Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 45

Soul Slayer Chronicle


Jiang Xiaobai looked at the pill in Ning Zhixi’s palm with a smile and said, “If there are similar collaborations in the future, you can find me anytime!”

Just a simple tip, and he received such a reward.

He wouldn’t mind having a few more of these collaborations.

“There won’t be a next time,” Ning Zhixi said, her expression flickering unnaturally as she spoke, and quickly put away the blood-colored pill in her palm.

The pill this time was special; she had no choice but to seek Jiang Xiaobai’s help.

But she firmly believed that there wouldn’t be a similar situation next time.

“Heh, next time?” Jiang Xiaobai laughed when he heard Ning Zhixi’s words, “Aren’t you worried that if you seek me out again, it will be just as awkward?”

“Not worried!” Ning Zhixi shook her head, her tone calm, “Because there definitely won’t be a next time.”

“…” Jiang Xiaobai had come to understand the character of the woman before him: confident, and a bit prideful.

He didn’t bother to argue with Ning Zhixi and held out his hand, “Alright then, what about the Ghostly Fragrance Blood Lotus you promised me?”

Ning Zhixi raised her hand and placed a Ghostly Fragrance Blood Lotus in Jiang Xiaobai’s hand: “We’re even!”

“Thank you!” Jiang Xiaobai took the Ghostly Fragrance Blood Lotus, eyes lighting up.

This Ghostly Fragrance Blood Lotus, born amidst demons, was not of low grade.

Whether he took it himself or gave it to his Cloud Spirit Sparrow to consume, the effects would be exceptional.

“I’ll take you back!” Ning Zhixi said, preparing to rise and take Jiang Xiaobai back.

Jiang Xiaobai instinctively nodded, but quickly regained his senses, and just as he was about to say something, his arm was already grabbed by Ning Zhixi.

A quarter-hour later.

Back at the Spirit Breeding Grounds, Jiang Xiaobai braced himself against a tree, retching a bit before looking towards Ning Zhixi and saying, “Next time, I’ll walk back on my own!”

“I already said, there won’t be a next time between you and me!” Ning Zhixi stated calmly before her figure drifted away without any intention to stay.

“Ah!” Jiang Xiaobai watched the disappearing figure in the night, shrugged helplessly, patted his chest, and headed toward his dwelling.

Returning to his room.

Seeing Zhou Bin meditating there, he tiptoed to his own bed and sat down cross-legged.

At this moment, he was not in a hurry to cultivate; instead, he stimulated the spirit power in his body and activated the sword mark between his eyebrows.

That’s right, he had achieved the Second Layer of Qi Refinement today.

Next, his goal was to further elevate his Sword Intent.

Others he did not know, but he could feel that his comprehension of sword intent would be faster in the Sword Tablet Space.

In the Sword Tablet Space at that very moment.

On the combat stage, two people were engaged in a sword duel.

The moment Jiang Xiaobai appeared, he saw one of them cut down by the other’s sword.

Due to the swift speed of the sword, the defeated figure lingered for a few seconds before dissipating.

“Who’s next?” A calm voice echoed from the battle stage.

As the voice fell, the surrounding area could not help but buzz with discussion.

“How shameless this ‘Nan Tian’ is!”

“Indeed, a person of the Sword Heart level picking this time to fight!”

“Heh, probably got vexed by something during the day!”

At night, this Sword Tablet Space was usually frequented by those at the level of Sword Intent for duels.

Those at the Sword Heart level often chose mornings or afternoons.

This man, however, often made an appearance at night,utilizing his superior Sword Heart level to bully the weaker, truly causing discomfort to many.

Yet how much discomfort it caused, what could they do about it?

Faced with experts of the Sword Heart level, they could only watch eagerly, waiting for this person to leave on their own.

“Boring!” Nan Tian, seeing no one stepping up on the stage and preparing to leave, suddenly focused his gaze.

