Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 66

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“Are you giving this to me?”

Zhou Bin raised his head, a flash of confusion in his eyes.


Jiang Xiaobai nodded with a smile and said, “However, you’ll need to wait a bit!”

He planned to refine a pill that could help Zhou Bin break through his cultivation level for the first time he practiced alchemy.

But at the moment, he still had some preparations to do.

He already had a pill furnace.

But he didn’t have the spiritual herbs.

Spiritual herbs were an easy problem to solve. The hill behind the sect that Zhou Bin had spoken about before should have what he needed.

Even if he asked Zhao Qinyu for help, it would be possible.

In addition, since it was his first attempt at alchemy, he also needed a … Spirit Adapting Talisman.

This, for him at the moment, was the most difficult part!

You see, pill furnaces have different characteristics, and if one wants to control the pill furnace to their whim, it would take a long time of refining, which is very difficult for novices.

But with the support of a Spirit Adapting Talisman, it would be different.

Even if it was his first time touching a pill furnace, he would be able to minutely control it, minimizing the loss of spiritual herbs.

Thinking of this, Jiang Xiaobai asked Zhou Bin, “Big brother Zhou, do you know where I can find a spirit talisman?”

“Spirit talisman?”

When Zhou Bin heard Jiang Xiaobai’s words, a look of surprise flashed across his face: “What do you want this for? Spirit talismans are quite precious.”

“I have my uses!”

Jiang Xiaobai did not explain too much, planning to give Zhou Bin a surprise after the pill was successfully refined.

“There is a market at the base of our Yunjian Sect’s mountain!”

Zhou Bin said: “However, this market only accepts spirit stones, and depending on the effect of the spirit talisman, the required number of spirit stones varies.”

“So, how many spirit stones do you have?”


Jiang Xiaobai felt a bit embarrassed upon hearing Zhou Bin’s question.

He had only one spirit stone left on him.

That was the last one Huang Linyuan gave him.

Seeing the expression on Jiang Xiaobai’s face, Zhou Bin understood and said, “In that case, perhaps the market isn’t the right place for you to go! How about asking Miss Zhao for help?”


Jiang Xiaobai shook his head: “The land of the Spirit Alchemy won’t have these spirit talismans!”

The Spirit Adapting Talisman was a shortcut, and it was unlikely that the land of the Spirit Alchemy would let its disciples take such shortcuts.

After all, learning to become familiar with and control the pill furnace was also a basic skill.

“No, what I mean is, you could ask Miss Zhao to lend you another pill!”

Zhou Bin said: “I remember a formal disciple saying that pills are quite valuable in the market!”

“Many disciples from the land of Spirit Alchemy seem to have their own shops there, so… you can definitely exchange pills for spirit stones.”


Jiang Xiaobai’s expression wavered.

If that was the case, then he could use the wooden return pill on him.

After all, he still had two of them left.

And this wooden return pill was quite valuable.

“Additionally, when you go to the market, you need to be careful!”

Zhou Bin spoke again: “It’s said that there are some independent cultivators and external forces stationed in the market. Although they are also bound by the rules of Yunjian Sect, the regulations are somewhat more relaxed!”

“Is that so?”

Jiang Xiaobai’s expression displayed surprise.

If external forces were stationed there, the market must be quite large.

Thinking this, Jiang Xiaobai lifted his head to check the time and noticed it was still early. Eventually, he decided to go down and take a look, turning his gaze to Zhou Bin: “Big brother Zhou, would you like to join me?”


Zhou Bin was somewhat surprised.


Jiang Xiaobai said, “I’ve got some healing pills that should sell for a good price!”

“Alright, then I’ll join you!”

Zhou Bin nodded and agreed.

Although he, as a beast-tender, wasn’t suited for the market, since Jiang Xiaobai had asked, why not go for a walk?

With this thought, Zhou Bin stood up from the bed and left the living quarters with Jiang Xiaobai.

As the two made their way down the mountain, Jiang Xiaobai’s expression showed a mix of excitement and anticipation, while Zhou Bin, unlike Jiang Xiaobai, looked somewhat nervous.

Yes, although he had known about the market for a long time, he had never entered it.

Gradually, when the two arrived at the foot of the mountain, they saw a broad road leading into the distance.

They could see many disciples walking there, and from their perspective, a series of well-arranged buildings in the distance.

“We should be near, let’s take a rest!”

Zhou Bin, still with some stamina, but noticed that Jiang Xiaobai seemed overtly tired, breathing heavily.

“That’s fine!”

After coughing lightly a couple of times, Jiang Xiaobai leaned against a rock nearby to rest.

This scene attracted disdainful glances from many disciples who passed by.

With such physical strength, how did he manage to get into the sect?

Jiang Xiaobai didn’t care about these things, having been accustomed to cold stares for the thirteen years of his life.

After resting for about the time it took an incense stick to burn, Jiang Xiaobai and Zhou Bin set off again.

As the two approached the market, even before entering, they could hear the extremely lively noises inside.

Facing such a scene, Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t help but smile.

Having been quiet for a while in the Yunjian Sect, suddenly facing such a bustling scene felt like returning to his family’s main city.

Especially when the two officially entered the market, the atmosphere became even more joyous for Jiang Xiaobai.

The street was busy with people coming and going.

Other than the shops on either side, there were also small vendors on the street selling various items.

Weapons, spiritual herbs, and even… some were selling small spiritual beasts.

Jiang Xiaobai and Zhou Bin walked and stopped occasionally, full of curiosity.

Before long, when Jiang Xiaobai saw a shop marked ‘Pill Workshop,’ his steps involuntarily paused.

“Let’s go in and check it out!”

As Jiang Xiaobai spoke, he led Zhou Bin into the shop.

The Pill Workshop wasn’t very spacious, and there weren’t as many people as Jiang Xiaobai imagined, only three.

And soon after they entered, these three left one after another.

Surprised, Jiang Xiaobai and Zhou Bin approached the counter.

Before he could speak, a young man behind the counter said with a smile, “The two of you look unfamiliar.”

“May I know which pill you wish to have custom-made?”

As he spoke, the young man assessed Jiang Xiaobai, his expression slightly perplexed.

Jiang Xiaobai’s appearance was somewhat disheveled, and on his shoulder, there was even a Cloud Spirit Sparrow?

It was well-known that Cloud Spirit Sparrows are usually kept by women.

For a grown man to keep one seemed quite odd…

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