Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 269


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 269: The Ritual of the Strong Demon

There are two ways for the beings in the upper floors of the Tower to manifest themselves.

The first is when they come down to the lower levels of the Tower of their own will.

Although it was considered a double-edged sword because it required a tremendous amount of coins or holy relics as offerings, it was the most proactive method available.

And the second is when the beings on the lower floors use specific locations or offerings to call those from above.

Like now.


A gigantic magic circle appeared throughout the ruins.



The monster statues twisted and fell in disarray.

As if they had been thrown into a massive smelting furnace, their bodies began to melt and seep into the magic circle.

“Uh… Park Hyung. I feel dizzy? It feels… odd, it’s strange.”

“My body won’t listen to me either…”

The dungeon raid team of the Dangun Guild dropped their weapons and shields.

“Everyone, snap out of it! If you fall asleep, we’re all dead!”

Park Jeongjin tried to protect his comrades using holy magic, but it was futile against the overpowering demonic energy.

Visibility became hazy.

The sensation in the limbs disappeared, and thoughts became dull.

Kuung! Kung!

One by one.

Everyone lost consciousness and collapsed.

But Yu Yeonhwa and Lee Taemin had not yet lost their senses.

“N-noona, it’s… absorbing mana.”

“Dammit! Oppa! I’ll take everyone and get out of here first. You can handle the rest, right?”

If this continued, they would all be caught.

They had to escape before it was too late.

“I think I can manage this number with my gravity magic.”

Maria also estimated the number of people and the remaining mana by eye.


Because of the three of them.

The possibility of having meaningless casualties seemed preventable.

Most importantly, they wouldn’t need to reveal ‘that.’

“Don’t worry and go first. I’ll handle everything from here on out.”

Jinhyuk simply nodded his head.

“Did I say I’d let you go? The precious nutrients you’ll become?”

Tristan drew his sword.


With a dazzling flash, demonic energy unique to mine concentrated on the blade.

But, just before the demonic energy was released.


Tristan was engulfed in a monumental flame.


The concentrated demonic energy scattered instantly.

“You have the leisure to pay attention to that? You’d better focus on the Strong Demon Ritual.”

“You… talking about wasting mana? It’s pointless to struggle. No one here will survive.”

Inside the ruins, running away was akin to being a mouse trapped in a jar.

Once a titled demon manifested, the mere sight of them would turn any player into a handful of dust.

And the offering for this grand undertaking…

Tristan picked up the severed arm of the witch.

“Let go, let go! You promised to perform the ritual using the humans here as offerings. So why…”

The severed arm struggled violently.

“The plan was to use them, but since you failed to deal with that human and the other players, the contract terms have to change.”

The offerings here were insufficient to summon a powerful demon.

At the very least, the life of the witch who ruled this relic was necessary.

“I, as just an offering… to die? Me?”

“It’s a fitting death, isn’t it? Being a consumable for great magic is an ideal end for a witch.”

Tristan placed the arm at the center of the magic circle.



A purple flame began to nibble at the flesh.


The screams did not last long.

The remaining flesh soon turned into ashes and disappeared completely.

And at that moment.


[The boss of the ruins, ‘The Witch of Lamentation,’ has been annihilated!]

[You have received 94% of the contribution for defeating the boss monster!]

[You have successfully copied the unique ability ‘Black Tears.’]

[Black Tears]

Difficulty to acquire: SSS

Description: Black Tears is a unique ability used by the Witch of Lamentation, the master of the relic ‘Tomb of the Antichrist’ on the 15th floor. It possesses psychic abilities that can corrupt and mutate any object it touches and physical abilities that can devour enemies whole. Additionally, Black Tears can ‘evolve’ under certain conditions.]

[Your level has increased!]

[Your level has increased!]

[Your level has…]


[You have acquired ‘Witch’s Grimoire.’]

[You have acquired ‘Screaming Apple.’]

[You have acquired…]

Notifications of level-ups and several items appeared.

But there was no time to check how many levels were gained or what items dropped.

‘Is it finally coming?’

Jinhyuk swallowed dryly.



Following the indescribable glow, a dark and profound demonic energy rose.


A cold sensation spread over the skin.

No need to check.

A named demon with a title was crossing over to this place.


Tristan exclaimed with ecstasy.

As if all the pain and hardships had been rewarded, a tear even streamed down his trembling eyes.

Damn, anyone would think that some long-lost ancestor had returned from the dead.

Watching his utterly enraptured expression was frustrating.

That’s when it happened.

Between the mists, the cheerful voice of a man sounded.

“Kyaa! It’s been a while since I last breathed the air down here. Hahaha. Yes, this is it. This is refreshingly nostalgic.”

A young man with black horns, emerald eyes, black hair, and pale skin walked out.

Jinhyuk reflexively activated ‘Gluttonous Eyes.’

[Name: Hargan / Title: Count / A middle-ranking demon.]

[Gluttonous Eyes is too low-level to confirm his unique abilities, skills, or the conditions for copying them.]

