Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 243


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 243: The Weight of the Name ‘Reinhardt’ (2)


A thunderous noise shook the entire tomb, as if warning tomb robbers that divine punishment would befall them for their greed. Plumes of dust cascaded from the ceiling.

“Ahh, ahhhh! It’s a trap!”

“Everyone, take cover! Move back, to the rear!”

Bainstern’s close retainers panicked and retreated.



Crossbow bolts fired from between the walls.

Magicians spewing blood from pierced bodies took their last breaths.



Since the traps were designed to expertly dismantle shields, the damage was beyond imagination. Even the knights with superior physical abilities barely managed their survival.



“Please, save us.”

This time, the floor gave way, revealing pits bristling with spears below.

Traps unfolding like a relentless storm.

“Indeed, leading the enemies into traps is just like you. Well done. Thanks to this, we have a moment to breathe.”

Jinhyuk patted Jinhyuk’s shoulder reassuringly as Cheon Yuseong looked relieved. With the ‘Heaven’s Command Stone’ also secured amid the chaos, their main goal was considered accomplished.


Grateful for the praise, but…

“The activation range includes the entire tomb.”

“What… say that again?”

“We all have to dodge them as well. Ah, to be precise, there is a secret passage at the end of the tomb leading outside; we just need to escort the emperor out through it.”

“You’re insane! What kind of plan is this, anyway?”

“Come on, don’t sweat it. Just dodge the traps—it’ll be fine after a few tries.”

Jinhyuk smoothly dodged an incoming crossbow bolt with a slight tilt of his head.

One bolt, then two, and another one.

The bolts grazed by him, embedding themselves into the opposite wall.

From the floor and ceiling, toxic darts and spears came out of sync, but Jinhyuk had already slipped out like an eel.

“The rebound force is high, so trying to knock them out of the way or twist their trajectory could be dangerous. It’s best to just avoid them like this. After a few times, you’ll get used to it. Also, there’s a 0.13-second gap before the rest of the traps activate. Just move quickly during that lapse.”

There were about 17 other traps, but once he got the patterns down, reaching the exit wouldn’t be too difficult.

Honestly, this was practically spoon-feeding them—the knowledge he baked his brain to memorize was given away for free; surely, there would be an outpouring of grateful responses.

“Damn it. That’s easy for you to say. Are you suggesting we can dodge all those fast-moving bolts?”

“…Because that’s something only Jinhyuk can do.”

Cheon Yuseong gnashed his teeth and Theresa let out a small sigh.

“Tsk tsk. You didn’t even consider whether that aged emperor could make such moves, did you?”

Even Elis scoffed with a look of pity.

“Looks like I chose the wrong side. I should apologize to the Duke now.”

Even Abraham felt despair over his choice.

Hmm… Is this really so difficult?

It seemed like something one could do blindfolded with a bit of practice.

He could understand why others would find it hard, though, especially the emperor.

In that case…

“I’ll create a gap with a barrier spell then. You all form a formation and exit during that time. Pesis here will guide you, so it won’t be that hard to get out.”

He planned to weaken the piercing force of the crossbow bolts with a defensive barrier, then escort the emperor out protected on all sides.

With Pesis, who was optimized for finding paths, there, the risk would be minimized.

“What will you do then?”

“I need to stay. Someone has to buy time until this incident is reported to the outside.”

The nobles in the imperial court might be unaware, but the rest of the kingdom’s kings had to take this matter seriously.

Of course, it was about their future, after all.

And if he could spread this information to them…

He would forge a dagger capable of completely shattering Bainstern’s conspiracy.

“Not a bad plan. If we follow through with that method, we will be the ones to establish the grounds for justification.”

Abraham nodded in agreement.

“Damn. Being with you feels like I’m always in the eye of a storm.”

Cheon Yuseong grumbled but didn’t offer any counterargument.

He too realized this was the only path.

“Take care of yourself, Jinhyuk.”

“Don’t worry too much on this end. I will see to it that we safely navigate through.”

Theresa and Pesis added their own reassurances.

“Thanks to you, I can dream once more. Hopefully, we shall meet above. Farewell.”

Finally, Reinhardt offered his thanks and respect.

With those brief parting words…


Jinhyuk unfolded the barrier.

Simultaneously, everyone kicked off towards the entrance and began running.

Well, not everyone.

There was one who stayed behind.

“Why aren’t you going?”

Elis stood still next to Jinhyuk, not making a move.

“Taking on those many alone seems hard for you. Losing my contractor here wasn’t in my plans.”

“That’s thoughtful, but aren’t you still recovering your magic power? You might be more of a burden than help.”

“No need to worry. I can take care of the empire’s forces on my way. At least, I won’t be dragging you down.”

In Elis’s hand, there was suddenly a sword, the symbol of ‘Reinhardt.’

“Isn’t that the sword of the first emperor…?”

Not for combat, but for ceremony.

Thus, the sword that had been a mere decorative piece in the tomb up to now.

“Yes, it is. That’s the weapon of the old guy himself.”

Elis swung the ceremonial sword lightly, as if reminiscing about the past.


After the storm subsided, the endless series of traps left Bainstern and his nobles with massive casualties.


Bainstern wiped the blood trickling down his forehead with the back of his hand.

He hadn’t anticipated such traps to be put into action.

But it wasn’t too late.

Surely the other party was sweating to avoid the traps too.

It was still possible to organize a pursuit team and cut their throats.

And just as he thought that, someone appeared before Bainstern in the midst of his planning.

It was the white-haired girl who had been closely following that human—Jinhyuk.

“I thought you had run away. You were still here.”

