Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 261


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 261. The Seven Deadly Sins (2)

In the seventh chamber of the Antichrist’s tomb, the Witch of Lamentation stared at a gigantic glass orb before she cursed out loud.

“What in the world is this madman…?”

It was a scene so preposterously out of the ordinary that it left her at a loss for words.

And justifiably so, as she was flustered.

One of the humans who had entered the ruins was acting in ways that defied all common sense, with every single action surpassing what was considered rational.

“My apostles… are all getting smashed to bits?”

At first, when the battle began with the Reaper, the Apostle of Pride, she had thought of him as a somewhat unique intruder.

Someone with exceptional combat prowess and overflowing confidence could have defeated the Apostle of Pride.

But the intruder who effortlessly crushed the apostle had even broken through the Silent Corridor.

And soon after, he was toying with the Apostle of Sloth who guarded the end of the passage.

-To defeat the Apostle of Sloth, do nothing.

Be more lazy, more slothful.

Only those who perceive everything indifferently and have given up on all can pass through the second gate.


The intruder had implemented the strategy to perfection.

“Damn it! What kind of player is so lazy that even their heart finds beating too bothersome and stops?!”

It was beyond criticism that he had become so slothful he brought himself to the brink of death.

Even an apostle recoiled with disgust from his condition.

Moreover, he wore a ludicrous outfit that even his dreams would hate to conjure, driving the Apostle of Lust to shriek and flee.

He enlightened the Apostle of Envy with personal counseling.

He overcame the gates with preposterous and bizarre methods.

Though the situation was downright maddening, it also had to be admitted as the most effective strategy.

“Already… Four of the apostles have been breached.”

There were guardian monsters protecting the apostles, but even they were swept away by a man with strange machines and a woman who used martial arts.

The female sorceress using magic was equally formidable.

And thus, without even two days passing, four of the apostles had lost their lives.

The Witch of Lamentation was reeling under pressure beyond her imagination because she hadn’t anticipated the gates to be breached so rapidly.

It was then that the inevitable realization struck.

“Didn’t I tell you? He’s a human not to be underestimated.”

“We, too, have been outplayed by him several times already. If you don’t prepare properly, even the great Witch will have to drink the same punishment as we did.”

Beside the Witch of Lamentation, a pair, a man and a woman, appeared.

They were the rankers of the Round Table who led the Mage Association.

They were Gawain and Tristan.

The two had repeatedly stressed the dangers posed by Jinhyuk.

The Witch of Lamentation had only scoffed in return.

“… Indeed. It seems I took your words too lightly. I underestimated my opponent far too much.”

By now, she had no choice but to acknowledge the reality.

The current threat was different from the adventurers and witch hunters that had come before.

“So, what are you proposing?”

“Throwing a few light punches won’t make a difference against that man. Rather, it will only weaken our own forces.”

Tristan moved towards the orb.

His jet-black hair cascaded down past his shoulders.

“We need a strong, decisive blow. One that ensures he won’t even think of getting up.”

There was a way.

That’s why the Mage Association had come here in person.

“Tell me what you need. Whatever it is within my power, I will grant it. As it stands, seeing vermin continually invade my inner sanctum is making my blood boil.”

The Witch of Lamentation accepted the mages’ proposal.

A bright smile then spread across Tristan’s face.


The relic was a vast space, and they had the advantage in numbers.

With these two aspects, they could prepare a ruthless counterattack.




The monsters’ howls echoed throughout.

The technique of the Magic Sword unfolded over the fangs manifesting the ‘Tomb of Swords.’


An insect-like monster was sliced in half.

A creature resembling a combination of a moth and centipede didn’t survive a single blow, shattering into pieces.

However, there was no time to rest.

The insectoid monsters were so numerous that losing a few dozen meant nothing to the swarm.

“They are approaching from the side again!”

Maria shouted while casting a spell.

Reacting to her call, Yoo Yeonhwa and Lee Taemin took action.



Blue energy coalesced around Yoo Yeonhwa’s fists and feet.

Having surpassed 5-star, her Taeching Hwarang Sword Technique now enabled her to emit condensed energy over 30cm outward.


A beetle monster as big as a house tried to clamp down on Yoo Yeonhwa, aiming to slice her apart.

[Yoo Yeonhwa activates Lv13 ‘Red Blossom Force’!]

The condensed energy unleashed in a devastating blast.


The beetle’s body burst open from the inside, and the surrounding insects were pulverized into dust.

On the other side, Lee Taemin took action, clad in mechanized armor resembling the Titan of the Empire.


His heavy leap felt distinctly powerful.

The hinges on his back opened, releasing magical bombs in all directions.



What followed was a bombardment akin to a sea of flames.

Burning the insects was proving to be a most efficient method of extermination.

Dozens of magical bombs painted a red path through the vast room with flames.

Furthermore, close combat with a titanium shield and short sword made it a truly versatile armament.

And then….

The climax of the onslaught was Maria’s Hellfire, having finished her casting.

“Thank you for buying me the time to cast,” she expressed her gratitude.

[Maria summons Lv7 ‘Hellfire’!]


The moisture was sucked out of the air.

The atmosphere grew arid, leaving a metallic taste of blood on dry, cracked lips.

This was one of the strongest pyromancy spells.

It was known as Hellfire, the end stage that a player could reach.


After the fireball passed, nothing remained.

Not even the faintest screams could survive, consumed by the flames.

Thus, as more of its insect minions fell, the Apostle of Greed grew increasingly desperate.

“More… I need more insects. More curses must spread. It’s not over yet, not…”


Ultimately, it was Jinhyuk who ended its life.

[‘Key of Greed’ obtained.]

[‘Key of Sloth’ obtained.]

[‘Key of Lust’ obtained.]

[‘Key of Envy’ obtained.]

With the key of Pride included, that made five.

Jinhyuk collected the keys from the defeated apostles and stored them in a corner of his spatial inventory.


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