The Archmage’s Reincarnation in the Hero’s Party chapter 13

Episode 13

The dormitory was called the Twin Dragon Hall.

Named for its architecture featuring two identically crafted dragons, each wrapped around one of the twin towers: the left being [Jin (眞)] and the right [Ri (理)].

Dorm allocation was primarily divided according to one’s background. Nobility resided in Jin, while commoners in Ri.

Initially, the students of different statuses lived intermixed until frequent conflicts necessitated segregation.

Allocation was further divided by academic performance and grade level. The higher the grade level and the entrance exam scores, the higher the floor you occupied—a simple structure indeed.

“How many floors up are you?”

“As a first-year, the very top, I suppose.”

Krista flicked her chin dismissively, ascending the stairs with a snort. Gertrude followed after her with a bow of her head. As an additional test entrant, Rain, consigned to the lowest floor, had no need for the stairs.

“Look there, the first floor.”

“The eldest son of the Ludwig family.”

“Ha, what a joke. Hey, had the young master taken the regular exams, he’d be rooming next door to Krista Warden.”

“Who would believe that? If he had that much ability, he would have taken the regular exam.”

Whispers from commoner students glancing inside could be heard.

Would an average noble have bristled at this?

But Rain felt neither the inclination nor the need to react; such treatment was no stranger to him in Lin’s life.

Rain brought his student ID, the dragon ring, to the door which flared brightly as the magical ward on its surface resonated with the ring.

The wards interlocked like gears and turned, unlocking room 107 with a distinct click.

‘The dormitory rooms are single…’

While double rooms exist, heirs of great houses are typically assigned singles, furnished with all necessities for study including a desk, bed, bookcase, and magical lighting devices.

“Heh, feels like living in a mage tower…”

Mage towers, which are strongholds of various magical schools, were often set in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. It was the same for the place where Lin had lived.

Intriguing. Perhaps a way to familiarize students with life in a mage tower…

‘I’ve locked myself away in such rooms before, devoted only to the study of magic.’

Recalling the Osarius School’s mage tower, his soul’s true home, an uncontrollable sadness washed over him, prompting him to shake his head and dismiss the memories.

– Lin, will you promise me?

As he sprawled onto the bed, covered with plush feathers, Rain stretched his hand toward the ceiling’s magical light, casting shadows on his face.

Long, white fingers.

The hands of a noble, untouched by hardship. Hands he could never have imagined when he was Lin, nor spending his first day in a university.

‘It still doesn’t feel real.’

The first day of classes was fun though not particularly enlightening. One would need something to learn. Maybe it would be better to storm the Imperial Palace and rummage through Lin’s corpse.

The problem was with Rain’s identity and ability.

Committing such an outrage would easily ruin his family, and moreover, he wasn’t yet capable enough.

‘I seem to lack the physical talent I once had as Lin…’

On his palm, three layers of magical wards took shape and spun harmoniously, turning like flames. As he tried to add a fourth, a sharp pain struck his scapula where the seal lay, dispersing the wards into mist.

‘I still lack the magical power to cast four-star spells… Hmm.’

He’d better find a way to keep up with school while training his magic reliably.

─ Whoosh.

A flapping noise interrupted his thoughts; an owl had landed on his window sill.

“An owl?”

Magicians often used owls, the only avians capable of resonating with magic, as messengers.

Clutched in the bird’s talons was a cylinder about the size of its own body.

Curious about the sender, Rain took the cylinder just before the owl took flight.

[Delaiten 1388th Cadet Rain Ludwig.]

The cylinder bore only the recipient’s name, the sender’s unknown. Perhaps his father?

“What’s this?”

Inside the cylinder were two books, one elegantly rebound and the other with leather so battered that pieces fell off.

His heart raced, a strange sense of déjà vu making his breath hitch and sweat break across his forehead.

『The Life and Achievements of the Archmage Lin.』

But the real trouble was not with the newly covered book. Without even looking inside, Rain knew what the older one was.

It was Lin’s diary.

Not Rain’s, but Lin’s.

Not this life’s, but a previous life’s diary.

A journal he had carried on a five-year expedition, recording the spells he devised or discovered. The same journal he entrusted to Lister at the very end…

“Who’s this, or rather, who are you?”

He mumbled, gazing out the window, but the owl had vanished without a trace.

* * *

<Delaiten> offered not only educational facilities and dorms but also magical training installations. Advanced magical engineering was essential for proper magic training.

For instance, how could one test their magic to its fullest without a [Shock Nullification Charm]? How could you practice precision in magical strikes without an [Arcane Targeting Device]?

“You have 30 seconds left to reach the target.”

The facility was called the Battle Dragon Arena.

Heavy with the allure of cutting-edge training, come dinner’s end and at the peak of traffic, sophomores and juniors would compete for space.

Hence, freshmen typically avoided the area during peak hours, daunted by upperclassmen. But there are always exceptions.

Undaunted by the upperclassmen’s disapproving looks, two first-year students boldly visited from the start of the semester.

“25 seconds.”