“I hate getting involved in troublesome matters more than death itself. I’d rather be lounging comfortably in bed, sipping wine—that’s what I truly wish.”

“Your words contradict your actions. Then why haven’t you escaped?”

“Because my contractor wished it so.”

“What a trivial reason to die for. Well, if that’s your choice, I hope you’ll have no regrets.”

Bainstern was about to give the order to his knights, but it was then.

“Before we begin, may I ask you just one thing?”

“Hmm. A final question? Very well. I’ll grant you that.”

“Why do you humans talk so much about loyalty and honor, and yet try to betray the emperor?”

“The question isn’t worth answering. Loyalty is only due to those worthy of it. The emperor is not.”

“How strange.”

Elis tilted her head at Bainstern’s answer.

“What do you find strange?”

“Your family has sworn for generations to protect the name ‘Reinhardt,’ haven’t they? The first Reinhardt surely said that.”

“Ha ha ha! What nonsense. How could you make up such things? It’s true that the first emperor lived through the ages because of his breakthroughs, but not enough to face someone as young as you.”

Bainstern’s laughter filled the air, but Elis did not smile.

“It seems you’re greatly mistaken…”

Elis slowly began.

“The young child was that wielder of this sword.”

And I…

“I’m the very one who witnessed the sword’s first steps.”

‘Tersensio. Te Arpem.’

Upon the short incantation spoken by Elis…

…The runes engraved on the sword responded.

What followed was a flood of light emanating from the sword, shaping into the figure of a young man. Though only an illusion, not a true entity, that illusion possessed a presence far greater than any real being there.

The pupils of the nobility quaked in shock.

“This can’t be.”

“That person—is it possibly…”

Without a doubt—it was the visage of the great emperor who united the empire, or rather, Reinhardt I in his youth.

“We greet you, Your Imperial Majesty.”

“The sword… was a relic that contained the figure of the emperor himself.”

Among the elders, there were some who remembered Reinhardt’s form—sages of the magic tower and swordmasters who transcended time.

And then…

The shimmering figure viewed Elis and said,

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a friend’s face. Ha ha. If only this were during my lifetime. It’s regrettable that I stand here as a mere echo of the past.”

A sad smile flickered across Reinhardt’s allusive presence.

“Just a fragment of a shattered ego that harbored that smile.”

“Indeed. I feel the same.”

Reinhardt and Elis conversed in an unassuming, tranquil manner.

Their exchange of pleasantries seemed all too ordinary, as if seen anywhere, but for the onlookers, that simple dialogue was shocking in every word.

“That girl… truly knew the first emperor?”


Throughout the years, every vassal of the empire remembered the deeds of Reinhardt I, the Conquering King. Swordmasters and great wizards who received long life had met the emperor themselves. Even those who never met him learned of the great king through countless historical texts and teachings.

-The first emperor is the empire itself. His will and intent take precedence over all laws and rules.

He turned impossibilities into reality and granted a stable life to the empire’s citizens who had lived in daily fear.

The current peace and vast territory could hardly be called overstatements of Reinhardt’s achievements.

And now, Elis relayed the truth to Reinhardt’s semblance.

Reinhardt’s gaze turned to the nobles.

“The six-pointed star tower design represents the white tower, the symbol of the Magi house led by Terher. You belong to the Magi house, don’t you?”

“Ye-yes. Terher was my father. I, too, had an audience with His Majesty as a child.”

Responding to Reinhardt’s query, an elder in robes bowed.

“Then you must remember. The white tower swore. They swore to protect the empire and my bloodline.”

His voice carried a solemn weight. But rather than rebuke, a thick layer of regret lay within that tone.

Perhaps… he reminisced about the era when the empire was founded, longing for the loyal retainers who had offered their lives in dedication.


The head of the white tower was silent, expression hard with no words to return.

Reinhardt’s gaze fell upon another man.

“The red cavalry is the symbol of the Tryan house. When the beacons rise, signaling invasion, your house’s flag shall be the first to appear on the plains leading to the capital city. Was I mistaken?”

First to battle and last to retreat.

That was the conviction of the Tryan house, the empire’s spear.


Reinhardt’s presence continued, prompting responses from the targeted nobles who were steeped in silence.

“I admit, my descendant is incompetent. It’s also true that your houses may suffer as a result.”


Despite that.

“You and your ancestors swore. Even if the empire crumbled and everything turned to dust, you would stand by me and my descendants until the very last.”

Such is their fate.

And, if that is to be their fate, they’ll accept it with a smile.

The first house masters swore.

Knowing full well it was their way to repay the emperor’s grace.

“Remember that oath.”

Reinhardt issued the final command.

A profound silence lingered in the tomb.

The nobles and their guiding knights couldn’t raise their swords or shields.

Magic users halted their chants and closed their mouths.

“What is this…? What are you doing? Do not be swayed by the words of a dead spirit. Raise your swords. Unleash your magic and wipe out those pests!”

But even amid Bainstern’s bellowing commands, not a soul stirred.

The atmosphere was turning.

Desperation crept over Bainstern’s features.


He couldn’t delay any longer.

He had to overturn this situation at any cost.

Otherwise, he’d be the one to die a traitor.

And then.

“This incident has brought many unexpected variables. But now that it’s come to this, there’s no other choice.”

[‘The Goddess of Destruction’ smiles at you.]

A terrifying storm surged forth.

Divine power began to manifest through Nirasha’s body.

At that moment.

“Sorry, but I’m not the only one who can reach divine levels.”

Jinhyuk also infused magic into the purple gem.

[‘Heaven’s Command Stone’ responds.]

At some distant tower’s top, invisible from here.

Someone responded to Jinhyuk’s call.


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