Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 104

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“How can that be?”

Jiang Xiaobai listened to Zhou Bin’s words, slightly bewildered.

“Didn’t the ancestor break through the sixth layer?”

Zhou Bin started to explain, “After the sixth layer was opened, the stele of swords connected through a transfer seal, and it linked up with the stele of swords of the great sect behind our Yunjian Sect!”

“Then, a month ago, someone from that great sect behind us came to our sword stele space!”


Jiang Xiaobai was taken aback.

The last time the ancestor broke through the sixth layer, he mentioned this transfer seal connection.

He didn’t understand at that time.

So, this was what it meant.

While he was still surprised, Zhou Bin continued, “This person is very odd. He clearly only has the level of sword intent, but his power is terrifying, defeating our people one after another!”

“Even Nandou, who was on the fourth layer, was defeated by this person!”

As he spoke, Zhou Bin’s face showed disbelief, “Sword Heart against Sword Gang, can you imagine? Our Yunjian Sect’s Nandou was utterly defenseless!”

“That strong?”

Jiang Xiaobai’s face was full of shock.

Sword Heart against Sword Gang?

A person at the level of Sword Heart beating someone at the level of Sword Gang without the ability to fight back?

This… This seems like too much of a leap, doesn’t it?

At that time, although he also had a leap, it was limited to one layer at most.

And this person from the great sect had crossed such a large gap?

Is this the caliber of someone from a great sect?

Jiang Xiaobai suddenly became interested.

If he could make contact and understand the situation of the other party, he believed it would be of great help to him.

Especially with the struggle for the Taoist child’s position being so close.

If there was improvement to be had, even just a little, he didn’t want to give up.

Just as he thought this, Zhou Bin’s voice continued, “That person said that he would come back after half a month!”

Zhou Bin said, “According to the time, it should be in the next two days!”


Upon hearing this, a bright light flashed rapidly in Jiang Xiaobai’s eyes.

But soon, he thought of something and his expression involuntarily tightened.

Yes, he wanted to make contact, but at the very least, he also needed to enter the sword stele space in order to do so.

Thinking of this, Jiang Xiaobai closed his eyes and began to attempt to trigger the sword imprint between his eyebrows.

After all, he had also come into contact with the fifth layer of sword melody.

But soon, his expression revealed a mix of helplessness and bitterness.

He was still blocked by the sword stele space, which inevitably made him lower his head in contemplation.

Quickly, he thought of two points.

First, although he had come into contact with the sword melody, it was just contact; to delve deeper, he must fully integrate into the soul of Confucian cultivation and gain a thorough understanding.

Second, whether it be sword potential, Sword Gang, or even the sword melody, all were forged by his split soul will, and his Sword Heart and Sword Soul had not yet arrayed these in conjunction.

If he resolved these two points, then the sixth layer, he would be able to touch perfectly.

He believed that at that time, entering the sword stele space, he would not be obstructed.

With this thought, Jiang Xiaobai glanced at the sky and did not delay any longer, turning to Zhou Bin, “Big Brother Zhou, I need to step out for a bit!”

With that, Jiang Xiaobai prepared to rise and leave.

But after taking just two steps, he thought of something and left three spirit talismans for Zhou Bin, “Big Brother Zhou, keep these talismans!”

“These two are Dan Ling talismans, and this is a Sword Ling talisman. If injured, you can activate a Dan Ling talisman, and if seriously wounded, you can trigger the Sword Ling talisman, which should be enough to save your life!”

The Sword Ling talisman contained the techniques of the Azure Bird Sword.

Moreover, it was a sealing imprint of his own sixth level qi-refining stage, its power was not to be underestimated.

Even at the sixth level of qi refining, if one’s reaction was not prompt enough, one would still get injured.

“Xiaobai, these talismans…”

Zhou Bin was stunned, wanting to say something, but Jiang Xiaobai had already rushed out.

Ling Talisman Hall.

Shu Shujin was sitting in the chief position, imprinting something with a brush.

One could see that Shu Shujin’s face bore a serious and solemn expression during this period, with sweat even dripping from his forehead.

And on the highest seat to the left, an elder sat there, also watching nervously.

A quarter of an hour later, amidst ripples, the spirit paper instantly shattered.

The brush in Shu Shujin’s hand also cracked slightly from the impact.

With a light sigh, Shu Shujin put the brush aside and turned to the elder, “Elder Su, your requirements for this talisman are a bit too high.”

“I’m afraid I can’t help you with the auction finale talisman!”

While speaking, Shu Shujin paused and continued, “Perhaps, you can ask for the help of the Confucian Sword Ancestor, he might be able to accomplish the ‘Treading God Talisman’ for you!”

“The Confucian Sword Ancestor is currently very busy, I’m afraid it will be difficult to see him!”

Su Ronghua spoke, “Moreover, this auction is imminent, and there’s not enough time!”

Saying so, Su Ronghua looked at Shu Shujin, “Elder Shu, please make more effort and try a few more times.”

Shu Shujin’s face showed a wry smile, just about to say something, when a young servant walked in from outside. He was about to speak when he saw Su Ronghua and eventually came over to whisper a few words in Shu Shujin’s ear.

Upon hearing this, Shu Shujin stood up, his gaze flickering, he said with a smile to Su Ronghua, “Elder Su, you can go back first, I won’t see you out!”


Su Ronghua was startled, suspecting he had heard wrong.

Was Shu Shujin rushing him off?

Just then, Shu Shujin’s voice rang out again, “However, I can help you one more time with your auction finale talisman.”

“Perhaps, hehe, there might be an unexpected delight.”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

Su Ronghua was surprised but even more puzzled.

“Anyway, you’d better go quickly! Wensong, what are you standing there for, hurry up and see the guest out…”

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