The Archmage’s Reincarnation in the Hero’s Party chapter 15

Episode 15

Early in the morning, I donned my practice mage’s robe and stretched as I stepped out of the dormitory’s main gate.

A light rain was falling from the ash-gray clouds in the sky. In the south, where the weather is influenced by the Red Mountains, even the rain carried warmth, making the rain in the south rather gentle.

After savoring the sound of the rain for a moment, I pushed ‘Lynn’s Diary’ deep into my chest pocket and walked out into the rain.

– Are you looking for a place to practice magic to your heart’s content? In that case, the Battle Dragon Arena would be perfect for you.

According to the supervisor’s explanation, the Battle Dragon Arena was an outdoor combat training ground designed for practicing powerful and wide-reaching magic.

Protected by spells like [Damage Absorption] and [Area Restoration], it was a place where you could unleash magic without worrying about damaging the surroundings.

The entrance to the Battle Dragon Arena was blocked by a fiery barrier, but when I pushed my student ID ring on my left index finger into the magic circle, the flames parted with a whoosh, clearing the way.

– Welcome to the Battle Dragon Arena, Rain Ludwig of class 1388.

– All 30 rooms are currently vacant.

A voice soon leaked out from the guidance magic.

I felt slightly intrigued.

When I first forged the Rudeian, it was impossible to embed a voice in guidance magic. In 300 years, magic has indeed progressed.

“I’ll take room 15. It’s right in front of me.”

Choosing room 1 or 30 would involve a long walk. I detest unnecessary effort.

– Permission granted.

The overall layout of the Battle Dragon Arena was fan-shaped, and the 30 training rooms were partitioned with three-star barriers.

The rooms themselves, also fan-shaped, start narrow where the user stands but gradually widen as you progress forward, allowing the use of wide-area magic.

“Give me a target. A sturdy one.”

As soon as I said that, a bright light entered one of the summoning circles drawn on the ground, and a golem emerged.

“A quasi-two-star magic level, huh? Well, that’s not bad.”

It was, after all, meant for testing runes and mathematical formulas. Facing a magic of too high a grade would make it impossible to observe meaningful results.

“Let’s give it a go.”

I unfolded Lynn’s Diary. The research started with my first creation rune, Yun (‘분자가 꿈틀거리는’).

“Yun, bestows the trait of ‘molecules writhing.’”

I aimed to cover the weakness of flame magic, which can be strong in an instant but becomes too powerless if the attack is nullified by a defensive barrier.

Making the flames writhe.

Instead of flames that burst into existence and then vanish, I wanted to create a trait that would cause the flame to burn slowly and persistently, consuming the target.

“Construct the magic circle, triangle.”

As I spread my palm, a ring of red light floated above it. A triangle is the construction circle for flame magic.

“Inscribe the rune, Yun (蝡).”

Just as the rune seemed to be etched in the center of the magic circle, it scattered powerlessly into particles of light.

“Perhaps a one-star magic won’t do, after all.”

After taking a deep breath to compose my mana, I spread my palm widely, and I felt blood rushing toward my shoulder blades.

Simultaneously, sparks flew around my palm, and one by one, triangular magic circles arose. One more, and yet another.

The interlocking magic circles spun, casting a seductive light, with the Yun (蝡) rune engraved at their center.

‘Though it’s a three-star magic, I should have inscribed three runes.’

Yun took up all three spots, which was very inefficient. Nonetheless, it’s still considered a child’s scribble, not yet a true rune.

“Mathematical calculation, matrix mechanics.”

As the threefold magic circle broke apart, it defied the principles of the world and spread the paradox of variability.

A swarm of flames, wriggling like gnats, rushed toward the golem.

Instead of the characteristic vigorous explosion of flame magic, the fiery seeds clung to the golem’s massive body, gradually glowing dazzlingly bright.

‘What is that trashy magic?’ someone who had unwittingly been observing from a distance thought. It was Wiber who had come out for morning training to relieve yesterday’s stress.

‘If the inscribed rune was one, then it should be a one-star magic, but can’t that guy even use one-star magic properly?’

The first characteristic attributed to flame magic is flashiness. Such a quiet flame magic must surely be the elementary of the elementary.

‘He came all the way to the Battle Dragon Arena to practice such trivial magic?’

Three years as an assistant instructor?

It was nonsense after all.

The fear he had felt yesterday when he was being stared down must have been a delusion too. He was just a nobody.

‘Pathetic that someone from a noble house in Segar can only do just that.’

As Wiber sneered with contempt, shaking his head disapprovingly, he moved toward training room 3 that was assigned to him.

And within a few seconds?

With a crash, the golem crumbled and fell, shaking the ground – though the recoil was diverted elsewhere by [Shock Absorption].

The deep insides of the finely shattered rocks were…dissolving and melting away. The flames, bestowed with the trait of Yun (蝡), had burrowed into the golem, burning away its core.

‘Hmm, it does give off the intended feeling…’

But taking 30 seconds to dissolve a quasi-two-star golem was excessive. The issue might be the rune’s completeness or perhaps the mathematical theory.

‘But finding that out is the real joy.’

Now, let’s slightly adjust the rune. Or, should I apply a different mathematical theory first?

* * *


– The rune of Yun (蝡) has been revised and reformulated with matrix mechanics theory into Yun (蜦).

Ludyen’s fourth function, besides detecting magic that can be acquired in the vicinity, also helps in summarizing research conducted that day.


– The status of ‘Unique Magic’ research in the surrounding environment can be inherited.

– The progress is at 37.1%.

Look at this.

The progress has increased by 0.1%. But the question is what the basis of this progress is.

Is it that the mathematical theory is definitively complete, or has the rune become more intricate? Or perhaps there’s meaning in the process of training this way…

‘No need to fret over it.’