Gertrude Fenton, with her classic-style braided hair, kept her eyes on the stopwatch, calling out every five seconds to remind Krista Warden, who was sweating profusely in the midst of her training at the magic shooting range.

Around her, five sand soldiers rose, ferociously jabbing moving targets with their spears.

It was a training session that not only involved mana manipulation but also the control of multiple summons at once—a practice to hone the inherent limits of the Warden family bloodline.

“20 seconds.”

Gertrude had been under the tutelage of the young lady of the Krista household since childhood. She had always seen her—a genius, brimming with a voracious thirst for knowledge and unending diligence. Although everyone called her a genius, Gertrude saw Krista as nothing more than a delicate swan. To appear so, she had to paddle her feet under the surface, much harder than anyone else, tirelessly repeating such strenuous training.

“15 seconds. Is something the matter today?”


“10 seconds. You seem more excited than usual, miss.”


“5 seconds. Perhaps it’s because of your meeting with Sir Rein? Is there something going on between the two of you? I’m curious.”

Contrary to Gertrude’s expectations, Krista calmly annihilated all targets in the last five seconds. Turning her head, she saw the sand soldiers, who had been practicing with spears, pull them back in with precision.

“An issue? What issue?”

Gertrude giggled mischievously, covering her mouth with one hand.

“I mean, you were lingering around the gift section in front of the campus store… I was just wondering why. After all, the only male student you’ve been involved with today is Sir Rein, so I thought maybe something happened.”

“Oh, that?”

Krista’s mind speed up by perhaps 500 times more than usual to keep her composure as she replied.

“For you.”


Gertrude’s eyes welled up with emotion, and as she made to run into her arms, Krista stopped her by holding her head, sighing.

“Enough, stop stalking me.”

“I can’t do that. I’m your loyal servitor, always by your side.”

“Ugh, let’s drop it.”

Despite Krista’s cold response, deep inside, Gertrude remained filled with curiosity.

Indeed, if Krista gave cookies as a gift, it implied that Rein Ludwig had been of great help during the magical exam, but could that be possible?

Just like the time they met at the family conference during their childhood, Rein Ludwig seemed… Wait?


It felt different from their childhood, didn’t it?

* * *

The fourth floor of the Li Dormitory was the top floor assigned to first-year students. The second year was two floors above, and the third and final floor was for the seniors.

“Oh, look who’s coming. The loser of the C grade.”

In the central lounge of that fourth floor, various people—some with magical texts, some deep in mana meditation—looked up.

“Don’t provoke him, Logan. You might actually get hurt for real.”

The focus of their attention was none other than Wiber, the topic of the day, the later disciple of the LoPhinum School, one of the eight great magical factions.

The Late Disciple, Logan, a muscular student who chewed his gum with obnoxious smacks and crossed his legs, teased Wiber without fear.

“Chill out, dude. I almost pissed myself from fright. If someone hadn’t just received a C grade, I would have really done it.”

Despite Logan’s jest, his eyes did not smile.

With his short hair and school cloak thrown off to reveal his body, his muscled, suntanned skin radiated vitality, clearly designating him as one of the late disciples from the ChiHawk school known for body-enhancing Wing-type wizards.

“Even that Krista chick walked around with sandbags and still got an S grade.”


“She was paired with that genius noble. You know him, right? What’s he like? Totally useless? Pathetic? Still better than you, right?”

“You want to test that right now?”

“Bring it on.”

The air crackled with their blended mana, with mirage-like heat waves and occasional sparks zipping through the atmosphere.

“Don’t make a mess in the dormitory. You think you’re the only ones using the fourth floor?”

A voice cut through their childish dispute. It belonged to a woman with lifeless grey eyes and fervent, long red hair, reminding one of ashes after a blaze.

“Ah, Lillian, it’s not like that. We were just playing. No harm.”

Logan, feeling a slight tremor in his heart, smiled easily.

All three were late disciples of the great magical factions, but Lillian was a cut above the rest. Her beauty was secondary to her unparalleled abilities.

“Thinking of planning something against Krista and that genius noble? Want to join, Lillian?”

“You never progress because you waste time on such meaningless pranks. What’s the point of tormenting someone weak like him? It’s not like you’re dealing with Krista.”

“It was all just a joke.”

Despite Lillian’s contemptuous response, Logan still wore a bright smile, which was met by Wiber’s scornful snort.

“Those fools are mine. Mess with them, and I’ll rearrange your face first, Logan.”

“Oh, really?”

With that, Wiber retracted his overflowing mana and, clicking his tongue irritably, entered his room, slamming the door behind him.

“The damn…”

And with a punch to the wall, he calmed his ragged breathing.

‘Rein Ludwig, that genius noble brat, what did he do? It’s impossible for Krista to deal with him in only two minutes…’

The story was too bizarre to believe. After all, wasn’t he dubbed by the great factions as a ‘genius disaster’ (天災), a calamity sent by the heavens (天) to the Ludwig family (災)?

But those eyes he saw last time, what were they about? He didn’t want to admit it, but he felt a kind of fear instinctively…

‘If what they say is true, then, what exactly is he? And why does he hold no rank?’

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