Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 81

Soul Slayer Chronicle

Observing that all the elders in the assembly remained silent, the Confucian Sword Ancestor pondered for a moment before continuing, “This time, our Yunjian Sect must not falter after others; it is imperative that we select an appropriate ‘Daozi’ to lead the later stages!”

“We must ensure to secure at least third place, if not the first!”

Upon saying this, the Confucian Sword Ancestor’s gaze directly turned to an elder below and asked, “Elder Xing, how is Yin Han’s condition now?”

“This… ever since he was seriously injured in the last contention of the later stages, he has been in seclusion!”

The elder sighed, “I’m not certain of his current condition.”

Yin Han was his disciple and also the ‘Daozi’ who led the last ‘later stage’.

But during the last contention, he was gravely injured by another and has been in closed-door cultivation ever since, for six years without emerging.

“Find out his exact situation soon, and if he needs any medicinal pills, get them directly from Elder Nie Yuan!” the Confucian Sword Ancestor instructed.

“Yes, ancestor!”

The elder bowed respectfully.

The Confucian Sword Ancestor then looked at the others and ordered, “Within half a year, have all your disciples who are in seclusion come out earlier, then coordinate the specific levels and report to me!”


The elders bowed respectfully.

At this moment, the Confucian Sword Ancestor gave a few more instructions, and after a moment of contemplation, his gaze landed on Huang Lin Yuan, “Elder Huang, you were absent beforehand at the Jianxiao Place!”

“Two of your disciples have fought privately with the disciple of Elder Chen!”

“Starting tomorrow, you will be confined for half a year, not allowed to leave!”

“Thank you for the punishment… I will make sure to discipline them upon my return!”

Upon hearing this, Huang Lin Yuan bowed respectfully.

Nearby, Chen Fengnian watched Huang Lin Yuan, who revealed a pleased expression, with an even more unseemly face.

This old fellow could really camouflage a bit to make others feel comfortable.

While he cursed inwardly, the Confucian Sword Ancestor spoke, “Alright, the elders may now disperse!”

Just as he finished speaking, the Confucian Sword Ancestor suddenly thought of something and looked at Ning Zhiqi, “Zhiqi, stay for a moment!”

Despite her confusion, Ning Zhiqi stayed behind.

After all the elders had left, Ning Zhiqi looked towards the Confucian Sword Ancestor and inquired, “Do you have any instructions, Master?”

“Zhiqi, regarding the reward of the Creation Pills for this event, since the requirements are extremely high, I might need you to refine them!” the Confucian Sword Ancestor stated.

“I can.”

Ning Zhiqi nodded slightly.

The Creation Pills were challenging for her but not impossible.

The medicinal ingredients would require some searching, but this was not difficult for her either.


The Confucian Sword Ancestor hesitated, but eventually asked, “Have you had any contact recently with ‘him’?”


A look of confusion flashed across Ning Zhiqi’s face.

“It’s about the one who assisted you in pill refinement!” the Confucian Sword Ancestor stated.

“No, I haven’t!”

Ning Zhiqi’s beautiful face showed unnaturalness upon hearing this.

“When you have the time, try to see him more!”

The Confucian Sword Ancestor’s eyes carried a different color, “Believe your master, there is absolutely no harm in it for you!”

There are some things he couldn’t explain too clearly to Ning Zhiqi.

Like the breakthrough of the sixth layer this time, he felt even more clearly the terrifying aspects of this ‘great power’.

Without his secret help, the sixth layer would’ve been nigh impossible.

After hearing this, Ning Zhiqi quietly replied, “I’ll try my best, sir!”

She bent down to bow, “Then I will take my leave!”

Ning Zhiqi didn’t say much more and quickly turned to leave.

“This girl…”

Left alone in the hall, the Confucian Sword Ancestor sighed softly.

However, moments later, a thought suddenly crossed his mind, and his heart raced with excitement.

If the person who had repaired their power was to lead the later stage, wouldn’t that mean the first place would be effortless to obtain?

But would that great power agree?

Should he visit and try his luck?

While the Confucian Sword Ancestor was deep in thought, a middle-aged man entered, saying respectfully, “Ancestor, Senior Shu Jin has come to visit and is currently waiting outside!”


The Confucian Sword Ancestor lifted his head, his expression first surprised, then, thinking of something, it turned into a smile, “Please invite him in at once!”


As the middle-aged man left respectfully, it was not long before Shu Jin entered the grand hall.

“Shu Jin pays his respects to the Confucian Sword Ancestor!”

As Shu Jin spoke, he also wore a smiling face, “Congratulations on breaking through the sixth layer and taking the step of connecting the seals!”


The Confucian Sword Ancestor laughed heartily upon hearing Shu Jin’s words, “Shu Jin, your visit surely isn’t just to offer congratulations, is it?”

“That’s… indeed!”

Upon the Confucian Sword Ancestor’s inquiry, Shu Jin furrowed his brows, then said, “I have also brought a painting scroll for your perusal this time!”

“Oh? Show me!”

The Confucian Sword Ancestor expressed interest upon hearing it was a painting and immediately gestured for Shu Jin to come forward.

In front of the desk.

Shu Jin raised his hand, gently spreading out a scroll.

As the Confucian Sword Ancestor observed the unveiling painting, his brow furrowed, then he became increasingly astonished.

Finally, when he noticed the verses, he was deeply moved.

Without realizing it, he read them out loud.

“Others laugh at my madness; I laugh at their failure to see through!

Don’t say that no one in the world understands; I am at ease and create my own heaven!”

The poem was full of artistic conception and thought-provoking.

After reading, the Confucian Sword Ancestor looked at Shu Jin, his face full of shock, “Shu Jin, what is the meaning of this painting? Moreover, who wrote such an exquisite poem?”

Shu Jin’s abilities were somewhat known to him.

The style of the painting and the writing of the poem did not match his known usual style.

It seemed to be the work of someone else.

“That’s the thing…”

Shu Jin did not dare to conceal anything and explained the whole situation in detail.

“Are you saying it wasn’t your breakthrough that day, but your junior brother’s enlightenment?”

The Confucian Sword Ancestor’s expression froze, “Then… who wrote this poem?”

Just as he finished, the Confucian Sword Ancestor’s pupils contracted, asking urgently, “Is he a young man who appears to be ill?”

“In addition to that, does he have a Cloud Spirit Sparrow with him?”

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