Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 98

Soul Slayer Chronicle

The night was like a sea, with nebulae flowing. On the mountain path of the sect, Jiang Xiaobai glided lightly as a swallow, treating the steep path as though it were flat ground, moving at an incredible speed. This drew astonished gazes from many disciples of the sect. It was only when he arrived at the breeding grounds for spiritual creatures that Jiang Xiaobai’s figure finally came to a halt.

As coughing sounds emerged, Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes sparkled with light: “Hehe, I didn’t expect this ‘Swift Step Talisman’ to be so miraculous. In less than half an hour, I was able to return!” After leaving the market, he had formed this talisman, never expecting that he would succeed on his first attempt. Even though he had used up half of the spiritual energy in his vortex, it was worth it—since he saved more than half the time it would usually take.

Admiring his own speed, Jiang Xiaobai headed towards his dwelling. Not far from the building, he saw Zhou Bin standing at the entrance. Curiosity flashed through him, and Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t help but approach, expressing his surprise: “Eh, Brother Zhou, what are you doing outside?”

“Senior Brother? Senior Brother, you’ve finally returned!” Zhou Bin quickly stepped forward as he spoke. However, after just a couple of steps, Zhou Bin’s legs softened, and he nearly fell. Fortunately, Jiang Xiaobai reacted quickly and steadied Zhou Bin’s body in time. Still, Zhou Bin’s legs trembled noticeably.

“Brother Zhou, are you alright?” Jiang Xiaobai’s expression grew tense. He wondered if something bad had happened to Zhou Bin. “I… I’m fine!” Zhou Bin said, glancing towards the residence, his face full of shock, and with a trembling voice he continued, “You may not believe it if I tell you— the Elder Ancestor has come, he’s waiting for you inside!” Zhou Bin’s words were choppy, as if he were still in a dream. It was hard to imagine that the Elder Ancestor would take the initiative to seek out Jiang Xiaobai.

Jiang Xiaobai quickly recalled the Elder Ancestor’s words from earlier in the day, planning to deliver the Spirit Seed at night. This must be the reason for his visit. “Come on, let’s go in and take a look!” Jiang Xiaobai urged.

“No, no, no!” Zhou Bin shook his head nervously, “The Elder Ancestor is looking for you, Senior Brother. I will wait outside!” Saying this, Zhou Bin, with trembling legs, moved aside to sit down by a tree and said, “Senior Brother, go quickly, don’t keep the Elder Ancestor waiting!” Seeing Zhou Bin like this, Jiang Xiaobai did not insist further and went into the building alone.

Pushing open the door and just entering, he saw the Confucian Sword Elder Ancestor standing by the bed. As the sound of the opening door reached him, the Elder Ancestor turned his head and a look of pleasure flashed across his face upon seeing Jiang Xiaobai. As Jiang Xiaobai closed the door, the Confucian Sword Elder Ancestor bowed and said, “Junior pays respects to the senior!”

Perhaps because the soul of Confucianism was not upon him, Jiang Xiaobai felt the Confucian aura, but it was not as overwhelming as when the soul was within him. “No need for formalities!” Jiang Xiaobai said and invited the Confucian Sword Elder Ancestor to sit down and talk.

However, the Elder Ancestor did not take a seat but remained standing: “Senior, I have come to fulfill the promise made during the day, to deliver the Spirit Seed to you!” As he spoke, the Elder Ancestor raised his hand, and an object the size of a grape, emitting a misty white light, floated in front of him. When this object appeared, it was clear to see that the spiritual energy in the whole room became much denser. The Spirit Seed seemed like a treasure that gathered spiritual energy, quite extraordinary.

Jiang Xiaobai looked surprised. Is this the Spirit Seed? Without any hesitation, the Confucian Sword Elder Ancestor waved lightly, and the Spirit Seed floated towards Jiang Xiaobai.

