Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 93

Soul Slayer Chronicle

What’s the situation?

Facing the astonishing change of the old ancestor, Jiang Xiaobai, who had regained his senses, was full of confusion.

He had merely cited classical references, so why did the Confucian Sword Ancestor suddenly have such a big reaction?

While he was surprised, Shu Jinyin and Han Shufeng exchanged a glance, seemingly having thought of something.

For a moment, both their faces were filled with shock and envy.

After a while, the aura of the Confucian Sword Ancestor began to converge.

At this time, the temperament of the Confucian Sword Ancestor had changed.

Compared to before, his presence was more restrained.

The temperament he exuded also felt more comfortable to those around him.

Just as Jiang Xiaobai was puzzled, he saw the Confucian Sword Ancestor come back to his senses, bow deeply to him with excitement and a trembling voice: “Thank you, senior, for rectifying my name!”

Rectifying the name?

Jiang Xiaobai flashed a look of confusion: “What do you mean by rectifying the name?”

He truly didn’t understand.

The Confucian Sword Ancestor’s face showed surprise, but he still humbly explained: “The way of Confucian cultivation requires rectifying names!”

“And this rectification must be ‘bestowed by the words of Heaven,’ which is also called ‘heavenly granted master’s words.’”

“This ‘word’ is profound upon profound and cannot simply be uttered by those who teach; generally…”

At this point, the Confucian Sword Ancestor paused, glanced at Jiang Xiaobai’s expression, and seeing no particular reaction, he continued: “Generally, only those who truly comprehend the Dao and succeed are highly likely.”

Jiang Xiaobai inadvertently spoke the words of truth, and unless he was someone who had re-cultivated the great Dao, he wouldn’t believe it.


Jiang Xiaobai was a bit stunned.

He had only made a casual remark.

And that constituted rectifying the name?

For this, he felt quite strange.

He hadn’t comprehended any Dao.

So, there could only be one explanation, which had to do with the soul of the Confucian cultivator he had just slain.

But that act of slaying the soul was indeed marvelous.

The soul of a demon cultivator greatly accelerates the path of beast taming in unimaginable ways.

The soul of an alchemist was even more obvious, with refining pills and finding herbs being particularly outstanding.

This soul of the Confucian cultivator, as it now appeared, also had certain characteristics.

For example, being recognized by a person of the Confucian path would lead to being imbued with Confucian energy!

And being worshipped by someone of the old ancestor’s caliber would have an even more astonishing effect.

There was also this feature of ‘rectifying names,’ which was equally extraordinary.

Amazed, Jiang Xiaobai turned to the Confucian Sword Ancestor and continued asking: “Then, what’s the benefit of having my name rectified?”

The Confucian Sword Ancestor dared not hesitate and replied: “Those who are granted the rectified name will be more in harmony with the heavenly Dao of Confucian cultivation!”

“Simply put, it means that my will can more easily move the will of Heaven and Earth!”

“So that’s how it is!”

As Jiang Xiaobai suddenly understood, his heart beat faster and his eyes showed joy.

Seeing that the three were still standing there, Jiang Xiaobai remembered something and said: “Let’s sit down and talk!”


Hearing Jiang Xiaobai say this, the three of them bowed towards Jiang Xiaobai and then sat down beside him.

At this moment, the Confucian Sword Ancestor still seemed somewhat excited.

This trip was really worth it for him.

Otherwise, if he wanted to rectify his name again, he would have to make a trip back to the academy.

That would be too much of a hassle!

While Jiang Xiaobai watched the three sit down, his gaze returned to the Confucian Sword Ancestor: “Old… When you came to see me, was there something else?”

Since there was a visit, there must be a reason.

He was worried the Confucian Sword Ancestor might be too embarrassed to speak, so he took the initiative to inquire.

“This junior has come to thank you for your help in the Sword Xiao realm!”

The Confucian Sword Ancestor looked at Jiang Xiaobai: “Without it, I’m afraid I would have been unable to break through the sixth layer!”

A broken sword would mean the end of his hopes as well.

If Jiang Xiaobai’s black sword had not appeared in time, not only would he himself feel discomfort, but the expectations of the entire sect’s disciples would also be dashed.

Shu Jinyin listened from the side, his expression changing slightly, thinking of the black sword that inexplicably emerged from the spirit of the sword stele at that time.

At the time, he didn’t understand.

Could it be that it was Jiang Xiaobai’s doing?

With this thought, Shu Jinyin was greatly shocked inside.

He somewhat understood why the Confucian Sword Ancestor held Jiang Xiaobai in such high regard!

While he was filled with astonishment, Jiang Xiaobai was equally surprised.

But what surprised him was how the Confucian Sword Ancestor knew it was his doing?

However, he quickly reassured himself.

After all, as an elder of the Yunjian Sect, it really wouldn’t be difficult for him to investigate his identity.

Thinking this, Jiang Xiaobai spoke: “Actually, that day I was able to help you also involved some coincidence!”

Indeed, he had not expected that his intentions at the time would pull out the black sword left in the space of the sword stele.

Even now, when he looks back, he finds it mysterious.

The Confucian Sword Ancestor took Jiang Xiaobai’s mention of coincidence to mean that the black sword just happened to be left in the space of the sword stele.

To this, he couldn’t help saying: “This may indeed be a coincidence, but… without the senior’s intention, no amount of coincidence could make this happen!”

Jiang Xiaobai smiled noncommittally.

Seeing the Confucian Sword Ancestor looking like he wanted to say more but hesitating, Jiang Xiaobai continued to ask, “If there’s anything else, it’s best to say it all now!”

If the Confucian Sword Ancestor kept dragging on, he would feel uncomfortable, and so would Jiang Xiaobai.

“This junior, besides coming here to express my thanks, actually… also has a somewhat audacious request!”

The Confucian Sword Ancestor spoke with a trembling voice, but eventually he plucked up the courage to speak out.

“What is it specifically?”

Jiang Xiaobai looked puzzled.

Indeed, he couldn’t think of what he could possibly help the Confucian Sword Ancestor with.

“I would like to ask you to participate in the battle for the title of Daozi!”

As the Confucian Sword Ancestor spoke, he bowed deeply to Jiang Xiaobai, with a sincere expression: “Then win the title of Daozi and lead our Yunjian Sect into the lands beyond…”


Jiang Xiaobai was a bit skeptical, wondering if he had heard wrong.

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