Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 226


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 226: Dreamlike Paradise (3)


Black mists rose along Tibon’s frame—magic power taking shape.

The oppressive aura emitted by a top-tier Death Knight was on an entirely different level.

Insects hesitated and retreated.

Truly, the fully activated ‘Judgment of Anubis’, unleashed without regard to the Egyptians’ wishes, could only be described as cheating.

One could sense how much stronger Tibon had become, merely from the magic power that tingled the skin.

“Give me your command, Master.”

“Shatter the white jade.”


At the same time the command was issued, Tibon’s figure disappeared.


Sensing danger, Tangrisil gathered a massive amount of magic power.

Green mist burst forth from the white jade atop the white tree—neurotoxins that could paralyze the nervous system and force others to focus solely on killing their enemies.



Immediately, tree trunks and insects rushed like a swarm.

[Tibon has activated his unique ability ‘False Oath’!]

Among the Death Knights, only a select few could manifest the unique ability ‘False Oath’.

Both the sword and shield took on a black hue.

What followed was a charge like a storm incarnate.


When Tibon swung his sword, the Hercules beetle was cleaved in two with a single blow.


The black sand centipede, as well as the massive rhinoceros beetles…


Anything that touched Tibon’s black aura blade could not withstand it.

Pieces of the torn insect corpses tumbled across the ground.

A path was made in an instant.

Tangrisil’s branches trembled.

“Oh, Ograkun…! What in the world are you doing? Hurry over here. Come this instant to protect me!”

Feeling its life threatened, Tangrisil let out a long and tremendous roar.

It was a cry for help to the giants within the fortress.


A portion of the barrier opened, revealing a connection point between the paradise and the outside.

[The 12-star barrier is being dismantled!]

At last, a hole appeared in the once ironclad wall.

‘This will be a battle against time.’

Jinhyuk’s eyes narrowed.

So far, the battle within the paradise had been predominantly against Tangrisil.

Now, he had to account for attacks from the giants as well.

‘It’ll take them at least 10 minutes to get here.’

10 minutes… That would be enough.


Jinhyuk raised his voice.

Understanding the meaning of that call, Tibon immediately activated a new skill.

[Tibon has summoned ‘Phantom Warhorse’!]

A horse covered in translucent armor appeared.


Mounted on the green phantom warhorse, Tibon accelerated even further.

Already difficult to stop, the added momentum and impact from the phantom warhorse made facing it an unthinkable notion.

They were upon it.

Only a few strides remained before the sword would shatter the white jade.

And at that moment.

A chilling sensation.

Swept up Jinhyuk’s spine—an ominous presence.

Something was there.

He could feel someone watching from the side, not Tangrisil.


Before he knew it, his body reacted.

A sharpened stick made of venomous toxin flew toward where the gaze had come from.


However, the thorn failed to pierce its target.

Instead, it was met by something else and shattered.

That figure… could it be?

“How could you…”

“You’re quite hot-headed, I see.”

It was unmistaken.

Ograkun, the king of giants, was standing at the edge of the paradise.



Something had happened on Tibon’s end as well.

Five giants had inserted themselves between Tangrisil and Tibon.

“Don’t be distracted, undead.”

“We are your opponent!”

Black axes and clubs intercepted Tibon’s sword.

Weapons capable of withstanding aura, much like the ones he had seen in the imperial capital.

In total, twelve.

Judging by the timing and their placement, it was no coincidence that they intervened here.

‘Was it a trap?’

Jinhyuk quickly activated ‘Eyes of Gluttony’.


Race: Giant

Age: 133

Level: 80

Strength 114 Agility 48 Stamina 75 Magic 7

Unique Ability: Berserker

Skills: Lv.15 ‘Sovereign’s Command’, Lv.14 ‘Weapon Lightening’, Lv.14 ‘Weapon Master’, Lv.14 ‘Tenacious Endurance’, Lv.13 ‘Tactics’

Traits: Ograkun is relatively intelligent among giants, a ruler tempered by countless battles. Rational in nature, he perfectly weighs gains and losses, suggesting that if you exploit his character, you might unexpectedly avoid combat.

[Copy Conditions: Giants revere strength and physical beauty. Press down your opponent with sheer ‘strength’ in as undressed a state as possible. (The less clothing, the greater the increase in strength.) By doing so, you may copy one of Ograkun’s unique abilities or skills.]

King Ograkun of the giants.

Despite towering at nearly 4 meters, his stature was considered unimpressive among the size-worshipping giants.

Indeed, one giant that Jinhyuk had lured into entering the castle previously had measured up to 7 meters.

