Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 231


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 231: A Day Off in the Fortress (3)

Inside the fortress.

Tables laden with various foods were lined up in abundance.

“Stop cracking your joints and move a little faster. Clink. The Master urged us to hurry.”


“Da, clink…”

Teabone and the ancient soldiers, donning bow ties, hurriedly tended to the guests.

“Is the food to your liking?”

Jinhyuk smiled brightly at the high-ranking officials seated on either side of him.



Namgung Chun reached for the sword at his waist.

Clearly, he found it displeasing merely to be in the same space as Jinhyuk.

Then, quickly, Baeksullyeon intervened.

“The food is more palatable than I expected. Thank you for your hospitality.”

“Well, if you think so, I’m grateful, but it seems that the one who swallowed his guild whole thinks differently than Miss Baeksullyeon. Ha ha.”

“What, what did you say!? The plight of the Central Continent Guild is all your damn fau…!”

“That’s enough. We didn’t come here to fight.”

“Yes, of course. I had no intention to fight even this much, I wonder why you are so hot-tempered. Even the gobblins strewn about the tutorial field are more patient.”

“Ugh, ahhh!”

Namgung Chun foamed at the mouth.

However, thanks to Baeksullyeon and the other martial artists desperately holding him back, the worst was prevented.

“Enough provocation. Why have you invited us here? Surely, it’s not just to have dinner, right?”

Perhaps he was intent on getting straight to the point before the main course had even arrived.

These folks really had no sense of dining etiquette.

“It’s a bit early to say, but since it seems none of you are interested in eating, I’ll tell you. As you all know, both your forces wish to have free access to this fortress due to its strategic location.”

So far, these things were common knowledge.

That’s probably why they had responded to the nearly unilateral invitation.

“I intend to give both parties a chance. The side offering a higher toll fee. That side will earn the right to pass through this fortress.”

“Pr…price competition? Did you just say price competition?”

Hobiar rose abruptly from his seat.

Too shocked, his jowly cheeks quivered.

“What’s wrong?”

“Outrageous talk! Weren’t you on the side of the Empire during the selection battle? Then, naturally, you should yield the fortress to us. A price for it, what nonsense is that?”

Hobiar’s veins swelled in his neck as he spat.

That instant.

The smile faded from Jinhyuk’s face.

“First off, if you spit food again, I’ll make sure you can’t use that mouth anymore.”

“You… what do you mean by that?”

“This is my castle…”

Chh, chh, chh!

A chill of killing intent rose.


Hobiar, who had only ever handled ceremonial swords, naturally had no experience with such a menacing aura.


Hobiar’s body trembled like a leaf.

Gone was his fearless demeanor, replaced by a terrified pig.

“Heh, Player Kang Jinhyuk. It appears our Count has spoken out of turn. Calm down and whatever you say you want, we will humbly accept.”

A knight hastily settled the situation.

Albert Meckeim.

The leader of the Iron Cross Knights and the one who assisted Commandant Hobiar.

‘Kang Jinhyuk, huh…’

Initially, Elbert intended to suppress Jinhyuk’s spirit with the title of the Empire.

After all, a powerful player was still a lone force, incomparable to a massive power.


‘…I thought he was at most a wolf pup, but I was completely mistaken.’

He was under 30, but what kind of power is this oppressiveness?

It was like facing an absolute sovereign who had weathered countless life-and-death experiences.

The intense pressure made it difficult to even breathe.

If such a person truly became enraged and drew his sword…

‘It’s beyond us.’

Despite having over thirty knights here to guard the Count…

If they carelessly challenged him, they would be the ones buried.

“Ah, Sir Albert. Is this fellow…”

“I know, my lord. Let’s first listen to what Player Kang Jinhyuk proposes.”

As the situation settled, Jinhyuk placed two white papers on the table.

“You each get one chance. Write your best offer and submit it to me.”

“So, we shouldn’t be half-hearted?”

“Yes, exactly.”

With that, he had said enough.

“Then, please enjoy the rest of your meal at leisure. Teabone and the rest will guide you to your quarters. Ah! And… you, come see me for a moment.”

“I… I haven’t finished my meal yet.”

Cheon Yusung jolted back, as if wanting to escape even an inch further.

His movements betrayed a strong desire to flee.

“Let’s enjoy our meal intimately on the rooftop. There’s an outdoor terrace with a view to die for. If you push someone off there, not even mice or birds will notice.”

“No, I don’t want…”

Cheon Yusung shook his head in terror.

“Sorry, but you don’t have a choice. Lending you to me for the day was the condition I gave to the martial world.”

“Could it be that! Is that true?”

“I’m sorry, I had to accept under threat of us being barred from entering…”

Baeksullyeon trailed off.


Now that I’ve got Baeksullyeon’s consent, it’s time for the revenge I’ve been waiting for.

My fingertips tingle in anticipation of how excruciatingly I should torment him.

