Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 264


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 264: The Strongest Reinforcements (2)

“Enough with the empty threats, just surrender obediently. How dare someone as fragile as a saintess…”

The words of the minion halted abruptly.

The Theresa that had been there just moments ago had vanished, replaced instead by a view of Gawain and her other companions who should have been behind her.

It was an impossibility under normal circumstances.


His head had been twisted 180 degrees.

Staggering, his body soon fell sideways with a heavy thud.


“Where do you think you’re touching with those filthy hands?”

No special weapon was used. Just bare hands…and with such light effort, she snapped the neck of an adult man.


Dark sparks burst around Theresa’s body.

An ominous aura of magic power swirled about her, hardly like anything a saintess, known for sacrificing her life to save others, would possess.

“Magic… Similar powers. Even if her personality changed, it should be impossible for her to manifest such conflicting abilities…”

Holy power and magic.

Two forces that should never coexist within one person.

Yet there existed someone who could wield both simultaneously.

“All you know is slightly different from reality. But, I guess there’s no need to explain everything to someone about to die.”

Theresa slowly got up.


A dark-tinted sword pointed forward.

“Are you really willing to fight? Joining us would obviously be more beneficial for you if you can handle magic. We can help you achieve what you desire.”

“Hmm. Fulfill my desires… You guys?”

Gawain’s face flickered with a hint of light for a moment.

The thought crossed his mind that she might have defected to their side. But it was only for a brief instance.

“I’m afraid I find the veterans on our side a bit more appealing. Jinhyuk, Yuseong…they are totally my style. As for minions like you…you lack the flavor that makes it worth nurturing and consuming. In other words, you’re dull.”

“Negotiations have…broken down.”

“That they have.”

Theresa nodded.

At her signal, Gawain gestured towards the minions at either side.





The minions quickly spread out, their crimson auras taking shape around their weapons.

“It’s a pity. A talent like yours would have been quite useful for the association.”

If she refused, there was only one option left.

“Kill her.”

Gawain’s command was clear.

Instantly, the minions unleashed the magic they had been gathering.

[Multicast Spell Lv20 ‘Serpent of Agnia’ activated!]

Beneath Theresa, a hexagram drawn in blood materialized, and then…

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Out burst a black serpent that swiftly bound Theresa’s entire body.

A high-level binding skill activated by the combined magic power of more than ten minions, complete with an ‘Energy Drain’ arrangement to sap Theresa’s magic power.

“To think you’d bind a lady with a serpent. Isn’t that a bit too harsh?”

Theresa struggled against the constricting serpent.

But the serpent, tightly coiled, did not budge.

“Someone who nonchalantly breaks people’s necks with their hands hardly deserves such courtesy.”

“Oh, dear. That hurts my feelings.”

“Don’t worry about emotional wounds… How about the ones about to decorate your body?”

Gawain grinned as he pulled out his spear.

As long as she remained restrained, he planned to impale the saintess through the heart with his spear.

The sharp point stopped mere centimeters from where Theresa’s heart should be.

“It seems you don’t plan on letting me go, so, if that’s the case, I’ll have to free myself.”

“You think you can escape? It’s impossible with your power.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Theresa’s eyes darkened further.

Then, at that moment…



The serpent confining her screamed in agony as it was consumed by flames.

“This is… impossible!”

Feeling an ominous magic power surge, Gawain desperately thrust his spear.

However, Theresa’s burst of magic power was swifter than the spear could pierce her flesh.

[Theresa activates her unique ability ‘The Saintess of a Fallen Kingdom’!]

Her second unique ability, only usable when she had embraced her fall to corruption, the ‘Saintess of a Fallen Kingdom’.

She took up the sword to save a nation, did save it, but in the end, was betrayed by the very nation she had saved.

It was said she carried no regrets about her life until her last breath, but…

That wasn’t the truth.

She resented.

She suffered.

She wanted to live… to survive the horrendous flames.

And so, the saintess wished to curse everything in the world with her dying breath.


A sorrowful sigh escaped from Theresa.

[The conditions have been met.]

[The grudge of the deity ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ descends upon you!]

[The purest magic power blooms!]

A darkness far thicker than before enveloped everything in sight.

“If you want to flee, then flee. But I won’t let a single one of you escape alive.”

With those final words…


Theresa disappeared.

She reappeared right in front of a minion off to the side.

Close enough for her breath to touch.

Crack, crack!

Theresa’s sword swept down from top to bottom.

From the crown of the head.

To the groin.

The body was perfectly bisected.


Amidst the spray of blood like a waterfall, Theresa emerged.



With each swing of her sword, limbs flew through the air.

Her strokes were too fast and precise for the minions to even attempt a reaction.

Within less than a minute, over five minions lay dismembered and lifeless.

Having slung her sword over her shoulder, Theresa sought her next prey.

“Uh-huh. Huh. Huh.”

The sight of her singing nonchalantly, drenched in blood, seemed like a scene out of a twisted fairy tale.

Of course, for those now trapped in that fairy tale…

“…such a monstrous thing.”

There was no need for an actual hell.


