Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 227


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 227: Tombgrave’s Right Arm

“Tombgrave,” the Giant.

A heroic giant among those who dwell in the upper levels of the tower, revered as a great hero.

“Damn… it hurts. It feels like my nerves are being shredded to pieces.”

Jinhyuk furrowed his brow in discomfort.

Throb! Throb! Throb!

The heavy sensation pierced straight into his cerebral fluid.

It was claimed to be just a borrowed right arm.

But the repercussions of transplanting Tombgrave’s original body were beyond imagination.

[Synchronization in progress…]

[Based on the level and stats, only 10% of the original ability can be reproduced.]

[Due to the influence of the Giants, all power stats increase by 500%.]

[Time limit is 3 minutes 30 seconds.]

A mere 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

No, it was incomplete, but he had as much as 3 minutes and 30 seconds to employ Tombgrave’s power.


The mark of a barrier master, ‘the Insignia of the Moon,’ resonated with the new arm.

A golden wave crept from Jinhyuk’s neck to the tips of his fingers.

‘The barrier mitigates the pain and dissipates the foreign sensation of discomfort.’


Jinhyuk calmly steadied his breath with his eyes closed.

As swiftly and concisely as possible.

Optimizing his body to use the power within.

Just 5 seconds.

Just like that.

Jinhyuk synchronized all his magic power.


“What in the world… is that power?”

Ograkun’s eyes bulged as if they were about to pop out.


The white tree Tangerasil also seemed to have lost its words.

So much so, it forgot to control the various insects it commanded in its moment of desperation.

The power Jinhyuk demonstrated was something that transcended all common sense.

‘That’s no ordinary human arm…’

Although it looked that way on the outside, the essence inside was definitely not human.

Ograkun stepped forward with his greatsword in hand.

“So, that was how it was. I thought you relied solely on a Death Knight, but that was my mistake.”

It was natural to think the hidden card would be the Death Knight.

Anyone would think the same since the ultimate close combat undead knight was the Death Knight.


“It turns out you’re much stronger than that.”

What one really should fear is not some Death Knight.

It’s the human, who has inherited an unknown power.

One must focus all nerves on the monster that causes a shiver in one’s entire body just by encountering him.

“If you’ve realized fighting is futile, why not tuck tail and run? If you abandon the fortress, we’ll let the giants live.”

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible. I have my reasons for not giving up this place.”

Ograkun shook his head, indicating no room for compromise with his firm tone.

[Given his rational personality that perfectly understands the balance of gains and losses, if you grasp that point well, you might be able to avoid fighting surprisingly.]

The contradiction seemed inevitable considering the content described in the status window.

And Jinhyuk had a hunch about that reason.

“The Mine Association… is that why?”

At the casually tossed question…


Ograkun’s face showed even greater agitation than when he saw Tombgrave’s arm.

It was as if his very core was struck, his greatsword trembling faintly.

But even so, he quickly composed his expression and sword, evidence of his well-managed emotions.

Of course, that was all spilled water by now.

“What… are you talking about?”

“There’s no need to deny it so strenuously. I won’t prod any further.”

There’s no need to hear more.

‘It’s as I thought.’

Just from the reaction alone, Jinhyuk was certain.

The Mine Association had finished preparing to summon the Demon Lord.

‘That executive from the Mine Association who introduced himself as Gawein couldn’t have come to the empire by chance.’

A massive event would soon unfold somewhere within the tower.

The Rite of Strong demons, known to be the most malignant among the Absolute Beings of the tower…


The giants undoubtedly agreed to partake in that rite.

Now all the puzzle pieces seemed to fall into place, one by one.

“Let’s get started without further ado. I’ve only got about 2 minutes and 30 seconds left.”

“Is there a time limit on your power…?”

“What else? Did you think there would be no restrictions in gaining such power?”

“…That makes sense. But why tell me?”

“No particular reason.”


“Because I’m confident enough to win within that time.”


Jinhyuk materialized behind Ograkun.

Tombgrave’s right arm extended toward the spine.

By a narrow margin, the greatsword caught the attack.


The collision sound one would hardly believe could come from a fist hitting steel echoed far and wide.

“You react quite fast. I thought I had aimed for a completely blind spot.”

“Kuugh! Such brute force…!”

Ograkun’s body, easily more than twice the size of Jinhyuk’s, wobbled.

But of course, it was just momentary.

Ograkun regained balance immediately and swung his massive greatsword.


With one strike, the ground was torn asunder and the shockwave reached even the outer walls of the fortress.

It was a ridiculously powerful strike, completely ignoring the laws of physics.


“You don’t have a single scratch?”

Jinhyuk had blocked that attack head-on with just one arm.

“If this is all you’ve got… I wouldn’t have even needed to use the arm.”

The taunt was just the icing.

“I haven’t even started yet.”

“Fine. As it should be. If this were the end, my heated body would’ve cooled off much too easily, right?”

Jinhyuk grinned as he pulled out an axe planted in the ground.

It was one of the weapons dropped during a fight between T-bone and a giant just moments before.

