Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 88

Soul Slayer Chronicle


Jiang Xiaobai turned toward the source of the noise and saw a young man approaching slowly from afar.

This person was none other than Li Yuan, who had aggressively tried to snatch the ‘Mu Huan Dan’ from him the first time he came to the market.

As Jiang Xiaobai’s brows furrowed slightly, Li Yuan walked up to him.

When he passed Jiang Xiaobai, Li Yuan stopped abruptly, his gaze sweeping over him: “I must say, you’re quite lucky. During the last incident at Jianxiao lands, the ancestor did not punish you!”

“And looking at you now, it seems that Huang Linyuan did not inflict any punishment on you either, did he?”

Li Yuan shook his head as he continued: “No wonder, I remember Huang Linyuan once had a disciple who, despite his strict teachings, eventually… heh, betrayed the sect.”

“So, maybe he has become lenient towards you disciples now!”

Li Yuan, seeing Jiang Xiaobai’s frown deepen, displayed an even thicker layer of mockery on his face: “But… like master, like pupil.”

“And no matter how well you learn to tame beasts, you will never be able to change your lowly birth.”

With his words finished, Li Yuan gave a shallow smile and walked towards the Spirit Talisman Pavilion.

“Hey, I suggest that you eat less salt in the future!”

Jiang Xiaobai’s voice rang out as he looked at Li Yuan, who turned around with confusion flickering across his face, and said softly: “Just look at yourself, what a sight you’ve become.”

“Inferior people? So quick to make judgments?”

At this point, Jiang Xiaobai looked at Li Yuan calmly and said, “I’m really curious if everyone actually regards you as a person, and you actually think of yourself as one?”

“How dare you insult me?”

Li Yuan’s initially breezy demeanor instantly clouded over, his face turning grim: “It seems that you truly do not know the difficulties that come with offending an alchemist!”

“Oh, I didn’t know!”

Jiang Xiaobai shook his head, saying as his voice paused, then calmly addressing Li Yuan: “Why don’t you let me try?”

“I really can’t wait…”

At the moment the words fell, Jiang Xiaobai immediately took action, raising his hand and fiercely slapping Li Yuan.

That’s right, facing the likes of Li Yuan, who had an arrogant sense of superiority, Jiang Xiaobai always followed one principle.

Insult, then slap.

What’s there to pretend?


The crisp sound echoed far and wide.

This immediately attracted the attention of many people inside the Spirit Talisman Pavilion.

Li Yuan, feeling the burning pain on his left cheek, was astonished, full of disbelief.

Since his childhood, no one had dared to lay a finger on him.

He was born into an alchemy family!

He was a noble alchemist!

Even Nie Yuan, the chief alchemist from the region of Dangling Spirits, would show him some respect!

And now, Jiang Xiaobai dared to slap him in public?

Are there truly such ‘tigers’ in the world?!

Enraged, Li Yuan’s face twisted, and in a moment of escalating fury, he furiously struck at Jiang Xiaobai: “You’re seeking death!”

He was at the fifth level of Qi refining.

And Jiang Xiaobai was but at the second level.

Killing him would be like crushing an ant.

Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes were cold, and he had already prepared himself. At the moment Li Yuan made his move, he triggered his spirit talisman.

Indeed, from boost strength talismans to boost spirit talisms, and from boost spirit talismans to boost soul talismans.

As they were activated, his Confucianist soul, with its surges, seemed to invisibly take the spirit talismans to a higher level.


An astounding force erupted, and Jiang Xiaobai stepped back, while Li Yuan was forced to take three steps backward.

“Good, good, let’s see how long you can sustain that spirit talisman!” Li Yuan’s face, filled with murderous intent, advanced once again.

“Someone’s fighting outside!”

As someone shouted within the Spirit Talisman Pavilion, immediately many people walked out, drawn to the commotion.

“Hmph, I would like to see who dares to cause trouble at the doorstep of my Spirit Talisman Pavilion!”

One of the attendants frowned slightly, his face showing slight displeasure.

Was this not affecting the reputation of the Spirit Talisman Pavilion?

Being a place of Confucian cultivation, they could not tolerate unruly behavior.

In the moment, he couldn’t help but take a glance outside.

That glance left the attendant in a trance. Regaining his senses, he began to retreat and then rushed towards the direction of the inner hall.

“Oh my, it’s that young master! It’s that young master!”

“He’s here, he’s here…”

Towards the end, the attendant’s voice trembled.

Inside the hall.

At that moment, Shi Shujin sat in the principal seat.

To his right, in a lower position, an elder sat chatting with him.

To the left, Han Shufeng also sat there.

But his mind was not on the conversation; instead, he was engrossed in his painting, giving the impression of being oblivious to others.

“Elder Shi, with your talent and virtues, I am confident that you will eventually reach the heights of our Confucian Sword Ancestor!”

The elder spoke with a smile.


Shi Shujin laughed heartily upon hearing Lu He’s words: “Elder Lu, since your arrival, you have given me paintings and flattered both my junior and me constantly!”

“Out with it then, what matter do you need my help with?”

Shi Shujin looked at Lu He with a smile: “Rest assured, if I can help you, I definitely will not decline!”

Indeed, from Lu He’s arrival until now, he had been gifting paintings but had yet to state his request.

He complimented Shi Shujin, as well as his junior brother.

Even if he were foolish, Shi Shujin knew that this Elder Lu must have some ulterior motive.

“Alright then, since Elder Shi you put it that way, I shall not stand on ceremony!”

Lu He said with a laugh, following a subtle flicker in his eyes: “Actually, it’s nothing much, I just want to ask you for a ‘Bone Eroding Spirit Talisman’.”

As Lu He’s words finished, Han Shufeng, who was painting to the side, frowned slightly and couldn’t help but look up.

And Shi Shujin’s expression also changed slightly, looking at Lu He: “Elder Lu, we have strict rules regarding this talisman in our academy…”

“Elder Shi, I understand your concerns!”

Lu He interrupted Shi Shujin: “I simply want the Bone Eroding Spirit Talisman to deal with a beast in the back mountain, nothing more!”

Shi Shujin furrowed his brows, about to speak, when the attendant from outside rushed in: “Sir, he’s here, that young master is here…”

As the attendant’s voice dropped, Shi Shujin and Han Shufeng looked at each other and stood up immediately.

“Elder Lu, let’s continue this conversation later!”

With that, the two brothers, moving with great speed, rushed outside.

Lu He stood there slightly dazed, then followed them with a puzzled expression…

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