Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 250


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 250. Head of the Decasus family (2)


Clouds of steam billowed out.

The barriers and shields guarding the tomb proved incapable of withstanding both the breath of the ancient species and the frightening power of the spirit water.

“It’s truly impressive.”

Jinhyuk dusted off the dirt from his clothes.

It was a good thing that the sweet potato wasn’t in its adult version. Otherwise, the palace would have been completely buried underground.

The walls were cracked and unsightly, and the ground was fully excavated, a testament to the absurdity of the previous attack.


“Cough. Cough.”

“Can’t breathe…”

“Everybody be quiet. My head hurts.”

The sweet potato and the spirit waters were thankfully all safe.

Neither Phesis nor the others were caught up in the previous attack.

“It’s a relief that [Multi-Dimensional Map] found us a safe spot. We could have really died.”

“I believed Phesis would find a safe area, and luckily, my prediction was correct.”

“I appreciate the trust, but please let me know next time. My heart is frail…”

Phesis’s face turned pale as he clutched his chest.

Finally, Ophelia looked up at Jinhyuk with an expression of incomprehension.

“Why… Why did you save me?”

He could have left her at any moment.

There was no more value in using her, no point in wasting energy.

However, at the last moment, Jinhyuk used the ‘Demon King’s Treasure Manual’ to move Ophelia to the safe zone identified by Phesis.

“There’s no special reason.”

Jinhyuk shrugged, then pulled out the Twin Dragon Sword and the fang from his subspace inventory.

“Even if it involved threats or triggering traumas, it was I who made you bring the Traitorous Bracelet here and strike Amulam in the back. Since you completed your task splendidly, I at least owed you your life.”

Although the saying ‘the owner of a company is its shareholders’ didn’t necessarily apply to the Corpse of the Deepwater Corporation,

the ideology of the Corpse of the Deepwater is to ensure the safety of its shareholders far more securely than any power.


Ophelia looked at Jinhyuk in stunned silence.


The most effective strategy, across the ages and inside and outside of the tower, is to lend a hand when it’s most desperately needed.

[Ophelia’s favorability has increased by +10.]

Coupled with the ‘Sympathy’ skill, it was possible to significantly boost her favorability.

Given that a favorability score of 10 indicates genuine gratitude, it could be said that Ophelia’s heart had been firmly captured.


A loyal slave was always welcome.

Especially if they willingly wore the necklace.

“But don’t be too relaxed. The real fight hasn’t even begun.”

The previous attack had caused considerable damage to the vampires, but it wasn’t a fatal blow.

At best, the momentum of the weaker ones had been slightly reduced, and some injuries sustained.

The vampires with the title of Black Wing and Amulam still demonstrated formidable magic power.

True to that prediction.


Amulam emerged from the smoke.

Despite having taken the breath head-on, he looked unscathed, apart from a bit of dust.

“How exactly do you become as tough as you? Should I be drinking a bowlful of dragon’s blood every morning?”

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue, obviously unimpressed.

“If anything, I’m curious to know. What does one eat to become as reckless as you, firing off breaths in a place like this?”

“Waves and energy, thermodynamics… despite appearances, I’ve received a lot of praise for my damage calculations. It just felt like firing away would be survivable.”

“Hmm. Continuing to spew nonsense, I see.”

“Are all vampires from humanities? Or did I use too many hard words?”

Jinhyuk goaded him once more.

In response, Amulam’s lips twisted subtly.

Realizing further words would only immerse him in the opponent’s tricks, he fell silent.

“I’ve yet to meet anyone of worth who taunts so pathetically, but you, are you perhaps different?”


His hand moved faster than his words.

Dodging the blood-colored nails by a hair’s breadth was impossible.

Red droplets scattered through the air.

“You’re… bleeding.”

A cold voice penetrated his eardrums at that moment.

[Amulam activates his unique ability ‘Blood Explosion’!]

Suddenly, the droplets seemed to swell rapidly.

It was no illusion.

This was dangerous.

Instinctively, Jinhyuk widened the distance between them.

Pop, pop, pop!


An explosion erupted in mid-air.

“What the…”

Jinhyuk weaved frantically from side to side.

The chain of explosions was not only quick but also unimaginably powerful.

One of those could easily disintegrate a man. This was serious.

Twirling through the air like a flying squirrel, Jinhyuk increased the distance.

“Fleeing is commendable. Even amongst the Black Wings, when initially faced with this ability, they were half torn away.”

His words rang true.

If it weren’t for his numerous experiences and his sharply honed reflexes, he would have been turned into meat chunks.

“Your skills are fast and powerful, but you are clumsy in using them, aren’t you? It seems rather avoidable.”

“This lowly human! How dare you speak to our Lord that way!”

“Enough. I will handle this one myself. The rest of you, take care of the others. Pay special attention to the ancient kind, just to be safe.”

“Ah, understood, my Lord.”

The vampire kin bowed their heads.



Explosions echoed successively.

Magic clashed against magic, turning the inside into a battlefield reminiscent of war.

Thibault and the ancient warriors assumed the role of tankers, forming the front line, with the spirit waters and sweet potato providing long-distance support from behind.

The Decasus family’s vampires, seasoned from endless battles, fiercely exploited any gaps in the formation.


Even more intense than the large-scale group conflict was the duel between Jinhyuk and Amulam.

[Lv?? ‘Dew of Heavenly Blood’ is active!]

