The Archmage’s Reincarnation in the Hero’s Party chapter 12

Episode 12

“It seems even the Lady of Warden can’t do much if she’s hindered by the genius young master.”

Melanie laughed delightfully.

She was an excellent magic student from the Rohwi’num School, attending with Wiber. Both were advancing towards the podium for their examination.

“Still haven’t solved such an easy problem? Or perhaps it is quite challenging to solve it alone.”

The time it took for the male and female from the Rohwi’num School to solve the problem was 13 minutes. Undoubtedly, they were overwhelmingly at the top of their class.

‘Have they given up?’

Before submitting his answer sheet to Professor Owen, Wiber casually glanced over at the Mado family duo.

There was a stark difference in the scene now.

It seemed Crista took on the supporting role while Laine was fervently scripting something on the magic paper.

‘Still, a genius young master…’

Convinced they wouldn’t be able to submit within the time limit, he wondered if they were planning to teach the genius the method of solving the problem.

‘Hmph, it’s over.’

Wiber smiled in satisfaction and handed over his answer sheet to Professor Owen.

Owen swiftly scanned the answer sheet and laid his hand on it, sending his magic power through the drawing paper.

Suddenly, the rings of the drawn magic circle began to fill with light, producing a burst of steam within the classroom at its peak before vanishing without a trace.

“The runes for Steam (蒸) and Departure (逝) are operating correctly. To achieve this in such a short time is commendable.”

The paper, once covered with a complex magic circle, was now blank. When the magic was activated, the magic circle transitioned from the material world into a world of different abilities.

“Haha, thank you~!”

“Don’t get too proud, you monkeys of the Eight Schools. You’re from the Eight Schools after all. And the Rohwi’num School that manipulates wind! You should have solved this in 2 minutes. That’s why you get a C grade.”

A C grade? Melanie was momentarily dumbfounded, and Wiber’s brows furrowed.

“Why C? We were the fastest in class, and the math formulation was perfect too.”

“The hidden solution is something you should know best, my monkey friend.”

Had they been found out?

No, they had trained to a level that even the masters of their school could hardly notice. Wiber felt something tugging at him but couldn’t respond.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Why would that be?”

Melanie began to protest, but suddenly she sensed someone approaching from behind.

“If you’re done with the evaluation, could you move aside?”

Wiber’s eyes shook. The attention of the other students focused on the podium. Professor Owen raised an eyebrow with interest.

It was Laine and Crista.

In Laine’s hand, a piece of drawing paper flapped like a spring breeze. The scent of ink from his Philsan magic circle construction wafted strongly.

“Now, please evaluate ours, Professor.”

* * *

Constructing a Philsan magic circle was a battle against time.

Regardless of one’s magical talent, unless one had a talent for ‘writing numbers quickly,’ it would take as much time as anyone else.

This led to a narrowing of the gap between the talent of geniuses and that of the average, making it a famous method used by magicians.

This is why most magicians in the empire were Philsan magicians.

Of course, they had their limitations as much as they had their advantages. Their ability to create variables and respond to them was overwhelmingly inferior to that of the mental calculation (암산) magicians.

To reach the level of a great magician or a sage, one had to become a mental calculation magician.

Excluding the unique magic that individuals manifested, adults could choose from the shared magic they had created to fit the situation.

For instance, the Great Azure Boundaries of Miranjo, the Celestial Flame Rush of Orvus, Thunder Field Defense Points of Lin, and so forth.

Since Philsan magicians collected pre-drawn magic circles like a book and used them as needed, they were called Remidier-type magicians.

It means ‘the readers.’

This is mentioned to explain that most Remidier-type magicians took a similar amount of time building their magic circles.

“Did you really complete it? How unpleasant! I was so pleased at the thought of expelling you Mado family brats!”

“If you can’t perform magic just because of one gust of wind, then you can’t call yourself a magician anywhere.”

“Hmm, I’m impressed by your spirit. It’s barely comparable to my mother’s booger, though.”

Professor Owen, holding the drawing paper Laine had submitted, and Wiber, standing back and observing, doubted their eyes.

‘Completed the magic circle?’

Impossible. How much time does he think has passed? That he completed it in 2 or 3 minutes?


Professor Owen was examining the answer sheet when his eyes flickered with surprise.

“This magic circle… it’s different from the one I suggested.”

The magic circle Owen had suggested was a double fan-shaped one, which incorporated only the wind magic attribute.

“Yes. One is fan-shaped, and the other is circular.”

The magic circle was of a shape where a large circle encompassed the fan shape. A circular magic circle bestows a water attribute to the magic.

“The reason?”

“The Steam (蒸) rune works well with water attribute magic. Using water attribute magic as a foundation simplifies the math needed to construct this rune.”

“Right, in such a case, one could determine the solution that the Steam (蒸) rune requires by just using a linear equation.”

