The Archmage’s Reincarnation in the Hero’s Party chapter 3

Episode 3

Under the spring sky, a sea of flowers stretches to the horizon, tulips dazzling in their brilliance. This place is Sias Tullica, a prosperous central region known as Richland, famous for its tulips, with a third of the area owned by the Ludwik Margrave family.

“The weather is simply spectacular today…”

Lying back with a blade of grass in his mouth, gazing absentmindedly at the sky, Rain abruptly sat up the next moment.

“To achieve something significant, one must have both short-term and long-term goals.”

The pinnacle of magic, Truth (真理).

With his resolve to witness this truth, even in his youthful years, not a single day could be wasted.

‘Well then, shall I start by summoning Rudyien again?’

Rudyien (RudiyËn).

It means ‘guide’ in the ancient language.

That’s why Lin, who was deeply engrossed in magical research, had named his guide magic after this term.

“O-ba, what are you doing?”

As he spread a canvas on the brush and started drawing a magic circle, his little sister toddled over.

‘Sheesh, what a bother…’

Ever since he treated her kindly once, she had continued to pester him. Reluctantly, he dealt with it because whenever he thought to dismiss her, the voice of Lysta echoed in his head…

“I’m trying to set the guidelines.”


“Should I make one for you too?”

At that, Seri Ludwik started dancing gleefully.

“Wow~ Woooowow! Wow~!”

She was truly delighted.

That child always had a peculiar way of expressing herself.

“The form of the magic circle will be a multiple-edged polygon, with the runes to be inscribed being Zhu (柱), Liu (留), Dou (逗), and Ti (梯).”

Four runes.

Each rune imbues the magic with a distinct characteristic, making it a 4-star magic known to only ten supreme magicians in the current Holy Human Empire.


As magical power surged dynamically into the magic circle drawn on the canvas, the force of the ability began to spark like electricity.

Crackle, crackling…

Suddenly a hot sensation overwhelmed his body, and as his nose bled profusely, a stinging pain rippled through the binding curse, where magical power converges.

‘Is my body still too weak to use 4-star magic…’

If this had been a combat spell, would the rebound have caused the curse to explode?

‘My body is like garbage…’

Both his physical and magical strength needed training. There was no end to it.

Feeling a childish frustration, he pinched his nose when the storm of magical power subdued and light formed into the shape of a butterfly.

“Come here, Rudyien.”

A butterfly, indeed.

The butterfly of ability, scattering particles of light with every flap of its ethereal blue-white wings indicative of magical power.


Seri reached out, and the butterfly gently settled on her fingertips, its wings fluttering softly.


It detects the target’s magic circuit and magical affinity, as well as the magical resources available in the vicinity.

Particles of light flowed from the wings, converging and projecting strings of light into the air.

This was the function of Rudyien.

It locates what to study, what skills to acquire, and what can be obtained from the surroundings.

‘Zhu (柱) is a rune for guide magic that teaches basics of magical power, Liu (留) is for utilizing magic…’

Simply put, all the effective runes for learning were slammed in there.

Quite brutally simple, hence why it is 4-star magic. There is a reason why even Lin, the unparalleled, had to draw a magic circle rather than casting it mentally.

“Do you like it?”


“Then go over there and study on your own.”

As if understanding the Creator’s words, Rudyien flew from Seri’s finger towards a distant point, and she chased after it with a smile.

‘First, I need to restore my magic power…’

He sat in meditation, recovering his magic until the sun was high, then he summoned the second Rudyien.

Gustaba: It objectifies the caster’s physical state into mathematical values.

ㆍZhu (柱); current magic power level 3024.

ㆍLiu (留); current magic line 77.

ㆍDou (逗); physical and mental strength 64.

Is my magical strength worse than that of a novice mage? The magic line (璇) denotes intellectual capacity for mental calculation.

And as for physical strength…

It’s nowhere near the strength of Lin, who grew up an orphan. It’s going to be quite the task to raise this to 300.

Ti (梯); The hidden scrolls of a bloodline’s limits are detected, deemed attainable for learning.

ㆍBell Sidious / Bell Quirious.

At that, his eyes flickered momentarily.

Bell Sidious…

Right, that reminded him, he was now the eldest son of the Ludwik Margrave family, a noble lineage of the Imperial Magic Community.

‘This is quite intriguing…’

When Lysta and he were in the midst of their travels, a young aspirant came claiming he would prove that he was the Empire’s greatest mage in order to join their party in his stead.

