Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 79

Soul Slayer Chronicle


This scene left everyone in the audience dumbfounded.

Where did this black sword come from?

“Damn, isn’t that the black sword from the Sword Stele space that belonged to Taibai?”

At this moment, someone in the crowd thought of something and couldn’t help exclaiming in amazement.

“It really is!”

“How… how did it appear?”

As everyone watched in disbelief, Jiang Xiaobai’s expression also froze for a moment.

Isn’t that his sword?

Was it drawn out because of his urgency?

As he was lost in thought, the elderly Su surname in the void, Shu Jin, as well as the people from the cultivating families, were all deeply moved.

What’s going on with this sword?

The Sword Saint Ancestor looked astonished, and then, as if he thought of something, his right hand reached out towards the black sword.


The sound of the sword humming arose, and the Sword Saint Ancestor’s eyes flashed with shock.

He felt an enormous vitality from this sword.

In a daze, watching the crack in space rapidly close up, he didn’t think too much and with a movement of sword intent, he slashed out again.

This sword seemed to carry endless vitality.

This sword seemed to cut through the bleak and cold winter.

It can be said that without any resistance, supported by the black sword, the spirit of the Sword Stele was torn open in such a manner.

At the moment it was completely split open, the Sword Saint Ancestor felt an astonishing force of backlash from the black sword.

In the moment when the sword was released from his grasp, the black sword re-entered the spirit of the Sword Stele.

And Jiang Xiaobai took a deep sigh of relief on the other side.

Although he didn’t know why his sword had come out, he was still very pleased that the sword stele could be broken.

His companion Zhou Bin, although bloodstained, could not hide his excitement.

At this time, the spirit of the Sword Stele in the void began to dim and eventually disappeared between heaven and earth.

However, just as the spirit of the Sword Stele vanished, a vast array imprint within the Sword Halo area began to slowly light up.

Floating in motion under everyone’s feet.

After lasting for a long time, it eventually faded away.

In the void, the elderly Su surname still wore an expression of amazement.

It actually succeeded!

But… where did that black sword come from?

And the Sword Saint Ancestor hovering there, his expression was not inferior in change to the awakened elder.

Thinking of something, he first set his eyes on the direction where Jiang Xiaobai was.

When he saw Jiang Xiaobai’s smiling face, a deep respect arose in his heart.

He remembered Ye Qing saying that Taibai’s sword was left in the Sword Stele space.

Evidently, this black sword was due to the ‘great power’ who secretly helped him.

To be honest, at this very moment, he truly wanted to go down immediately to express his gratitude.

But after struggling for a while, he eventually gave up.

Because to do so would expose Jiang Xiaobai’s identity, thus he had no choice but to press down this thought forcefully.

After taking a deep breath, the Sword Saint Ancestor’s aged voice filled with vicissitude rang out: “Today, the sixth level has opened! Elder Ye, announce it!”

His voice also carried excitement, with a momentum that shook the heavens.

“The sixth level, named ‘Sword Soul’!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Ye Qing’s voice, with shock and a tremor, announced: “The first name, the first name, Taibai!”

Inside the Sword Halo, Ye Qing stood under the Sword Stele, looking at the sixth level, feeling his hair stand on end.

Indeed, the tier of the sixth level had been revealed as Sword Soul.

And at this very moment, the name Taibai was listed first, followed by the name of the Sword Saint Ancestor.

It’s no exaggeration to say, Ye Qing felt a chill all over at this moment.

He once more recalled the words of the Sword Saint Ancestor, stating that even if Taibai jumped directly to the fifth level, he wouldn’t be surprised.

Now he had even skipped that.

And it was from the second level, Sword Heart, jumping directly to the sixth level.


Ye Qing rubbed his eyes forcefully, but each time, the name Taibai was clearly visible on the sixth level.

Outside the Sword Halo area, the disciples who heard Ye Qing’s aged voice were dumbfounded.

Doubting if they had heard wrong.


Wasn’t Taibai the first name on Sword Heart?

How did he become number one on the sixth level?

And this sixth level had only just opened.

Under everyone’s incredulous expressions, Jiang Xiaobai stood there, also showing a full face of question marks.


How did he hear his own name?

The first in the sixth level?

Are you sure it hasn’t been said incorrectly?

While he was confused, Zhou Bin at his side couldn’t help but exclaim: “Taibai, who is this Taibai?”