Then Crista looked at Laine, puzzled.

“What, and you’re saying that…”

“It doesn’t even come up in the intermediate classes. Where did you learn something like that?”

“That’s what’s odd about the intermediate classes. You can’t say you’ve perfectly executed magic until you’ve precisely mastered the runes.”


Was it based on an overwhelming understanding of runes that he was able to reduce the casting time to the bare minimum… Hmph, with a look of amusement, Owen placed his hand on the canvas.

“However, whether this is skill or eccentricity, we’ll only know after seeing it in action.”

“Let’s confirm it.”

“So confident you almost want to crush it! With the introduction of the dual-attribute magic circle, surely the complexity of the formulas you had to use has increased?”

Although it’s possible that the mathematical formula required by the rune Zheung (증) became more simplified, the overall difficulty would have increased several fold. A single error in the mathematical calculations during casting could result in the failure of the magic.

“Mana infusion.”

The mana that flowed through Owen’s palm into the magic circle on the canvas breathed life into it.

As the ink lines, both curved and straight, along with numbers began to be suffused with light, a blinding explosion ensued, overlaying the unreal upon reality.

Zheung (증).

Bubbles of mist danced in the air, blooming out of thin air.

Next, Seo (逝).

The mist unfolded like white wings stretching in all directions, only to disappear without warning.




The display of magic, different from the textbook execution shown by the Rohfinéum school pairing, seemed to hold an artistic sense beyond the norm.

‘It’s impossible. This is just a coincidence…’

Wiber couldn’t comprehend the momentary vision imprinted on his retina. No, he didn’t want to understand.

‘How could such magic be possible in such a short time…’

Meanwhile, the students had other reasons for doubting what they saw.

The gorilla, no, Professor Owen who sat arrogantly on the stage… was he not clapping with a satisfied smile?

“In the 13 years I’ve been teaching, I’ve met many geniuses, but this is the first time anyone has given such a novel solution to this problem.”

That gorilla, who never even praised his own faction’s disciples, was giving such high praise to that Rain Ludwig?

No, that’s not right.

It must have been Krista who accomplished everything. The genius noble hadn’t done anything. That’s what the students thought.

“I really want to burst with annoyance, but I will give an S grade. I have never given such a high grade on this kind of scrap-paper test before.”

Krista’s eyes, once dense with despair, now brightened up. She couldn’t believe the situation, alternating her glances between Owen and Rain.

“That’s too much praise.”

After Rain responded, an exhilarating shiver ran through Krista as she grasped her hands tightly and yelled out,

“Thank you!”

Watching the scene in disbelief, Wiber clenched his jaw as a chill ran down his spine.

It was the gaze.

Rain was staring at him directly, as if to say, “I know everything you did.” The gaze was a clear threat.

I will overlook it this time, but there won’t be a next time.

* * *

Thus, the rumor that Gorilla Owen provided an S grade from the first lesson quickly spread throughout the school.

This news reached the other four members of the Eight Great Schools’ later generations, excluding Wiber, and they all showed dismissive reactions.

“Wiber that fool got a C grade? Ha, I knew it.”

“There’s nothing surprising. Krista probably did everything on her own.”

“Ah, such a shame. If it had been me instead of Wiber… both of them wouldn’t be able to show their faces right now♪”

Of course, as Krista was a genius of the century, it wasn’t surprising that all the credit went to her.

The truth was known only to Professor Owen and Krista. No, the real truth was only known to Krista…

Owen believed that Krista and Rain had cooperated to achieve such results, but in reality, it was Rain who had singlehandedly performed that miracle.

‘I should say thank you.’

But he couldn’t bring himself to speak throughout the class period. It was only when all the lessons were finally over that he mustered the courage.

“Hey, Rain Ludwig.”

However, as their gazes met, Krista felt her face flush red and she found herself speechless.

For Krista, who had always been at the top, it was embarrassing to fully owe her success to a rival. But gratitude was nonetheless a fact…

With no experience in romantic relationships, or rather none at all, Krista couldn’t express her complex feelings of thanks in one simple gesture.

– Being strong isn’t just about overpowering with force; true strength is knowing when to support with that power.

To have received help, let alone be in debt to someone who had spouted such advice smugly…

“Just you watch. That pride which knows no fear of the heavens will crumble to the level of modeling clay… I’ll see to that.”

And so, muttering words that made little sense to anyone who heard, Krista quickly left the classroom with a slinking voice.

“That damn modeling clay…”

Left alone, the boy stroked his chin for a moment, lost in deep thought.

‘That guy, he must really like modeling clay.’

In his past life and now, he couldn’t mathematically deduce why such strange things kept flocking to him like flies.

‘Was it all started by Rista? Could this be Rista’s curse? Their names are similar too.’

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