[Tombgrave’s arm enhances the weapon.]


Like veins.

Golden lines from the arm spread and proliferated along the hilt of the axe.

While bare hands were good, a proper weapon was needed for a full-frontal battle.


Let’s see how this one fits in hand.

Jinhyuk took his stance.

From the soles of his feet to his legs, to his waist.

Then from his waist to his arms.

Magic power circulated through his veins.

…That’s dangerous.

Ograkun instinctively extended his greatsword in a defensive posture.


The dirt on the ground rebelled against gravity, rising into the air.

At the same time, the ground began to crack like the shell of a turtle.

“If this is a true strike of a giant.”

If we’re talking about the power to end all…

“At the very least, it should be something like this.”

A wave of impact erupted vastly greater than any made by Ograkun’s greatsword.

A streak of lightning accompanied it.

And with that, a colossal storm changed the entire view before their eyes.


The fortress walls, once like iron fortifications, crumbled.

The difficult path that required numerous sacrifices to overcome was now breached in an instance.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The reason behind the thick bedrock’s collapse was uncertain.

But that wasn’t what’s important right now.

By any means necessary.

They needed to step foot inside that place even a moment sooner.

“Immediately move all units inside! Yes, the Titans! Send the Titan Knights first to take the castle. Lord Myeonton! Lead the knights to seize the fortress yourself.”

“Those confident in their lightfoot techniques, step forward. Only if we secure a foothold first will we be able to claim victory in this war against those abhorred Empire bastards!”

The commanders of the Empire and the martial world roared in frenzy.

Soon, from the Empire’s side, the Titan Knights and the light cavalry made their entry into the fortress.

Baekseollyn, leading the peak experts of the Hwasan faction, also followed closely behind.

“We’ve got it! We’re faster.”

Led by Myeonton, the Titan light cavalry charged into the fortress, heading straight for the paradise within.

The few giants put up a fight, but none could stop the Titan Knights, each and every one a Swordmaster.



Giants perforated with wounds fell left and right.

A pinpoint breakthrough harnessing speed and mass.

An unthinkable destructive force for light cavalry rather than heavy cavalry.

Surely the traits of the martial machine known as Titan played their part.

In less than 30 seconds, all giants guarding the path to the paradise collapsed.

‘If we secure the paradise, even if the martial artists make a fuss, we’ll hold the upper hand.’

Myeonton urged his Titan with even stronger spurs.


The rear light cavalry didn’t forget to check Baekseollyn’s Hwasan faction.


Something unusual happened among the leading cavalry charging without hesitation.

A strong gust pressed against their skins.



Soon enough, the gust turned into a typhoon.

The Titans leading the charge were shredded like paper.



Blood fountains stained their vision red.

They had been sucked into Ograkun’s whirling greatsword.

“That damned giant…! Out of the way! I’ll handle this myself.”

Myeonton raised his Aura Blade to swing, advancing forward.

Or rather, attempted to swing.

Before his neck was severed by the distancing strike of the greatsword.

“Lord Myeonton!”

“Myeonton couldn’t even resist a single strike.”

“A monster…”

The heads of the knights fell back, hesitating upon seeing Lord Myeonton fall without even fighting.

After all, who could confidently advance in such a situation?

It was unbearably frustrating to retreat with their objective within reach, but there was no choice.

For now, they had to retreat.

But right then.

“Wait… just wait a moment.”

One knight cocked his head.

Something was off.

A sticky sense of incongruity that didn’t align with the situation at hand.

“Damn it. What’s strange or not, if we don’t run now, we’ll become scraps of meat between those martial artists and that monster.”

“Hold on. Take a good look at that giant. That’s what I’m telling you.”

“What a careful look will find when… oh?”

The blonde knight, who sounded frustrated, narrowed his pupils.

Come to think of it…

The state of the giant was quite strange.

A face full of fear.

A body covered in wounds.

There was no sight of the proud demeanor expected after having just wiped out knights.

“That… that thing is running away.”

Like prey frantically escaping from a larger predator.


The attack it had demonstrated was more like a desperate struggle for survival.

Questions followed.


Who could have instilled such an overwhelming dread into this monster?


The footsteps were heard precisely then.

“No use dragging this out.”

Jinhyuk, wielding a massive axe, stepped out from among the golden roses.

“Huff… Huff. Huff.”

Ograkun gasped.

The limited time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, personally admitted by his opponent.

Even after frantically running around the paradise to buy time, it felt like an eternity.


In one breath.

And a blink.

In that brief moment, Jinhyuk had already reached right beneath Ograkun.

The axe descended towards his waist.

He needed to dodge.

His mind knew that, but…

His exhausted body could barely hold the greatsword at an angle.


Ograkun’s body folded like the letter ‘L’.

His body was flung multiple times before rolling disgracefully across the ground.

This was going to be deadly if things continued.

The moment that thought sparked,

Ograkun’s pupils dyed a bloodish red.

[Unique ability ‘Berserker’ is unleashed!]


The beast, having completely lost its sanity, roared fiercely.


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