The only info Gluttonous Eyes could reveal was this guy’s name and rank.

But that was enough.

“This unworthy servant greets the great existence before him.”

Tristan quickly bowed his head.

“Yeah, yeah. You’ve been through a lot. I was getting restless too, but thanks to you, I feel like I can stretch my legs.”

“Thank you for your gracious words.”

“But what about that guy? Why is a human standing so stiffly with his head raised?”

Hargan’s gaze turned to Jinhyuk.

“That man is the one who has been hindering us and trying to ruin the plans of the great ones. Many comrades have already fallen by his hand.”

“Hmm. Him?”

“Yes. He must be killed immediately. He’s a great danger.”

Tristan glared at Jinhyuk with malice in his eyes.

“Wow. Now that a powerful demon has shown up, you sure have regained your spirit. Well, if it’s a count-level demon, that’s understandable.”

The monster before him was so intimidating that it sent shivers down his spine.

A sovereign being, far beyond the level of a player.

But, did you know?

“Summoning a demon isn’t something only you can do.”

The ‘Tomb of the Antichrist’ was a place where demons could manifest, but it wasn’t limited to just one.

“In fact, there’s a leech-like one who’s also interested in me.”

He’s probably watching even now…

As expected, sparks began to flash in the air.

[The deity ‘Rotting Heart’ yawns at you.]

Come on!

You can’t be so indifferent here.

Jinhyuk urgently waved his hands towards the void.

You see? I know you’re watching, so acknowledge it.

However, no matter how much Jinhyuk attempted to gain its attention, the entity only sent indirect messages filled with annoyance, showing no sign of movement.

Always so lazy…

“Oho. So you’re the human who has caught the attention of the demon race?”

Hargan chuckled intriguedly.

“Attention may be putting it grandly, but I have received a slight love call.”

“Finding some rotten lifeline, huh. Well, if a demon that takes interest in a fledgling human, it must be insignificant. At most, they are likely only baron or viscount-level, right? Whatever it is, a supporter of such trash is nothing but trash as well—”

Hargan’s words were abruptly cut off as he froze mid-sentence.


Just now, he felt a chilling sensation.

A tremendous demonic power, like being ripped apart entirely.

Someone, who had been disregarded until now, had reacted to being called ‘trash.’

“What the hell is this absurd demonic energy?”

Hargan stepped back in shock.

[The deity ‘Rotting Heart’ tilts its head towards Hargan.]

[It asks what year of the demon military academy you are from.]

A mere display of presence.

But that alone was enough to utterly change the atmosphere.

“You! Who are you to ask such a thing? Show yourself right now!”

[The deity ‘Rotting Heart’ commands you to answer its question.]

Once again, Hargan shrank.

It was a command filled with such powerful authority that he could not defy it.

Sensing that the situation was going awry, Hargan slowly opened his mouth.

“I, I am from the 3537th generation. I earned the title of count there too.”

Hmm. The 3537th generation.

Without detailed knowledge of the demonic world, it was hard to tell whether this was high or low.

Given his confident response, however, it seemed on the high end.

“Berial. What generation are you from?”

Jinhyuk asked towards the void.

[The deity ‘Rotting Heart’ shows three fingers.]


This is definitely popcorn material.


Demons tend to be so aggressive that their hierarchy changes frequently.

Perhaps no other race undergoes such dynamic shifts in ranks.

Even among demons, Berial was known to be reclusive, hence its high status was unknown to many demons.

Of course.

Once a glimmer of its status was shown, even the most oblivious demon could sense Berial’s level to be extraordinary.

Jinhyuk had planned for this moment ever since he learned this was a sacred demonic prison.

Everything unfolded as desired.

‘If Hargan hadn’t called Berial trash, it might have been slightly dangerous.’

Luck had played its part, an undeniable fact.

If the capricious Berial had decided not to help, Jinhyuk would have had to face Hargan in a one-on-one fight.

But, that’s beside the point.

Now it was time to wrap things up.

Jinhyuk approached the stunned Tristan.

Hargan, utterly humiliated, had already returned to the demon realm with his tail between his legs.

Tristan had become a sack of grain with nowhere to go.

Seeing his soulless figure was somewhat pitiful, but unfortunately for him, his troubles had not ended.

“Don’t be so despairing just yet, haven’t you forgotten? Hargan won’t just sit back after being made a fool of.”

“Not sit back?”

“Of course not. He’s been embarrassed; he won’t leave it at that, right?”

“This… it’s not my fault… I couldn’t predict this…”

“Sorry, but from his perspective, that doesn’t matter. He just needs a target for his anger.”

That’s why you don’t make contracts with demons lightly.

Their whims could turn the tables at any moment.

Unless you have about a hundred lives to spare… well.

You’re not likely to last very long.

“How could this…”

Tristan’s face turned ashen.

“What, what should I do?”

What to do, indeed.

“First, get on your knees.”

Let’s talk about the rest later.

A wicked smile spread across Jinhyuk’s lips.


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