Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 92

Soul Slayer Chronicle

Outside the Spirit Talisman Pavilion.

The aged Confucian Sword Ancestor stood outside the entrance, meticulously adjusting his robes and appearance.

During this time, one could see his complexion, clearly tensed.

After many years without feeling nervous, he was now unexpectedly a little panicked.

Standing there, he tried to adjust his breathing.

Indeed, he wanted to meet this eminent re-cultivator in his best state.

Feeling somewhat prepared, Confucian Sword Ancestor finally took the step forward.

Upon entering, the servants inside noticed the Confucian Sword Ancestor, their faces all showing shock.

The Confucian Sword Ancestor has actually come!

Amidst those astonished gazes, Confucian Sword Ancestor walked straight toward the inner cabinet.

The path to the inner cabinet was long, but at this moment, it felt very short to him.

He hadn’t walked two steps before arriving.

And at this moment within the inner cabinet, Jiang Xiaobai sat in the chief seat, sipping tea and curiously wondering who was there to meet him.

But upon seeing Confucian Sword Ancestor walk in, he almost spat out his tea.


As Jiang Xiaobai swallowed the tea, his eyes widened like copper bells.

Was he seeing things wrongly?

Why had their Yun Sword Sect’s ancient ancestor come?

Could it be… the person Shi Shujin mentioned who was coming to see him was the Confucian Sword Ancestor?

While he was stunned, he saw both Shi Shujin and Han Shufeng standing up.

“Young Shi Shujin, pays respects to Confucian Sword Ancestor!”

“Young Han Shufeng, pays respects to Confucian Sword Ancestor!”

Confucian Sword Ancestor first waved his hand at the two of them and then turned his gaze to Jiang Xiaobai.

Seeing Jiang Xiaobai ‘steadily’ sitting there, he couldn’t help feeling nervous, took a deep breath, and said directly: “Confucian Sword, greets the senior!”

After speaking, he bent down to bow towards Jiang Xiaobai.


Because of Confucian Sword Ancestor’s bow, Jiang Xiaobai hadn’t yet recovered from his shock when he felt an astonishing surge of Confucian energy, pouring down from above.

Amidst the rushing Confucian energy, Jiang Xiaobai only felt his own Confucian cultivation soul completely agitated, swallowing up that Confucian energy while his brain went blank.

While Confucian Sword Ancestor saw that Jiang Xiaobai sat there without speaking, a slight cold sweat tinged his forehead.

After hesitating, Confucian Sword Ancestor spoke again: “Confucian Sword, greets the senior!”

After finishing speaking, he bowed down to Jiang Xiaobai once more.


With another mass of Confucian energy pouring down, it brought the barely recovered Jiang Xiaobai to a blank state again.

Seeing Confucian Sword Ancestor about to bow once more, Jiang Xiaobai hurriedly spoke: “Enough… enough, no more bowing, please no more bowing!”

Good fellow, if he allowed Confucian Sword Ancestor to continue bowing, he felt that he would become the first person in history to be bowed to death!

When he had accepted Han Shufeng, that surge of Confucian energy felt strong.

But he had not expected that this Confucian Sword Ancestor would be even more formidable.

Just with a slight bow towards him, the Confucian energy was so turbulent and hard to bear.

And in shock, Jiang Xiaobai also felt a bit puzzled.

He didn’t understand why the Confucian Sword Ancestor was bowing to him?

If it had been before, he would certainly be flustered.

But after accepting Han Shufeng, his temperament had broadened, and soon he calmed down.

Yes, since Confucian Sword Ancestor was bowing to him, it indicated recognition, much like Han Shufeng.

After a moment of contemplation, looking at the awkwardly standing Confucian Sword Ancestor, Jiang Xiaobai calmly spoke: “May I ask, why do you address me as your senior?”

Here it comes!

As expected!

Confucian Sword Ancestor’s heart skipped a beat.

He had actually anticipated that Jiang Xiaobai would ask this question.

After all, he is the sole person who had discerned Jiang Xiaobai’s identity.

The inquiry at this moment, should probably be considered his kind of ‘test,’ right?

Regarding this point, he had also thought of an explanation and respectfully said: “I happened to have been enlightened by your poem; since thus, addressing you as a senior is not an overstatement!”

Among Confucian cultivators, what is most valued is to respect the wise and the learned.

Great talents are recognized regardless of age or generation.

So, his explanation could be said to perfectly suit the situation.

After speaking, Confucian Sword Ancestor took the initiative to speak again: “Eternal landscapes captured within paintings, a celestial paradise right before our eyes.”

