The Archmage’s Reincarnation in the Hero’s Party chapter 14

Episode 14

Rista Altair Shirpang.

Hero Rista.

The Feyquirists have existed in every era, but not all have been recorded as heroes. Among the Feyquirists, only two, including Rista, have ever been recorded as heroes.

‘Heroes, so they call them.’

I’d had many chances to hear about the heroic tales of the Rista party while living as Lain, but I had deliberately closed my eyes and ears to them.

Because it was a well-known story?

That was part of it, but the main reason was sorrow. Each mention of my comrades’ names would overflow with grief that was etched into my soul.

‘Yet there’s one reason I’m reading this book now….’

It’s because I suspect the being who sent me this book might have left some hint here.

[The Great Mage Rin was a petulant child with no sociability or flexibility when he first joined the party.]

Oh, I know that all too well.

If I’m to confess with a sting of conscience, there was some embellishment. At the time, there were several mages of Gladoss (4-star) rank besides me.

[Raised as an orphan, Rin was dishonest, surly, and always complaining, the typical pesky brat.]

Who could the author be?

No, I’m genuinely curious. It’s absolutely, absolutely not because I want to go find them and fan them.

How do they know me so well?

[It’s said that Rin responded well only to Rista, perhaps because he felt a mother’s love from her.]


[One day, cursed by a black mage to regress in mental age, Rin is said to have confessed to Rista, saying, ‘Wahh, I’m baby Rin, give me mama!’. It’s considered to be a moment when his true feelings emerged.]

“Ah, damn.”

A curse slipped audibly out of my mouth for the first time since taking over Lain’s body.

Are you kidding me, Rista?

I have never been cursed with such a regression, and even if I had, I would have bitten my tongue and died rather than say such a thing.

[To Freide, he was said to have said, ‘Wahh, Freide, give me a tight hug!’.]


[To Kies, he supposedly said, ‘Big bro, there’s something strange about my pee-hole….’.]


For a moment, I doubted my eyes. It was so ridiculous that I started coughing as if caught by a hairball.

“Have they all gone mad? Thinking that I’m trapped in ice and can’t object, so they’re playing a joke?”

I was seething, but before I knew it, I was blankly flipping through the pages. My eyes scanned the written words swiftly and thoroughly.

‘Of course, there are many parts that have been adapted almost like a novel….’

But the overall context remained similar.

A naive child, ignorant of the world and people, came to see the world and meet others through Rista… and grew into an adult, as depicted in the book.

‘When we entered the Dark Forest, Kies nearly died after eating a poisonous mushroom.’

‘Freide once ran headlong thinking he found a treasure vault, only to fall into a boar trap…’

I traveled far and wide, didn’t I? Despite such troubled times, everything seemed so brilliant and beautiful.

[At the moment of encounter with the core forces of the Black Church who had opened a dimensional gate, Rin protected his comrades by casting a defensive barrier.]

The problem was that one of the opposing sorcerers was better than I was. The barrier couldn’t hold.

[Finally, Rin shifted the rune in the barrier from ‘Impact Defense Lang’ to ‘Damage Absorption Ron’, focusing all the damage on himself.]


[Rin was thus instantly poisoned with a deadly shadow toxin, but even in that situation, he did not dispel the barrier he had cast to protect his comrades.]

Did I maintain the barrier?

I was so out of it that I don’t remember.

[It wasn’t just a simple act of self-sacrifice. It was evidence that the boy, always self-centered, had become an adult. Royal Guard Kies confessed so.]


Where is this coming from?

Kies was mute and illiterate; he could never have said such a thing.


But as I flipped the page, there it was – the evidence. As I saw the wriggling worms of scribbles, my vision blurred white.

[▲ A note left by Kies. It is said that he learned to write from Rin.]

Kies, you fool…

When I tried to teach him even a word or two, he’d clutch his head in agony, yet here he was, able to write such proper sentences.

– How’s Kies supposed to be royalty if he can’t speak or write? How did he even become royalty?

– …!

– Just by strength? Don’t puff out your chest so proudly! Come here. I’ll teach you to write. It’s so easy.

– …?!

– You don’t need it? Bullshit. You don’t need it now because you’re healthy and strong, but you’ll suffer later when you’re old and your mind deteriorates.

Every lesson, Kies would grimace but nevertheless push himself to learn, his groans almost audible at this memory.

[In his last moments, Rin cast an arcane 5-star magic he had developed, attempting a reversal from death.]


[The name of that magic is ‘Ju Ye So Gye Dae Ban’, combining the essence of the Empire’s magic and the Republic’s sorcery—a near miracle power. To this day, no modern mage has deciphered it.]

It wasn’t because I was extraordinary, but rather I managed to complete it with the help of Freide, who was adept in sorcery.

[As the magic was cast, Rin made a promise to his comrades. He vowed to return no matter what.]

Right, I made a promise.

I promised Rista.

[And as everyone knows, 300 years later, Rin has yet to return. Whether he has not returned or could not return.

Hero, Rista.

Royal Guard, Kies.

Shaman, Freide.

Great Mage, Rin.

Now that his comrades have returned to the earth and the embrace of the gods in this era when Rin has awakened, can it truly be said that he has returned?]

I think the same.

This isn’t what it means to return…

As my heartbeat quickened with the filtered breaths, the last written words came into view, and a lump stuck in my throat.

[Rista left a letter for Rin, they say. To give him a reason for life and guidance upon his return. Along with words of apology for not keeping the promise.]

