Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 83

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“I also believe that Taibai will not accept the challenge!” Zhou Bin nodded heavily after hearing Jiang Xiaobai’s words, “Moreover, I do not agree with Fu Qingyun’s statement either!”

“I have faith that this ‘Taibai’ must be a person of great righteousness!”

“Jianxiao’s loan of the sword was purely to assist the elder in breaking through the sixth layer, nothing more!”

Jiang Xiaobai looked at Zhou Bin with a surprised face, and then a warmth flashed through his heart, smiling and saying: “Yeah, I believe too…”

After speaking, Jiang Xiaobai took one more glance at the Sword Stele, withdrew his gaze, and said: “Brother Zhou, let’s go back!”


Zhou Bin nodded and, following Jiang Xiaobai, bid farewell to Chu Yao and the others, leaving Jianxiao and heading in the direction of the mountain’s spirit beast farm.

An hour later.

The two arrived outside the cave residence of Huang Linyuan.

“Let’s go, since the deed is done, we are not afraid of criticism!”

After Jiang Xiaobai took a glance into the cave, he took a deep breath and walked in with Zhou Bin.

Inside the cave dwelling, Huang Linyuan was sitting calmly.

“Greetings to Master!”

Jiang Xiaobai and Zhou Bin bowed in unison.

Huang Linyuan opened his eyes, his gaze landing on the two of them: “What’s the matter?”


Just as Jiang Xiaobai began to speak, Zhou Bin’s voice followed suit: “Master, we had a conflict at Jianxiao with other disciples, and it all started because of me, please punish me!”

Jiang Xiaobai was stunned and didn’t expect Zhou Bin to take responsibility.

Regaining his composure, Jiang Xiaobai quickly said: “Master, this has nothing to do with Brother Zhou, it was me…”


Huang Linyuan first looked at Zhou Bin with a faint smile: “I already know the situation. You two are not at fault for this matter!”

“Next time, if you encounter such a scenario again, do not hold back your hand. If a real problem arises, your master will cover for you!”

Huang Linyuan’s words shocked both Jiang Xiaobai and Zhou Bin. Looking at each other, they bowed at the same time: “Thank you, Master.”


Huang Linyuan said: “However, it would be best if you two could minimize going out during the next half year.”

Seeing the puzzled faces of the two, he explained: “Because of the Daozi contest, some of the outstanding disciples from our Yunjian Sect who are in seclusion will be returning.”

“These disciples are not like Liang Yongren; they are extremely talented, with cultivation levels that could reach the seventh layer, even the eighth layer of Qi refining!”

“That high?”

Jiang Xiaobai and Zhou Bin’s faces showed shock.

“So, remember my words!”

He didn’t want to receive the news that Jiang Xiaobai and Zhou Bin had met with an accident during his confinement period.

“Yes, Master!”

After respectfully nodding their heads again and seeing Huang Linyuan close his eyes, the two turned and left the cave dwelling.

Back to their residence.

Zhou Bin entered the state of cultivation quite calmly.

But Jiang Xiaobai, after sitting down, had a gloomy face.

Yes, every time he thought of the Changsheng Root, he became frustrated.

But with insufficient cultivation and strength, there was no choice. He couldn’t just sit idly and waste time during the next half-year.

So, after pondering for a moment, he made a decision.

Right, slay the soul of the Confucian cultivator!

Before, he hadn’t thought much of this Confucian soul, but ever since he learned that only Confucian cultivators could draw spiritual charms, he became extremely interested and excited.

Moreover, if he could successfully slay the Confucian cultivator’s soul, he would also enrich himself.

Just… there was one downside to slaying the Confucian soul.

How long he might be unconscious afterward, he could not be certain.

His eyebrows furrowed for a moment, then relaxed again.

Yes, he had an idea.

If, before slaying, he could swallow a pill that enhanced soul power, perhaps it could minimize the side effects of soul severing.

Thinking of this, Jiang Xiaobai’s heartbeat slightly accelerated.

Maybe, it could really work!

With this in mind, Jiang Xiaobai started thinking about what kind of pill would be suitable.

Soon, a pill recipe came to his mind, and as his eyes narrowed, he looked at Zhou Bin, who was in cultivation, and called out softly: “Brother Zhou.”

The meditating Zhou Bin opened his eyes, looking puzzled at Jiang Xiaobai: “What’s up?”

“Oh, I plan to visit Miss Zhao for a bit!”

Jiang Xiaobai said, pausing: “It may take three days, or perhaps even longer, before I can return.”

Actually, his plan was to go to the back mountain to gather herbs.

He remembered that Zhou Bin once mentioned that the back mountain was rich in medicinal herbs, and people from the Pill Spirit Land would go there to pick them.

But to avoid worrying Zhou Bin, he came up with this excuse.

“Go ahead!”

Zhou Bin smiled and didn’t suspect anything.

After all, Jiang Xiaobai and Zhao Qinyu had a close connection. The two pills Jiang Xiaobai gave him were probably made by Zhao Qinyu, right?

