Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 67

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“Oh, you can custom-order pills here?”

Jiang Xiaobai did not pay attention to the other person’s gaze but showed surprise.

“Of course, our place here is the ‘Danling Land of Li Yuan,’ Master Li’s shop!”

The young man shifted his gaze away from Yunling Que and smiled, saying, “Although the price is a bit high, the quality is absolutely worth the price!”

Li Yuan?

A look of confusion flickered across Jiang Xiaobai’s face.

He knew only of Zha Qinru of Danling Land; he was not clear about the others.

“Do you also buy pills here?”

Jiang Xiaobai asked.

“Buy, of course, we buy!” the man said eagerly. “May I ask what kind of pill do you have, sir?”

“Mu Huan Dan!” Jiang Xiaobai replied.

“Mu Huan Dan?” the man was surprised upon hearing this.

The Mu Huan Dan is considered a treasure among healing pills; even Li Yuan, the man’s backer, could not produce it.

And now, this fellow in front of him actually has such a treasure?

Surprised, the man was about to speak when a faint voice preemptively spoke from behind: “Mu Huan Dan? Twenty spirit stones, we’ll take it!”


Jiang Xiaobai turned around to see a young man in a white and purple robe walking in, tall and slender.

This young man’s eyes were calmly looking at him.

“Master Li!”

The man behind the counter showed respect as he saw the man enter.

With affirmation, Li Yuan looked at Jiang Xiaobai and continued, “Twenty spirit stones, will you sell or not?”

Jiang Xiaobai shook his head.

He knew very well the value of the Mu Huan Dan.

Twenty spirit stones?

That was probably not even one-third of its value.

Naturally, he could not agree.

He turned to Zhou Bin and said, “Let’s go, we’ll try another place.”

He then walked outside.

Li Yuan’s voice rang out behind him just as he took a few steps: “I’ll add five more stones; if you still won’t sell, you won’t get more than ten spirit stones for your pill in this market!”


A threat?

Jiang Xiaobai paused, turned his head, and frowned at Li Yuan’s calm face: “Oh, then I’d like to try my luck!”

He was stubborn and disliked being threatened the most.

“Let’s go!”

After finishing his words, Jiang Xiaobai, with Zhou Bin by his side, walked away.

Li Yuan continued to look at their backs with the same calm demeanor.

After they left, Li Yuan lifted his hand, holding a spirit talisman.

“Mu Huan Dan is not bought!”

Following his simple utterance, the talisman burned to ashes.

The man behind the counter witnessed this scene silently.

Bullying and strong-arming were not uncommon in the market.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xiaobai, along with Zhou Bin, began to search for buyers among the pill shops within the market.

However, without exception, they hit a wall.

Indeed, whenever he mentioned Mu Huan Dan, the shopkeepers refused him.

“What’s going on?” Zhou Bin looked puzzled as they walked out of another shop.

“It’s clear; Li Yuan has sent word!” Jiang Xiaobai frowned, clutching the Mu Huan Dan. “I refuse to believe this!”

Sent word or not, couldn’t he just sell it on the street?

With that thought, Jiang Xiaobai called out, “Everyone, I have a Mu Huan Dan here, selling for sixty spirit stones!”

Sixty spirit stones for a Mu Huan Dan was undoubtedly a good deal.

His announcement attracted quite a few passersby’s gazes.

Even some people seemed interested, but… no one stepped forward.

Jiang Xiaobai’s frown deepened at this scene.

He couldn’t believe Li Yuan’s influence ran so deep.

He continued to hawk his wares on the street.

As time passed, a faint voice arose from the side: “Stop shouting, it’s a waste of energy. I’ll take the Mu Huan Dan for ten spirit stones!”

The voice fell, and Jiang Xiaobai turned his head to see Li Yuan standing not far away, with an indifferent look on his face.

“If you keep delaying, I will only offer seven spirit stones…”

Those selling pills were often in urgent need of spirit stones; this was something he was confident about.

Hearing this, Jiang Xiaobai laughed and ignored it, continuing to offer the pill for sale.

Li Yuan stood there, in no hurry, just waiting quietly.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the street, two figures walked side by side.

The man, not particularly handsome but with a noble air in his long robe, and the woman, undeniably outstanding even in her simple dress, drew many long stares.

“Shuyun, just relax and don’t worry about losing to Taibai,” Fu Qingyun said to Xiao Shuyun. “After all, you weren’t truly defeated against his Sword Intent since you were already in the Sword Heart!”

“And now his Sword Heart is ranked first, while I’ve slipped to the fourteenth position!” Xiao Shuyun responded, her melodious voice conveying a hint of regret.

Fu Qingyun was momentarily at a loss for words, for he had only recently taken notice of this Taibai.

The fact that Taibai was now first in the ranking of Sword Hearts, surpassing even him, was indeed terrifying.

Perhaps even a bit inexplicable.

To enter the forefront of the Sword Heart, one had to touch the third stratum of Sword Force.

However, Jiang Xiaobai had leapt from the level of Sword Intent directly to the top of the Sword Heart; logically, he should not have reached the Sword Force.

“If possible, I would like to challenge him again!”

Her Sword Heart was dominant.

Now, it was abruptly broken by Jiang Xiaobai.

That feeling was not at all pleasant.

While speaking, Xiao Shuyun continued, “But unfortunately, he has not appeared again in the past half month; who knows what he is really up to!”

Xiao Shuyun furrowed her brows. Over the past half month, she often waited in the Sword Monument space, but ‘Taibai’ seemed to have evaporated from the world.

Fu Qingyun tried to say a few words of comfort when he faintly heard a hawking voice.

Looking up, he noticed some commotion: “Oh, there seems to be a sale up ahead; let’s go take a look!”

As they approached, Fu Qingyun heard clearly the content of the hawking voice.

“Mu Huan Dan?”

Fu Qingyun expressed surprise: “Oh, this pill is not common!”

Hearing Fu Qingyun’s words, Xiao Shuyun also glanced over, revealing a hint of astonishment.

Quickly, they arrived at the scene.

They saw Jiang Xiaobai hawking his wares and also noticed the standing Li Yuan.

“Oh, young Master Li!”

Fu Qingyun instinctively neglected Jiang Xiaobai and greeted Li Yuan.

Li Yuan belonged to a family of pill cultivators.

Now apprenticed to Nie Yuan, his pill refining skills were outstanding, and with a cultivation of the fifth level of Qi Refining as a young man, he was not someone to be taken lightly.

“Master Fu!”

Upon hearing the greetings, Li Yuan’s cold face brightened with a rare smile.

While the two exchanged pleasantries, Xiao Shuyun’s gaze fell on Jiang Xiaobai.

Seeing his half-white hair and his sickly yet handsome face, a sense of familiarity emerged within her.

Memories from ten years ago began to resurface.

Back then, a figure in her memory also had half-white hair.

Could it be him?

But… what was he doing here?

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