* * *

While the first part dealt with the life of Rin, the second part described the magic and battle style he typically used.

‘I don’t really need to read this part.’

As I casually flipped through the pages, eventually…

The bookshelf was completely covered. There was nothing left to salvage.

“Why would they send this to me? To let me know there’s a note? I already knew that.”

Do they know my true identity? Could there be someone still alive among my comrades?

But even if they are alive, how could they recognize me? I look completely different. If it’s possible to recognize me, why wouldn’t they have made contact?

The problem was incomprehensible. It makes one realize how straightforward and neat a mystery math problems are…

The most likely person to have sent this to me is Gwangryong Haraderyeon, who can see through everything in the world.

One of the immortal Samshinryong, and the leader of the Gwangryong Church…

Then why did he send it?

To search for stories of my comrades? But what if it wasn’t Haraderyeon?

“I’ve been ignoring it until now… but maybe I should stop by the library soon.”

To find out what happened to my party members.

Rista knew without even looking that they were ‘missing.’

As the strongest soldier of mankind, the Payquerier is a propagandistic existence that must not die, hence any form of death is recorded as a disappearance.

“But as for Fride and Kies… Hmm.”

While reading, it suddenly became 23:00.

It was time when curfew at the dormitory was enforced, and lights were mandatorily switched off unless you had previously applied for a night extension.

“Should I turn off the light before the housemaster comes?”

Just as I was about to stand up, I noticed Rinn’s diary.

Come to think of it, this is…

In that moment, as I opened the notebook, I experienced a strange sense of déjà vu.


Light butterflies scattered particles of mana beautifully as they took flight, making my heart jump with excitement.

It was Rudyen.

Not the Rudyen made by Lain, but the one made by Rinn, which was now twice as big. But strangely, it was of a deeper and darker blue than before.

“How did this…”

Persisted for 300 years, maintained without disappearing? By whose mana? My limbs shook with intensified alertness in this unbelievable situation.

That’s when it happened.

No sooner had Rudyen landed on Rain’s head, the blue particles it shed clustered in mid-air, forming strings of text.


– You can inherit research progress on ‘unique magic’ from the surrounding environment.

– Progress: 37%.

* * *

Unique magic, the ultimate in magic that a 6-star mage, a sage, must master to transcend. One can only use it when they’re able to create their own runes and formulate reality-altering equations.

Unlike standardized common magic, unique magic can only be used by its creator (impossible to impart to another), and its power and performance vary greatly depending on the mage’s interpretation of their own runes and formulas.

The Imperial Magic Mage recognized only those who could handle unique magic as 6-star rank, the ‘Renpage.’

“Truth shall set you free.”

Just like the first mage, Emmithsa Page, said, only those who have seen the truth of magic, the end, can become a sage.

Achieving Renpage rank meant earning a rightfully placed statue in the Sage’s Plaza of , the ideal for all mages.

“I was actually researching this…”

I prioritized mana training over revisiting these theories after being reborn because it seemed daunting to start all over.

■ Yun (蝡).

– It seems possible to grant the ‘wriggling of molecules,’ but the mathematical formula is complex, and the compatible magical array is limited to flame attributes.

– The casting formula has been named ‘Matrix Mechanics.’

■ Ro (癆).

– Seems to have the property of ‘elongating’ the impact duration of the spell. Successfully extended the damage time of a fireball like poison spells during the battle with Rumalden.

– The casting formula has been dubbed ‘Rinn’s Infinite Function.’




■ Eun (齦).

– Confirmed ability to grant ‘crushing by biting’ traits. There might be potential to develop it into a unique magic, but its applicability seems overly limited.

– The casting formula has been named ‘Variable Wave,’ representing the coordinates of magic as probabilities.

These were the twelve self-made runes I experimented with and tested in battle during the era of war. I thought they were all failures, but the progress was at 37%?

“Rudyen, aren’t you a 4-star magic?”

It was inexplicable that 4-star magic would show the progress of 6-star grade. Such a thing didn’t even exist in a past life.

‘Who the hell…’

Was there a sage who appeared before my rebirth and offered silent help?

That’s impossible.

Although a great mage appeared after Rinn died and before Rain was born, there was no sage.

‘But if this is real…?’

The reason great mages despair without advancing to the stage of a sage isn’t a complex issue.

It’s because of the lack of certainty.

Am I on the right path, will this rune ever be complete, can I really create a formula even if the rune is complete…


A single laugh escaped.

I had thought it would be fortunate to see the truth just before old age if I dedicated this entire life to it, but with this marker, things change.

‘It’s different from my past life.’

There’s no need to preserve mana for an unpredictable fight, no need to risk my life using an incomplete rune in practice.

‘I have time to spare now.’

The environment couldn’t be better. has training facilities as well as the best magic library.

I need to set a new goal.

The best would be to see the truth before graduation. If not, at least before turning 30.

“Oh, this is so good. I’m thrilled.”

Rain jumped onto the bed, embraced the suspicious Rudyen with both hands, and rolled around in joy.

Any deductions about who sent this were quickly pushed aside. Rain muffled the uncontrollable laughter that sounded like that of a child.

Although normally calm, when it comes to the pursuit of truth, he was forever in a state of innocent childhood.

‘Tomorrow morning it is.’

That night, Rain, with his excited heart, could not sleep. His heart throbbed, and his eyes stayed wide awake until the late dawn.

‘I’ll start research right away in the morning.’

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