Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 254


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 254: Vlog Life in Europe (Part 1)

Three bustling days had passed since that eventful nightly outing. The Empire and the Martial World were still at war, but they had declared a temporary ceasefire to regroup their forces after the constant demonic invasions. For at least a few weeks, both sides intended to recover from the damages caused and reorganize their ranks.

In the meantime, Jinhyuk was busily tending to a backlog of tasks that had piled up during those three days. The Giants’ Fortress, now guaranteed its status as a duchy, required a plethora of administrative work for its territory management. Balmond was also in dire need of repairs due to significant durability loss. Fortunately, the task was willingly taken on by the dwarven blacksmith Orun.

“Y-you want me to repair such a magnificent thing?” Orun gasped.

“Yes, I believe you’re capable of managing it, Orun. It’s quite worn out, so please be thorough. And don’t forget to transfer it to my spatial inventory coordinates when done,” Jinhyuk requested.

“And what if I accidentally break it?” Orun worried.

“If that happens, you’ll have to repay with your body. Ah, but don’t worry too much, I won’t kill you. I’ll just lock you in a sunless chamber with only one meal a day and make you hammer away,” Jinhyuk joked with a chilling smile.

With that, their delightful exchange was concluded. Having wrapped up his business in the Empire, Jinhyuk boarded a plane to Europe. His plan was to take a leisurely break in Korea before tackling Floor 15, but he was persuaded by Theresa’s earnest invitation to visit her family home in Europe.

Accompanied by Elise, Andria, Ophelia, Wolyeong, and Cheon Yuseong, they were greeted by a Rolls-Royce Ghost at the airport and transported through the city to the serene suburbs. Joining them later were Younghwa and Taemin, rounding out the main party.

Eventually, they arrived at an astonishing natural landmark. “Wow…” “Hooh.” “Real wealth speaks for itself,” came the exclamations as they admired the three-story mansion fashioned entirely out of white marble. Antique statues, a wooden pavilion, and even a quaint little lake nearby—it was no idle boast to call it a noble European estate.

Just then, Theresa approached curiously, “Everyone, what are you doing outside of our Alexandro’s home?”


“Yes, Alexandro. You know, the one I personally gifted to you, Jinhyuk…”

Alexandro… That Alexandro? Could it be…? Ah, now I get it. “You mean the hamster you gave me? Wait, so this whole mansion belongs to a hamster?”

“Yes. Our little one enjoys spacious places, so we ended up here while trying to give it freedom.”

Indeed, the center of the mansion displayed a solemn hamster portrait gripping sunflower seeds, adorned with a golden crown and a cape of red fur—none other than Alexandro the Second.

“No way this is a hamster’s house…” “To think, I’ve been living in a place smaller than a hamster’s…” Younghwa and Taemin gaped in disbelief, and even Cheon Yuseong’s eyebrows shot up in astonishment.

As everyone marveled at Theresa’s wealth, Elise puffed her cheeks in irritation. Poking Jinhyuk’s sides sharply, she complained.

“Why?” “The castle I lived in was much larger and grander than this. There were statues of bats, and gardens where Pegasus roamed freely.”

She sounded like a child fueled by jealousy, a stark contrast to the formidable Jinzo of a few days prior. Jinhyuk patted Elise’s head consolingly, “Sure, sure. Someday you can give me a tour of your home.”

Even the golem Goma blinked its pumpkin-colored eyes enviously at Alexandro’s picture. “Hmm. Next time, I’ll make a splendid frame for you, a much larger one than that. No way I’ll be outdone by a mere hamster,” Jinhyuk mused, upholding his pride as an Ancient Being.

As they continued to admire the views, it was quite a walk before they finally reached Theresa’s family home—a mansion that far exceeded the previous in grandeur, seemingly endless, near the edge of the forest.

‘Even the Middle-Eastern magnates would bow down,’ Jinhyuk thought. The Rosenbergs, already renowned for their aristocratic origins, had hit the jackpot with their magic stone refinement technology since the emergence of the Tower. Furthermore, with Theresa’s valor in protecting Amsterdam from the Outbreak and her stellar performance inside the Tower, it was as if a tiger had been gifted wings.

Upon their arrival, a genial middle-aged man greeted them. “Welcome, everyone. I am Theresa’s father, Dustin. Please, call me Dustin. Haha.”

Dustin von Rosenberg—the man frequently featured in the news as Theresa’s father.

“It is an honor to meet you. I am Kang Jinhyuk,” Jinhyuk greeted warmly. Following him, Elise, Cheon Yuseong, and the others briefly introduced themselves.

“An honor indeed,” Dustin continued. “Those who live in this era and are unaware of the Highwater Corporation are rare. Especially Kang Jinhyuk, a celebrity known even more than some rankers for saving all of Europe from the Lich, single-handedly.”

He then presented a cascade of letters. One from the British Prime Minister and another from the President of France, all grateful for Jinhyuk’s actions. It seemed Jinhyuk’s fame had spread wider than he realized.

While Jinhyuk humbly accepted the adulation, Dustin’s next words caught even him off guard.

“How about it? Why don’t you consider courting our youngest daughter seriously? She’s the pride of our family, and both of you are at the right age. We could even arrange a grand engagement party.”