Blobs of blood began to fill the area around Jinhyuk.

Considering the ability demonstrated moments earlier…



The blood exploded simultaneously.

The surroundings were completely drenched in red.

The sprayed droplets from the explosion became mediators for new explosions.

The successive blasts were more than enough to overturn all visible landscapes.



Jinhyuk was still alive amidst the chaos.

‘Yin Shadow Killing Technique’ – a skill of shadow transfer.

Though it was by a mere paper-thin margin, he managed to escape the blood explosion radius.

Now it was his turn to counterattack.

With lightning speed, Jinhyuk closed in behind Amulam and thrust the Twin Dragon Sword forward.




There was no sensation.

It felt like stabbing into liquid.

Even utilizing the holy artifact, the Twin Dragon Sword, with ‘Sword Grave’ to unfold the sword energy, he still couldn’t inflict damage?

“I’ve told you. You are indeed exceptional, but I am of a different level. No matter how much you struggle, not a single drop of your blood will touch me.”


The blood droplets flickered again.

This time, they grew rapidly from a small pool of blood on the ground.

‘Time-delayed… attack?’

There was no sensation of magic, but in a flash, the droplets visibly expanded and then…


An explosion occurred right beside his head.


Jinhyuk lost his balance and collapsed as the shock wave hit him.

A ringing noise invaded his ears.

But there was no time to regroup as Amulam’s second attack followed, this time at close range.


Amulam’s nails stopped right in front of Jinhyuk’s eyes.

Or precisely, Jinhyuk had grabbed Amulam’s wrist.

“Interesting. Did you think you had a chance to compete with strength?”

Amulam chuckled disdainfully and poured more power into his arm.

Nonetheless, the stalemate remained unbroken.

The trembling nails still couldn’t reach Jinhyuk.

This was impossible with a normal arm.

However, if that arm replicated the right arm of the Titan Clan’s great hero, Tumgreave…

The story completely changes.

“The arm of the… Titan Clan too? Now that’s something. You really know how to surprise me again and again.”

“It’s a bit early to be surprised…”

The arm served only to augment strength.

The real technique was yet another martial art executed through the enhanced arm.

‘Black Heaven Demon Emperor Technique’.

A formless blow that transcends forms.

‘Heaven Piercing Penetrating Force’.


The uncanny energy radiating from his palm shook the insides, quite literally.


Amulam’s brows furrowed in a sharp V.

This was effective.

He could distinctly feel a change in the tactile feedback.

Of course, the cost paid for landing this single hit was steep.

Jinhyuk looked at the massive wound along his shoulder.

Was it a case of giving as good as one gets?

In the midst of it all, the counter by Amulam, who proved to be a monster, was no less impressive.


Blood flowed like a fountain.

‘Divine Star’s Blessing’ was stopping the bleeding, but clearly an artery was hit.

But still…

Finally, the goal was achieved.

“You’ve shed a drop of blood, haven’t you?”

Jinhyuk eyed the droplet on his fingertip.

Never thought a droplet of blood could feel so welcome—so crimson and swirling.

“Did you muster everything only to reap a single drop? Quite an achievement, isn’t it?”

“Just a drop… True. In this state, it’s a ridiculous victory. But you know what?”

[‘The Traitor’s Bracelet’ activation time has been reached.]

“Why did I go to such lengths to secure the Traitor’s Bracelet?”

He could have ordered the vampires’ treasures and holy items to be brought to him, yet he specified this one because…

The Traitor’s Bracelet had a hidden special ability.

When the blood of one who is restrained touches the gem of the bracelet…

“The barriers you’ve placed around the corridor lose their power.”

[‘Treason’ and ‘Desecration’ abilities are awakened.]

The Corridor of the Corrupt.

Deep within the pit incarcerating the kin of Ataraxia.

Bright light glowed from ‘Braham’s Ring’.


What appeared was a gate of red, the end of which couldn’t be seen.



A fully matured Ellis emerged from the fluctuating surface.

Her appearance was the same as when she was first encountered in the corridor.

The blindingly pale white silver hair and pitch-black attire radiated an indescribable aura.


The fury was unmistakable in her dignified gaze.

Following her emergence, Belus and the other vampires began to reveal themselves one by one.

“You are…!”

Amulam’s pupils dilated with shock.

How could he not be startled?

He never imagined a situation where the golden seal here would be completely shattered.

“Amulam of Decasus, do you remember me?”

Ellis spoke.

This was a question.

The first, and the last, posed to her adversary.

“How could I forget? One of the lords who sealed you into the pit was myself.”

“Yes. That’s right. Thanks to you, we’ve been trapped in the abyss for far too long.”

Ellis closed her eyes as if reminiscing eons.

They’d forgotten the beauty of the moon and stars.

The freshness of grass, the softness of the wind.

Everything had been neglected in pursuit of freedom, which was far more desperately desired than life itself… namely, honor.

To reclaim the tarnished name of Ataraxia and their pride, even if that meant depending on the aid of a human.

Ellis slowly opened her closed eyes.

Her irises were soaked with a deep crimson, like blood had been infused within.

“My name is Ellis von Ataraxia.”

One of the absolute beings of the tower.

The kind that every head of the household feared—the strongest pureblood.

If purity and beauty were found in blood, the word would have been created to describe Ellis.

“In the name of the householder of Ataraxia, I will ask you for the sins of the past.”

Magic was released.


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