“Alright, I’m off!”

Jiang Xiaobai looked at the sky outside, stood up, and left the room.

And Zhou Bin continued to cultivate, sitting on the bed.

On this side, after leaving his residence, Jiang Xiaobai headed towards the back mountain.

He wanted to concoct a pill called ‘Soul Elevating Pill,’ which required a variety of precious medicinal materials.

These materials might be available in the market, but the price would surely be steep. It was not appropriate to exchange them with the few spiritual charms he had.

If he asked Zhao Qinyu for help, he worried about troubling her.

Therefore, he decided to rely on himself.

If this trip was smooth enough, he believed it would not take too much time.

Time passed, and a week went by in a blink of an eye.

Now, deep into the night within the range of the back mountain, under the starlight, a colorful beast was dashing through the jungle.

After landing on a bush, its eyes constantly swept around.

In a moment, with a gleam in its eyes, it charged towards a medicinal plant adorned with small red fruits.


With the roaring sound, a black-furred beast, filled with ferocity, pounced towards the bird-beast.

But the bird-beast was agile; with a flap of its wings, it angled its body off course.

After dodging the beast’s attack, it gripped the medicinal plant in its beak and took off into the sky, leaving the beast on the ground roaring helplessly in anger.

At that moment, underneath a large tree.

A young and handsome man opened his eyes, a pale face pulling into a smile, then raising his hand.

The beautifully plumaged bird-beast landed on his arm.

“This Lingzhu fruit is now in our possession, and now we are missing only one more medicinal material!”

As Jiang Xiaobai spoke, he placed the medicinal plant from the Yunling Sparrow’s mouth into his storage bag.

The medicinal resources of this back mountain were more abundant than he had imagined.

Now, he no longer simply aimed for the materials needed for the Soul Elevating Pill; essentially anything he saw, he picked.

Although this would delay some time, through the accumulation over the week, he had almost gathered all the materials for the Soul Elevating Pill.

“The last ingredient, called Panggen Orchid, prefers a humid environment, burrows three meters deep into the ground during the day, and blossoms above ground at night.”

“Any slight disturbance will cause it to burrow underground again!”

Jiang Xiaobai recalled the detailed information and behavior of the last ingredient, his face gradually turning bitter.

“This medicinal material has developed sentience; it won’t be easy to pick.”

Sighing softly, Jiang Xiaobai stood up, looked at the starry sky above, took a deep breath, and charged out.

Yes, no matter how difficult, he had to get it.

Two more days went by in a flash.

The stars still filled the sky.

In a marshland, Jiang Xiaobai was crawling through the mud, his eyes fixed on a spiritual herb.

The herb was beautiful, with a purple body, and its flowers emitted a faint mist under the moonlight.

Yes, this was the Panggen Orchid he had been searching for. Coating his entire body with mud was the best approach he could think of to get close.

As he crept closer, his heartbeat accelerated.

When he was less than two meters away, Jiang Xiaobai licked his lips—with some dirt entering his mouth, but he didn’t care.


Jiang Xiaobai’s spiritual power surged as he pounced forward.

The muddy Yunling Sparrow also dashed rapidly.


The Panggen Orchid was extremely sensitive and almost immediately began to react, its petals joining together as it started to burrow into the earth.

Jiang Xiaobai’s face changed, but at the critical moment, the Yunling Sparrow was a fraction faster. Just as the herb was about to go underground, its beak caught the top part of the Panggen Orchid.

Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes sparkled with joy; his hand immediately grabbed hold as well.

Then, with the combined efforts of him and the Yunling Sparrow, they pulled the spiritual herb out completely.

“Ha ha!”

Looking at the intact Panggen Orchid, Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t hide the joy on his face.

Now he had all the herbs needed for the Soul Elevating Pill.

The Yunling Sparrow also chirped with delight.

For it, helping Jiang Xiaobai was the happiest thing.

After putting the Panggen Orchid into the storage bag, Jiang Xiaobai unhesitatingly gave the mud-covered Yunling Sparrow a kiss.

Then, along with the Yunling Sparrow, he left the place.

All covered in mud, he could only think of finding a river to wash himself thoroughly.

Half an hour later, he heard the sound of a stream and, with joy in his eyes, held the Yunling Sparrow as he quickened his pace.

But just as the stream came into view, his expression turned to one of stupefaction.

In the stream, a breathtaking figure was bathing in the water.

At this moment, the figure had its back toward him.

What caught the eye wasn’t the figure’s tender white skin but the strange patterns covering its back.

Under the light of the moon, they were filled with a mysterious sense.

“Who is it?”

In the stream, the beautiful figure sensed Jiang Xiaobai’s presence.

The cool and stirring voice was filled with a cold killing intent.

Jiang Xiaobai’s face changed, instinctively turning away and saying: “I’m sorry, I… I’m a disciple of the Yunjian Sect, I didn’t mean to intrude!”

Is it him?

In the water, the beautiful figure paused for a moment, and the killing intent gradually subsided…

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