When all your carefully laid plans crumble, the sense of futility is unparalleled.

Of course, it is.

Anyone would feel hollow if their certain victory turned into a house of cards toppling over.

“How is this possible…”

Tristan’s voice shook faintly.

Having succeeded on just one front would have been enough to shake the enemy’s foundation, but now the dispersion of their forces only resulted in being picked apart one by one.

Even the players of the Gandara Guild, slightly better off due to their high skills, were being overwhelmingly smashed apart. The minions were having an especially brutal time getting wiped out.

Gawain was barely holding on, but he too was in peril.

A matter of minutes.

After that, just like the rest, his head would be severed.

“I have quite a wide network, you know. Always being a nice guy has its perks. Everyone rushes to help when things get tough.”

Jinhyuk grinned.

This is why, they say, one should live a life accumulating good deeds.

I feel a twinge at the tip of my nose.

Yu Yeonhwa and Lee Tae-min made faces as if they heard some nonsensical gibberish, but Jinhyuk was too teary-eyed to notice.

Just then, the Witch of Lamentation slowly started to speak.

“…So the rear guard battle is a grand victory for you.”

Yes, the rear guard battle had certainly been won.

The problem was that the main event wasn’t here; it was where they were now.

The atmosphere chilled.

Although the lich, Beradum, had greater magical abilities, the Witch of Lamentation surpassed even many demons in curses and barriers.

Despite this, Jinhyuk deliberately maintained a relaxed expression.

“I have plenty of other tricks up my sleeve. So there’s no point in struggling in vain. Just give up peacefully because the winner of this battle is already decided.”

“Don’t delude yourself. What you have prevented so far are just plans set by the minions. I haven’t even played my hand yet.”

The Apostle of Gluttony remained unscathed.

And as long as the Apostle stood firm, the owner of these ruins maintained an advantage over the players.

“Make sure to chew thoroughly before swallowing that one. He must die in pain.”



The Apostle of Gluttony swung his mace and charged once again.

The same situation replayed.

That mass immune to all attacks went berserk.

To escape, the four players would have to flee in various directions.

Without a countermeasure, this scenario would continue ad infinitum.

‘Unless I don’t know a way to actually eat that thing.’

Jinhyuk pulled a book from his interdimensional inventory.

“Just hold on for three minutes… everyone, just three minutes more.”

“Three minutes?”

Yu Yeonhwa asked immediately as she dodged the mace.

“I need you to take the focus off me completely.”

Simply fleeing wasn’t enough.

They had to face the threat head-on and buy time.

To allow the dish to be perfectly prepared.

“Alright. We’ll do our best to hold out. Maria, please focus on support. Tae-min, take care of the smoke bomb placement.”

“Yes. Let’s give it a try. We’ll trust you, Jinhyuk.”


The three of them moved into action.

Meanwhile, Jinhyuk channeled his magic into the book he was holding.

[‘1009 Recipes for a Discerning Eater’ activated!]

1009 ingredients from the Tower that players could never eat.

The secret to making them edible was all contained within this very book.


The pages turned, revealing the recipe for the current ingredient.

[“The meat of ‘Autodoble’ is highly nutritious but emits a severe odor and contains twelve types of poison. To counteract this…”]

From the type of ingredient to the method of preparation for consumption, the cookbook for discerning eaters had it all.

Jinhyuk quickly began cooking the meat with the ingredients he had prepared.

Thanks to the ‘Interdimensional Restaurant’, his skills were on par with any professional chef.

But then,


Jinhyuk slightly tilted his head as he examined the finished dish.

After such a long time, there was a lack of confidence. Following the recipe doesn’t guarantee perfect replication of subtle details.

The predicament was short-lived.

In that case…


Injecting magic into ‘Braham’s Ring’, a 30cm Elise appeared.

“What? I was enjoying watching them fight the Apostle of Gluttony. You didn’t call me to replace you in battle, did you? You know my condition isn’t normal after fighting with Decarabia.”

Fortunately, it seemed she wasn’t paying attention to this side.

Her annoyed expression alone hinted she had no inkling of her impending fate.

“I know that. I didn’t call you to fight, so don’t worry.”

“Then why did you call me?”

“Oh, nothing much. I need someone to test… I mean, taste this dish.”

“Testing? Tasting?”

Elise sensed something ominous and frantically fluttered her tiny wings, trying to flee…

…but it was too late.

Jinhyuk quickly slipped a small piece of meat into Elise’s mouth.

Elise reflexively chewed.


Her pupils shook violently.

That was the last of it.


Foaming at the mouth, she collapsed backward.

Apparently, it was failure, perhaps having a slightly sour smell.

‘Ah! That’s right. I should have raised the flame by two degrees. To cook it from the outside to the inside… Yes, that was it.’

Jinhyuk clapped his hands together.

The confusion about the cooking method had been resolved.

Adjusting for his previous mistake, Jinhyuk amended his preparations.


[The safe meat of ‘Autodoble’ is now prepared!]

Finally, the conditions to harm the Apostle of Gluttony were in place.


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