Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 253


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 253: Ataraxia, the Pure-blooded Empress (3)

[Dragon Slayer Sword (용살검), Valmung – Navy Blue]

Difficulty of acquisition: Incalculable

Attack power: 35,500

Weight: 37 kg

Durability: 58,000 / 160,000


1. Ignores any defense of lesser capability than that of a holy relic.

2. Inflicts 20% extra damage to divine entities and doubles attack power against dragonkin (Continuous effect: 3 minutes – Duration can increase depending on proficiency).

3. Increases the physical abilities of the recognized bearer by 10% and enhances wound recovery speed.

Special active ability ‘Reenactment of Myth’ available. ‘Reenactment of Myth’ allows you to emulate the battle in which Siegfried slew Fafnir. (Requires a significant understanding of Valmung.)

The navy blue status window shone more splendidly than any other item Jinhyuk had seen before.

An astounding 35,500 attack power.

In no way comparable to his Twin Dragon Swords or Fang.

Even Fang, which had been enhanced to a blue grade, only had an attack power of 5,570.

More than six times the difference…

A hollow breath escaped Jinhyuk’s mouth.

‘This is truly insane.’

Even though Fang was focused on attack speed and lightness, a sixfold difference in attack power was simply ‘outrageous’.

Even the Sword of Scorching Heat obtained from Armor Breaker or Antrad paled in comparison to Valmung.

Most notably, an effect that nearly doubles attack power against dragonkin would be indispensable for climbing the upper floors of the tower.

‘Finally, I have it in my hands.’

Jinhyuk grasped Valmung.


Valmung emitted a pleasant resonating sound.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart raced.

This magic.

This feeling.

Yes. This was the sensation.

The overwhelming euphoria granted by a top-tier holy relic was exactly like this.

The corners of Jinhyuk’s mouth curled upward.

As he did so, the blade was drawn forward.

[Your unique ability ‘Star’s Blessing’ is activated!]

[Your unique ability ‘Mandala’ is activated!]

A gleaming white light and golden mist began to emanate faintly along the blade.

It was time to bring this grand finale to a close.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosion after explosion occurred as the blood droplets burst and nullified each other.

Though different in power, the understanding of Blood Explosion wasn’t much different.

‘This… This is impossible.’

Amulam’s complexion turned increasingly ashen.

He couldn’t believe a mere human was using Blood Explosion.

Nor could he accept the level at which it was being wielded.

And then…


As Valmung’s blade flashed, Amulam was flung several meters away.

Shield or not, there was no defensive measure that could withstand the Dragon Slayer Sword.

It was a situation that could only be adequately described as: Don’t block, just evade.

Even the unique regeneration ability became meaningless.

Blood flowed increasingly from the wounds.

“How do you feel? I’m just starting to get warmed up.”

Jinhyuk flashed a sly smile.

With the new holy relic in hand, he felt light as if he could fly.

“Argh…! You’re so full of yourself! If it weren’t for Valmung, you, you little…”

“Well, I won’t deny it. The item does play a big part.”

He believed that in the Tower of Trials, players’ experiences and skills mattered more than the items themselves, but…

Once something reached the ‘Navy Blue’ grade, even an ordinary person could fight boss monsters.

Let alone a whale equipped with such grade.

“But if it upsets you, why didn’t you prepare something fancy for yourself?”

“What, what did you say?”

“You’re a clan leader. Aren’t there plenty of treasures piled up in your vault? You wouldn’t be in this situation if you’d brought a few of those with you.”

Trusting solely in the unique physical abilities of a vampire and coming unarmed led to this predicament.

“If I had been properly armed… you wouldn’t dare speak to me like this.”

“Yes, yes. And in the closet at home, I have a sword that can slice through the galaxy, and I’m raising an invisible howling dragon in the bathroom.”

“Ugh… Ughaaa!”

Enraged, Amulam screamed.

Boom! Boom!

Everything in sight turned red before a massive explosion ensued.

He had begun to fire Blood Explosion indiscriminately, without even considering an escape route.

Of course, Jinhyuk was not one to succumb to such luck-dependent attacks.

Using ‘Sword Demon’s Imperial Command’ and ‘Shallow Breathing,’ he created quick and light movements.



He glanced over the ground and reached Amulam swiftly.

Then, through ‘Shadow Extreme Kill,’ he took his opponent by surprise from behind.


Amulam reflexively lashed out with his claws, but Jinhyuk had already vanished.

Moving swiftly between shadows, he kept striking at Amulam’s vulnerabilities.


Amulam gritted his teeth.

Ever since arriving here, things kept going awry.

A succession of singularly disagreeable events.

However, the most urgent matter was survival in this dreadful situation.

He was one who had lived for almost an agelessly long time, a life where reigning from the highest seat was normal.

He couldn’t possibly die in a place like this.

Amulam’s gaze shifted behind him.

An escape route.

A path of retreat was still visible in the rear.

If he could delay with the remainder, he could easily escape by himself…

It was possible, indeed.

‘Pretending to be in a rage and attacking wildly would mask my intent to flee.’

The deliberation was brief.


Amulam mustered all remaining magic power.

“Snarl! Snuff! Snuff!”


