Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 95

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“What’s going on?” Jiang Xiaobai looked at the threads that surrounded his hand like black ink with a surprised face. Upon closer inspection, he could also sense that his Confucian soul within was experiencing ripples and rhythm.

As he was puzzled, Shi Shujin, who had come back to his senses, immediately spoke respectfully, “Senior, this spirit seal constraint carries the power of the academy’s immortal ink!”

“This black line is the very essence of that immortal ink!” Shi Shujin explained, “This ink is sentient and wise, and now, it is paying you respect as part of a ritual greeting!”

Indeed, what shocked him and Han Shufeng was exactly this. The immortal ink of ancient times was sentient and wise.

Disciples of the academy who would enter rashly would trigger the seal which would repel them.

Those not of the academy who acted recklessly would find the immortal ink turning into demons.

Although the prohibitions here didn’t use much of the immortal ink, the power it transformed into was formidable, and even a Nascent Soul sage like the Confucian Sword Ancestor might not be able to face it.

The immortal ink’s ritual greeting only happened in the presence of those in the academy who had realized the Dao.

Of course, the appearance of this situation also confirmed something in Shi Shujin’s heart.

Jiang Xiaobai was very likely a powerful being who had once again taken up the Confucian path.

Yes, he had many doubts before.

He didn’t understand why Jiang Xiaobai could awaken his junior brother.

He didn’t understand why Jiang Xiaobai was treated with such regard by the Confucian Sword Ancestor.

But when Jiang Xiaobai had vindicated the Confucian Sword Ancestor, he had vaguely guessed something.

And now, he was certain of his thoughts, but this came with extreme regret.

If he had seen through these things the first time he met Jiang Xiaobai, how good would that have been.

Perhaps, he could have formed a good connection then.

Indeed, looking back now, Jiang Xiaobai’s request for him to paint spirit talismans might have been a test.

Unfortunately, he didn’t understand it and failed to seize the opportunity!

However, Jiang Xiaobai was unaware of Shi Shujin’s thoughts and his gaze remained curious.

This world was vast and full of wonders.

Especially in this world of cultivation, it was filled with strangeness, something he could never have imagined if he hadn’t come into contact with the immortal ink before.

Amidst his astonishment, the immortal ink began to retract, and the spirit seal constraint opened up automatically.

“Senior, please come in!” Shi Shujin’s voice sounded as he invited Jiang Xiaobai inside.

The moment Jiang Xiaobai stepped in, he was enveloped by the scent of books, and his Confucian soul naturally started to ripple.

Looking around, Jiang Xiaobai saw that the second layer covered the entire building area.

The number of bookshelves, though not as many as in the Spirit Medicine Realm, was still plentiful.

“Senior, the books on the right are all about spirit talismans, they are all copies here, but they range from beginner to advanced!” Shi Shujin said with a smile on his face.

Not many pavilion masters sent down from the academy could achieve what he had done.

Of course, he admitted that some of it was due to the face of the Confucian Sword Ancestor.

Jiang Xiaobai’s gaze focused, and his heart throbbed with excitement as he stepped forward eagerly.

Shi Shujin watched Jiang Xiaobai’s departing figure, then turned to Han Shufeng, “Let’s go down. We shouldn’t disturb the senior!”

With that, Shi Shujin led the way downstairs.

When the two arrived on the first floor, Shi Shujin’s eyes flickered, then he turned to Han Shufeng, “Junior brother, you wait here for the senior. In case anything happens, you can reach him in time!”

“I have to step out for a moment!”

“Senior brother, where are you going?” Han Shufeng showed a puzzled look.

“Oh, I am going to find the Confucian Sword Ancestor!”

“Didn’t the ancestor just leave earlier?” Han Shufeng was confused, not understanding why Shi Shujin would seek out the ancestor at this time.

“Junior brother, don’t you understand yet?” Shi Shujin gave Han Shufeng a deep look, lowering his voice, “This senior is a powerful being who has taken up the Confucian path again!”

“And the Confucian Sword Ancestor has long seen through this, yet has been vague with me, so… I need to demand an answer from him!”

“What does this have to do with the ancestor?” Han Shufeng looked at Shi Shujin, “And what’s the point of demanding an answer?”

“Hehe…” Shi Shujin laughed after hearing this, “Junior brother, you don’t understand, there are naturally benefits to this!”

“And the time is now, the sooner the better!”

With those words, Shi Shujin walked out without saying more.