There’s plenty of time. And this morning, I’ve increased by 0.1%.

As I smiled and closed the notebook, I heard an out-of-place slashing breeze cut through the air. I turned and saw a familiar back.

‘The name was… something with ‘Wi.’ A young upstart from the Rohfennum School.’

In Wiber’s hand, a fan-shaped magic circle…

Every time it broke, the blade of the wind shrieked eerily as it flew, shredding the chaotically dancing targets.

“Not bad skills. Decent skills, but….”

Everyone, whether this person or that, had a face that seemed to be in pain and annoyed while using magic.

Why is that?

Unable to understand, I just shrugged and turned around. It was time to go back to the dorm and prepare to head to school.

* * *

[The procedure required to activate magic is divided into three major steps:

1. Setting up the magic circle.

2. Bestowing runes.

3. Calculating mathematical expressions.

The first two steps can be performed by anyone with a basic understanding of magic, but the main challenge for magicians lies in the third step.

Magic interprets the world’s equations, the principles, and by altering these in a different manner (without causing errors in the principles), miraculous feats are performed.

The details of step three are as follows:

3.1 Setting up coordinates for casting the magic and calculating the expressions.

3.2 Solving the coordinate equations.

3.3 Solving the principles existing within the coordinates and then injecting alternative equations.

If even one calculation among these equations is mistaken, or if the used mathematical expression is wrong, leading to the extraction of an incorrect root, disasters often occur.

For instance, a flame spell might backfire on the caster, the ground at an unintended coordinate sinks, or a summoned creature refuses to obey control…

Therefore, the great wizard Rin established a mathematical formula called ‘Rin’s Discriminant’ to quickly differentiate real roots from imaginary roots.

Given the quadratic equation related to x, ax²+bx+c=0 (where a, b, and c are real numbers), let D=b²-4ac.

If D>0, there are real roots.

If D=0, there are repeated roots (real roots that are equal).

If D<0, there are imaginary roots.

This formula, being extremely simple yet efficiently distinguishing between real and imaginary roots, was immediately adopted as essential by the world of magic practitioners…]

A week had passed since I entered university. The third-period class was about quadratic equations and discriminants.

I never imagined my name would appear in the textbook, which made me snort with laughter…

“From now on, I’ll give five examples using ‘Rin’s Discriminant’ and you’ll solve them within 10 minutes!”


“Your brains may be smaller than a monkey’s testicles, but 10 minutes should be enough, right? The great wizard Rin made this formula so simple even for dimwits like you.”

While inwardly applauding Professor Owen’s specialized skill at insulting humans, Rain had to narrow his brows deeply in doubt.

‘Who could it be?’

Rin was always on the battlefield, with no chance to publicize such formulas. It might be different if he had returned with his comrades, but…

‘Lystana, Kies, and Preedy knew nothing but simple addition and subtraction, and I never taught them my formulas.’

Yet the formulas Rin had made were already being commonly utilized in the empire’s magic system. If not them, then who could it be?

I knew that the Ossarius school had organized and published the knowledge, but who had passed on this knowledge to them?

Wait, there is one suspect. An annoying kid who had been persistently following me around, calling himself my student…


Could it be him? I’ll have to investigate his lifetime records in the library, assuming they still exist.

‘Could he be the one who sent me the diary?’

I shook my head to dismiss the ridiculous thought. It’s been 300 years. Everything I knew had become legends of the past.

Since it was my formula, it took less than 30 seconds to solve all five problems. They were all standardized issues designed for easy memorization.

Then, Krista from the seat next to me nudged Rain’s arm with her elbow.


“Want me to teach you? Hand it over.”

“Learn from you? I am the unparalleled genius Krista. A genius of a caliber equal to or greater than yours.”

Professor Owen glared our way, and she quickly bowed her head before discreetly handing something over. It was an elegant wooden box.

“What’s this?”



“Why are you staring? Guys love this stuff, right?”


Upon opening the wooden box and immediately closing it again, I broke out in a cold sweat and my fingers trembled with chills.

Inside was hell itself.

Burnt black as if charred by hellfire, it was a hellish feast beyond recognition.

“Is this made of mud? Assassin’s mud cookies?”


“Or did you poison it…?”

Had I ever seen such a demonic girl? Creating poison cookies because she was slightly displeased… Shivering uncontrollably, I could hear the murmurings of students.

“Finding imaginary roots is so easy, was Rin actually a god?”


I was a mere human.

“Or an angel descended from heaven?”

I said, a human.

“Or a reincarnation of a great sage?”

Stop it, please!

I was so embarrassed my face actually became hot.

‘Is my face turning red?’

But Krista interpreted it differently.

‘What? All shy over such a gift? Pretending to be grown up, but still so innocent?’

Minutes later, as Owen detailed the problem-solving on the board and launched into an endless string of personal insults, the bell finally rang when I began contemplating suicide.

“Wow, that was tough.”

“I thought my head was going to explode.”

While the students made groaning noises, unlike the last class, they were all smiling joyfully for an obvious reason.

“Rain, which club are you going to join?”

The fourth-period class today was the promotional time for clubs, known as the pride of Delaiten. Students toured the clubrooms to find which one they might join.

“Obviously magic volleyball, right? Descendants of the great houses are obligated to maintain their dignity by playing magic volleyball.”

“I’m not sure.”

“Not sure?”

A club, huh? I wondered if there were any like a reading club.

Rather than mingling with others, I preferred the idea of reading books quietly in the library, lost in thought, submerged in a sea of books.

“I haven’t decided yet. I plan to look around a bit more.”

My intention really was just to look around.


The thought of competing in a magic duel with the disciples of the Eight Great Schools hadn’t crossed my mind at all…

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