The ‘Blood Hounds,’ created from blood, charged at Jinhyuk and Ellis.

At the same time.

Amulam moved towards the back.

He needed just 1 second.

For a leader of his caliber, a second was more than enough to escape.


“It seems you haven’t changed, still as cowardly as ever.”

The cold voice from above Amulam’s head did not permit escape.

Descending from the sky, the accursed vampire summoned dozens of red spikes.

“How, how did you…?”

“Wondering how I got past your hounds? Is that what bothers you?”

Ellis shrugged as if it was nothing.

“Didn’t I tell you? Anything you can do, I can also do.”

Ellis had released the ‘Blood Hounds’ she had raised in the Ataraxia clan.



“It seems my dogs are bigger, wouldn’t you agree?”

This marked the end of the last possibility.

[Ellis has activated ‘Vladimir’s Harpoon’!]




Amulam screamed in agony as both hands and feet were impaled.

Try as he might to transform into a bat, the wounded areas simply glowed red—transformation was impossible.

At that moment.


Jinhyuk, wielding Valmung, accelerated.

The greatsword scattered dazzling light as it aimed straight for Amulam’s heart.

“This…trifling vermin…I…I-!”

And with that.


That was the final word the leader of Decasus had left in this world.

[You’ve leveled up!]

[You’ve leveled up!]

[You’ve leveled…]


[‘Seal of Decasus’ has been acquired.]

[All divine entities and the great forces of the upper floors will become aware of this event in a few hours!]

[‘Whale Corporation’s’ influence grows from a medium-small force to a medium-scale force!]

As countless messages poured out, one of the great tyrants ruling the upper floors of the tower had vanished.



As a lavishly decorated chair went up in flames, becoming nothing but ash.

“…How is this possible.”

A sigh of disbelief escaped the lips of those seated around the table.

It was inevitable.

The burning of the chair signified the extinction of its owner.

“Could it be, has the Decasus leader failed?”

The only one with long black hair among them spoke up.

Abigail von Levysita.

The leader of the powerful Levysita family.

“Since Amulam is dead, we must consider it a failure. Dammit! To think our leader could die in the mid-floors, how outrageous is that!”

“Given the restraints, it must’ve been difficult to utilize his full power, having left all the relics here. It was a big risk to send a leader to the lower floors.”

“It doesn’t matter, this is unacceptable. To think that someone capable of harming our leader exists below…”

The remaining leaders also chimed in.

The atmosphere grew terribly heavy.

A tremendous price had been paid, and yet, not only did they see no gains, they had even lost a leader who was claimed to be among the strongest.


Even Excension, who had succeeded Ellis in leading the Ataraxia family, remained silent.

It was at that moment.

“Didn’t I warn you? There is someone who can harm you leaders, so be cautious.”

The goblin, formerly basking by the fireplace, stood up.

As he did, all gazes turned to him.

An über-entity of the tower, untouchable even by the leaders.

The superior administrator, Hasting.

“Is that individual named Kang Jinhyuk?”

Excension asked.

“Correct. The very person who brought Ellis out of the corridor and made a contract with her.”

“It seems you’re overestimating that human too much. I acknowledge that Kang Jinhyuk is no ordinary man, but he certainly can’t kill a leader. If there’s any likelihood, it would come from Ellis.”

“Hmm. It seems to me that you all seriously underestimate him. Think about it carefully. Even in the past, Ellis could never be the variable.”

Even in the glory days of unsurpassable strength, she was eventually subdued and sealed by the leaders.

If they so wished, there would be ways to subdue her even now as she is below her past power.


“Kang Jinhyuk is different.”

It’s not just a matter of fighting strength.

A power that can enforce the grand principal of victory within the given conditions.

An ability to transform even disadvantages into advantages.

That was the foremost reason to fear Jinhyuk.

“I’m afraid, if left alone, you leaders sitting here might also die by that man’s hand. As time passes, the likelihood only grows higher.”

The deaths of the leaders.

Such an unimaginable scenario was mentioned all too easily.

“Now you’re saying that we…!”

“We would fall to a mere human?”


The leaders were bound to protest, but Excension promptly dismissed the dissent.

“It seems you have something specific in mind to bring up such a point, considering the trouble.”

“Indeed, the new leader of Ataraxia has a perceptive mind. Actually, I do have something in mind. Your methods have failed, so let’s try mine. It’ll take some time, but it’ll be worth the effort.”

Hasting slowly began to reveal his plan.


As the conversation progressed, the leaders’ expressions changed drastically.

The plan was so shocking that they listened intently, swallowing dryly.

“…That is all.”

Finally, Hasting concluded.


“With that, we might catch two rabbits with one throw.”

“I agree. If there’s a chance to chew up those who have bared their fangs at us, I’ll do anything.”

Everyone nodded agreement.

Except for one.

Excension alone.

“The plan is splendid, no doubt. But why would you, sworn to maintaining the balance of the tower, offer us your assistance?”

Administrators should remain neutral, managing the tower to ensure its continued existence.

Hence, Hasting’s decidedly aggressive intervention was utterly incomprehensible.

With a smirk.

“I am in the process of safeguarding the tower’s balance. Now more fervently than ever before.”

Hasting smiled enigmatically.





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