Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 103

Soul Slayer Chronicle

Looking at Zhou Bin before him, Jiang Xiaobai found it hard to believe.

Zhou Bin was covered in blood, his complexion ghostly pale.

Behind him, a bloodied hole gaping deep enough to reveal bone was particularly frightening.


Spotting Jiang Xiaobai, Zhou Bin’s eyes lit up before his body swayed, and he fainted.

Jiang Xiaobai did not hesitate; he lifted his hand and took out a Danling Charm.

This charm had the healing power of the Yunling Snow Pill.

As he activated it, spiritual energy swirled, and the pill’s effect, influenced by his will, instantly enveloped Zhou Bin.

The wound on Zhou Bin’s back could be seen healing at a visible pace.

Jiang Xiaobai watched in amazement.

This charm seemed to work better and faster than the pills.

Was it because it was imbued with willpower?

Seeing Zhou Bin’s complexion still pale, Jiang Xiaobai took out another Danling Charm, this one with the effect of the Wooden Rebirth Pill.

With another activation, the medicinal power was absorbed, and Zhou Bin’s ashen face visibly returned to normal.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaobai confirmed that indeed, the charm’s effects were more direct than those of pills.

With a look of fascination, he helped Zhou Bin into bed and quietly kept watch.

Throughout, he gazed at Zhou Bin and pondered deeply with furrowed brows.

Whoever had injured Zhou Bin probably intended to take his life.

In these last six months, who had Zhou Bin offended?

But soon he dismissed this thought.

Yes, Zhou Bin had a conservative nature, the type to endure if possible.

So why would someone strike such a vicious blow?

He couldn’t figure it out for the time being.

All he could do now was to wait for Zhou Bin to wake up.

As time passed—around an hour later—Zhou Bin moved and slowly opened his eyes.

Noticing this, Jiang Xiaobai went up to him, helped him up, and with a frown asked, “Brother Zhou, who did this to you?”

Zhou Bin seemed stunned, then shook his head and said, “I… I don’t know!”


Jiang Xiaobai was dumbfounded.

He didn’t know?

This answer was unexpected.

“I was attacked by someone on my way back from the sword sect!”

As Zhou Bin spoke, his brows furrowed together: “So I didn’t get a chance to see who it was!”


Jiang Xiaobai’s expression turned grave: “In the time I was in seclusion, did you offend anyone?”

Knowing who it was, there might be a way to deal with it.

But an ambush was a latent danger.

If there’s one attack, there’s bound to be another.


Zhou Bin responded with certainty: “In the half-year since you’ve been gone, I spent most of my time cultivating here, only occasionally visiting the sword sect.”

“The only conflict I had was last time at the sword sect, with the guy I fought for you!”


Zhou Bin paused and added: “But he’s about the same strength as me, unlikely to have overpowered me without a fight!”

“So, the person who ambushed me must be at least at the fourth level of Qi Refining, or even… higher!”

In this half-year, his cultivation remained at the second level of Qi Refining, but he was not far from a breakthrough.

So, even if he faced someone at the third level, he wouldn’t be so easily defeated.

Jiang Xiaobai’s expression changed.

Fourth level of Qi Refining or higher, or even more?

It was impossible for Zhou Bin to offend someone at that level.

Could it be because of him?

Li Yuan?

Or perhaps Fu Yunxiu?

In terms of cultivation level, both of them would fit the profile.

Li Yuan had a deep conflict with him.

But Li Yuan was a meticulous planner—if he implicated Zhou Bin, he wouldn’t cause such a fuss within the sect.

Fu Yunxiu had no substantial grudge with him; it was just some complications involving Xiao Shuyun.

It shouldn’t lead to ambushing Zhou Bin with such severity, right?

But if not these two, then who could it be?

Jiang Xiaobai’s frown deepened, and in the end, unable to figure it out, he said to Zhou Bin: “Brother Zhou, you have to be careful during this period!”

An unseen assailant was always dangerous.

Zhou Bin was lucky to survive this time, but if there was a next time… he couldn’t imagine it.

“Don’t worry!”

Zhou Bin nodded with a forced smile, “Looks like I owe you my life again, brother!”

His rapid recovery had to be Jiang Xiaobai’s doing.

“Brother Zhou!”

Jiang Xiaobai showed a faint helplessness.

“Ha ha!”

Zhou Bin couldn’t help but laugh a little and said: “Let’s not talk about that now! But, since you and the old ancestor secluded yourselves for so long, what level have you reached now?”

He said this anticipating a pleasant surprise.

Jiang Xiaobai was different from him, especially with the old ancestor’s guidance; surely he’d impress, right?

“Qi Refining Level Five,” replied Jiang Xiaobai, though he had actually reached the sixth level of Qi Refining. He deliberately understated his level by one.

Even so, Zhou Bin was incredulous hearing Jiang Xiaobai’s words.

Level five of Qi Refining?

Had Jiang Xiaobai really reached such a height in just half a year?

Based on his estimate, Jiang Xiaobai should be at level four at most!

Snapping back to reality, Zhou Bin looked at Jiang Xiaobai with joy and said: “Then… then you can join the Daozi competition, right?”

Then he added, “The Daozi competition registration started today; there’s a one-week period to sign up!”


Jiang Xiaobai was surprised, he had thought he’d have to wait another half a month.

After all, he had left seclusion early.

He didn’t expect the registration would also start early.

“Come on, I’ll accompany you to register now!”

Zhou Bin said as he attempted to stand up, but perhaps due to his injuries, he winced in pain.

“Brother Zhou, I’m not in a hurry!”

Seeing Zhou Bin like this, Jiang Xiaobai hastened to say: “You should rest properly now; we can still go tomorrow.”

“That’s fine!”

Zhou Bin exhaled and said with a smile: “Xiaobai, the old ancestor appreciates you, you must cherish it and not clash with him!”

Watching Zhou Bin in such a state, still concerned about these things, Jiang Xiaobai felt somewhat mixed emotions.

Nevertheless, he maintained a smile and replied: “Don’t worry, Brother Zhou, I’ll be careful!”

“That’s good!”

Zhou Bin responded, looking relieved.

“Brother Zhou, during my seclusion, has anything happened within the sect?”

Jiang Xiaobai inquired curiously.


Zhou Bin shook his head, but after saying so, he seemed to remember something: “Well, not exactly nothing!”

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