Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 102

Soul Slayer Chronicle

“Whether he’s undeservedly famous or not, didn’t you also lose to him?” Xiao Shuyun coldly looked at Fu Qingyun and said, “Moreover, you have also fought with this Taibai before, you must know his true capabilities better than anyone!”

Having said that, Xiao Shuyun stood up and walked towards the outside, then said, “Additionally, in a period of time, the Conjoined Lotus that our master has will ripen!”

“Afterward, the title of Dao companions between you and me will be dissolved!”

Looking at Xiao Shuyun’s graceful figure, Fu Qingyun’s face was filled with gloom.

Indeed, the Dao companionship between him and Xiao Shuyun was only in name.

Because their master had said, disciples who become Dao companions would be rewarded with two Conjoined Lotus seeds.

And this was the fundamental reason why the two of them had become Dao companions.

However, the function of the Conjoined Lotus was singular; it allowed Dao companions to synchronize their thoughts better, making coordinated combat against enemies more outstanding.

Therefore, why Xiao Shuyun wanted the lotus seeds, he did not understand, but he was indeed attracted by the person Xiao Shuyun herself.

Dissolving the title of Dao companions?

How could he possibly agree to that?

At dusk, the place for nurturing spirits was exceptionally quiet.

The Qilin Monster looked at Jiang Xiaobai, who was drawing spirit talismans, with a full gaze of doubts.

Indeed, Jiang Xiaobai had drawn five talismans in a row.

What did that mean?

He couldn’t understand.

A moment later, Jiang Xiaobai lifted his hand and took out a piece of Wooden Rebirth Pill.

Just when the Qilin Monster’s eyes showed confusion, it saw Jiang Xiaobai hesitating for a moment and then crushing the Wooden Rebirth Pill.


The Qilin Monster’s gaze focused, and following that, it began to be shocked.

Yes, Jiang Xiaobai actually drew out the medicinal effect, integrating it into the five spirit talismans.

With the movement of the pen and ink, the five spirit talismans surged with waves, and finally, they condensed successfully.


The Qilin Monster widened its eyes.

What did this mean?

Was Jiang Xiaobai planning to use spirit talismans as medicine?


Could spirit talismans still be played like this?

If it really worked out, it meant Jiang Xiaobai was going to become the public enemy of alchemists in the future, right?

Wasn’t it the case that if they didn’t cut down Jiang Xiaobai, they wouldn’t rest in peace?

At this moment, Jiang Xiaobai picked up a spirit talisman, and his expression seemed visibly nervous.


Jiang Xiaobai exhaled, then activated the spirit talisman.

At the moment he activated it, a burst of pure medicinal power instantly entered his body.

It was the same medicinal effect as the Wooden Rebirth Pill.

Although the medicinal effect was reduced, it was just right.


Jiang Xiaobai laughed loudly: “I succeeded!”

Before, through the cooperation with his original soul, he could integrate sword techniques into the spirit talismans!

Now, through cooperation with the soul of an alchemist, he had also successfully integrated the medicinal effect into the Dan spirit talisman.

Then, needless to say, he could equally draw Yao spirit talismans.

“Did you really succeed?”

The Qilin Monster’s voice was filled with shock, and after a moment, it sneered: “Kid, you play like this, huh?”

“Just wait, you will eventually cause trouble for yourself!”

The Qilin Monster thought. When one’s talent stands out like a tree’s branches, the wind must break them.

Jiang Xiaobai making a Sword Spirit Talisman was already enough, but now he’s made a Dan Spirit Talisman?

This kind of thing, not to mention it in this small cultivation country, even if it’s placed in a great cultivation country, it would easily cause a sensation.

After all, rare goods are precious.

This kid might be moving too fast!

Jiang Xiaobai looked up at the Qilin Monster and smiled: “I don’t know about other things, but I know that as long as you are within my sect’s range, there is nothing I fear!”

The Qilin Monster’s spirit was lifted, it raised its head, and sneered: “Heh, only you, kid.”

Yes, when Jiang Xiaobai said this, it did enjoy hearing it.

With a smile on his face, Jiang Xiaobai continued to draw after putting away the remaining four spirit talismans.

Yes, he also divided the ‘Cloud Spirit Snow Pill’ given to him by Shi Bookjin.

Considering the Cloud Spirit Snow Pill’s more outstanding medicinal effect, he divided it into six parts.

By doing so, he was equivalent to having six Cloud Spirit Snow Pills.

Although the medicinal effect was reduced, the number of times it could be used was increased.

“Regardless, this Lord still has a piece of advice for you!”

The Qilin Monster spoke: “Don’t reveal to anyone that you can draw such spirit talismans unless you trust them greatly!”

“Okay, I understand!”

Jiang Xiaobai heard the seriousness from the Qilin Monster and nodded in agreement.

