Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 94

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“Yes, I realize this request may seem rather abrupt!”

Rujian Ancestor looked sincerely at Jiang Xiaobai, who was visibly astonished, and said, “But if you agree, I am willing to offer you one of our Yunjian Sect’s spiritual seeds!”

“Spiritual seeds?”

Before Jiang Xiaobai could even speak, Shujin Jin and Han Shufeng exclaimed in surprise first.

Their expressions were full of emotion.

What are spiritual seeds?

Spiritual seeds are born from capturing the quintessence of heaven and earth and gathering the spirit of humanity.

They represent the foundation of a sect.

Even though Yunjian Sect has an excellent environment, in the past few centuries, the number of spiritual seeds has definitely not exceeded three.

The most significant effect of these spiritual seeds is to allow the person who consumes them to be protected by the sect’s inner aura.

The stronger the sect, the stronger this protection will be.

Of course, if the person who carries a spiritual seed harbors thoughts of defection, it could have a significant impact on the entire sect.


It must be said, the grand gesture of the Rujian Ancestor is expansive indeed!

However, if he could win over Jiang Xiaobai, this trade would be extremely worthwhile!!

Jiang Xiaobai glanced at the two, somewhat confused.

Is this spiritual seed really that good?

He wondered why he had never read about it in the books of the Spirit and Elixir Realm.

Could it be that this item is not an ingredient for medication?

As he pondered, the Rujian Ancestor, seeing Jiang Xiaobai’s silence, thought he had offered too little and showed a hint of embarrassment.


For someone of great power and profound cultivation, such a spiritual seed might seem trivial.

But… for him, this was the most valuable item he could offer.

After some hesitation, the Rujian Ancestor continued, pushing through his reluctance: “The reward for the Daozi competition may seem trivial to you, but to express my sincerity, I am willing to hand it over to you right now!”

Saying this, the Rujian Ancestor raised his hand and took out a brocade box, a pill bottle, and an ancient book.

Having placed them on the table in front of Jiang Xiaobai, he stepped back and said, “After I return to my sect, I will present the spiritual seed to you!”

His sincerity was evident, and now it was down to whether Jiang Xiaobai would agree or refuse.


Looking at the three items on the table, Jiang Xiaobai’s throat unconsciously twitched, and his heartbeat seemed to reach his throat.

But he did not let impulsiveness lead him to an immediate agreement.

He strove to remain composed.

After a long moment, Jiang Xiaobai finally spoke to the Rujian Ancestor: “I recognize your sincerity!”

Saying so, Jiang Xiaobai glanced at the three items on the table but ultimately declined: “However… my strength may not meet your requirements!”

He spoke his mind.

The idea of getting something for nothing was something he truly could not do.

Even though the items before him were extremely tempting.

By saying so, Jiang Xiaobai inadvertently gave the Rujian Ancestor a sigh of relief.

The Ancestor actually understood this very well.

According to his knowledge, powerfully cultivated individuals, for a considerable length of time, are akin to ordinary cultivators.

Especially in Jiang Xiaobai’s case, who must have sustained severe injuries during his cultivation recovery.

But as a leader in cultivation, it’s not only about prowess but also about having sufficient experience.

And in this regard, Jiang Xiaobai was indeed uniquely gifted, incomparable to others.

At this, the Rujian Ancestor spoke up: “Senior, please do what you can. If in the end it cannot be achieved, this junior will hold no grievances whatsoever!”

In the end, he had left himself an out.

And this out was also courtesy of Jiang Xiaobai.

Thus, even if the competition for the position of the after-realm leader didn’t live up to expectations, he would not bear any ill will towards Jiang Xiaobai.

Jiang Xiaobai was somewhat surprised by the Rujian Ancestor’s words.

He had already stated his unsuitability, but the Ancestor still acknowledged him.

Seeing Jiang Xiaobai’s silence, the Ancestor glanced at Shujin Jin next to him and quickly communicated with eye signals.

It was obvious he wanted Shujin Jin to help persuade him.

Shujin Jin got the message and hesitated before standing up and addressing Jiang Xiaobai: “Senior, given the sincerity shown by the Rujian Ancestor, please agree!”

Now he no longer dared to address Jiang Xiaobai as a young master, but instead respectfully as a senior.

Jiang Xiaobai looked at Shujin Jin, glanced at the three items of reward on the table, and eventually nodded: “Well… alright then!”

Indeed, the Rujian Ancestor acknowledged him.

Now with Shujin Jin speaking for him, if he kept refusing, it would seem somewhat ungracious!!

Seeing Jiang Xiaobai nod, the Rujian Ancestor was overjoyed: “Rujian is deeply grateful to the senior!”

Excited, the Rujian Ancestor continued: “This junior will not stay any longer. By tonight at the latest, I will present the spiritual seed to you!”

“Uh, sure!”

Jiang Xiaobai replied with one word.

After seeing Jiang Xiaobai’s nod, the Rujian Ancestor turned and swiftly departed.

Even as he walked away, his joyous laughter could still be faintly heard.

Shujin Jin was not surprised by this.

Having his status confirmed and now having successfully recruited Jiang Xiaobai, he would probably be feeling even more smug if he were the Rujian Ancestor.

As for Jiang Xiaobai, he looked at the three rewards on the table, suppressing the impulse to open them right away, temporarily putting them away.

“Shujin Jin!”

Jiang Xiaobai’s gaze turned to Shujin Jin.

“Senior, please speak!”

Shujin Jin faced Jiang Xiaobai respectfully.

“I would like to see the books you have here on spiritual talismans.”

Jiang Xiaobai looked at Shujin Jin and asked, “Would that be possible?”

Shujin Jin had been addressing him as senior, and it was not appropriate for him to become a disciple, so he might as well learn on his own.

“Of course, that’s possible!”

Upon hearing this, Shujin Jin’s face showed pleasure.

Yes, being able to offer a favor to someone was also a fortune for him.

He believed that it would surely lead to good karma in the future.

“Senior, please follow me!”

As he spoke, Shujin Jin eagerly invited Jiang Xiaobai to walk towards the cabinet side room.

Han Shufeng followed behind the two, his indifferent face flashing a hint of peculiarity.

On regular days, his brother always taught him to be calm in the face of issues.

Little did he expect that at this moment, he would also become impatient.

Having reached the side room, Jiang Xiaobai found it to be a place for rest.

Not far away, there was a staircase leading upstairs.

As he took in the surroundings, he followed Shujin Jin up the staircase.

However, just when they reached the second floor, Jiang Xiaobai stopped.

In front of a massive spiritual seal, he looked puzzled and instinctively reached out to touch it.

“Senior, you shouldn’t…”

Shujin Jin was just about to say something when he saw Jiang Xiaobai’s action and his expression changed.

Then almost immediately, his expression turned to one of shock.

Even Han Shufeng, who was following behind, wore a look of disbelief…

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