Soul Slayer Chronicle Chapter 101

Soul Slayer Chronicle

Time leaves no marks; five months passed in the blink of an eye.

In the forbidden land of Spirit Beast Rearing, a bizarre glyph spread open amidst a clear, ringing laughter.

A screech tore through the skies as a cyan sword light, carrying endless chill, emerged.

Dust flew up, followed by an angry outcry: “Damn it, not this accursed spirit charm again!”

“Brat, you’re courting death!”

The Qilin beast displayed its rage, its colossal claw raised, and violently smashed towards the figure of Jiang Xiaobai.


In the rolling waves of energy, Jiang Xiaobai showed no fear, his right hand lifting as a long sword materialized and suspended itself in midair the moment he grasped it.

The sword energy surged violently, immediately forming fiery sword lights one after another.

Furthermore, these fiery sword lights were continuously emanating, moving around Jiang Xiaobai as if they were creating a domain.


The Qilin beast’s claw collided with the sword lights, creating a thunderous noise.

The blade’s sharpness rebounded, and the Qilin beast sneered coldly, exerting force in a flash, only to see Jiang Xiaobai’s surrounding fiery sword lights suddenly shatter entirely.

As the claw neared, Jiang Xiaobai moved; he jolted his right hand, the long sword flicked like ink, slashing through the heavens and earth.

That incredible sight caused the Qilin beast’s pupils to contract.


A muffled sound reverberated as Jiang Xiaobai’s body was sent flying backward, skidding for more than a dozen meters before coming to a stop.

The Qilin beast lifted its claw to inspect a visible wound opened up, looking at Jiang Xiaobai with disbelief and asking, “Kid, have you… have you grasped the essence of sword rhythm again?”

“How did you manage to do that?”

They knew that just half a month prior, Jiang Xiaobai had only just understood the nature of sword energy.

In such a short time, had this young man now comprehended the sword rhythm?

Jiang Xiaobai wore a coy smile, yet his eyes held profound meaning.

In fact, this was not true comprehension.

It was merely an epiphany.

Indeed, during his first trial of facing the Qilin beast, its overwhelming aura had enlightened him to the ferocity of demonic power.

So, in his spare time, he attempted to condense his own sword presence using the soul of a demonic cultivator.

He succeeded!

Later, he used the soul of an alchemist cultivator to condense sword energy, and he succeeded again.

This last sword rhythm, he gathered through the soul of a scholar cultivator.

But because the soul of the scholarly cultivator was not with him, he only touched upon the periphery.

Even so, its power turned out to be more astounding than he had imagined.

Seeing the Qilin beast still perplexed, Jiang Xiaobai did not clarify but merely smiled and said, “Perhaps it’s just talent!”

The Qilin beast, upon hearing this, scornfully dismissed him.

But recalling Jiang Xiaobai’s soul root, it reconciled itself, yet soon curiosity struck it again, “What about your spirit charm, what’s that about?”

“Haven’t I said it already? I’ve also been studying scholarly cultivation!”

“You think I don’t understand spirit charms?”

The Qilin beast glared at Jiang Xiaobai furiously and said: “I mean, how did you manage to draw that strange sword spirit charm!”

Spirit charms were created by scholar cultivators channeling their will with that of heaven and earth.

Hence, even though these charms could encompass a great variety, they could not accommodate sword techniques that required manual activation.

Yet Jiang Xiaobai had broken this rule.

The spirit charms he drew could not only contain sword presence and sword energy but also the Qingniao sword technique.

It was simply inconceivable and amazing to behold.

To this, Jiang Xiaobai only responded with a coy smile, “Secret!”

“Secret? Damn you, come here, let’s see if I don’t kill you!”

The Qilin beast’s eyes widened with a surge of ferocity.

“Come on, then!”

Jiang Xiaobai wasn’t afraid at all, his momentum suddenly shot up.

“Oh my, you… when did you break through to the sixth level of Qi Refining?”

The Qilin beast exclaimed angrily, “Alright, alright, alright, you’ve been hiding it, right?”

“Today, I must teach you a lesson!!”

Sword Hall.

The old ancestor sat serenely at the head, his expression calm.

Below him, an elder reported, “Old Ancestor, Meng Fan has also left seclusion yesterday. His current cultivation level is at the seventh layer of Qi Refining!”

“Now, counting our core disciples, there remain five in seclusion.”

The old ancestor showed a hint of surprise and after musing for a moment added: “How goes the state of the Sword Xiao domain?”