In Zhou Bin’s astonishment, in the distance Fu Qingyun was staggered, and Xiao Shuyun was frozen.

Those who had previously lost to Jiang Xiaobai had various expressions.

Even the elderly Su surname in the void had clearly frozen his expression.

No, something’s not right!

This sixth level was cut open by the Sword Saint Ancestor, so logically speaking, should there not only be the name of the Sword Saint Ancestor for the first place in the sixth level?

Unexpectedly, the Sword Saint Ancestor ended up being second?

So, who exactly is this Taibai?

His servant at his side was also dumbstruck, as was Shu Jin who was also somewhat surprised.

As for other members of the cultivating families, they were even more baffled.

But for the Sword Saint Ancestor, after a brief moment of astonishment, he soon calmed down.

A great power indeed!

Truly fearsome!

The Sword Saint Ancestor was deeply shocked inside, and after a while, he slowly spoke, trying to change the subject: “Now that the sixth level is open, starting from today, our Sword Stele space will connect with the main stele’s spirit!”

With the fall of the Sword Saint Ancestor’s words, those present had doubts, some were puzzled.

Of course, there were those with expressions of shock who knew something more.

And Jiang Xiaobai, after coming back to his senses, also had a face full of doubts.

Connection? What does this mean?

As he was curious, the Sword Saint Ancestor spoke again: “In addition, there’s one more thing to notify everyone!”

Because of this statement, everyone’s gaze was once again focused on the Sword Saint Ancestor.

“The opening time for the land beyond is not far off!”

The Sword Saint Ancestor’s eyes sparkled with light as he announced: “I declare that in half a year, our sect will start the ‘struggle for the title of Taozi’!”

The crowd erupted at the Sword Saint Ancestor’s words.

It’s finally happening.

Every time this struggle begins, it signifies the opening of the land beyond.

And the land beyond is undoubtedly what everyone aspires to.

The last opening was six years ago.

How many people, because they couldn’t enter six years ago, have practiced desperately over these six years.

Now, this opportunity has finally come again.

And this ‘Taozi’ is even more meaningful as it will be the leader entering the land beyond.

For a moment, expectant gazes were everywhere.

Even Jiang Xiaobai showed an odd expression, thinking back to the time he controlled the Yunling Sparrow and accidentally flew to the land beyond.

That place seemed to have its own pulling force for him.

Therefore, he also had a deep interest in this land beyond.

As he was pondering, the Sword Saint Ancestor’s voice rang out again: “The one who secures the position of Taozi will be rewarded with one ‘Lifelong Root’, one ‘Creation Pill’!!”

As he spoke, the Sword Saint Ancestor paused, his lips curving into a smile and slowly added: “In addition, one set of Azure Bird Swordsmanship!”


With these words from the Sword Saint Ancestor, the crowd exploded once again.

Every single person’s breathing became heavy.

Lifelong Root?

Creation Pill?

Azure Bird Swordsmanship?

They doubted their ears, was this a hallucination?

Were the rewards so generous this time?

Indeed, the previous Taozi reward was merely a Fountain Spirit Pill and a spirit sword.

Although the Fountain Spirit Pill was good, it could not compare with the Creation Pill.

Although the spirit sword was rare, swordsmanship was even rarer.

Especially so when there was Lifelong Root involved.

This was definitely a treasure of heaven and earth!

Jiang Xiaobai’s expression froze slightly; he remembered the Lifelong Root very clearly from his Soul of Alchemy in the Dangling Land’s library records.

This item grows on the Lifelong Tree.

And the Lifelong Tree, born from seizing the world’s essence, contains vitality within.

Moreover, everything growing on the Lifelong Tree is precious.

Even the grass around the Lifelong Tree is called Lifelong Grass.

For this reason, the Lifelong Tree is also called a living pill.

What is a living pill? It means that even if not made into a pill, just consuming it directly would have the miracle effect of ‘reviving the dead and healing broken bones’.

And this Lifelong Root is the second-ranking existence on the Lifelong Tree.

Jiang Xiaobai swallowed his saliva; if he could get this ‘Lifelong Root’, could he completely cure his own sickness?

Thinking of this, Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes also shone brightly.

However, he suddenly thought of a question.

At the moment his gaze turned to Zhou Bin, he quickly asked: “Big Brother Zhou, do you understand this struggle for the Taozi title?”

“Can all disciples sign up for it?”

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