Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 99

Soul Slayer Chronicle

On the way to the forbidden area of the Soul Pet Land, Jiang Xiaobai’s face showed a suspicious flush. Indeed, he was pushed out by Zhou Bin, who seemed anxious not to delay their elder ancestor. Little did they know… Jiang Xiaobai shook his head and sighed. However, what he said last night was indeed his true feelings. If he could rise to great heights, he would definitely give Zhou Bin a helping hand!

Inside the forbidden area, a Qilin monster was crawling on the ground with its eyes closed. At that moment, a pleasant call made the Qilin monster’s body shake and it opened its eyes to see a Cloud Spirit Sparrow approaching, its eyes instantly lighting up. “Haha, I was just getting a bit hungry, come, let me feast!” As the Qilin spoke, surprisingly, the Cloud Spirit Sparrow, showing no fear at all, landed in front of it. “Ah, you little thing, can’t you show some fear toward me?” The Qilin complained when it saw the overbold Cloud Spirit Sparrow, sounding annoyed.

Just as it finished speaking, footsteps were heard, and upon noticing the arrival of Jiang Xiaobai, it couldn’t help but laugh, “Heh, didn’t expect you lad, to still be alive?” Hearing the Qilin’s mocking words, Jiang Xiaobai wasn’t angry, and said with a shy smile, “I’ve been thinking a lot about not coming to see you during this time!” “So, I’ve decided to accompany you for half a year, to soothe my longing!” “Get lost!” The Qilin monster impatiently said, “Speak if you have something to say, don’t use that kind of talk to disgust me!”

“Haha!” Jiang Xiaobai let out a laugh, “Well, it’s nothing really, I just thought to accompany you, and by the way… casually cultivate a little!” The Qilin’s eyes showed disdain. It knew. Jiang Xiaobai said no more and went straight to the side of the Qilin to sit cross-legged. At this moment, he suddenly remembered something, and took out the spirit seed that the old ancestor gave him yesterday. He had never understood the use of this spirit seed. Now was a good opportunity to ask the Qilin about it. The Qilin was about to say something, but when it saw the spirit seed, its pupils shrank: “Eh, a spirit seed? Where did you get this from?” Shocked, it asked, “Is it possibly given by the old sage Ru Jian?” “Yes!” Jiang Xiaobai nodded lightly.

“The old sage Ru Jian is very generous, to give away such a treasure to you!” The Qilin’s voice still carried shock. “What is the function of this spirit seed?” Seeing the Qilin’s surprised reaction, Jiang Xiaobai was even more curious about its use. “Well, this spirit seed encapsulates the sect’s destiny!” The Qilin monster explained, “If swallowed, one would be protected by the sect’s destiny and gather spirit effects.” “What does that mean?” Jiang Xiaobai, puzzled, asked, “Does it mean that after swallowing it, it will protect me like the protective jade?” “Heh, of course not!” The Qilin chuckled, “This protection refers only to the guardianship of destiny!”

“What is destiny then?” Jiang Xiaobai asked curiously. “Destiny is hard to explain clearly,” replied the Qilin, “In short, if the sect’s destiny weakens, the spiritual energy of the sect will also begin to decline, causing the disciples to disperse and the environment to deteriorate. If the destiny is strengthened, then the spiritual energy of the sect will become richer, the disciples will be more cohesive, and the environment will also improve.” “Oh?” Jiang Xiaobai continued, “How would being protected by this destiny manifest for me?” “For instance, if you face someone wanting to kill you and they strike at you, they will be repelled by the sect’s destiny and their attack weakened.”

“And under the protection of destiny, your own attacks will become stronger!” “This is why the spirit seed is only used when the sect faces life and death situations,” the Qilin monster explained with a cold laugh, “For the old sage Ru Jian to give such a precious item to you, it is indeed rare!” A spirit seed is the root of a sect, and tampering with it can have a great impact on the sect. Therefore, such an item is not usually shown to others. Now that Jiang Xiaobai has one, it shows the importance and trust placed in him by the old sage Ru Jian. Listening to the explanation from the Qilin, Jiang Xiaobai also showed a shocked expression. Looking at the spirit seed in his hand, he felt an immense weight. It turned out that this item was so precious.

“Swallow it quickly!” The Qilin monster urged seriously, “The aura of this item cannot be concealed by a storage bag; if it’s perceived by others, believe me, you will not survive!” It was not exaggerating. Inside the sect, it was a treasure, and outside the sect, it was equally so. Therefore, it was best to swallow it as soon as possible. The longer it was delayed, the more disadvantage it brought to the one carrying it. Seeing how earnest the Qilin was, Jiang Xiaobai hesitated briefly before taking a deep breath and finally swallowing it. As he did, he felt all the pores in his body open up. A feeling of indescribable comfort spread all over his body, followed by a gentle breeze that circulated around him, a truly marvelous sensation.

At that moment, the Qilin monster’s eyes suddenly showed fierceness as it raised a paw and slammed it down towards Jiang Xiaobai. Hum! Jiang Xiaobai intuitively sensed something, and a strange force suddenly condensed around him, ready to act. Boom! In the next moment, the paw stopped in front of him. “Hey, not enough, not enough!” The Qilin monster muttered as it withdrew its paw, “Currently, I can’t bring myself to truly want to kill you, but… you must have felt some changes just now, right?” “Indeed, I did!” Jiang Xiaobai nodded as he recalled that mysterious power. That… was that the sect’s destiny?

Surprised, Jiang Xiaobai heard the Qilin’s voice again, “In any case, after swallowing this item, you will have an additional safeguard when facing life and death crises in the future!” “Of course, this is limited to within the sect. If you leave the sect’s domain, then the spirit seed will only have an effect in gathering spirits. You just remember this clearly!” “Yes!” Jiang Xiaobai responded and patted his storage bag, setting three items in front of him, side by side. They were a long box, a pill bottle, and finally, a book. “Are these also given to you by the old sage Ru Jian?” The Qilin monster asked, surprised. “Yes!” Jiang Xiaobai confirmed, picking up the long box first.

As he opened it, a strange fragrance was the first to greet him. In the moment he breathed it in, Jiang Xiaobai felt his breath extremely smooth. Gazing intently at the object inside the box, he saw it was a pure white plant, less than half a meter long with many small roots. “Immortal Root?” The Qilin monster’s eyes narrowed, “Well done, lad, did you catch something on that old sage Ru Jian?” Immortal Root was certainly a heavenly treasure. Was it also given to Jiang Xiaobai? Jiang Xiaobai chuckled, “No, it’s just that the elder hopes I will take part in the Dao Child battle!” What? The Qilin was puzzled and then scoffed, “You? In the Dao Child battle?” “Heh, it will just make me laugh my teeth off!”

Jiang Xiaobai was speechless and, while temporarily closing the Immortal Root box, took out the pill bottle. As the lid came off, a very familiar medicinal fragrance spread out. Huh!?

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