Before anyone could react, three voices rose in unison. A stunned Jinhyuk, a blushing Theresa, and an incensed Elise.

“This was supposed to be a restful visit, but it seems that’s not the case,” Cheon Yuseong said with a tsk-tsk.

Andria alone glowed with excitement, akin to watching a morning drama unfold.


The storm passed shortly after Dustin’s explosive proposal. Witnessing Theresa’s flustered and Elise’s furious expressions was a first for Jinhyuk. The reasons were unclear, but perhaps the worry was that love and marriage could distract from their agreements.

“Father, may I speak with you alone for a moment? I’m truly sorry, Mr. Jinhyuk. Father said something ridiculous…”

“Oh, come now. Haven’t you always spoken fondly of Mr. Jinhyuk? If you’re smitten with someone like this, you should make your move. Mr. Jinhyuk, please seriously consider the offer. Our family will do you no wrong, and we’ve discovered new technology to enhance weapons with magic stones…”

Cutting him off, Theresa forcibly ushered her father away, concluding their conversation for the time being.

Afterward, the guests were free to tour the estate before dinner.

An irritated Elise vanished from sight. Cheon Yuseong immersed himself in anatomy and osteology slides on his I-pad by the lake. Jinhyuk ventured into the depths of the forest.

‘This should be far enough.’

He had important post-raid tasks to attend to—examining his growth and rewards.

‘I asked Taemin and Younghwa to come in thirty minutes. Better check this quickly.’

He first activated his personal status window.



Name: Kang Jinhyuk

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Level: 94

Strength 89 Dexterity 30 Stamina 40 Magic Power 221 Gap 100 Luck 10 Adaptive 78 Vital Energy 4,367

Stat Points Available: 24

Coins: 0

Profession: Runes Interpreter

Unique Abilities: ‘Fusion’, ‘Sword Tomb’, ‘Star’s Blessing’, ‘Judgment of Anubis’, ‘Blood Magic’, ‘Mandala’, ‘One-Second Invincibility’, ‘Thousand Poisons’, ‘White Beast’, ‘Shared Fate’, ‘Sanctuary of Sun’, ‘Imperial Dark Sky Technique’, ‘Triple Magic’, ‘Colossus Strike’, ‘Fire Dragon’s Breath’, ‘Speed Sword’, ‘Tombgrave’s Right Arm’, ‘Berserker’, ‘Wind’s Domain’, ‘Shadow Strike’, ‘Blood Burst’

Skills: ‘Primeval Flame’ Lv13, ‘Gluttonous Eye’ Lv12, ‘Sympathy’ Lv9, ‘Soul Imprint’ Lv10, ‘Poison Eater’ Lv8, ‘Shallow Breath’ Lv8, ‘Ice Sculpture’ Lv13, ‘Daylight’ Lv11, ‘Giant’s Grasp’ Lv8, ‘Soul Chasing Sword’ Lv9, ‘Double Agent’ Lv2, ‘Genuine Great Clear Hwarang Heart Technique’ Lv7, ‘Sword Devil Emperor Step’ Lv12, ‘Vague Scent’ Lv3, ‘Mental Barrier’ Lv5, ‘Heavenly Melody’ Lv4,’Otherworldly Diner’ Lv4, ‘Red Magic Bullet’ Lv10, ‘Heavenly Net’ Lv3, ‘Soul Drain’ Lv4, ‘Demonic Soul Sword’ Lv3, ‘Claw that Covers the Moon’ Lv9, ‘Draw Sword’ Lv2, ‘Undead Making’ Lv5, ‘Battlefield Selection’ Lv4, ‘Diplomacy’ Lv2

Barriers: Too many acquired barriers, changed to ‘Folded Away’ status.


Marveling at the list of hard-earned abilities and skills, a contented smile danced upon Jinhyuk’s lips.

‘Truly, the experience provided by a chief-class is unparalleled.’

Eight whole levels gained and 24 stat points acquired. Approaching triple digits in level, gaining eight levels at once was simply inconceivable.

‘To handle Balmond properly, I’ll need to distribute points into strength as well.’

[Strength increased from 89 → 101.] [Magic Power increased from 221 → 233.]

Done with allocating stat points, Jinhyuk now turned his attention to the awaited rewards—a red accessory recently retrieved from his spatial inventory, the Decarus Seal.

To be honest, he hadn’t anticipated obtaining such an item. He had previously hunted chief-class enemies, but those were within the formal raids beyond the 40th Floor. This was his first time engaging under such adverse conditions.

‘Thus, a reward befitting the challenge.’

The Decarus Seal granted dominion over all vampires within the Decarus family, as well as the rights befitting a chief. In essence, a new chief was born.

However, the real value of this seal stemmed from something even more potent—it allowed summoning an ancient relic, an artifact as powerful as the original holy spear, from the associated floor to this world…

This was precisely why the seal was vastly superior to any other form of compensation.

“Huuh,” Jinhyuk exhaled, steadying his trembling heart as magic energy flowed from his fingertips into the seal.

Simultaneously, a magnificent light flashed.

[‘Decarus Seal’ has been activated!]


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