Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 86

Soul Slayer Chronicle


When Jiang Xiaobai heard Ning Zhixi saying that he had thick skin, he couldn’t help but laugh heartily.

But when his laughter tugged at his wounds, he grimaced in pain.

Seeing him like this, Ning Zhixi covered her mouth and giggled, but then her smile faded, and she sat down beside him, saying, “Rest well today!”

“Early tomorrow morning, I will take you back to the sect!”

“Ah, what about the pill we were going to make? When will we refine it?”

Jiang Xiaobai’s gaze shifted towards Ning Zhixi, filled with curiosity.

“This place in the back mountains is not suitable for refining pills!”

Ning Zhixi explained, “It can easily attract monsters.”


Jiang Xiaobai responded and fell silent, closing his eyes to rest.

Watching him with his eyes closed, Ning Zhixi’s gaze began to fluctuate again.

Now, Jiang Xiaobai was becoming more mysterious to her.

He knows how to refine pills.

The spiritual herbs, Red Mushroom, and Spirit Scale Grass that she couldn’t find, Jiang Xiaobai was able to locate them with ease.

And at that critical moment, the change that occurred with the Ironblue Beast might also be related to Jiang Xiaobai, right?

But… who doesn’t have secrets?

Ning Zhixi lowered her head lightly, placing her hand on her shoulder, underneath her cloak her beautiful face bearing a meaningful expression…

The next day arrived.

Jiang Xiaobai was taken back by Ning Zhixi all the way to the sect.

Inside his cave dwelling.

Looking at the brand new cauldron, Jiang Xiaobai said, “Oh, this new cauldron of yours looks decent too!”

“It’s not as good as the one I gave you!”

Ning Zhixi replied tersely, but then she paused, surprised at her own emotional response.

Somewhat unnaturally, Ning Zhixi spoke again: “Let me help you refine the medicine first!”


Jiang Xiaobai did not hesitate, laying out all the materials needed for the Soul Ascension Pill.

“Soul Ascension Pill?”

Ning Zhixi quickly recognized it, her voice slightly surprised.

She had thought that if Jiang Xiaobai were to refine now, it would be to enhance his own cultivation.

Unexpectedly, it was to improve his soul power.

Now, she understood why Jiang Xiaobai was covered in mud.

Because the Torrentroot Orchid inside was indeed not easy to harvest, arriving covered in mud was to be expected.

“This pill, I can refine it for you straight away, without your assistance!”

While speaking, Ning Zhixi sat cross-legged in front of the cauldron and began to refine the pill with her spiritual seals.

Jiang Xiaobai sat by the side, watching quietly.

Just as Ning Zhixi had said, she was very skilled at refining the Soul Ascension Pill.

In just an hour, a black medicinal pill was in Ning Zhixi’s hand, extended towards Jiang Xiaobai.

Jiang Xiaobai excitedly accepted it, thanking her repeatedly.

“No need to thank me!”

Ning Zhixi shook her head and then said, “The Soul Ascension Pill earlier, I didn’t use your help, but with this pill, you could assist!”

The Creation Pill required a higher level of skill.

She had some confidence, but it wasn’t absolute.

If it failed, the materials would need to be gathered again.

If Jiang Xiaobai could assist her in refining it successfully at once, they wouldn’t need to look for the materials a second time.

While Jiang Xiaobai was putting away the Soul Ascension Pill, he nodded with a smile.

At that moment, Ning Zhixi laid out the materials for the next pill.

Jiang Xiaobai took a look and, with a shocked expression, exclaimed: “This pill must be extraordinary!”

Indeed, although he didn’t know the specific formula, he could tell from the combination that it was something special.

“Below the Foundation Establishment stage, this pill can improve one’s spiritual roots, and it has the effects of expanding the cyclone and enhancing the speed of spirit absorption.”

Ning Zhixi spoke, “If you are at the ninth level of Qi Refining, swallowing this pill could narrow the gap for your entry into the Foundation Establishment stage!”

“If only I had this pill!”

Jiang Xiaobai looked covetously at the materials, involuntarily swallowing his saliva.

