Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 80

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“I don’t quite understand, but…” Zhou Bin looked at Jiang Xiaobai, who was full of fervor, and felt slightly reluctant to dampen his spirit but still spoke up to explain: “However, this competition for the title of Daozi is held to select the Daozi, who will lead the future generations in our area!”

“And as for this future land, hasn’t your master also told you before, that at least the fifth layer of Qi refining is required to enter?”

“So, according to my estimation, the minimum requirement to register for the competition of Daozi would also be the fifth layer of Qi refining!”

“That’s right…” Jiang Xiaobai suddenly let out a wry smile. How could he have forgotten about this?

“Moreover, even if the requirements for registration are not high, can you guarantee that facing many geniuses, you would be able to secure that first place?”

“This…” Hearing this, Jiang Xiaobai’s smile deepened in bitterness.

Zhou Bin’s words, although harsh, were completely reasonable.

As he sighed internally, the voice of the Confucian Sword Ancestor resonated once again from high above: “I hope all disciples will cultivate diligently in this half year!”

“I believe that your efforts will not be in vain!”

“Even if you don’t get first place in this competition for the title of Daozi! The opportunities in the future land will also be within easy reach for you!!”

“Yes!” The loud and excited voices echoed throughout the entire Jianxiao region.

The Confucian Sword Ancestor curled his lips in satisfaction, nodding before turning towards the elders and said: “All elders heed my command, proceed to the Sword Hall immediately, I have matters to discuss!”

As his words fell, the Confucian Sword Ancestor cast another glance in Jiang Xiaobai’s direction before leaving.

Upon hearing the Confucian Sword Ancestor’s order, the elders in attendance quickly made their way to the Sword Hall.

Below, Chen Fengnian looked at Peng Chen, who had a pale face, and snorted coldly: “Wait until I return, I’ll deal with you!”

Peng Chen’s complexion turned even paler, and after Chen Fengnian left, his gaze fell directly on Jiang Xiaobai, revealing a look of deep resentment.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xiaobai, who was somewhat melancholic inside, felt something and turned his head to look, naturally noticing Peng Chen’s gaze.

In response, he glared back unflinchingly, revealing a hint of killing intent.

Peng Chen felt a chill in his heart and, without speaking, quickly left with the man accompanying him.

As for Jiang Xiaobai, Peng Chen truly felt wary of him.

“Giggle!” With a smiling voice, Chu Yao and Zhao Qinru approached Jiang Xiaobai, looking at Peng Chen leaving and showing smiles.

“Hey, we haven’t seen each other for so long, I didn’t expect you to become an official disciple and to have such strong abilities!” Chu Yao looked at Jiang Xiaobai with surprise, and her eyes also showed admiration.

At that time, Jiang Xiaobai and Peng Chen were evenly matched in their fight, and Jiang Xiaobai even managed to withstand that blood-sword control method.

This was indeed quite impressive.

Hearing Chu Yao’s compliment, Jiang Xiaobai looked a bit embarrassed and then politely said: “Greetings, Miss!”

Saying that, his gaze turned to Zhao Qinru: “Greetings, Miss Zhao!”

“Eh, you two know each other?” Chu Yao was a bit surprised.

Before, when she reached out to help Jiang Xiaobai, Zhao Qinru followed closely, and she thought Zhao Qinru was helping her.

Now it seems she was helping Jiang Xiaobai!

“Hmm, if it weren’t for Miss Zhao’s help, I wouldn’t have been acknowledged as an official disciple so quickly!”

Jiang Xiaobai said.

“Jiang Junior Brother is too polite!” Zhao Qinru replied with a smile and a shake of her head after listening.

Chu Yao, hearing their conversation, became even more surprised and was about to ask more when she suddenly remembered something: “Oh, right, let’s hurry to the Jianxiao area and see, or else we might not be able to get in later!”

After speaking, she quickly rushed in with Zhao Qinru’s arm in tow.

She had been paying attention to this ‘Taibai’, who was now ranked first among the sixth layer, and she was curious to see what was going on.

“Senior Brother, shall we also go to the Jianxiao and have a look?” Watching Chu Yao and Zhao Qinru walk away, Zhou Bin’s gaze fell on Jiang Xiaobai.

He was also curious about Taibai’s sudden rise to the first of the sixth layer.

“Let’s go!” Jiang Xiaobai looked toward the direction of the Jianxiao, and finally agreed, following Zhou Bin to go there.

“Heh, this is quite a lively scene!” Floating in the void, Shu Jin watched the scene below with a bit of astonishment.

All the official disciples in the sect were rushing towards the Jianxiao.

Such scenes were not common.

Of course, the reason for this was all because of the name Taibai.

“Yes, I wonder who this Taibai really is!” The elder surnamed Su spoke from the side, expressing both exasperation and curiosity.

The competition for the title of Daozi and the future land did not attract him.

Instead, the name Taibai piqued his intense interest.

You would think that the Confucian Sword Ancestor, knowing he was ranked second, would at least show surprise towards the first-ranked Taibai, or even confusion.

But he did not. The Confucian Sword Ancestor had chosen to deliberately avoid it!

From this, one could tell that the Confucian Sword Ancestor must know something.

Shu Jin then retracted his gaze, looked toward the elder surnamed Su, and said: “Alright Elder Su, I won’t chat with you anymore, I also need to make a trip to the Sword Hall, we’ll meet again another time!”

After speaking, the figure moved toward the direction of the Sword Hall.

He must make the Confucian Sword Ancestor see his junior brother’s painting and see what explanation the Confucian Sword Ancestor would have.

Otherwise, he felt he would be troubled by heart demons!

As Shu Jin walked away, a servant following Elder Su asked: “Master, should I investigate the identity of this Taibai?”

“No need to waste the effort, we wouldn’t be able to find out!” The elder surnamed Su shook his head, his gaze becoming profound.

Some information had probably been suppressed by the Confucian Sword Ancestor already, right?

“Let’s return!” Elder Su took another glance at Jianxiao and, suppressing his curiosity, left.

The servant followed closely after him.

As for the people from the cultivating families, they looked at each other and also left one by one.

However, the middle-aged man surnamed Zhou paused for a moment, his gaze landing on Zhou Bin, who was crowded inside Jianxiao.

After a deep glance, he then departed.

Sword Hall.

All the elders were already seated.

Even Huang Linyuan, who received the notification, arrived belatedly.

The Ancestor sat at the highest seat, looking down at the gathered elders, and went straight to the point: “The competition for the lands of the future may be even more fierce than the one six years ago!”

Indeed, despite the appearance of calm on the surface of the future land, it contained profound secrets.

Because the opening of the future land each time represents a comparison between sects.

This comparison directly affects the fate of the entire Yunjian Sect.

If they lose, they will face the misfortune of having to give up their ‘sect land’.

Their Yunjian Sect is renowned for its advantageous geography and rich spiritual energy, and now… many sects have set their eyes on it.

Six years ago, their Yunjian Sect fell behind in the ranking and ended up third, barely maintaining their sect land.

Although this time he had opened the sixth layer, leaving a fallback plan.

But he knew very well that if possible, this fallback should not be taken!

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