Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 28

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“Really?” Chu Yao’s eyes were full of surprise as she accepted the elixir. Was this pill really so miraculous? Driven by curiosity, Chu Yao looked at her master Ning Zhiqi and said, “Master, then your disciple will take her leave first!” “Go on,” Ning Zhiqi nodded.

As Ning Zhiqi watched Chu Yao leave, a ripple of emotion once again surfaced in her captivating eyes. Whoever was able to apply the art of pill concoction to such an extent deserved serious attention. However, since when did the Cloud Sword Sect acquire such a mysterious and skilled alchemist? As curiosity adorned her expression, Jiang Xiaobai had already returned to the spirit-nurturing grounds.

At this moment, he didn’t return home but instead made his way to a small creek. The night sky was brilliantly dotted with stars, and as Jiang Xiaobai entered the water, the reflection of the stars shimmered upon the surface. The creek water was cool and forced Jiang Xiaobai to cover his chest as he coughed violently after submerging.

Once his breathing was steady, Jiang Xiaobai took out a ‘Soul Shattering Pill’ and, without hesitation, popped it into his mouth. The pill dissolved upon entry, the taste slightly spicy, piercing straight into the lungs. At this instant, he felt as if a fire was ignited within – his meridians began to convulse with activity. Inside his dantian, a stream of energy thick as a thumb stirred and traveled as his meridians began to expand. With each completed cycle, the energy stream grew more potent.

Needless to say, this process was far from comfortable for Jiang Xiaobai. His handsome and delicate face twisted in agony, and as the energy became increasingly intense, so did his pain. Eventually, he couldn’t help but let out groans.

However, his endurance was rewarded. The energy within his dantian began to gather into a swirl, and with the burgeoning energy mass, it started developing in the direction of a vortex. When the effects of the pill subsided, Jiang Xiaobai opened his eyes and began gasping for air. Finally unable to bear it any longer, he covered his chest and coughed violently again, blood trickling down the corner of his mouth and washed away by the creek water. After a while, Jiang Xiaobai began to laugh, and his laughter grew louder.

Indeed, he could now clearly feel the energy vortex within his body, which was the hallmark of the first layer of Qi refining. Starting today, he had officially stepped onto the path of cultivation. Despite the pain, the delight on his face couldn’t be washed away. He had finally reached the first layer of Qi refining. After catching his breath, Jiang Xiaobai took out a second Soul Shattering Pill and, gritting his teeth, swallowed it. He was aiming for one vigorous push, after all, what difference would one more bout of pain make?

After ingesting the second Soul Shattering Pill, Jiang Xiaobai continued his assault towards the second layer of Qi refining. As he had predicted, the energy vortex within him grew stronger but did not yet reach the second layer. Nonetheless, he was satisfied with the result.

After cleaning himself in the stream, Jiang Xiaobai dressed and walked back to his place of residence. On the way, he felt changes within himself. His steps were light as though gravity had lessened its grip on him somewhat. He also felt stronger than before. Drawing upon the energy vortex within, the gathering spiritual energy gave him an indescribable feeling.

Back at his place…

Zhou Bin, sitting cross-legged on the bed, opened his eyes and looked at Jiang Xiaobai with a smile, “Xiaobai, I thought you wouldn’t return tonight!” “That wouldn’t happen!” Jiang Xiaobai shook his head and took his seat on his bed. At this point, Zhou Bin seemed to notice the changes in Jiang Xiaobai, his expression one of surprise: “Eh, Xiaobai, you seem different. Don’t tell me…”

Yes, Jiang Xiaobai gave off a distinctively different vibe now. Although his black and white hair was still striking, and his face pale, the entire temperament of the person had undergone earth-shattering changes. This made Jiang Xiaobai’s already exquisite face appear even more refined and jade-like, with extraordinary bearing.

“Uh-huh, I’ve had a breakthrough!” Jiang Xiaobai didn’t hide anything and nodded with a smile, “I’ve now reached the first layer of Qi refining!”

“Incredible!” Zhou Bin’s face was full of amazement. While examining Jiang Xiaobai, he spoke with envy, “It’s really different when you know an alchemist!” Indeed, how long had Jiang Xiaobai been on the mountain? Not even a month, right? To have achieved the first layer of Qi refining in such a short time… even some official disciples might not compare.

When he had his breakthrough, it took him several years. Besides, he had heard Elder Huang mention that Jiang Xiaobai’s spiritual roots were average. It must be because he made a connection with an alchemist! The good-looking people really do have smoother lives…

Smiling, Jiang Xiaobai chatted briefly with Zhou Bin and then entered his cultivation practice.

The next morning, Zhou Bin left early, and Jiang Xiaobai went to see Huang Linyuan. “What’s up?” Inside the cave dwelling, Huang Linyuan greeted Jiang Xiaobai with a gentle demeanor. As his words came to an end, he seemed to sense something, his expression becoming solemn: “You’ve had a breakthrough?”

“Yes, Master!” Jiang Xiaobai spoke with respect. Huang Linyuan didn’t speak a word. Instead, he stood up and approached Jiang Xiaobai, gripping his arm. As he sent a surge of his own energy into Jiang Xiaobai’s body, Huang Linyuan’s eyes sparkled with admiration, “It seems you’re not far from reaching the second layer!”

Not pausing, Huang Linyuan asked, “Did you visit the Elixir Spirit Land yesterday?” “Master, how did you know?” Jiang Xiaobai was surprised. Logically, Zhou Bin wouldn’t have gone out of his way to inform them, right?

“It’s not hard to guess, not hard at all!” Huang Linyuan laughed heartily, his gaze full of praise as he looked at Jiang Xiaobai. “Master, can I now start learning the Path of Beast Taming?” Jiang Xiaobai asked with a face full of expectation.

“Ha-ha, no rush, no rush. Your teacher will first take you to get certified as an official disciple!” Huang Linyuan didn’t waste any words and led Jiang Xiaobai outside.

An hour later, Jiang Xiaobai looked around at his surroundings with surprise. Is this the core area of the sect? The spirit-nurturing lands and the Elixir Spirit Land seemed to be halfway up the mountain, but this place was at the mountain peak.

From time to time, the enveloping mist added an air of immortality to the environment. Moreover, the peak was even more majestic and grand than he had imagined, with a plethora of structures rising and falling. He even saw a building piercing into higher clouds.

As he wondered what it was, Huang Linyuan seemed to notice his curiosity and volunteered, “That there is the Sword Sky!” “After you are certified as an official disciple, you can enter and cultivate at any time!”

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