Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 85

Soul Slayer Chronicle


The treasured sword erupted with blinding brilliance.

The iron-blue beast was prostrating there, and before it could regain its senses, it suffered a heavy blow from Ning Zhixi.


The beast’s back instantly split open, revealing a deep, bone-deep sword mark.

The rolling edge of the blade stirred, causing Jiang Xiaobai in the bushes to swallow hard.

Such formidable strength!

Such a fearsome sword!

Amidst his shock, he saw the iron-blue beast also reacting, with fury and pain in its roar, malevolent light in its eyes, and with a shake of its massive body, it pounced towards Ning Zhixi.

Beneath her cloak, Ning Zhixi’s stunning face was cold, and with a shake of the treasured sword in her hand, sword energy surged, clashing with the beast.

Jiang Xiaobai, hiding in the underbrush, was drenched in cold sweat.

The iron-blue beast was truly terrifying.

Even with such an injury, it could still burst forth with combat power.

Watching Ning Zhixi and the beast locked in a fierce battle, Jiang Xiaobai’s gaze shifted, falling onto the Lingyun Grass.

This might also be an opportunity.

As his heart pounded violently, Yunling Que sensed his thoughts and, with a flap of its wings, rushed out from the bushes towards the Lingyun Grass.


As Yunling Que and the Lingyun Grass drew closer, the iron-blue beast also noticed something, and amid its angry roars, its massive tail swept towards Yunling Que.

In a moment of crisis, Jiang Xiaobai charged forward, rolling to the side with Yunling Que in his arms.


The tail missed and emitted a thunderous sonic boom.

One could imagine how terrifying the force of that tail was.

Meanwhile, Ning Zhixi, upon seeing Jiang Xiaobai emerge, shifted her expression slightly, and the treasured sword in her hand once again burst with blinding light, drawing the beast’s attention.

While Jiang Xiaobai, pale-faced, looked at the Lingyun Grass not far away with narrowed eyes, and finally decided to take the risk and charged forward.


The iron-blue beast naturally noticed Jiang Xiaobai’s action, which filled it with immense rage.

It had been guarding this spiritual grass for months; how could it let these two humans succeed?

In the midst of turmoil, the iron-blue beast radiated blinding light from its body, and while resisting Ning Zhixi’s sword strike, its massive body turned and pounced towards Jiang Xiaobai.

“Be careful!”

Ning Zhixi urgently called out.

And Jiang Xiaobai, engulfed by the fierce aura, his face turning pale, watched the giant claw, edged with sharpness, bearing down.

Jiang Xiaobai took out the Fire Snake Talisman he had exchanged and without hesitation, stimulated it three times in succession.


The waves of fire rolled back like snakes, with extreme ferocity.


In the flames, the beast grew even more enraged. After catching Jiang Xiaobai’s figure, it broke through the Fire Snake technique, unleashing its attack on Jiang Xiaobai.


Jiang Xiaobai spat out blood and was sent flying.

Ning Zhixi, feeling urgent inside, once again spurred her treasured sword.

With a burst of sword energy that repelled the iron-blue beast, she arrived at Jiang Xiaobai’s side.

At this moment, she discovered that Jiang Xiaobai had fainted, but he was unharmed.

Surprised, she noticed the broken sword in several pieces nearby.

She understood that Jiang Xiaobai had used the sword to resist that final impact at the critical moment.

Smart, but… foolish!!

Seeing the iron-blue beast pouncing again, Ning Zhixi did not linger in combat and left with Jiang Xiaobai.


The iron-blue beast, seeing the two retreat, roared several times.

It was both deterring and threatening.

I don’t know how long it’s been.

When Jiang Xiaobai woke up, he only felt sore all over his body.

With the sound of clear and pleasant cries ringing in his ears, Jiang Xiaobai slowly opened his eyes to find Yunling Que fluttering in front of him.

Jiang Xiaobai’s pale face broke into a smile.

As he just raised his hand, a calm voice called out from not far away, “You’re awake?”

Jiang Xiaobai turned his head to look and found Ning Zhixi sitting not far away.

Although her face was covered by the cloak, he could feel her gaze upon him.


Jiang Xiaobai nodded while using his strength to prop himself up to a sitting position, but the pain throughout his body furrowed his brow.

Then a faint fragrance wafted to him, and he saw Ning Zhixi come to his side, helping him lean against a nearby tree.


Jiang Xiaobai barely started to speak when a pain in his chest provoked a violent cough.

“Are you alright?”

As Ning Zhixi spoke, she gently patted Jiang Xiaobai’s back a few times.


Jiang Xiaobai shook his head, gasping several times until he stabilized, then wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, he looked towards Ning Zhixi and said, “Thank you, it’s an old problem of mine, no big deal.”

“You shouldn’t have…”

Ning Zhixi began to speak slowly, but she hadn’t finished when she saw Jiang Xiaobai lifting his hand and presenting a spiritual herb in front of her.


Beneath the cloak, that stunning face was somewhat dazed.

“Do you want it or not? If not, I’ll keep it!”

Jiang Xiaobai spoke.

“I’ll take it!”

Ning Zhixi came back to her senses and took the Lingyun Grass in her hand.

“This herb, I won’t just give it to you for free. I risked my life to get it, so I want a Mu Huidan pill. That’s not too much, right?”

“Oh, while you were unconscious, I fed you two Mu Huidan pills!”

Ning Zhixi, seeing the astonished expression on Jiang Xiaobai’s face, curled her lips into an enticing smile and said, “So, don’t you owe me one pill now?”

“Ah, I suddenly feel a bit tired. Please don’t disturb my rest!”

After speaking, Jiang Xiaobai turned his head and closed his eyes.


Had he known earlier, he would have asked for three pills.

As he resigned himself to his fate, the fragrance of pills wafted through, and he saw a jade hand brought before his eyes.

“This is the last pill I have.”

With a calm voice, Ning Zhixi imitated Jiang Xiaobai’s tone and said, “Do you want it? If not, I’ll keep it…”

“I’ll take it!”

Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes brightened and he snatched the Dan pill from Ning Zhixi’s palm, his pale face once again adorned with a smile.

But in his emotional excitement, he once again couldn’t help but cough a few times.

Ning Zhixi stood up and said to Jiang Xiaobai, “Don’t be so foolish next time. You’re not this lucky every time!”

“No, I’m not lucky!”

As Jiang Xiaobai put away the Mu Huidan, he looked up at Ning Zhixi with a smile on his pale face, “I planned it all.”

Ning Zhixi was taken aback but soon said, “Even so, your plan was a bit foolish!”

“I know, I lost out big time!”

Jiang Xiaobai chuckled bitterly and said, “Wasting a spirit talisman, a sword!”

Ning Zhixi hesitated for a moment, raised her hand, and a sword appeared, falling in front of Jiang Xiaobai.

“This sword is mine… Anyways, you can use it for now!”

Ning Zhixi spoke softly, “It is certainly no worse than the one you broke!”

Jiang Xiaobai looked at the sword, his eyes shining.

The sword looked exquisite, with a slender but elegant blade, sharp and brimming with cold.

At a glance, its extraordinary nature was apparent.

“You’re too kind, this makes me feel rather embarrassed!”

Jiang Xiaobai said as such, but his hands did not hesitate at all.

He drew the sword and promptly placed it into his storage bag.

His movements were so quick that even Ning Zhixi was taken aback and after a moment couldn’t help but say, “Your… your skin is really thick!”

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