Just then, a figure converged in front of him.

Tai Bai?

Seeing the opponent’s name, Nan Tian’s face flickered with confusion.

Who is this?

Why have I never heard of him?

But… now that there’s someone, he didn’t mind having a bit of fun.

“Eh, Tai Bai, is that him?” A person below exclaimed in surprise, “I saw him defeat Feng Yu with a single sword strike a week ago!”

“Oh, so he’s Tai Bai, the one who defeated Feng Yu with a single strike!” Amidst surprised voices, on the battle stage, Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes locked on the title of the man before him.

Nan Tian.

What a lofty name.

However, the thought that this guy was of the Sword Heart level made his heart grow hot.

Yes, he had heard the surrounding discussions earlier.

That’s why he couldn’t wait to rush up.

For him, only by clashing with a strong opponent could he rapidly deepen his understanding of the sword.

Raising his hand, Jiang Xiaobai gripped his black sword and faced Nan Tian, saying, “Come, I hope you won’t disappoint me!”

His straightforward words left Nan Tian visibly taken aback, followed by a snicker.

Then, swinging his sword in hand, he challenged, “Big talk for someone of little strength, I am actually curious to see just how powerful you are!”

As his words fell, Nan Tian’s figure vanished instantly.

“So fast!” Jiang Xiaobai was inwardly shocked, relying on his sword’s inherent reaction to block in front of him.

Zing! Amidst the grating sound, Jiang Xiaobai felt an intense chill.

This was not like Feng Yu, whom he had fought before, not even comparable.

“Eh, quick on the uptake!” Nan Tian’s voice carried surprise, and then his sword vibrated, casting sword shadows.

These were not sword shadows caused by swordplay, but afterimages from extreme speed.

Facing such astonishing sword speed, Jiang Xiaobai could only defend passively.

However, during the defense, he remained neither tense nor panicked.

On the contrary, his mind was crystal clear, continually feeling the changes in this person’s sword intent.

And from these changes, he sought to comprehend the path he needed to take next.

Perhaps influenced by the black sword within him, it didn’t take long for him to grasp a key point.

That’s right, Nan Tian’s sword was incredibly fast.

And under such extreme speed, a ceaseless flow of sword qi is needed to support it!

However, one cannot achieve this merely by absorbing the sword qi of one’s own sword.

So how did this person do it?

As his thoughts flickered, Nan Tian’s speed became more ferocious.

Through a series of afterimages, Jiang Xiaobai was struck, feeling a pang of pain.

This pain relentlessly assaulted his will.

But was he afraid of pain?


He had been sick for thirteen years, in pain for thirteen years.

His willpower was not like that of ordinary people.

“Ah, it’s not even close to the same level!”

“Nan Tian hasn’t dealt a fatal blow yet; he’s probably just toying with him, such humiliation, he really deserves a lesson from someone more capable!” The spectators below, watching the scene unfold on the stage, sighed collectively.

A person at the level of first-level Sword Intent competing against a second-level Sword Heart expert was simply like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

As time for a stick of incense passed.

Nan Tian’s voice sounded, “Ah, still boring, I’ll send you off!”

Having had his fun, the sword in his hand once again emitted a clear hum.

An unimaginable sword intent billowed from him, his presence turning Nan Tian into an unparalleled sword!


Nan Tian’s figure disappeared, a sword light like thunder aimed to pierce through Jiang Xiaobai’s body.

“Oh, I think I get it now!”

Just at that moment, a murmuring voice arose.

As the words fell, Jiang Xiaobai made an inconceivable move.

Supporting himself with his left hand to the ground, his body quickly pressed down.


In an instant, one of Jiang Xiaobai’s legs was severed.

But at the moment his leg was cut off, his palm exerted force, and his body instantly curved like a bow, followed by a shadow of a sword swiftly passing by.

The black sword, at an angle impossible to evade, pierced through Nan Tian’s chest…

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