Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 84

Soul Slayer Chronicle

Jiang Xiaobai leaned back, his heart calming down slightly.

At this moment, he was seriously thinking about a problem.

Although he came to the stream unintentionally, he shouldn’t have looked twice at what he shouldn’t have seen.

Would the woman in the stream kill him the moment he turned around?

With this thought, Jiang Xiaobai’s throat moved as he began to shift his footsteps.

Yes, no matter what, he should leave first.

But just as he took a step, a calm voice sounded from behind him: “Where are you going?”


The voice sounded very close, and Jiang Xiaobai instinctively turned around. As the figure came into view, he was stunned, and then his face showed surprise: “Eh, it’s you!”

The figure was shrouded in a white cloak, which he found familiar.

Wasn’t it the same person who had sought his help with alchemy twice before?

Indeed, this person was a woman.

But recalling the scene just now, his slightly pale face couldn’t help but become flushed with blood.

“You… how did you come to this back mountain area?”

Ning Zhixi looked at Jiang Xiaobai’s state, and even her stunningly beautiful face under the cloak carried a hint of discomfort.

However, considering that Jiang Xiaobai, merely at the second level of Qi refining, dared to roam the deep parts of the back mountain, she was somewhat surprised.

If he had encountered some fierce beasts, Jiang Xiaobai would have surely perished.

It must be said, Jiang Xiaobai’s courage was truly great.

“I came to search for herbs!”

Jiang Xiaobai’s expression passed a hint of embarrassment, and then he curiously asked back: “You?”

“Same as you!”

Ning Zhixi replied.

The Confucian Sword Ancestor asked her to refine a Creation Pill, and since some herbs weren’t available in the land of spirit herbs or the marketplace, she had to search on her own.

Jiang Xiaobai nodded, then for a moment didn’t know what to say.

Yes, he wanted to find a topic of conversation, but his mind went blank.

As the atmosphere became noticeably awkward, Ning Zhixi’s voice sounded: “Have you found all your herbs?”

“I’ve found them!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiaobai asked back: “What about yours?”

“I’m still missing two kinds!”

Ning Zhixi replied, her stunning face under the cloak showing a slight smile: “You just repeat my questions back at me?”


Jiang Xiaobai felt awkward upon hearing this and then followed up on Ning Zhixi’s response by asking: “Then what herbs are you still missing?”

“Red Ganoderma and Spiritual Scale Grass!” Ning Zhixi did not hide it.


Surprise crossed Jiang Xiaobai’s face, and he suddenly patted his storage bag, taking out a cluster of red fungus-like spiritual grass: “You’re in luck, I just happen to have Red Ganoderma here!”

He had seen and picked the Red Ganoderma on his way here.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be exactly what Ning Zhixi needed.

Seeing Ning Zhixi’s surprised expression, she reached out to take it, but Jiang Xiaobai stepped back.

“I won’t give you this for nothing!”

Jiang Xiaobai looked at Ning Zhixi, a glint in his eye: “You have to help me refine a medicinal pill, and I can assist you!”

He had the ability to refine pills, but after all, he was only at the third layer of Qi refining, so there was a certain risk of failure.

Had he not encountered this woman, he would have personally undertaken the task despite the high risk of failure.

But now that he had met Ning Zhixi, he couldn’t help but think.

A smile emerged on Ning Zhixi’s face under the cloak.

This Jiang Xiaobai was quite interesting.

She wondered why she hadn’t noticed it before.

“What do you say?”

Jiang Xiaobai asked again.


Ning Zhixi readily agreed.

As Jiang Xiaobai showed joy, he handed the Red Ganoderma to Ning Zhixi and said: “By the way, regarding the Spiritual Scale Grass you mentioned, I have a lead on that too!”

Ning Zhixi’s expression showed surprise: “Where?”

She had been searching for the Spiritual Scale Grass for two days, but to no avail.

“Follow me!”

Jiang Xiaobai said without much explanation, preparing to leave, but after taking a couple of steps, he suddenly remembered something and his expression turned awkward.

He looked down at his mud-covered body and stopped walking, then turned to Ning Zhixi and said: “Before we leave, can I wash up?”

Right now, he was uncomfortable all over with mud covering him.

“Go ahead!”

Hearing this, Ning Zhixi’s expression became unnatural: “I’ll wait for you ahead!”

After that, the figure lightly drifted away.

Jiang Xiaobai watched Ning Zhixi leave, then holding Yun Lingque, he headed towards the stream to wash.

During the process of washing up, Jiang Xiaobai’s mind once again conjured the image of Ning Zhixi in the stream.

Thinking about the mysterious pattern on Ning Zhixi’s back, his face was filled with confusion.

What exactly was that mark?

He was quite curious about it.

A half-hour later, a tidied Jiang Xiaobai found Ning Zhixi.

“Let’s go!”

Looking at Ning Zhixi’s enchanting figure, Jiang Xiaobai didn’t want to waste time and led the way in one direction.

He had come close to picking the Spiritual Scale Grass previously.

But the guarding beast was too strong, forcing him to abandon the attempt.

The beast was not small, and it was fierce and imposing.

If not for his beast-cultivating soul that caused a momentary pause in the beast, he might have lost his life.

The next day, in the early morning.

Jiang Xiaobai and Ning Zhixi arrived at the location of the Spiritual Scale Grass.

In the thicket, his body was now covered with dew, but he paid no attention to it, focusing ahead and whispering in a low voice: “Do you see it? The Spiritual Scale Grass is right next to that beast!”


As Ning Zhixi responded, her gaze focused on the front.

Not far away, stood an ancient tree.

Around the ancient tree, there were no weeds, only one plant with scale-like patterns, standing vigorously.

Next to the plant, a beast was lying.

“It’s an Iron Cyan Beast!”

Ning Zhixi’s gaze fell on the beast, her expression turning serious: “Its defense is astonishing, even for me, it would be difficult to break through its defense!”

“Should we wait here longer? If it leaves, it will be much easier to grab!” Jiang Xiaobai whispered.

“It won’t leave!”

Ning Zhixi explained: “It is guarding the grass because it is waiting for the Spiritual Scale Grass to bear fruit, which is highly beneficial for it.”

Indeed, the Spiritual Scale Grass could bear fruit.

But after bearing fruit, the essence of the Spiritual Scale Grass would be entirely in the fruit.

In that case, the medicinal properties would change.

“Stay here and be careful!”

As Ning Zhixi’s voice rang out, before Jiang Xiaobai could react, her figure had already rushed out.

Jiang Xiaobai’s face changed slightly.

This woman, she didn’t even plan anything?

He had already alarmed the beast before; if they couldn’t get it this time, it would make the beast completely vigilant.

By then, getting it would be difficult.

But soon, as the woman gripped the sword and spiritual power burst forth, Jiang Xiaobai seemed to understand why Ning Zhixi hadn’t planned anything.

That’s right, Ning Zhixi moved extremely fast, with an unimaginable sharpness bursting forth.

While this sword strike was not as terrifying as that of the Confucian Sword Ancestor, it was still earth-shattering.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaobai also clearly saw that the sword Ning Zhixi was holding was inscribed with the words ‘State Suppressing’…

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