The Archmage’s Reincarnation in the Hero’s Party chapter 2

Episode 2


I remember, during our journey south, Lyshtar had asked a strange question.

“Right, Lyn, have you ever thought about having a family?”

“No. I don’t even know what my birth mother looks like.”

I grew up in the northern slums.

Had it not been for the dean of the Osarius School who took me in after recognizing my magical talent, I would have lived and died as a street orphan.

“So I don’t know what a family is. And if I don’t know, I can’t be interested.”

“What a pity…”

As she said this, the priestess Fride playfully pulled the boy into her arms along with a cloud of cigarette smoke, causing an awkward resistance.

“Even if I had a family… I wouldn’t know how to treat them. So I don’t need one.”

“It’s not hard, Lyn.”

A flower fresher than spring itself bloomed on Lyshtar’s face as she heard his empty murmurings.

“Just cherish them a lot. Lyn, you’re a kind child, you’ll do well.”


Master, it’s morning…

With a gentle whisper, my vision cleared, and the scene from my distant memory closed.


The boy sat up in bed, stretching his limbs.

The deep and dazzling sunlight.

The melody of spring birds chirping in the morning, it was daybreak.

“Then, Master Rein, I will prepare your breakfast.”

The boy yawned deeply, looking at himself in the mirror and straightening his clothes.

His hair was as shiny as obsidian, and his eyes were more beautiful than red jade.

He had an elegant figure.

His noble features bore no marks of the ungainliness or roughness that might have arisen from growing up in the slums.

To put it simply, the boy had been reincarnated.

He was a thoughtless, blunt nine-year-old who had only recovered the memories of his life 300 years ago twenty days before.

His new identity was the eldest son of one of the Empire’s representative five magical families, the Ludvic House of Counts.

The Ludvic family is a noble house, founded by the 5th Great Archmage Ryuke Ludvic.

Unlike his previous life as an orphan with nothing, he was born into a warm and wealthy family, and so he had to put in considerable effort to adapt to his changed daily life.

“Good morning, sir.”

“Oh my. Rein, you’re up already. Impressive! Now, call for your father. He will be pleased to see you.”


Father was in his study.

A room cluttered with luxurious furniture and countless documents.

“Rein, didn’t you sleep well? You look pale.”

Rein, Rein Ludvic.

The proud firstborn of the Ludvic Count.

“Maybe you’ve not yet recovered from your travels…”

Father, Kaven Ludvic, felt the boy’s forehead to check for fever, and suddenly Lyshtar’s similar care came to mind.

“They say the meal is ready, we should go down.”

“Haha, did my son come here personally just for that? Thanks, but you go ahead and eat first.”


Father hugged the boy, rubbing his cheek against his stubble, then led him to the front of the study desk.

Before the boy’s eyes…

A wide sheet of paper sprawled across the sunlit desk, drawn with three overlapping magic circles (魔方陣).


“Yes, there’s a theory presentation next week. Eating can make my brain foggy, so I want to make the most of the clear-headedness in the morning.”

The boy’s eyes rapidly and accurately scanned the magic circle on the sheet.

The form was that of three rectangles. Inscribed with the runes Zhou (周), Cha (茶), and Ku (庫), it was an Earth-attributed square magic.

The triple square and runes denote a three-star spell.

A high-level magic realm that only geniuses could normally reach.

‘It’s stuck there, and there.’

But the boy was a great archmage.

The problem was obvious at a glance.

“Shall I help you?”

“What, you plan to cheer me on?”

“No, I’ll help you.”

“Rein’s support is always welcome. But if you do, only I’ll get in trouble with your mother. Come on, go have breakfast now.”

No, I really mean to help.

Without waiting for Kaven to stop him, the boy got up on the desk and picked up a quill.

‘Magic is.’

You define the attribute with a geometric figure and the property with a rune, then…

‘Interpret and twist the providence through mathematical equations.’

The bottleneck Kaven faced was naturally the final step, the…

‘Mathematical operation.’

The dense mathematics filling the magic circle came to an abrupt stop at one point.

“The Ku (庫) rune complicates the mathematical formula too much, and it conflicts with Cha (茶). It would be better to change it to Qiu (丘).”


“Then solving it using the Imperial Mathematical Sequence 41-2 would yield the answer quickly. Like this.”

The boy finished writing with the quill on the paper and smiled.

No, how do I smile again?

Laughably, he couldn’t remember how to smile, having to physically lift the corners of his mouth with his hands.

“This is… such a method…?”

Kaven, flustered by his son’s antic, suddenly widened his eyes, alternating his gaze between the sheet and the boy’s face.

‘How can this be…?’

It was a difficult problem that the Empire’s competent scholars didn’t dare to solve. A high-level spell that had been lost about 200 years ago.

If this magic could be reestablished, many would receive miraculous help in natural disasters like floods or landslides.

But Rein was a mere nine years old. How could he, barely just starting to use basic magic, come up with this…?

“Can we go have breakfast together now?”

The boy asked.

The father, still dumbfounded, eventually nodded and, smiling, began to frantically tousle his son’s hair.

“Yes, let’s go eat together.”

* * *

The boy’s family tree was not complicated.

Above him were his parents, and below him was a six-year-old little sister.

The girl peeking just her head over from the opposite side of the library, staring at the boy, was just that little sister.

Her hair was as fine as ebony, and her eyes were red.

As much as Rein, she was a beautiful girl born with the physical traits of the Ludvic family.


Yet when our eyes met, she ran away.

It was no surprise.

In the boy’s memories, Rein wasn’t kind to his sister. Not that he was unkind, but he was indifferent to the world in the first place.

Perhaps it was the loneliness etched in the soul?

