The Archmage’s Reincarnation in the Hero’s Party chapter 10

Episode 10

“It’s not first place upon entry? Has something gone wrong?!”

In the Ludwig family’s estate, Belrwin, Elin Ludwig slammed her hand on the desk, fuming after receiving a notification from the magical university.

As a professor at Delaiten, she was fully dressed and ready to return to school.

“This is definitely tampering from the Page family, isn’t it? They must be jealous of Rain’s genius!”

It was incomprehensible.

Rain had applied through the regular admissions process. So, why was he listed as a successful extra examination candidate?

“Why would the Page family be jealous of Rain, my lady? It benefits them to admit a good student.”

When Rain’s mother, Brim, asked with a head tilt, Elin snorted dismissively.

“That woman’s daughter has become disabled─”


However, she was abruptly cut off by Keivan, speaking coldly, and she promptly closed her mouth.

“If there had been a problem, the Page family patriarch would have notified me. Or Rain would have contacted himself.”

Although it was indeed baffling, there was no real cause for concern. What mattered was that he had been admitted.

‘Admission, admission… you should be a bit nervous, Rain.’

That school is where the most promising individuals from across the empire gather, from members of magical families like yours to the disciples of the Eight Great Schools…

‘Or perhaps with you, it’s less about nervousness and more that you’ll never have a dull moment?’

Keivan smiled warmly.

You were born with a fierce thirst for knowledge unlike anyone else in this world.

* * *

The prime gathering place for the intellects of the Divine Human Empire, the supreme magical university.


Its campus was so vast that there were rumors that the fifth-largest city in the empire, Golden Rose, was built solely for its operation.

‘School… huh.’

Staring up at the main school building where the opening ceremony was to begin, Rain was gripped by a strange train of thought.

The main hall of Delaiten, named the Dragon Coil Hall, was wrapped protectively by stone statues of true dragons, as the name suggested.

‘I’ve never had any relationship with schools.’

Neither in my past life nor this one.

Even when I was a teaching assistant at Rivarden Magical School, I merely solved problems on the board and took questions.

Maybe that’s why there was a slight tremor in my heart?

‘In my past life, I was raised by the Oscarius School Head Matron, and in this life, I’ve only learned magic from my family…’

I still don’t feel the need to learn from anyone else, but at the end of this path, she awaits.

Listaltear Schurpan.

You entered my monochrome world of numbers, parchment, and ink, and showed me a world of vibrant colors.

– Only the valedictorian of Delaiten can have the chance to witness Lynn’s body.

He smiles quietly.

On the day I meet you again, I should at least have the level of magical prowess from my past life, so I won’t be embarrassed, right?

“Ah, there you are!”

Suddenly, a sharp voice disrupts the pleasant thoughts.

A girl, wearing a pure white mage’s robe and a neatly placed scholar’s cap. A brooch pinned neatly at her chest on the robe featured an emblem of a sleeping dragon.

The girl who appeared before me, her chestnut-colored bob dancing in the spring breeze while clad in the first-year uniform of Delaiten, was a familiar face so I waved first.


“I have a score to settle from before… Oh? Right, hello.”

She seemed awkward in responding to greetings, fumbling with words before nervously returning the wave.

“Hey, look at that.”

“That’s Krista Warden.”

“This year’s scholarship entrant…”

Seeing Krista pompously shrug her shoulders among the murmurs made a smile break across my face.

“You’re more popular than I thought?”

“In our generation, anyone who doesn’t know me is said to be a spy from the Republic. And you? You’re a rival I recognize.”

She nodded contentedly, then suddenly, as if remembering something she had forgotten, she took a combat stance, putting some distance between us.

“That reminds me, what’s this? Why are you acting friendly? We are rivals! We’re supposed to shed blood against each other! Come on, let’s finish what we started!”

Finish what we started… Did I go too easy on her last time because of Frida’s teachings? 300 years ago, once I showed a difference in power, they wouldn’t even think of challenging me again.

“Ah, suddenly my stomach hurts. Let’s do this later.”

I feigned a bellyache and turned away. I’ve already been accepted to the school, and honestly, I have no business with her. Besides, a magic duel with this girl would be terribly annoying.

“Don’t act like it’s so bothersome when I’m serious!”

Before I could stop her, a swiftly spinning magic circle materialized in her palm, the sign of an ultra-fast calculation.

Simultaneously with the magic circle breaking, a whirlwind of sand blasted ferociously from the front gates.

“Uh, ack, what’s this?”

“Cough, cough!”

“My eyes, it hurts!”

Thanks to her, other students entering the ceremony hall for the first-day commencement coughed painfully, but Krista looked triumphantly in my direction.

“Hehe, you see my true power now? Ready to take me on seriously?”

Yeah, it’s because of this.

Exactly because of this.

I struggled to contain my anger, which threatened to erupt.

“Are you joking? Last time I coughed up phlegm for two straight days because my throat hurt!”

“Hmph…! Isn’t that your fault for not blocking properly?”

If only I could hit her… but then…

Watching her arrogantly crossing her arms, I exhaled heavily in resignation.

“What a show, really putting on a show.”

At that moment, a cold, mocking laugh followed my sarcasm from behind.

“One is an extra exam entrant and genius, and the other is top of admission. An experiential extreme of highs and lows, is that it?”

Unlike Rain, who was indifferent, Krista fixed a cold, contemptuous stare at the source of the voice.

