Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 62

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“Ultimately, you did kill someone.” Huang Lin Yuan took a deep breath, pondering for a moment before slowly speaking, “The only way now is to send you down the mountain first. Once the situation cools down, I’ll bring you back.” Indeed, even if Liang Yongren was at fault first, the fact remained that he was killed by Jiang Xiaobai. According to the sect’s rules, the severity of the punishment had to be considered. If the punishment was severe, Jiang Xiaobai might face the risk of having his cultivation crippled and being expelled from the sect. Sending him away from the mountain would avoid this punishment. If the punishment was light, Jiang Xiaobai might only face confinement for six months or a year. After that, Huang Lin Yuan could bring Jiang Xiaobai back to the mountain. Therefore, sending him away was undoubtedly the wisest choice for the moment.

Jiang Xiaobai, though reluctant, could only nod in agreement to Huang Lin Yuan’s suggestion. “Let’s go,” Huang Lin Yuan knew this matter couldn’t be delayed. But just as he was about to leave with Jiang Xiaobai on a spirit beast, a gentle voice halted them: “Elder Huang, where are you two headed?”

As the voice fell, an elder appeared instantly, landing directly in front of the spirit beast. Huang Lin Yuan’s expression changed slightly upon seeing the newcomer: “Elder Meng Qing?”

Elder Meng Qing, a sixth-level Foundation Building expert and the enforcer of the sect’s laws, said, “Elder Lu He mentioned a disciple has committed fratricide!” His gaze subtly shifted towards Jiang Xiaobai, “This must be the one, right?”

Jiang Xiaobai felt an immense pressure just from Meng Qing’s glance, making it hard to breathe. “Elder Meng Qing, this is just one side of Elder Lu He’s story,” Huang Lin Yuan responded, his expression grim, “Isn’t it too early to intervene?”

It was clear that Lu He had anticipated Huang Lin Yuan’s attempt to take Jiang Xiaobai down the mountain and had preemptively informed Meng Qing. Meng Qing smiled apologetically at Huang Lin Yuan, “Regardless of whether it’s just Elder Lu He’s word, suspicion alone means this person cannot leave the sect.”

“So, I hope you understand, Elder Huang.” Meng Qing’s gaze landed on Jiang Xiaobai, noting his youthful appearance but unexpected half head of white hair and pallid complexion. It was hard to believe such a frail person could kill Liang Yongren.

Meng Qing raised his hand, “Young man, hand over your storage bag.” According to Lu He, it should contain evidence of Jiang Xiaobai killing Liang Yongren. To avoid any mishaps, it was better to secure the storage bag in advance.

Jiang Xiaobai hesitated, clutching his storage bag tightly. “Give it to me!” Meng Qing’s voice grew more commanding, causing Jiang Xiaobai to pale and eventually throw the storage bag to him.

Meng Qing caught it, not bothering to inspect it immediately but storing it away. “Elder Meng,” Huang Lin Yuan began, but was cut off by Meng Qing, “Elder Huang, I’m acting according to the rules, please understand.”

Huang Lin Yuan’s brow furrowed, and he eventually sighed, resigning to silence. Though he didn’t interact much with Meng Qing, he knew him to be extremely stubborn, unlikely to change his mind once it was made up.

As for Jiang Xiaobai, watching this unfold, his heart sank further into silence.

“What’s inside the storage bag, he knew all too well. Unsure of what lay ahead, Jiang Xiaobai was determined not to exchange his life for another’s. His only way out now seemed to be the mythical qilin beast he had befriended. Clenching his left hand, he pondered his next steps.

A moment later, Elder Meng Qing suddenly looked up, his eyes narrowing before focusing on Huang Lin Yuan, “Elder Huang, let’s go. The Grandmaster has summoned you.” As he spoke, his gaze swept over Jiang Xiaobai once more, “Please bring your disciple along.”

Hearing the elder’s words, Huang Lin Yuan took a deep breath and nodded respectfully, “Yes.” He then patted the spirit beast they were on, which roared softly and headed up the mountain. Meanwhile, Huang Lin Yuan reassured Jiang Xiaobai, “Don’t worry, I will protect you.” His face was a picture of determination. He had finally found a disciple of Jiang Xiaobai’s caliber and was not willing to lose him so easily.

Jiang Xiaobai felt warmth in his heart from Huang Lin Yuan’s words and responded softly. Huang Lin Yuan glanced at his disciple, surprised by the calmness Jiang Xiaobai exhibited, far from the panic he had expected.

As they headed up the mountain, Zhou Bin remained where he was, his face showing concern and a deep sigh.

In the Sword Hall, Jiang Xiaobai followed Huang Lin Yuan into the grand hall, moved by its majesty. The solemn atmosphere of the place instilled a natural reverence in him. As they entered, the eyes of several elders stationed in the hall shifted towards them. One particularly stunning figure glanced at Jiang Xiaobai, her eyebrows revealing an unnatural reaction before she averted her gaze.

Lu He, standing not too far away, scowled darkly at Jiang Xiaobai, his look filled with murderous intent. Liang Yongren had been his most promising disciple, and his rage at Jiang Xiaobai’s actions was palpable.

Feeling something, Jiang Xiaobai’s gaze briefly met Lu He’s. Feeling a bit startled by the hateful stare, Jiang Xiaobai quickly looked away, but then his expression froze. There, not far away, was the ethereal figure who had saved him from the beast when he first came to the mountain.

Caught off guard by her beauty, Huang Lin Yuan’s voice whispered, “Xiaobai, don’t stare.” Jiang Xiaobai, startled, followed Huang Lin Yuan’s gaze towards the front of the hall. There sat an elder with white hair, his middle-aged features gentle and his aura extraordinary. Could this be the Grandmaster of the Rujian Sect?

As he contemplated this, Elder Meng Qing announced their arrival to the Grandmaster, “Grandmaster, Elder Huang and company have been brought here,” bowing respectfully to the Grandmaster seated at the front.

“Hmm,” the Grandmaster responded, though he remained silent for a while longer. Up close, one could see the Grandmaster’s hands slightly clenched with nervousness. The young man with black and white hair before him was likely the individual rumored to be on the path of great Dao reformation. The Yunling Sparrow in Jiang Xiaobai’s arms further confirmed this.

As Jiang Xiaobai’s gaze met the Grandmaster’s, the latter seemed even more nervous, instinctively swallowing. Shifting his gaze away from Jiang Xiaobai, he looked at Lu He and inquired, “Elder Lu He, is this the… young man you claim killed your disciple?”

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