if you got a little brighter and more confident, of course, but there’s no need to force change. Just the way you are now is good.

Rista smiled gently, meeting Lyn’s gaze. Lyn felt an abrupt embarrassment rising within him and averted his gaze, bowing his head.

– Tch, I’m not going to act even if you don’t tell me. I don’t want to. But…

– But what?

Hmm? Hmm hmm?

Rista leaned in closer with a smiling face, pressing for an answer, while Lyn pushed her away and muttered just loud enough to hear.

– …I do want to change.

To be like you guys, Rista, Kies, Friede.

Bright on every occasion, confident, and kind… to become an adult who can give laughter to others. Innate personality can’t be changed, but still, someday…

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