‘The Weiber gang…’

Weiber, a protegeshouldReceiveThe Main Characters That Only I Know Translator aims to provide accurate and consistent translations for Korean novels, particularly focusing on the precision of character names, techniques, and places. The tool emphasizes professional tone and quality while formatting the translation to make it more accessible, especially for mobile readers. It does not engage in interactive clarification with the user and instead relies on the provided context to translate the content most effectively. The objective is to offer translations that preserve the original tone and cultural nuances, contributing positively to the overall reading experience. Even through translation, the tool aims to capture the spirit of the original text, making it a pleasure for readers to immerse in.

The long, slit-like eyes on the head, they were always so annoying to behold.

Ever since middle school, I had been constantly bickering with that guy. Well, with most of them, actually. The ones from the Eight Great Schools.


As Reine silently observed Weiber, a subtle tension filled the air. Weiber, with his chin lifted, provoked again.

“What are you looking at? Did you take offense to any part of what I said?”

The thugs standing on either side of him snickered. Reine cocked his head to the side.

“Offended? I’m just wondering… who do you think you are, acting like we’re acquainted?”


“Do you even practice magic? If you’re seriously picking a fight with me, you’d better be able to back it up with some decent spells.”

At that moment, everyone watching felt a chill and the need to close their mouths tight.

‘He’s insane.’

It made no sense not to know who Weiber was in this generation. A prodigy, the constant second of middle division.

‘A latter-term successor of the Rohwin School.’

‘Number one rank in the general entrance exams.’

A genius disaster, Reine Ludwick, incomparable to the prodigy who had joined them after an additional examination.

“Right now…”

At that moment, when Weiber clenched his fist, it was Krista who burst into bright laughter.

“Ah, ahhaha, hahaha…!”

Krista’s face turned red as she mockingly said something to Weiber so loud that it couldn’t be missed.

“How shameful, not dying from embarrassment when rejected by someone who doesn’t even know your face, what a fool.”

“What did you say, you…?!”

The confrontation that had nearly reached its peak was halted by a teaching assistant who had been guiding the new students.

“What are you all doing here? Quickly go inside. The opening ceremony is about to start. And Cadet Krista? You are representing the freshmen, what are you doing here! You need to prepare for the oath!”

As if Weiber was nothing to consider, Krista pointed a fierce finger at Reine.

“I’d stay and fight now, but I’m short on time. Just you wait, next time there’s no chance, next time I’ll definitely settle this!”

Krista’s words made the onlookers doubt their ears once more.

“A showdown? Between Krista and Reine?”

“He’s no match for them, right?”

“No match? That’s a joke. If you saw the Young Master’s ability just once, you wouldn’t dare say such nonsense.”

Few students from smiled knowingly as they headed to the main building.

‘Those bastards…’

Amidst the murmurs, anger churned coldly within Weiber, and his lackeys fall silent as they catch the mood.

‘I’ll make you pay.’

Make you weep and beg for forgiveness.

There would be more than enough chances for that. Because ‘s educational policy was endless competition.

A cruel smile settled on Weiber’s lips.

* * *

“The 1388th entrance ceremony will now commence. Please, all new students stand.”

It’s more boring than I thought… While various school events proceeded, the boy could barely stifle a yawn.

The others seemed excited, proud and smug at having been admitted to the Empire’s top magic university.

But the mood in the hall changed the moment the announcer said this.

“The headmaster has a message to encourage and welcome you, the new students.”

Thud, thud, thud.

The impressive sound of military boots echoed on the stage, the dignified steps accompanying the swish of a leather robe.

The freshmen whispered in bated breath.


“The current top mage of the Empire…”

“Madellia Page…”

The presence alone sent shivers… The woman with light purple hair who overwhelmed all the new students the moment she appeared, Madellia Page.

The number one mage of the Empire and the head of the magic clan, a direct descendant of the founder of magic, Emmitts Page, and the current head of the Page house, which had traditionally held the headmaster position in .

‘Aha… So that hair color is still the symbol of the Page family in this era.’

The boy raised his eyebrows in curiosity.

Ulan Page, whom he had met in Rin’s time, had also had that hair color – a direct family trait passed down since Emmits Page.

Reine and Seri had black hair and red eyes by the same principle.

“It’s nice to meet all of you, new students. My name is Madellia Page, and I am the headmaster of this college.”

In the front row, top-performing students straightened their backs involuntarily.

“Out of the 233 new students here, half will not move to second year due to failing grades or expulsion.”

What is she talking about?

The faces of most of the freshmen who had joined the ceremony in high spirits fell pale.

“Of those 117 who survive, only half will barely make it to third year. From there, only half will take part in the graduation process. Fewer than 30 students graduate each year.”


is such a place. In this regard, is like a jeweler. To test if you are stones that can become jewels, you will be endlessly challenged with trials.”

Suddenly, Madellia pointed a finger at the freshmen. All of them, without exception.

“Sharpen yourselves here! Until you become a gem with your own distinct character from an unremarkable rock!”

A command, neither advice nor encouragement, led to various reactions from the top-ranked freshmen. Weiber, the runner-up, scoffed.

‘s policy is relentless competition. Those who fall behind in the competition do not even deserve a diploma.’

That suits me just fine. A fair system that judges everything purely by skill rather than status.

“After three years, let’s meet here again. Not as student to headmaster, but as mage to mage. I wish you all luck in your endeavors.”

As Madellia flounced down from the dais and her coat rustled, the freshmen erupted into applause without waiting for the announcer to prompt them.


Reine, half-heartedly clapping his hands, bore a faint smile.

‘This university life, it might be more interesting than I thought?’

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