After putting the spirit talismans into the storage ring, Jiang Xiaobai glanced at the starry sky outside, thinking to himself: “While there is still time, let’s see if I can break through to the seventh level of Qi refining!”

The Qilin Monster actually wanted to advise Jiang Xiaobai.

After all, in the past half year, Jiang Xiaobai had already made three breakthroughs consecutively.

Being too aggressive was not necessarily a good thing.

But looking at the figure already closing eyes and entering the meditative state, it knew that anything more it said would be useless; Jiang Xiaobai had to experience it for himself.

As the spiritual power irrigated down, it also lay down and closed its eyes.

Half a month passed in a blink of an eye.

On this morning.

The news spread, stirring up the long-dormant enthusiasm of the Yun Sword Sect.

Yes, the Daozi War officially began registration.

For a time, the entire sect was abuzz with discussions.

Simultaneously, at the nurturing spirit place, Jiang Xiaobai had just bid farewell to the Qilin Monster and was walking out with the Cloud Spirit Bird.

Over the past half month, Jiang Xiaobai, who had intended to break through to the seventh layer, found his cultivation progress extremely slow.

Added to the fact that the Daozi War was drawing ever closer, causing his mindset to become increasingly unstable, he decided to leave retreat early based on the Qilin Monster’s persuasion.

And just as he had not long departed, the figure of Confucian Sword Elder descended.

“You’re a step late, he just left!”

The Qilin Monster said to the Confucian Sword Elder in a cold voice.

The Confucian Sword Elder naturally noticed this and did not rush to leave but looked at the Qilin Monster with a smile, “Looks like you plan to stay at Yun Sword Sect for good?”

“Heh, Confucian Sword old fellow, don’t provoke me here!”

The Qilin Monster sneered at the Confucian Sword Elder, “When I leave is up to me!”

The Confucian Sword Elder laughed heartily, “I had no intention of forcing you out!”

The Qilin Monster sneered disdainfully, then suddenly thought of something, its eyes narrowed, “Thousand miles of yellow clouds, the white sun sets; the north wind blows the goose, snow flurries. Don’t worry that the way ahead has no confidants, the whole world knows you!”

“Good poetry!”

The eyes of the Confucian Sword Elder suddenly lit up, surrounded by an aura of scholarship as he said, “Did he write that for you?”

“Of course!”

The Qilin Monster nodded with an air of pride, “Jealous, aren’t you?”


The Confucian Sword Elder nodded, his envy not hidden.


The laughter of the Qilin Monster immediately echoed.

The Confucian Sword Elder looked enviously at the Qilin Monster again and said, “We’ll talk more another time. I’m leaving first!”

He still had a lot to do with the start of the Daozi War registration.

“Wait a minute!”

The Qilin Monster called out to the Confucian Sword Elder who was about to leave, “There’s a question I want to ask you…”


The Confucian Sword Elder turned around curiously at the Qilin Monster’s words, “What’s the question?”

“That kid, what exactly is his soul root attribute?”

The Qilin Monster slowly spoke.

He was increasingly curious about this question.

Of course, primarily because in the past half year, Jiang Xiaobai had brought it too many shocks.


The Qilin Monster’s question made the Confucian Sword Elder’s expression hesitate.

In fact, as for Jiang Xiaobai having a soul root, he was not surprised.

After all, as a person who had cultivated the Great Dao again, having a soul root was not anything new.

But he was not clear about the attribute.

However, from the Qilin Monster’s perspective, he was Jiang Xiaobai’s master.

If he said he did not know, that would be unsatisfactory.

After hesitating for a moment, he could only lower his voice to the Qilin Monster and say, “It’s a secret!”

With that, not waiting for the Qilin Monster’s reaction, he stepped on his sword and soared away.

When the Qilin Monster came back to its senses, the Confucian Sword Elder had already disappeared.

“You, Confucian Sword old fellow!”

The Qilin Monster’s angry voice echoed through the restricted area, “You just wait for me, once I have another breakthrough, I will definitely beat you to death!”

Meanwhile, Jiang Xiaobai left the restricted area and headed back to his residence.

But upon pushing the door open, he realized Zhou Bin was not there.

However, he did not give it much thought.

Now that Zhou Bin was a formal disciple, it was normal for him to be out.

So, he didn’t look for him but temporarily sat cross-legged on the bed.

After the afternoon had passed.

Jiang Xiaobai, who was in the midst of cultivation, suddenly heard footsteps, and immediately opened his eyes to look towards the door.

As Zhou Bin’s figure appeared, Jiang Xiaobai’s face sported a smile.

But the next second, his smile froze, his pupils contracted, and after coming back to his senses, he quickly got off the bed with a trembling voice, “Brother Zhou, what… what happened to you!?”

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