As his words fell, Ye Qing stood up, hesitated, and finally spoke with a bitter tone: “Since last month, when disciples from ‘Heavenly Sword Sect’ suddenly appeared through the sword inscription, the overall atmosphere has been heavy, unlike before.”

Ye Qing’s words also weighed heavily on the hearts of the elders around him.

The old ancestor, however, remained surprisingly calm.

Their Yun Sword Sect was, after all, only a branch.

The Heavenly Sword Sect was their superior sect, located within a great country of cultivators.

Ever since the sixth layer was opened, the inscription on the sword stele had been connected.

He had long anticipated this day would come.

“Hmm, just get used to it for a while, it will get better!”

After the old ancestor spoke slowly, he continued: “Moreover, the opening of the domain beyond is imminent. Notify everyone that the battle for the title of Daozi will start in half a month!”


The elders present respectfully complied.


The old ancestor waved his hand, and the elders left one after another.

After the Sword Hall was left with only the old ancestor, he lifted his head with solemnity.

But a moment later, his solemnity dissipated, replaced by a smile.

With that senior present, there was nothing he needed to worry about.

“Let’s wait another half-month. If the senior is still in seclusion within the Spirit Beast Rearing land, I’ll have to notify him personally!”

Indeed, he had searched for Jiang Xiaobai last month, eventually sighting him within the Spirit Beast Rearing land.

He didn’t disturb him and quietly left.

Now, with the Daozi battle approaching, even if he didn’t want to disturb him, he would have to make a trip.

Sword Xiao Domain.

Shortly after returning from the Sword Hall, Ye Qing slowly entered the domain.

At this moment, among all the Sword Xiao disciples, everything stood motionless, their hand-held sword insignias flickering, indicating their presence within the sword stele space.

Well aware of this, Ye Qing too sat down below a sword stele, activated his insignia, and entered the sword stele space.

As soon as he arrived, a battle concluded, and he was just in time to hear a faint voice: “Of the eight branch sects, it is your Yun Sword Sect that’s the weakest, only managing to open up to the sixth layer of the sword stele now!”

“Heh, I, at the second layer of Sword Heart, fare better than your fourth layer of Sword Qi.”

“I really don’t see the point of your branch’s existence!”

“Don’t get cocky, let’s see if you’re still so bold in half a month!”

A disciple from the Yun Sword Sect replied angrily below: “In half a month, all our disciples in seclusion will emerge, then let’s see how arrogant you are!”

“Alright, we’ll return in half a month, and I hope it will be as you say, otherwise… it would be too boring. Let’s go for now!”

With those words, that figure gradually faded away, taking three others with him, also disappearing from the sword stele space.

Seconds later within the Sword Xiao domain, all the disciples gradually opened their eyes.

Each one’s face bore expressions of anger and unwillingness.

“Damn, the people from the Heavenly Sword Sect are too powerful. That second-layer Sword Heart individual, he even defeated our fourth-layer Sword Qi Nan Dou!”

“Yes, and the most infuriating thing is, they mocked our sect for having no capable people, absolute bullies!”

“Damn it, I really want to beat him up!”

“Hey, perhaps Tai Bai can teach this guy a lesson, right?”

“Tai Bai? Don’t mention him; ever since ‘Qianshan’ challenged him, he has completely vanished. Heh, perhaps as Fu Shao said, he’s just someone who relied on a soul treasure to forcibly advance his level with the help of our old ancestor!”

“Exactly, hiding away for five months straight, he turned out to be just a flash in the pan, it’s embarrassing just to stand at this sixth layer!”

While angry voices continued to rise, one figure glanced at the name ‘Tai Bai’ on the sixth layer of the sword stele, and his expression shifted slightly.

This person was none other than Xiao Shuyun.

She had battled ‘Tai Bai’ once before.

She knew full well that Tai Bai was not as others described.

But light talk was feeble, especially when certain notions were deeply ingrained, and hard to change.

However… she too was curious why Tai Bai had disappeared completely.

As she was lost in thought, a gentle voice sounded beside her: “Shuyun.”

Xiao Shuyun turned her head to look, and when her gaze fell on Fu Qingyun, her expression turned slightly cold, and she responded briefly, saying no more.

Then, Fu Qingyun gazed in the direction of the sword stele.

Looking at the name ‘Tai Bai’ on the sixth layer, he frowned slightly and said: “A person of hollow reputation, why bother to give him any attention?”

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