He was nothing particular.

Just a troublesome youth because of his forceful eyes. He saw through all the spells cast and countered them deftly.

‘That’s exactly what Bell Sidious is.’

The limit of the Ludwik bloodline.

Supposedly able to decipher any spell just by its magical flow, wasn’t it?

This was indeed an extraordinary ability.

‘After all, when it comes to magic of equal talent, it’s all about who counters better…’

And Bell Quirious…

The legendary eyes which, according to the history of Imperial magic, only three individuals had ever successfully awakened.

“If Bell Sidious could spy on the opponent’s magic, then Bell Quirious is said to steal it.”

The Ludwik family was nicknamed ‘the thieving mages’ because of those very eyes, capable of awakening such power.

‘I don’t know the specifics, but…’

Whether they could erase the magic of others or make it their own… they held some astonishing abilities, from what he’d heard.

‘So, then.’

His youthful goals were beginning to take shape.

For starters, he needed to work on his foundational physical and magical strength.

Without them, nothing could be accomplished. To rise to the ranks of a grand mage once more.


At the sound of that voice, he glanced back to see his father approaching with a nobleman’s dignified stride.

“Do you know of our family’s bloodline limits?”

What now?

Had he been observed from behind?

“Yes, I am aware…”

“Although you are still young, would you be interested in learning about the bloodline limits?”

Was everything falling into place this easily?


It wouldn’t be bad to just embed the theory in his mind and then practice when his physical and mental strength were adequate.


“Then starting today, Elin will be overseeing your education. I have commitments at the conference, but she will instruct you in my absence. Upon my return, I will take over directly.”


Wait, what?

That was a name familiar to Rain, but whom did it belong to?

“Kind-hearted and exceptionally talented in magic, she holds a professorship at Delaiten. Above all, she adores her nephew. You’ve met when you were younger.”

Then, the sound of footsteps on grass caught his attention, and Rain’s expression went pale.


It was a scandalously unconventional dress for a noblewoman.

Dangling white jade earrings on both sides, a robe too short and close-fitting, revealing her figure in a lewdly modified Ludwik family legal robe.


A sharp beauty with a cat-like demeanor, she was now gazing down at Rain with a sly look, her arms folded, her expression sour.

“Really now, so I, the genius Professor Elin Ludwik, have to personally coach this charmless, talentless kid?”

Keban pointed towards Elin with a cheerful smile.

“Here she is! Your dear Aunt Elin Ludwik, who loves you as much as I do! This is your first meeting since you were six years old.

“Greet them.”


Do you not know what love is?

* * *

“Do you know who I am?”

“You’re Aunt Elin, right?”

“Huh, I’m known as the genius Professor Elin Ludwick. Genius professor. One who absolutely despises dolts who can’t understand something the first time around.”

Given how much emphasis she was putting on the title of ‘genius professor,’ it seemed she was quite pleased with the nickname.

“So you better not ask any questions about the material I teach you, understand?”

With that, the education on our Bloodline Limit began.

Bloodline Limit.

That is, the family-transmitted magic.

It’s said that such magic is never documented in writing due to the fear of theft by other magicians.

To learn it, one must face a superior within the clan and receive the knowledge engraved in their mind.

“Take a look at this.”

As Elin concentrated magical power in her eyes, they burned crimson, and the death rune of silver-white was engraved in her pupils.

That’s the Bel Cidius.

Feeling as if her eyes and soul were scanning him, Rain exclaimed like a child, recalling the sensation he had once experienced.


“How is it, impressive? To use this, you need to perform three magical calculations at the same time. Three, you hear me, three! Think you can manage that, kid?”

Pleased by Rain’s sparkling eyes, Elin proudly shrugged her shoulders and jotted down several formulas on a piece of paper.

Magic quick-casting.

Magic interpretation.

Magic insight.

Rain closely examined the formulas and hummed thoughtfully, tilting his head.

‘I thought Bloodline Limits relied heavily on innate sense, but there seems to be more emphasis on theory than I expected?’

If the founder of our clan, Ryukeon, hadn’t been so petty with genetic restrictions, even Lyn from the past would’ve been able to use them.

“No idea, right? No matter how many times you look at it, it’s incomprehensible, isn’t it?”

“No, I think I just need some time to sort it out.”

“Ah, you’re hopeless. I could teach you, but… what?”

“Thank you for guiding me. I’ll take care of the rest on my own.”

He bowed respectfully and unfolded the parchment.

That’s how Lyn was.

