Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 89

Soul Slayer Chronicle

Outside the Spiritual Talisman Hall.

At this moment, the force of rage is fierce beyond measure.




Li Yuan stares at Jiang Xiaobai with eyes full of murderous intent, his methods relentless.

Under the force of that one finger, a fiery wind whirls backward, surging over and enveloping Jiang Xiaobai.


Jiang Xiaobai manages to hold on, but he is still repelled by that astonishing force, sent flying backward.

Despite blood at the corners of his mouth, he looks at Li Yuan with eyes still showing no hint of cowardice.

Yun Lingque, witnessing Jiang Xiaobai’s disheveled state, wants to rush over, but is forcibly controlled by the soul of a demon cultivator held by Jiang Xiaobai.

Indeed, Yun Lingque charging in would be pointless and would only result in injury.

“Who is this young man that has provoked the son of the Li family to such anger?”

“Yes indeed, but it seems this person is at the end of his strength. He won’t last much longer!”

“Heh, who offends Li Yuan? That man is a madman. When he goes crazy, he doesn’t care who you are!”

At this moment, the onlookers are discussing animatedly, looking at Jiang Xiaobai with a mix of ridicule and mockery.

Just as more and more people gather to watch around the Spiritual Talisman Hall, Shi Shujin, Han Shufeng, and Lü He, three individuals, walk out one after the other.

When their gazes lock on, the expressions on all three faces simultaneously change.


Shi Shujin is the first to speak out, his voice filled with anger.

Following Shi Shujin’s words, Li Yuan, who was about to continue his assault, hesitates and ultimately stops, albeit reluctantly.

His gaze, initially filled with murderous intent as he looks at Jiang Xiaobai, finally lands on Shi Shujin, where he respectfully bows, “Li Yuan, junior, greets Chief Shujin!”

As he speaks, his heart feels somewhat still.

Just a bit more, a few breaths in time, and he would have surely killed Jiang Xiaobai.

Jiang Xiaobai also notices Shi Shujin emerging and his expression changes slightly. Before he can speak, an angry voice rings out, “Jiang Xiaobai? It’s actually you!”

The speaker is Lü He, his eyes staring at Jiang Xiaobai, suddenly fierce with boundless killing intent: “You have quite the gall to cause trouble outside the Spiritual Talisman Hall!”

Lü He’s words make Jiang Xiaobai’s color change.

Looking up, his gaze falls on Lü He.

Why is this person here too?

Moreover, he is with Shi Shujin and the others.

Indeed, this suffices to clarify one thing: Lü He and Shi Shujin have a very good relationship.

Could it be that this time he’s really in for a misfortune?

Under the cold light, he clenches his left hand tightly, ready to trigger the mark left to him by the Qilin demon at any moment.

Li Yuan, observing the murderous-looking Lü He, has a flicker in his eyes and then chuckles coldly.

It must be said, Jiang Xiaobai certainly has no shortage of enemies.

“Hmph, Jiang Xiaobai, today I shall properly discipline you on behalf of Huang Linyuan!” Lü He says coldly, ready to make a move.

“Hold on!”

At this critical moment, Shi Shujin steps forward to intercept, “Elder Lü, what is the meaning of this?”

As Shi Shujin speaks, Han Shufeng’s gaze also fixes on Lü He, filled with icy chill.

But Lü He doesn’t seem to notice this, explaining directly, “Elder Shi, this youngster Jiang Xiaobai is a disciple from the Land of Spiritual Beasts, a disciple under Huang Linyuan!”

“This person is despicable, shameless, wicked, and cruel!”

Lü He says with a face full of killing intent, not noticing that the expressions of Shi Shujin and Han Shufeng are growing ever uglier.

“This person has slain my disciple within the sect, and I am eager to strike him down right now!”

Lü He’s gaze fixes on Jiang Xiaobai, grinding his teeth, his face ashen: “And now, he dares to run wild outside the Spiritual Talisman Hall; this I naturally cannot permit, I…”

Lü He hasn’t finished speaking when suddenly he feels an unimaginable force crashing down upon him.


Lü He only feels his mind reel, unable to react in time, and his whole body is sent flying, violently crashing onto the street.

This scene leaves everyone momentarily stunned.

Indeed, including the smirking Li Yuan and Jiang Xiaobai, all are taken aback by the development.

Even Lü He is confused; as he lifts his head, he sees a figure landing in front of Jiang Xiaobai.

This person is Han Shufeng.

“To lay a hand on him, do you think you are even worthy? What are you but nothing!?”

Han Shufeng stares at Lü He, his voice utterly indifferent.

As soon as those words are said, Han Shufeng points into the void, and symbols suddenly condense, with an unimaginable pressure rolling forth.

Lü He’s face changes dramatically, coming to his senses at the same time, his right hand props up, and sword energy bursts forth.

Li Yuan’s expression also tightens, as he clearly feels that Han Shufeng has also targeted him.


Han Shufeng utters just one word.


The might of the word symbol reverses the flow, and both Lü He and Li Yuan feel as if tons of weight smash down upon them.


Caught off guard, Li Yuan is sent flying, coughing up blood.

Though Lü He supports himself with his sword, he is also shaken several meters away.

Just as Han Shufeng is about to act again, the venerable voice of Shi Shujin rings out, “Junior brother, stay your hand for now!”

Shi Shujin’s voice allows Lü He to breathe a sigh of relief.

Looking up, he sees Shi Shujin with an ugly expression, thinking it’s because Han Shufeng acted rashly against him and Li Yuan, angering him.

Immediately, Lü He conjures up an unseemly smile, “Elder Shi, your junior brother, I don’t think he meant it. Perhaps he was trying to…”

“Lü He, shut your mouth!”

Shi Shujin glares at Lü He, his voice full of rage, “Speak out of turn again, and I’ll let my junior brother kill you!”


Lü He is stunned, completely perplexed.

At this moment, he’s utterly confused.

Why is it that Shi Shujin and Han Shufeng have changed their attitudes so quickly?

Li Yuan now struggles to his feet from the ground, covering his chest, equally baffled, thinking it’s his own problem.

He glances at Han Shufeng and then focuses on Shi Shujin, “Elder Shi, my actions outside the Spiritual Talisman Hall were indeed improper.”

“But he…”

“Better you shut your mouth too!”

Before Li Yuan can finish, Han Shufeng’s indifferent voice cuts in, “Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind killing you right now!”

As he speaks, an enormous aura spreads out.

Even Li Yuan turns pale.

He had long heard that Han Shufeng was uniquely gifted, possessing a mutated spiritual root.

In his early twenties, he had broken through Qi cultivation, reaching the Foundation Establishment stage.

Now, being in middle age and judging from his ability to completely overpower Lü He, his level must be at least Foundation Establishment sixth layer.

Shi Shujin, on the other hand, gives Li Yuan a cold look and finally his gaze settles on Lü He.

Raising his hand, he throws a long, ornate box at him: “Lü He, from today on, you are no longer welcome in the Spiritual Talisman Hall!”

“Elder Shi, why?”

Lü He’s expression changes slightly; he still doesn’t understand the reason.

But Shi Shujin clearly has no intention of responding to him and instead focuses his attention on Li Yuan, “Li Yuan, I don’t care if you are from some Dan refining family.”

“From today on, in the Spiritual Talisman Hall, you are banned from entering as well!”

“If you come again, don’t blame me for being heartless!”

“Now, while my junior brother and I can still suppress our anger, you two better scram!!”

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