When Jiang Xiaobai took it in his hand, he could feel an astonishing concentration of spiritual energy around him. While he was still amazed, the voice of the Confucian Sword Elder Ancestor sounded, “Senior, this is the most mature Spirit Seed of our Yun Sword Sect. I hope it meets your expectations!” Their Yun Sword Sect was blessed with outstanding people and a spiritually rich land, but only three Spirit Seeds were born. And this one was the earliest of the three to come into being.

“Satisfied!” Jiang Xiaobai swallowed hard, recognizing it as a treasure indeed. Observing his approval, the Confucian Sword Elder Ancestor’s joy grew even deeper, “As long as you are pleased, Senior!” Having said this, the Elder Ancestor, feeling awkward to stay longer, took his leave, “Then, Junior won’t disturb you any further, Senior.”

Coming back to his senses, Jiang Xiaobai temporarily put the Spirit Seed into his storage bag, intending to bid farewell to the Confucian Sword Elder Ancestor, but as he stepped out, he found that the Elder Ancestor was already nowhere to be seen.

“Senior Brother!” Zhou Bin approached him, looking at Jiang Xiaobai, “What did the Elder Ancestor want with you?” Jiang Xiaobai saw Zhou Bin’s condition and worried about the shock it might cause if he revealed the truth. So, he concealed the details and said with a smile, “The Elder Ancestor heard about my poetry and came to see for himself!”

“Also…” Jiang Xiaobai paused, then continued with a smile, “He asked me to practice with him for some time tomorrow!” Although that was what he said, he was actually preparing to go to the Qilin Demon for a closed-door training session. After all, having received so many things from someone else’s Elder Ancestor, he naturally felt obligated to put great effort into his cultivation. His current goal was to break through to the fifth layer of Qi Refinement within half a year!

Upon hearing this, Zhou Bin smiled, “Of course, I knew it, I just knew it!” While Jiang Xiaobai had been away, Zhou Bin had considered many possibilities. Could it be because of the matter with Jian Xiao’s martial conflict? But that had happened so long ago that the Elder Ancestor would not be holding him accountable now. Naturally, if it was really to hold him accountable, a message would have been delivered in a different way, not with a personal appearance. But if the Elder Ancestor came because of Jiang Xiaobai’s poetry, then everything made sense.

“Senior Brother, congratulations!” Zhou Bin’s voice trembled with excitement and sincerity, “Now that the Elder Ancestor has taken notice of you, your future path is sure to be much smoother!” Jiang Xiaobai laughed, “Brother Zhou, if one day I should rise to great heights, I shall not forget you!”

Zhou Bin paused, and with laughter said, “Me? There’s no need, I’m well aware of my limitations, haha, I don’t want to hold you back!” “Alright, I’m off to cultivate!” Saying this, Zhou Bin walked towards his room. After a few steps, Zhou Bin stopped, not turning around, but his voice carried back, “Xiaobai, you’re just too kind-hearted!”

“Remember my words, don’t be too good to anyone.” His hands clenched again, tightened, then relaxed as he continued, “Because the one who may betray you could be the person closest to you!” Watching Zhou Bin’s retreating figure, Jiang Xiaobai felt a pang in his heart and blurted out, “Brother Zhou, did something happen when you last went home?”

He believed Zhou Bin’s words must relate to his recent return home. “It’s nothing.” Zhou Bin laughed upon hearing Jiang Xiaobai’s question, “Haha, I just couldn’t help but sigh a little!” After saying this, Zhou Bin sat cross-legged on the bed.

While Zhou Bin’s clenched hands finally relaxed, Jiang Xiaobai sighed and took a seat opposite to him, closing his eyes to begin his cultivation. The next day, Jiang Xiaobai awoke and did not hurry to open his eyes. Instead, he sat in meditation, absorbing the knowledge from the books he had read with the soul of Confucianism. An hour later, while still in the process of digesting, he heard Zhou Bin calling him. Opening his eyes, he saw Zhou Bin looking at him, “Senior Brother, why are you still here, go quickly to find the Elder Ancestor!”

“His Eminence must be waiting for you!”

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