Han Shufeng watched Shi Shujin’s departing figure but said nothing, looking towards the second floor with renewed respect.

The identity of Jiang Xiaobai didn’t matter to him.

He only knew that Jiang Xiaobai was his benefactor and now his young master.

So even if Shi Shujin said nothing, he would remain guarding here.

Even if the sky were to fall, he would absolutely not let it disturb Jiang Xiaobai!

In the Sword Hall, the elders looked at the returning Confucian Sword Ancestor, each with a curious expression on their face.

Indeed, ever since the Confucian Sword Ancestor returned, sitting there, he would occasionally laugh out loud.

It was somewhat baffling to everyone.

This also made the reporting elder unsure how to proceed.

“Continue with your report!” the Confucian Sword Ancestor, noticing the strange atmosphere, forcefully suppressed his joy, and turned to the elder reporting, “Don’t worry, I am listening!”

He added, “Also, try to report a bit faster, don’t stop and start; I will ask if I have questions!”

After hearing this, the reporting elder was clearly stunned.

Before the Confucian Sword Ancestor left, he would ask in detail about each disciple that came out of seclusion, even chiding him for reporting too quickly.

How could the Ancestor change so much after just one outing?

Although puzzled, the elder sped up his report.

When the report was finished, and waiting for further questions, the elder saw the Confucian Sword Ancestor speak, “Hmm, I’ve generally understood what you said!”

He then looked up at the other elders and asked, “Is there anything else you would like to say?”

The elders, hearing the Ancestor’s words, looked at each other, but nobody spoke.

“Good, since there’s nothing else, you may leave now!”

As the Confucian Sword Ancestor was about to stand and leave, a voice from outside, filled with anxiety, rang out, “Pavilion Master Shi, no, the Ancestor is busy inside!”

Just as these words fell, Shi Shujin had already walked in.

When Shi Shujin saw that all the elders’ eyes were on him, he still gave respect to the Confucian Sword Ancestor, “Junior pays his respects to the Confucian Sword Ancestor!”

The Confucian Sword Ancestor, seeing Shi Shujin, felt a lump in his heart.

Could it be that the powerful senior had entrusted Shi Shujin with something?

Thinking this, the Confucian Sword Ancestor gestured for the elders to leave.

When only the two of them remained, before the Ancestor could speak, Shi Shujin couldn’t help but blurt out, “Ancestor, you almost brought disaster upon me!”

“Oh? What do you mean?” the Confucian Sword Ancestor asked, looking puzzled.

“It’s about the senior’s identity; you surely must have seen through it already!”

Shi Shujin looked at the Confucian Sword Ancestor, slightly angry.

The Confucian Sword Ancestor heard this and his eyes flashed, “Do you know something?”

“Yes!” Shi Shujin answered indignantly, “If it weren’t for the immortal ink’s ritual greeting, I might still be deceived by you!”

“What?” The Confucian Sword Ancestor stood up, surprised, looking at Shi Shujin, “The senior, was greeted by the immortal ink?”

“Is there something wrong?” Shi Shujin looked at the Ancestor’s sudden state, somewhat puzzled.

“Indeed, this is improper!” The Confucian Sword Ancestor’s gaze flickered as he frowned deeply, “The immortal ink’s ritual greeting only occurs to those who have realized the Confucian path!”

“What?” Shi Shujin quickly grasped the Confucian Sword Ancestor’s implication, surprised, “Do you mean the senior isn’t just a pure Confucian rebirth?”

The immortal ink’s ritual greeting indicated that the person being greeted must be a pure Confucian practitioner.

For instance, even though the Confucian Sword Ancestor entered Dao through Confucianism and also cultivated the Sword Path, he wouldn’t be greeted by the immortal ink.

Even if the Confucian Sword Ancestor had an extraordinary comprehension of Confucianism, it would be impossible to receive the immortal ink’s greeting.

“Yes!” The Confucian Sword Ancestor looked at Shi Shujin, “Indeed, the senior’s Confucian path seems tremendously powerful, but besides that, his understanding of both the Pill and Sword Dao is also extraordinary!”

“Logically, he shouldn’t have been greeted by the immortal ink!”

“Then… what could be the reason?” Shi Shujin also showed a glimpse of fascination.

The Confucian Sword Ancestor lowered his head in thought, and not knowing what he thought of, droplets of sweat started to appear on his forehead. As he lifted his head to look at Shi Shujin again, his expression was grave.

“It seems that I have still underestimated this senior…”

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