“Mountains and rivers bear emotions, the universe is boundless, all beings coexist, life is but a dream.”

“I wish to be an idle man amidst the green hills, merrily watching immortals dance gracefully.”

“This poem has helped my stagnant literary energy to advance once more!”

At this moment, this statement could also be considered the perfect explanation for Jiang Xiaobai.

While Shi Shujin and Han Shufeng were shocked by the Confucian Sword Ancestor’s bow, they were suddenly hit by his poetry, repeating in sheer amazement.

“Good poetry, truly good poetry!”

Shi Shujin murmured involuntarily, his expression full of awe.

And because of this poem, his literary energy also soared suddenly.

Of course, it wasn’t just him; Han Shufeng felt the same.

The reason being that the poem was overwhelmingly magnificent, even giving a sense of boundless grandeur upon careful reflection.

Merely listening to it felt like receiving profound insights.

If the author of this poem could pen it down for them to carefully savor, their literary energy might advance again.

But what kind of person could write such a piece?

Very quickly, the two of them had an answer in their minds, their gazes simultaneously locking on Jiang Xiaobai.

Without much else to say, both of them bowed deeply to Jiang Xiaobai.

And Jiang Xiaobai looked surprised.

He originally thought that Confucian Sword Ancestor had seen the poem he wrote for Han Shufeng.

Unexpectedly, it was this one?

But this poem… he had only ever spoken to Zhou Bin.

No one else had ever heard it.

Could it be Zhou Bin who told him?


Zhou Bin had no chance to come into contact with Confucian Sword Ancestor.

As his brows slightly frowned, and while he was slightly perplexed, the three people kneeling there felt an increased pressure.

Especially the Confucian Sword Ancestor, his heart was somewhat trembling.

Was this great power angry?

But it shouldn’t be.

The spread of poetry should make Jiang Xiaobai happy.

“How exactly did you come to know of this poem?”

At this time, Jiang Xiaobai asked curiously.

Upon hearing this, Confucian Sword Ancestor immediately let out a sigh of relief; so the crux was here.

He explained at once: “A disciple of mine heard it by chance, she did not mean to, so… please forgive this presumption, senior!”

Jiang Xiaobai was stunned, suddenly recalling that day when indeed he had sensed a fleeting presence.

At the time, he even thought his eyes were deceiving him.

Now it seems that was not the case.

Providentially, looking at the still bowing Confucian Sword Ancestor, Jiang Xiaobai said: “Indeed, it’s no concern, besides… Elder Ancestor, there is no need to be so courteous, please sit down first!”

The Confucian Sword Ancestor standing while he was sitting made him feel a bit awkward.

But Confucian Sword Ancestor didn’t rush to sit down, instead took a deep breath and humbly stated: “Senior, please don’t demean yourself on my account!”

“This time I have come to see you, not as an elder ancestor of a sect, but in the name of a Confucian cultivator!”

“So, I hope, senior, you will not address me as elder ancestor!”

While Confucian Sword Ancestor was speaking, Shi Shujin on the side showed a look of extraordinary interest.

It had to be said, Confucian Sword Ancestor saw far indeed.

Perhaps he had anticipated this point long ago?

Thus, at that time, he had brought up the matter of visiting ‘in the name of a Confucian cultivator’.

“Hmm, indeed!”

Jiang Xiaobai spoke, his eyes revealing his surprise.

Indeed, people of Confucian cultivation are all about propriety.

Of course, the ‘propriety’ he was thinking about wasn’t in a derogatory sense.

He genuinely admired it.

The Confucian Sword Ancestor was able to shed the identity and status of an elder ancestor, coming and bowing only in the name of a Confucian cultivator.

What scope of mind must a person possess to do this?

For a moment, his own Confucian cultivation soul resonated slightly, with an uncontrollable urge to praise: “A gentleman is noble and capable of accommodating the idle, knowledgeable and capable of accommodating the foolish, broad-minded and capable of accommodating the shallow, pure and capable of accommodating the mixed.”


Speaking, Jiang Xiaobai prepared to continue saying something, but before he could speak, a loud sound preempted him.

Suddenly, Confucian Sword Ancestor’s white hair billowed, and his whole body was surrounded by rolling energy waves.

Like the tides of the ocean, with one wave subsiding, another rose.

That gentle breeze, within a short period, filled the entire inner cabinet region…

Bathing within it, one felt refreshed and invigorated.

Jiang Xiaobai was momentarily lost in thought…


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