Currently at the third level of Qi Refining, with the support of this pill, and the auxiliary external spiritual root of a major demon, reaching the fifth level in half a year would not be a dream.

“This pill, you shouldn’t harbor any thoughts about it!”

Ning Zhixi glanced at Jiang Xiaobai, who looked eagerly at her, and said seriously, “It’s not something just anyone can obtain…”


At Ning Zhixi’s words, Jiang Xiaobai showed a hint of surprise.

There was surely a deeper meaning in her word.

But before he could ask, Ning Zhixi had already started refining the pill, and Jiang Xiaobai watched silently.

When more than half of the spiritual herbs had been added, Jiang Xiaobai spoke up: “Here, you should use the Shocking Spirit Seal!”

Following his guidance, Ning Zhixi began to refine with suspicious trust, and below her cloak, her face showed surprise.

Previously, she had been curious about where Jiang Xiaobai’s rich knowledge of pill refining came from.

Now, that curiosity had reached its peak!

An hour and a half passed.

The fragrance of the pill grew stronger, and under Ning Zhixi’s guidance, the Creation Pill floated out of the cauldron.

“It’s done!”

Ning Zhixi, looking at the pill in her palm, showed a trace of joy, then turned to Jiang Xiaobai and said, “Thanks!”

“No need to thank me, we help each other out!”

Jiang Xiaobai breathed out and replied, “Now it’s settled, you and I… neither owes the other a favor!”

Ning Zhixi had helped him refine the Soul Ascension Pill, and he had assisted Ning Zhixi in refining the Creation Pill, thus balancing things out.

“What, are you that afraid of owing favors?”

Ning Zhixi asked in surprise.

Jiang Xiaobai, only at the second level of Qi Refining, could he already understand the matter of ‘settling karmic debts’?


Jiang Xiaobai sighed lightly, the image of Ning Zhixi’s beautiful face surfacing in his mind: “To tell you the truth, ever since I joined the Yunjian Sect, I’ve already owed someone three favors.”

The first time, he was brought to the Yunjian Sect by Ning Zhixi, which gave him hope for life.

The second time, Ning Zhixi spoke for him in the Sword Hall, pulling him out of a difficult situation.

The third time, in the Sword Skyland facing the formidable offensive of Chen Fengnian, Ning Zhixi saved his life again.

Reflecting on it now, Jiang Xiaobai’s heart felt somewhat heavy: “Alas, until now, I still don’t know how to repay her!”

Ning Zhixi was high above, while he, a mere disciple, couldn’t reach her level.

How could he repay her?

Perhaps she never cared about it in the first place, right?


Ning Zhixi looked surprised, “Is it a favor you owe to your master?”


Jiang Xiaobai shook his head and said, “It’s from an elder with the surname Ning, her name sounds quite pleasant, called Zhixi.”

Mentioning this, Jiang Xiaobai’s gaze turned to the person beside him, “By the way, you should know her, right?”

In his view, this mysterious woman before him was also someone at the elder’s level.

Logically speaking, she should know Ning Zhixi.

But under the cloak, Ning Zhixi’s face showed astonishment.

She hadn’t expected that Jiang Xiaobai would be referring to herself.

For a moment, her enchanting eyes were filled with different colors, and her heart unexpectedly began to beat a few times faster.

Slightly unnaturally, Ning Zhixi spoke, “Oh, I… I’m not close to her!”

“Not close?”

Jiang Xiaobai was surprised.

“Yes, not at all!”

Ning Zhixi said, her face showing even more unnaturalness, and quickly changed the subject, “I will… take you back now!”

“No need!”

Jiang Xiaobai didn’t really think much, stretching and standing up, looking forward with anticipation, “I can walk back by myself!”

Now that he had the Soul Ascension Pill in hand, he was eager to return and try to sever the scholar’s soul and see the outcome.

“I’ll send you off!”

Ning Zhixi clearly had no intention of letting him leave on his own.

Raising her hand and grabbing Jiang Xiaobai’s arm, she rushed out…

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