Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 105

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“Sū lǎo, please!”

The servant now approached Su Ronghua, smiling on his face.

Su Ronghua was stunned and said to Shi Shujin, “Mr. Shi, you…I…”

“You should go quickly!”

Shi Shujin waved his hand.

Su Ronghua was even more astonished.

He and Shi Shujin had been old friends for many years.

It was not an exaggeration to say that this was the first time he had been driven away by Shi Shujin.

And the drive away was so straightforward.

“Sū lǎo, please!”

The servant looked at Su Ronghua and spoke again.

Su Ronghua finally stood up, looked at Shi Shujin, and said, “All right, then I’ll wait for your good news!”

After that, Su Ronghua left somewhat unwillingly.

But when leaving the Spirit Charm Pavilion, Su Ronghua still had confusion between his brows.


This Shi Shujin was too unusual.

Rushing him away so urgently, was it to meet some important guest?

Moreover, to excite Shi Shujin so greatly, the status of this guest must be exceptionally high!

Right, even if it were the Old Master of Confucianism and Swordsmanship himself, it probably wouldn’t have made Shi Shujin so excited!

Curious, just as Su Ronghua was about to retract his gaze, his expression suddenly turned to surprise.

Yes, he saw Han Shufeng, hurrying back from a distance.

After that glance towards him, Han Shufeng didn’t even greet him and rushed into the Spirit Charm Pavilion.


Surprised by this, Su Ronghua grew even more curious.

Who had come, after all?

At this moment, he really wanted to go in and see.

But it was not appropriate to do so; he could only walk extremely uncomfortably towards the direction of the Cloud Arriving Tavern.

Of course, during this time, he also held some hope.

Hoping that Shi Shujin would bring him a pleasant surprise as he said.


Jiang Xiaobai followed the servant and came to the cabinet.


Seeing Jiang Xiaobai, Shi Shujin immediately walked forward, bowed, and while lifting his hand invited, “Senior, please take a seat!”

Jiang Xiaobai had originally intended to go up to the second floor.

But after thinking about it, he sat down for now, as his purpose was too obvious and might not be appropriate.

Just as he settled into his seat, the sound of hurried footsteps resonated, and Han Shufeng quickly walked in.

Upon seeing Jiang Xiaobai, he respectfully bent down and said, “Young Master, you’ve finished your retreat!”


Jiang Xiaobai showed surprise and said, “You knew I was in retreat?”

At this moment, Shi Shujin explained with a smile, “The Old Master came earlier and mentioned that you were in retreat during this period.”

Indeed, following the incident with the torn scroll, the Old Master of Confucianism and Swordsmanship made a special visit.

He remembered clearly when the Old Master faced the torn scroll, he was distressed, but… more shocked.

Moreover, as he thought, upon hearing that it was caused by Jiang Xiaobai, the Old Master did not blame him.

And at this moment, Jiang Xiaobai showed a look of realization.

The Old Master of Confucianism and Swordsmanship had a wide reach within the Cloud Sword Sect; perhaps he had seen him even in forbidden areas.

“Senior, did you come here to look for books this time?”

At this moment, Shi Shujin, curious, asked.

Given Jiang Xiaobai’s capabilities and level, if he came to the Spirit Charm Pavilion, it was most likely to borrow books.

“That’s right!”

Jiang Xiaobai nodded.

Shi Shujin did not say more and looked at Han Shufeng, “Shufeng, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and escort your young master upstairs!”

“Brother Shi is absolutely right!”

Han Shufeng looked at Jiang Xiaobai and said, “Young Master, please!”

After hearing this, Jiang Xiaobai stood up and followed Han Shufeng towards the inside and up to the second floor.

Shi Shujin watched Jiang Xiaobai leave and his eyes flicked slightly.

After Jiang Xiaobai finished his business, it would make sense to invite Jiang Xiaobai for help.

By doing so, he would also witness firsthand how a person of Jiang Xiaobai’s level crafted spirit charms.

He believed even just observing would be of great help to them.

Here, Jiang Xiaobai reached the second floor, and the soul of the Confucian cultivator approached.

As the split soul merged, Jiang Xiaobai sat cross-legged on the spot and started condensing sword rhyme with the soul of the Confucian cultivator.

Because he had already been in contact, the process went very smoothly.

