Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 64

Soul Slayer Chronicle

Jiang Xiaobai detected the urgency in Huang Linyuan’s voice and did not dare to hesitate, immediately storing the protective jade talisman again. As Huang Linyuan sighed in relief, a storm of shock raged in his heart. Could it be that the elder had actually taken the initiative to help Jiang Xiaobai? Things that clearly existed had been declared nonexistent. Amidst his shock, Huang Linyuan glanced around once more and spoke gravely, “When we get back, hand over the protective jade to me. I’ll destroy it. It must never appear again!” He was right; its reappearance would undoubtedly place the elder in an unjust position.

“Alright, but Master, why would the elder… why would he want to help me?” Jiang Xiaobai could not help but ask softly.

Huang Linyuan also felt puzzled, and after pondering for a while, he finally said slowly, “There’s only one possibility!” As he spoke, he looked deeply at Jiang Xiaobai and continued, “It must be Elder Ning who helped you. She is the elder’s direct disciple. With her speaking on your behalf, it is indeed possible that the elder would let it slide this time…”

“She is the elder’s direct disciple?” Jiang Xiaobai was a bit surprised, “She’s rather nice!”

While speaking, Jiang Xiaobai couldn’t help but turn his head to look in the direction of the great hall. Ning Zhixi was definitely the most beautiful woman he had seen so far. If she were in his previous life, even celebrities couldn’t match a fraction of her beauty!

“Heh, Elder Ning is not so kind to everyone,” Huang Linyuan responded with a hint of a smile to Jiang Xiaobai’s words, “Perhaps… she is only this special towards you!”

Spirit herbs, alchemical pills, a pill furnace. These precious items had been gifted as if they were nothing. Ordinary people could not hope to receive such treatment from Ning Zhixi. Especially… when she had even given her personal jade talisman to Jiang Xiaobai.

Clearly, their relationship was closer than he had thought.

“Ah? Special treatment just for me?” Jiang Xiaobai was perplexed and asked, “Why only to me?”

“Heh, you sly kid, why feign ignorance?” Huang Linyuan smiled as he looked at his disciple, “You know the exact reason yourself, don’t you?”

Jiang Xiaobai was still puzzled. Could it be because he was brought up the mountain by Ning Zhixi, she took extra care of him as well? While he was curious, Huang Linyuan already started to lead the way, “Alright, stop overthinking it; let’s head back!”

With that said, he led Jiang Xiaobai down the mountain.

Upon returning to the cave residence, Huang Linyuan looked at Jiang Xiaobai who stood before him, “Xiaobai, the fact that you have come out of this unscathed can be ascribed largely to Elder Ning’s help. But remember, she won’t be able to assist you in everything!”

“I believe you don’t want to trouble her every time, so the next time something like this happens, you must handle it cleanly!” Huang Linyuan’s face turned stern as he continued, “At the least, do not leave any clues for the enemy! Otherwise, you’ll be inviting all sorts of trouble. This incident is a prime example!”

Indeed, had Jiang Xiaobai cleaned up the matter of killing Liang Yongren properly, he surely would not have been bitten back by Lu He, nor would he have fallen into such a dangerous situation. It could only be said that his disciple had the ruthlessness, but lacked experience.

“Yes!” Jiang Xiaobai nodded respectfully. After this event, he truly understood. He mustn’t harbor any luck-based mentality.

“Hmm,” Huang Linyuan exhaled and changed the topic, “Speaking of which, you’ve been cultivating with the Yunling Sparrow for half a month now; how is your progress?”

“The progress has been excellent, many times faster than my previous cultivation speed!” Jiang Xiaobai replied with a smile.

He did not disclose the fact that he had reached the third layer of Qi cultivation; otherwise, he feared Huang Linyuan might blame him.

“Therefore, you see why I chose the Yunling Sparrow for you?” Huang Linyuan’s smile grew thicker.

Jiang Xiaobai looked surprised, “Ah, could it be you…”

“Indeed, although the Yunling Sparrow is a pet beast, it’s exceedingly spiritual. It can return spiritual energy to you at one hundred percent efficiency! And this will only improve as the Yunling Sparrow develops!”

“What if it’s a high-level demon beast?” Jiang Xiaobai curiously inquired.

“Higher-level beasts may not have the same effect as the Yunling Sparrow!” Huang Linyuan explained, “Unless… such a beast fully awakens its bloodline, but those kinds of beasts are very difficult to tame!”

“Like the one in the forbidden area?” Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes carried a swell of emotion. In this half-month, using the Qilin monster as an external spiritual root, his progress had been terrifying.

Upon hearing Jiang Xiaobai’s words, Huang Linyuan’s expression changed slightly, “That Qilin monster possesses ancient bloodline powers with certainly extraordinary effects! But it’s inherently ferocious and bloodthirsty, even our Confucian Sword elder holds some fear towards it.”

That said, Huang Linyuan looked at Jiang Xiaobai with a solemn face, “So, you must never covet the Qilin monster!”

“Otherwise, you won’t even know how you died!”

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