Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 71

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“Eh, such strong literary energy!”

Atop the Sword Palace, the Confucian Sword Ancestor was meditating with his eyes closed when he suddenly opened his eyes, his expression slightly shaken.

“Could it be, has Shu Jin made a breakthrough?”

While the Confucian Sword Ancestor was surprised, at this moment in the Spirit Rune Pavilion, the chief elder and the five students below all walked out with shock on their faces.


“How could it be possible!”

The elder was staring at the middle-aged man covered by the breeze, murmuring softly: “Could I have been wrong?”

“Was I really wrong?”

At this moment, it was difficult for him to accept this.

Of course, what he found hard to accept was not the breakthrough of his junior brother, but that this very junior brother clearly had deviated from the conventional path—how could he have taken this step?

But… if he truly deviated from the path, how could his junior brother possess such pure literary energy?

In his daze, the elder suddenly thought of something, his gaze fixating on the servant boy: “Wen Xuan, what exactly happened just now?”

Wen Xuan was still in shock, and it wasn’t until the elder spoke again that he came back to his senses, recounting what had just transpired.

After listening, the elder’s gaze fell on the painting, his face once again one of disbelief.

The remaining five students were also full of wonder.

The elder then bent down, picked up the painting, and when he saw the poem left by Jiang Xiaobai, he was stunned once more.

The characters were extremely exquisite, the strokes were as impressive as dragons and snakes, extraordinary in every aspect.

And then the poem itself.

Others laugh at me for being too mad, I laugh at others for not seeing through!

Do not say that the world does not understand, I roam freely to make my own heaven!


Seeing these lines, the elder was first taken aback, then covered in chills.

What level of poetic talent was required to produce such verses?

Who on earth was that young man?

On the other side.

After Jiang Xiaobai and Zhou Bin walked some distance from the Spirit Rune Pavilion.

Zhou Bin couldn’t help but speak: “Xiaobai, honestly I feel that the Way of Beast Taming might not really be right for you! The path of a Confucian cultivator…”

At this point, Zhou Bin hesitated, eventually sighing without saying more.

The path of cultivation indeed allows for dual cultivation, but those who wish to master it would find it wise to focus on one.

He didn’t say the rest, not wanting to influence Jiang Xiaobai.

Jiang Xiaobai naturally understood Zhou Bin’s meaning.

He had actually developed an interest in the path of a Confucian cultivator.

Especially the mysterious spirit runes, which were deeply attractive to him.

So much so, that he even considered severing a Confucian cultivator’s soul to pursue it.

But he remembered the last time he severed the Alchemist’s soul, he had fainted for a whole half month.

If he did it again, would he faint for even longer?

Would it have a bad effect?

All these factors made him hesitate to take this step lightly.

Sighing, Jiang Xiaobai’s face returned to a smile, changing the subject: “Brother Zhou, since we’ve come, let’s exchange for some other things!”

“Ah, exchange for what?”

Zhou Bin was startled; hadn’t they come down just for the spirit runes?

Jiang Xiaobai didn’t explain, leading Zhou Bin away.

Half an hour later.

The two walked out from a Spirit Herb Hall.

“Hehe, a Strength Increase Talisman, a Spirit Increase Talisman, exchanged for two portions of medicinal ingredients, it’s worth it!”

Jiang Xiaobai was holding the storage bag, a smile on his face.

“Xiaobai, what are you exchanging the herbs for?”

“They have their wonderful uses!”

Since he had decided to give Zhou Bin a surprise, Jiang Xiaobai naturally didn’t explain too much.

Zhou Bin, even more curious, was about to continue asking when he saw Jiang Xiaobai’s steps stop again, looking in a direction with surprise: “Brother Zhou, what is this place?”

He looked in the direction of a very majestic building with a plaque that read ‘Yunlai Tavern’.

It looked like a tavern, yet its doors were tightly closed.

It sounded like a sales shop, but the name didn’t match.

Zhou Bin also focused his gaze there, then realized something, saying: “Could it be, this is the market auction?”


Jiang Xiaobai was full of surprise: “There’s an auction?”

“Of course.”

Zhou Bin said: “I remember a formal disciple mentioning it, but I’m not sure if this is the one!”

“However… judging by the closed doors, the chances of it being an auction are very high!”


Jiang Xiaobai was puzzled.

“Oh, I heard from that disciple that the auction is not always open, only two or three times a month!”

Zhou Bin explained: “And even when they open, it’s at night!”

“I see!”

Jiang Xiaobai had an epiphany, once again took a look at the building, and then withdrew his gaze.

Places like this were likely frequented by those with plentiful cultivation resources, not suitable for them.

Shaking his head, Jiang Xiaobai left the market with Zhou Bin and headed towards the mountain roads.

When they returned to the Beast Feeding Grounds, it was already dark.

After entering the house, Zhou Bin started practicing immediately, not wanting to waste any time.

Jiang Xiaobai glanced at him and then quietly left the dwelling.

By the creek, under the moonlight with stars filling the sky.

After washing himself in the water, Jiang Xiaobai sat down by the creek and took out the pill furnace given to him by Ning Zhixi.

Since he had decided to help Zhou Bin.

There was no need for delay.

After all, he had the spirit runes and the medicinal ingredients.

Now, all he needed was to refine it.

After adjusting his breathing, Jiang Xiaobai’s expression turned serious.

With a flick of his hand, the suitable spirit rune was held between his fingers.

As the spiritual power was invoked, the spirit rune dissolved, and a strange power merged into his cyclone of qi.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaobai could clearly feel his spiritual power becoming extremely refined.

Without delay, he arranged the medicinal ingredients from his storage bag and started the alchemy process with the control of his spirit seals.

Despite this being his first time refining pills.

With the support of the Alchemist’s soul and the suitable spirit rune, his proficiency was astonishing.

Each alchemical seal was released at just the right moment.

Every fluctuation of the alchemical fire seemed planned.

The Alchemist’s soul controlled the details.

While the suitable spirit rune allowed his spiritual power to touch the minutest details.

In less than an hour, the fragrance of the pills spread by the creek, and a pill was in Jiang Xiaobai’s hand.

He put it to his nose, the fragrance clear and rich.

The handsome yet somewhat pale face showed a smile, and at this moment, Jiang Xiaobai also refined the second portion of ingredients.

Looking at the two pills in his palm, Jiang Xiaobai’s heart raced.

These were made by him.

Who would have thought he could come this far?

Standing up, with some floating feeling due to the loss of spiritual energy, Jiang Xiaobai coughed twice due to chest pain.

Even so, Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes were still bright and shining like stars.

After putting the pill furnace away, Jiang Xiaobai headed back to his dwelling.

He didn’t know exactly what was happening to Zhou Bin.

But he could see Zhou Bin’s strong desire for a breakthrough.

Now, with the support of these two pills, Zhou Bin will certainly achieve his goal.

Returning to the dwelling.

It was already nearing dawn, Jiang Xiaobai looked at Zhou Bin, didn’t disturb him, and sat down on his bed.

With the sword seal lighting up between his eyebrows, half a month later, Jiang Xiaobai entered the Sword Stele space again.

Despite it being close to dawn.

The Sword Stele space was still crowded.

Jiang Xiaobai hadn’t taken a close look yet when an exclamation came from the side: “Oh my gosh, Taibai, ah, Taibai has entered…”

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