Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 91

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“Follow me?”

Jiang Xiaobai looked at Han Shufeng, who was kneeling before him, with shock on his face.

Considering that Han Shufeng had just suppressed Lu He, his cultivation was certainly not mediocre.

Yet now, he wanted to follow him?

This gave him an unreal feeling.

As he was lost in thought, Han Shufeng lowered his head and said, “If you do not accept, Shufeng will kneel here indefinitely!”

With that, Han Shufeng once again heavily kowtowed to the ground.

Jiang Xiaobai came back to his senses and said with a trace of difficulty, “But… I fear I can’t teach you anything!”

He had only just stepped onto the path of Confucian cultivation, and he himself had come to seek a master.

The irony was that he hadn’t even taken a master yet, and now someone wanted to become his disciple?


Amidst his rueful smile, Han Shufeng’s earnest voice rang out: “Shufeng does not seek a teacher, nor a title, only to serve and repay the kindness!”

This was his sincere thought.

If not for Jiang Xiaobai’s guidance, he might still be mired in self-doubt.

Perhaps this torment could have lasted ten years, or even a century.

In the end, to wither away in agony and suffering.

It was Jiang Xiaobai who had set him free.

Of course, it was also Jiang Xiaobai who made him understand the importance of self-acknowledgment.

Others laugh at my craziness, I laugh at their inability to see through.

Now recalling those poetic words, even he couldn’t help feeling a tearful bout.

So, this time he only sought to repay the kindness.

“Young master, considering my junior brother’s sincerity, please accept him!” Shi Shujin also spoke up: “Rest assured, my junior brother is reserved in nature and will certainly not cause you any trouble!”

As he spoke, Shi Shujin also bowed next to him, his voice carrying a sincere tone.

Seeing the two of them like this, Jiang Xiaobai hesitated for a bit, then his gaze fell back on Han Shufeng, “Well… alright then!”

Since Han Shufeng put it that way, for him to say anything else would seem too pretentious.

Besides, having such an adept as a follower naturally delighted him.

Even if he still felt it was a bit strange.

As soon as he finished speaking, Shi Shujin’s face lit up with joy, turning to Han Shufeng, “Junior brother, the young master has agreed, shouldn’t you rise and pay your respects?”

“Shufeng, pays respects to the young master!”

As Han Shufeng stood up, his eyes reddened as he bent deeply to Jiang Xiaobai.

And Jiang Xiaobai, seeing Han Shufeng like this, was just about to say something when his mind went blank for a moment.

Right, the Confucian soul within him was feeling an indescribable turbulence and swell at this moment.

Suddenly, it felt as if an immensely strong Confucian essence was pouring down from the top of his head.

This feeling made all his pores open, and even his breathing became different.

Quite marvelous.

Returning to his senses, his eyes became exceptionally clear.

Looking at Han Shufeng who was still deeply bowed before him, he seemed to have realized something in that instant.

He previously resolved Han Shufeng’s doubts, but wasn’t he himself also caught up in it?

That’s right.

He believed that he had nothing to teach.

He believed that he was not worthy.

But all this, after all, was just what he believed.

When he himself was limited by his beliefs, then his vision became narrow as well.

Was he not worthy?

No, since Han Shufeng acknowledged him, that meant he had the qualifications!

There’s a proverb that says the pine decays over a thousand years, yet the hibiscus feels proud even if for just a day!

If so, why should he sell himself short?

Thinking this, he looked at Han Shufeng and said, “You wish to repay kindness, but I do not seek it, so if you wish to leave someday, just say the word, and I… will not hold you back!”

Some things had to be said clearly.

Otherwise, if Han Shufeng regretted it later, it would only lead to an awkward situation.

“Yes, young master!” Han Shufeng, upon hearing Jiang Xiaobai’s words, nodded with an excited expression.

Shi Shujin at the side, smiling, thought:

It’s done!

Finally done!

Just as he felt happy for his junior brother, Shi Shujin suddenly thought of something.

That’s right, last time he saw the Confucian Sword Ancestor, the ancestor had said if Jiang Xiaobai comes again, he must be informed.

The Confucian Sword Ancestor would come personally to visit.

Shi Shujin took a step back, his hand moving through the air, and a character seal dissipated into the heavens and earth.

After doing all this, Shi Shujin’s gaze returned to Jiang Xiaobai, “Young master, would you please take a seat this time?”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiaobai smiled and graciously sat in the seat of honor.

As Shi Shujin looked pleased, he turned to Han Shufeng, “Junior brother, go pour some tea for your master!”

“Right, and add an extra cup, for we will soon have an important guest!”

Han Shufeng nodded and turned to leave.

“Oh? You have other guests coming?” Jiang Xiaobai’s expression flickered with curiosity.

Upon seeing this, Shi Shujin explained, “This guest is also a fellow Confucian cultivator, coming specifically to meet you, young master, so please wait a moment.”

The Confucian Sword Ancestor had said he would come as a Confucian to meet him, which Shi Shujin also hinted at.

Seeing the confusion still on Jiang Xiaobai’s face, Shi Shujin smiled, “I believe it won’t be long!”

“Ah?” Jiang Xiaobai’s expression showed surprise and bewilderment.

To meet him?

Seeing Shi Shujin’s mysterious manner, Jiang Xiaobai roughly guessed that the person’s identity must not be simple.

But he couldn’t think who it might be!

Sword Hall.

The Confucian Sword Ancestor was attentively listening to the report of the elders below.

About the recently emerged disciples and their levels.

However, halfway through, a character seal suddenly rippled in front of the Confucian Sword Ancestor.

Seeing the character seal, the Confucian Sword Ancestor was first stunned, then he stood up: “Dismiss for now, I have to go out for something!”

With that, without further explanation, he stepped into the void and his figure vanished like a streak of light in front of the elder’s eyes from the Sword Hall.


The sudden departure of the Confucian Sword Ancestor left the reporting elder frozen in place.

What happened?

Why did the ancestor leave in such a hurry?

And… where was he going?

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