After an era when all his comrades died and became legends, the pain of being born anew lingered in his spirit, and he lived a life filled with a void.


She kept running away, so when I tried to ignore her and read a book, an annoying voice disturbed me.

Please cherish me a lot.

How could you run away like that?

I’m too busy with my own things.

This body has both a messy amount of magical power and lacks stamina. Even if I know how to use magic, it’s useless without magic power.

– Lyn is a kind child, so I believe she’ll be able to do well.

The boy let out a heavy sigh.

And when his eyes met his younger sister’s again, he gestured to her.

“Come here. Should I teach you something? Or shall we play?”

His younger sister, Seri Ludwick, seemed flustered by the question. So after hesitating for a while, she bolted away.

But shortly thereafter, she reappeared and offered a book to Reine with both hands.

‘”Basic Formulas of 1-star Magic”… You’re only six and already studying this?’

Seri nodded vigorously.

Then she started dancing joyfully as if she was thrilled to be able to talk to her brother.

– Come here, Lyn.

At that moment, a nostalgic memory briefly cleared and washed over the present world.

Every time I encountered a beautiful landscape.

Every time I faced vast nature and a brilliant world, Rista would seat Lyn on a bridge and teach her all sorts of things.

– Lyn, do you know the flower language of this flower?

– Lyn, do you know the story behind that cliff?

Although Lyn complained about being treated like a child… in truth, she cherished those moments immensely. That’s why she had Seri sit on her lap.

“What don’t you understand?”


“You don’t understand any part of it from the beginning…”


“Alright. I’ll explain it to you.”

How should I describe the vast world of magic?

“Have you ever played house?”


“Straw huts, brick houses… depending on the type of house you want to build, you need different materials, right? The magic circle serves that purpose.”

Magic Circle.

The shape of a Magic Circle determines the attribute of the magic.

“If you draw a triangle, it denotes a fire attribute, and a fan-shape for wind. So the spell written here must be wind attribute magic.”


“The next step involves runes. Runes define the nature of magic.”

Runes are ancient words, each carrying different meanings.

For example, the rune Ūl (律) denotes ‘binding’.

The rune Ho (扈) represents ‘dispersion’.

If you etch the rune Ūl onto a triangular Magic Circle, you create a binding fire-attribute spell.

“Now you solve the problem using a math formula.”


“No, mathematics.”

“What is math-ematics?”



“In the case of Ūl (律), it would be quadratic equations… let’s just start with addition and subtraction.”

The maids and butlers exchanged silent, pleased smiles as they secretly watched this adorable scene.

“Lord Reine seems different.”

“Right. Before he didn’t even care when little Miss Seri cried beside him…”

“It seems like there’s a sparkle back in his eyes since he returned from the plaza.”

When the boy’s parents came to the study, the boy and girl were asleep on the desk, unable to resist the drowsiness of their younger days.

“Oh my…”

The boy’s mother, Brim, teared up and covered her mouth.

“Darling, I wish we could capture this scene in a painting.”

“The painter will arrive when they wake. And you know how shy Seri is around strangers.”


Kayven cautiously inspected the items scattered on the desk: a basic magic book, pen, drawing paper with clumsily drawn magic circles…

“So, you were teaching your sister.”

Kayven smiled warmly, placing his hand on the boy’s head. The soft, small locks slipped through his fingers and fluttered in the spring breeze.

“Reine seems like a completely different person since returning from the plaza.”

“Speaking more maturely, too. Could the abyss have influenced him?”

“What abyss? This is called ‘like father, like son.’ I’ve experienced the same thing.”

The top graduate of Phildeus Magic Academy, Delaigten, is traditionally granted the opportunity to meet the Great Magician Lyn.

“I met Lyn 14 years ago.”


“It was embarrassing. I was priding myself as a 3-star Mage, and that person reached 5-stars during the war.”

A 3-star Mage like Atlas is a once-in-a-century genius, with only a hundred and fifty of them across the empire.

“Of course, it wasn’t that meeting that made me a 4-star Mage. But it was admittedly a turning point. Reine might be experiencing the same.”

“Lyn’s corpse… is it really frozen?”

“Indeed. It doesn’t seem like a corpse at all. Masterfully frozen in ice at eighteen.”

“Tell me more about it.”

“What more is there to say?”

Kayven’s wry smile faltered, and then he suddenly had a thought, stroking his chin.

“Now that you mention it, our hero, Rista, left his magical power in the middle of the ice.”


“It’s what the Draconic clergy said. Probably, only Rista or Lyn could awaken that power, which must be a letter.”

Rista’s magic power whispered thus:

To you who promised to awaken one day, I leave here a letter of my soul, calling out to you from afar.

Recalling that day, Kayven smiled wryly again and raised his eyebrows.

“Ah, now that I think of it… I had something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“Reine is like a genius. Not just any genius, but perhaps… he might even reach the realm of a sage.”

Kayven spoke of the morning when Reine had solved the magic circle. A puzzle he himself had struggled with for a year, solved in an instant by Reine.

“Ah! That’s why you were able to join the breakfast table!”

“Yes. I’m considering tutoring Reine in our family magic a bit early because of that.”

The Ludwick family has long been known as ‘the stealing magicians’.

When they reach the pinnacle, they open their Magic Eye (魔眼), known for its ability to read and steal any magic.

It is the Ludwick family’s ancestral magic, only usable by those blood-related.

“Of course, I’m not sure how much I can teach him…”

“Is that how it is?”


“What will you do about it?”

“We’ll think about that later. For now, I’ll do my best to teach him.”

Kayven gently stroked the boy’s head again, his smile fresh and tender.

“With such a lovely son, as his parents, we want to give him everything possible.”

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