Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 87

Soul Slayer Chronicle


“The soul of a Confucian cultivator, achieved!”

Jiang Xiaobai murmured, and his eyes shone brightly.

At that moment, he tried to use the soul of the Confucian cultivator to sense the spiritual energy around him.

Instantaneously, it felt as if a gentle breeze had enveloped him.

That wonderful sensation was something he had never experienced before.

In keen perception, the rhythm at his fingertips prompted the spontaneous emergence of a few lines of literary expression in his mind:

Though hardened steel a hundred times, it turns to tender silk by might of mind.

Ink scent lingers where it passed, watch the waters flow and surely last.

The heavens’ righteous energy doesn’t soak, thus all former cultivation revoked.

Behold the blossoms rise and fall, with a smile, no plots does he recall.

The scholar deciphers a hundred keys, softly humming of ancient worries with ease.

Without the soul of the Confucian cultivator, those feelings, that magic just couldn’t be grasped.

And this was the soul of a Confucian cultivator!

“With finger as the brush, spirit as the ink, I paint the world’s splendor.”

Jiang Xiaobai lifted his hand, gently sweeping through the air, and saw faint ripples emanate in the void.

Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes flashed with curiosity, his gaze profound as the stars.

That night, he did nothing else, didn’t cultivate, only closed his eyes, feeling the delicate touch the soul of the Confucian cultivator brought.

The next day.

Jiang Xiaobai woke Zhou Bin: “Big brother Zhou, I’m going to the market!”

Yes, he intended to make a trip to the Spirit Rune Pavilion.

If possible, he would see if he could take the chief elder there as his master.

Of course, even if the other party didn’t agree, he could still leave the soul of the Confucian cultivator in the Spirit Rune Pavilion to learn surreptitiously…

“Do you need me to come with you…”

Zhou Bin instinctively started to offer.

“No need, I’m going today, and should be able to return today!”

Knowing that Zhou Bin was worried about him, Jiang Xiaobai smiled, got up, and left the dwelling.

Zhou Bin sat on the bed, watching Jiang Xiaobai’s departing figure with surprise.

Jiang Xiaobai’s temperament left an inexplicable impression on him.

So poised and graceful, ethereal as the wind, it was a refreshing sight.


What happened to him?

At the market below the mountain.

As usual, it buzzed with high spirits.

Outside the Spirit Rune Pavilion.

Jiang Xiaobai slowly made his way there, feeling the pulse of the soul of the Confucian cultivator, and his eyes subtly sparked.

Here, there indeed seemed to be a connection to the soul of the Confucian cultivator.

With these sensations, Jiang Xiaobai glanced inside.

Looking at the hustle and bustle, Jiang Xiaobai took a deep breath to restrain his restlessness, ready to enter.

However, at this moment, a faint voice arose from behind: “Haha, what a coincidence!”

“If I remember correctly, your name… should be Jiang Xiaobai, right?”

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