In less than half an hour, he opened his eyes, but the next second he closed them again.

He began to attune his own sword heart, sword energy, and ultimately the sword rhyme.

Sword energy represented the aura of the swordsman; he condensed it with the soul of a demon cultivator, so it was like a demon’s.

Sword domain represented the field of the swordsman; he condensed it with the soul of an alchemist, so it was like fire.

Sword rhyme represented the combination of sword and person; he condensed it with the soul of the Confucian cultivator, so it was like ink.

Although all three were different, each split soul was separated from his own soul, and each piece of will had his own will.

Therefore, combining them with the sword heart was not difficult!


Jiang Xiaobai was sitting there, and indescribable aura began to surge around him.

While he was attuning, in Sword Cry, exclamations of awe could be heard rising and falling.

In Sword Cry, every disciple’s gaze was fixed upon the three figures ahead.

Their expressions contained both shock and reverence.

“Heh, I never expected that after being in retreat for so long, people would still recognize me!”

Among the three, a tall man was now full of smiles.

“Zuǒ Míng, don’t flatter yourself, heh, I think most people are probably here because of Yín Shǎo!”

Another man spoke, his eyes falling on the last man with an indifferent expression, his mouth holding a smile: “Yín Hàn, as the dao child of the last generation, and also the first disciple of our Cloud Sword Sect to step into the level of sword rhyme!”

“If you truly face the people of the Heavenly Sword Sect, don’t let everyone down!”

“Yáng Jié, what do you mean by that last remark?”

Before Yín Hàn could speak, Zuǒ Míng seemed surprised: “What? You’re not planning to have a match with those from the Heavenly Sword Sect?”

“Hmm, I have self-awareness, my sword intent level is only ranked at sword domain; I cannot compare to you two, so…”

Before Yáng Jié could finish speaking, Zuǒ Míng looked contemptuous: “Don’t do that, among the three of us, you’re the deepest hidden!”

Saying this, Zuǒ Míng thought of something and paused in his speech: “However, perhaps we three need not take action, by then the one with a hot temper might not be able to restrain himself!”

“Heh, indeed!”

Yáng Jié clearly knew who Zuǒ Míng was referring to and smiled in response.

Soon, the three of them arrived at the base of the sword stele, but before they could settle down, suddenly a voice rang out: “They’re here…they’ve come!”

As the words fell, the expressions of everyone in Sword Cry changed, and then they stimulated their sword marks one after another.

The three also exchanged glances and quickly sat down to stimulate their sword marks and enter.

At the same time, within a certain cave dwelling, a slovenly man, hearing the report of the person beside him, his eyes flashed indifferently: “Hmph, I’d like to see what’s so arrogant about these guys from the Heavenly Sword Sect!”

“Master, the people from the Heavenly Sword Sect are here again, aren’t you really going to go in and see?”

Chu Yao opened her eyes and curiously asked the stunning figure beside her.

In another cave dwelling, an old man also opened his eyes and spoke to a young man beside him: “Good disciple, the people from the Heavenly Sword Sect have come, you’ve been in retreat for so long, go in and learn!”

Indeed, because of the arrival of the people from the Heavenly Sword Sect, it seemed to have caused a chain reaction, and such situations appeared in many places within the Cloud Sword Sect…

And at this moment in the Spirit Charm Pavilion.

Jiang Xiaobai, sitting cross-legged on the second floor, was still immersed in enlightenment.

Different from before, at this moment, Jiang Xiaobai was enveloped with astonishing sword intent.

After an unknown amount of time, the sword intent subsided, and Jiang Xiaobai slowly opened his eyes.


Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes revealed a different color, and then he looked out of the second-floor window.

Noticing that the sky was already dim, his expression changed slightly.

He had been delayed for so long?

At this time, he wasn’t in a hurry to go down; his first thought was to try if he, in his current state, could enter the sword stele space.

This market was also within the scope of the Cloud Sword Sect, so he should be able to enter.


The sword mark lit up at his forehead.

As Jiang Xiaobai’s will withdrew, the next second, the scene within the sword stele space came into view.

He really got in!

Before Jiang Xiaobai could feel pleased, he heard a calm voice coming from the direction of the combat platform: “Truly disappointing, is this the level of your Cloud Sword Sect’s sword rhyme practitioners?”

“Now it seems, it’s just garbage…”

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