Rather than being taught directly by someone, he preferred to unfold a book, contemplate, and research on his own. More than anything, he was already a great magician, what more is there to learn…

“What, you don’t need to learn? Hey, don’t be arrogant and…”

As his nephew began to study by himself, Elin blinked dully and then sneered as if watching to see what would happen.

“Right, do as you please! Though it won’t work out! And don’t come crying and begging to me later!”

Elin, loudly declaring this, crossed her legs and sat opposite the desk. However, she pretended to read “Statistics Only Geniuses Can Understand,” all the while sneaking peeks at her nephew.


At that moment, her nephew seemed to be stuck on a formula, so Elin quickly snatched the parchment toward herself, solved the troublesome part with ease, which was dozens of times simpler, and handed it back.


Confused by what was happening, Rain looked up, only to see Elin raising her book to cover her face. Of course, this lasted less than three minutes.


She intercepted the parchment again just because his eyebrows furrowed, adding various tips and explanations before returning it.


It was strange.

Too strange, Rain just stared at the formulas Elin had carefully written in tidy, detailed handwriting.

‘What’s this? Is this how modern magic education works? Or is she testing me?’

As his mother, Brim, fondly watched her sister-in-law’s behavior and took the opportunity when Elin was away to approach her son.

“Rain, Rain.”


“Your aunt is acting odd, isn’t she?”


“It’s because she can’t be honest. She’s just desperate to teach you anything. Make sure you ask a lot of questions, even about things you already know.”

Remembering her own past when she attended the magic school with Kaven, Brim beamed a youthful smile and playfully pinched both cheeks of her son.

“She was just like that, cutely following your father and me around.”

For Lyn, they were unfathomable personalities.

No… Where is the genius professor who despised dolts who couldn’t understand something in one go?

When Elin finally returned, pretending to be focused on the formulas yet sneakily raising her head, she witnessed something shocking.

‘Oh, my goodness…’

She was whistling as if uninterested, but she wasn’t reading at all, just stealing glances at my parchment.

And when our eyes met, she covered her face with the book in haste, but in less than ten seconds, she cautiously looked down again at my parchment.

‘How bothersome… How can you be more annoying than a six-year-old Ceri, Aunt…’

Unable to just let it continue, as it also disrupted my focus… Barely suppressing the annoyance bubbling up to his chin, he opened his mouth.

“Auntie, I can’t figure out this part no matter how hard I try. Can you help me?”

Reluctantly acknowledging the call, Elin snapped the book shut with a noise of annoyance. However, as my mother said, she struggled to suppress a smile that wanted to split her ears.

“Ah~! You don’t get this? Really? Ugh… Our lineage is doomed, doomed! Give it to me. What part?”

“This part here.”

“It’s like this! See how simple that is! Goodness me!”


“Ah~ Shoot! If you use this formula here, it’s much easier! You didn’t know this?”


“You know nothing! It’s a mountain of ignorance! What have you been doing until you turned nine?”


His words said one thing, but his face was filled with joy at having so much to teach.

Hmm, I see.

There’s not a single normal person in this family.

Who was it again that said not to ask any questions if I don’t understand right away?

“What about this?”

“Ah… I can’t help it. I’ll teach you just this.”

“What about that?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk! Is this the very last time? If you ask me one more question, I’ll just… smash… your head.”

“Auntie, what about this?”

“Good grief, good grief, good grief! Why is this so hard… This is the absolute last time!”

Elin’s teaching was like that.

As inconvenient a character as she was, thanks to her, the time needed to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical experience was significantly reduced.

Ten days into the lessons, Rain felt a burning pain in his eyes as if his retinas were being scorched.

‘The pain in my eyes… No, the headache is worse.’

As the world began to tint red and his eyes shone crimson with the silver runes engraved, he felt as if blood rushed to his head.


What is this? Rain barely managed to draw a breath.

Everything appeared as numbers.

All things throughout the universe were interpreted as binary mathematical formulas, transmitting information directly to his mind, as if he had become a creator.

‘Magic, what about magic?’

Trying to deploy basic magic revealed the runes and formulas that made up the magic square directly to his mind: 01010101001.

‘Aha, so this is how it works…!’

So that’s how that kid managed to see right through my magic during our match.

‘This is truly amazing.’

Just then, he felt an intense stare and looked up to meet Elin Ludwick’s gaze directly.

“You, this… you’ve… in just… ten days… how…?”

Her mouth trembled.

Not just her mouth but her eyes as well.

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