‘I’ll put him in a maid cosplay and go for 100 million views on Vtube. If that’s not enough, he owes one slap for every view he’s short.’

That should relieve some of the pent-up fury.

As Jinhyuk was about to stand up, it happened.


That sensation he felt earlier pierced through his heart again.

A chilling and alien sense of unease.

‘Could it be…’

Jinhyuk lifted his head.

Almost simultaneously.

[Damn fortress lord! It’s an enemy! A spatial coordinate has been set inside the fortress!]

The White Tree Tángarasíl roared through telepathy.

As expected, this magical aftereffect was the result of a very distant spatial transfer.

An ambush.

A very tough guy is coming.

‘If he’s aiming to catch me off guard, he’s struck at the most painful moment.’

Due to a recent battle, Tángarasíl’s barrier couldn’t perform its function properly.

Thus, Tángarasíl’s barriers also couldn’t stop this powerful magic.

The rest in the inner chamber felt this anomaly just the same.

“What in the world is this…!”

“Does someone have the guts to pick a fight with this crew? That’s surprising.”

Baeksullyeon and Namgung Chun drew their swords.

“Count, sir. We’ll shield you!”

“Yes, yes. Make sure not a hair on me is touched.”

The Empire’s knights also summoned Titans, protecting Hobiar.

1 second. 2 seconds. And 3 seconds.


A loud noise echoed throughout the fortress.


[The gate activates!]

Accompanied by a red status window.

The ground split asunder.

Soon, a skeleton covered in flames and lava emerged from the deep abyss.

Flarakh! Whararark!

The beautiful garden swiftly turned into a sea of fire.


Crimson dread flowed from the mouth of the flame skeleton.

Jinhyuk frowned.

Damn, of all times for this creature to appear.

He had anticipated the arrival of a dangerous foe, but he hadn’t expected a monster of such colossal scale.

‘Was it the Arcane Association bending rules?’

They must have resorted to a backup plan since they failed to obtain a few sacred relics, including the ‘jar that devours filth’ they lost in the asylum.

By buying time this way, they seek to retrieve a hidden piece to break through the 15th floor where the Wailing Witch dwells.

‘With the Empire and the martial artists tied up, it’s an efficient move.’

Jinhyuk pulled out the longbow ‘Molar’ from his spatial inventory.

He wouldn’t stand a chance as is against that creature.


Jinhyuk called Elris.

“Yep! I’m right here.”

[The magic infused into ‘Braham’s Ring’ is alleviated!]

Jinhyuk undid one more layer of Elris’ seal.


As the bindings were lifted, Elris’ stature grew by about 5cm.

“I’ll give you a task to perform, so listen well.”

“Well, something has to be done, or there will be a sea of fire. What should I do?”

“Find the one who opened the gate and anchored the flame skeleton in this realm and eliminate them.”

To deal a fatal blow to the flame skeleton, one must handle the necromancer who summoned him to this floor.

Surely nearby, hiding while supplying magic.

That cursed Arcane wretch has to be eradicated before there’s a chance of success.

And among them, only Elris could track the faint magic aura.

With one level of the seal undone, her magical perception should have increased exponentially compared to before.

“Can you hold out without me?”

“I’ll try to buy as much time as possible. Please don’t take longer than 30 minutes.”

Otherwise, the entire stronghold they had fought for may turn to ashes.

That’s when.

“To have such an event during the congratulations for becoming the lord… It’s just like you to have such an event. Perhaps the notion of poetic justice is true after all.”

Cheon Yusung clicked his tongue by his side.

“Do I sense satisfaction on your face?”

“Impossible. I am grieving that the festive occasion has been ruined.”

Look at that smirk he’s trying to hide?

‘You’re dead. We’ll deal with you later.’

Biting his Molar, Jinhyuk kicked off and took off running.

Elris flew outside the fortress. Wolhaeng and Andria in turn readied themselves for the impending battle following close behind Jinhyuk.

Booming explosion!


For a moment, Tángarasíl’s branches halted the movement of the flame skeleton.

But it was only for a brief moment.

As volleys of volcanic rocks scattered, the plants were all consumed by the engulfing flames.


It was as if a demon had emerged from hell, recreating a scene straight out of the Revelation of John.

Jinhyuk, stationed by a window, notched an arrow into the ‘Molar’.


A red magic arrow blazed violently.


He calmed his breathing and waited for the perfect timing.

The rough magic pulsating through his veins receded at a precise moment.


[Lv8 ‘Red Magic Bullet’ is activated!]

A red flash blinked.

[Lv11 ‘Glacial Sculpture’ is activated!]

And above that flash, hundreds of razor-sharp ice blades wrapped around.

[Lv9 ‘Daylight’ is activated!]

Finally, blinding brilliance enveloped it all.

The sniping shot combined three skills.

The colossal magic surged toward the flame skeleton.


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