Nonetheless, Ograkun’s reign as king, subjugating numerous giants…

It was because he possessed such overwhelming abilities.


Ograkun effortlessly lifted the greatsword that had been resting on his shoulder.

The sword, nearly his own height, traced a graceful arc.

“Why do you think I’ve already arrived here?”

“Because it’s been less than a minute since Tangrisil called for help.”

“Indeed. Under normal circumstances, the white jade would’ve been shattered and Tangrisil would’ve perished by now. The fight would have ended in your victory.”


“Once the scout went missing, it was obvious an intruder would target this paradise. Of course, I didn’t expect the intruder to have the ability to weaken the barrier.”

“This is… quite a pickle. But are you sure you’re okay? If you lead the main force here, those left behind won’t be able to hold off the joint attack of the empire and the martial world, right?”

If the core forces pull out, it could lead to the overall collapse.

It would be wise to head back before it’s too late.

Unless you’re willing to lose the entire fortress, of course.


Ograkun’s face was still free of any sign of perturbation.

He casually scratched his cheek.

“I’ve already given up on the walls. Soon, part of the forces sent by both the empire and the martial world will arrive here.”

“You’re… serious? You deliberately gave up the walls?”

Such an absurd…

What sort of reckless commander would relinquish their sole advantage?

Jinhyuk frowned at the incomprehensible decision.

“Why not? If we weaken the fortress walls ourselves, the empire and the martial world will believe that taking the castle is finally possible. That’s precisely what I want.”

…The two rival factions assume the castle’s conquest as a foregone conclusion.

As Jinhyuk followed the thought, something clicked in his mind.

“Are you planning to have them fight each other for the place?”

The top priority is the castle’s capture.

Secondly, which side will take the castle.

Naturally, neither would yield the fortress, so it’s a given that they would turn their blades on each other.

Ograkun was targeting that very situation.

“It seems you’ve prepared a separate detachment, judging by the lesser number of troops here. You plan to target the supply lines, likely with other disgruntled races against the empire or martial world at the core.”

“Hoho? You even caught on to that?”

A spark of interest flickered in Ograkun’s eyes.

“Even with many detachments, they wouldn’t be enough to annihilate the enemy’s main force. To ensure a perfect victory, you’d target the enemy’s rear… targeting the supplies would be most effective.”

“Hmm. If you’d led one of those two factions, this would’ve been a far more interesting battle.”

“Maybe. If I were the supreme commander, this place would already be hell.”

“That might be. Unfortunately, you’ve fallen for my strategy this time.”

That’s right.

At first glance, it’s a tidy strategy.

Defend the paradise while luring two forces into complacency, then sever their supply lines.

They could win just by sitting tight in the castle.


“Isn’t your plan contingent on a major premise?”

“What premise might that be?”

“The premise that you and your troops here can defend Tangrisil. If that fails, everything will turn to dust.”

“Ha. So you’re saying there’s a chance you might not stop me?”

Ograkun lets out a derisive puff.

It’s a ridiculous notion.

The rampaging Death Knight and the phantom warhorse were threatening but only while they lasted.

Tibon, having exhausted his time limit, already lost his Death Knight prowess.

All that’s left was Jinhyuk alone.

What could a single person possibly hope to achieve when even a legion would struggle?


Ograkun was unaware of one crucial fact.

More than the combined might of a faction.

“There’s a fair chance. Now that the barrier’s down, I don’t have to worry about losing my magic power anymore.”

One person could wield even greater influence.

[Lv5 ‘Claws That Eclipse the Moon’ manifests!]

Beast-like energy surged from Jinhyuk’s left hand.

[Unique Ability ‘Strike of the Titan’ activates!]

A mighty aura, containing the soul of the giant race, enveloped his right hand.


Adorned with “White Beast,” obtained from the Frost Blade Tribe’s “Karakal,” an indescribable heat flared up.


Ograkun’s brow twisted into a sharp angle.

“That power…”

The opponent was human.

Compared to giants, they were an insignificantly small life form.

A fragile existence whose spinal cord could be plucked out with a single blow.

Yet… what could it be? This pressure.

As if facing a mountain.

Ograkun’s instincts sent a high-alert warning.


If not faced with full force…

…they might end up being the ones overcome.

‘They’re no pushovers after all.’

Ograkun grabbed his greatsword with both hands.

Even so, if this power was all there was, he could manage.

He still possessed his own unique ability, ‘Berserker’, which could evoke the spirit of the fierce warrior.

However, witnessing what unfolded next.


Ograkun had to acknowledge that all his assumptions about the outcome were rendered meaningless.



A unique ability that amalgamates copied skills from adversaries, reaching a higher realm.

Jinhyuk combined the energies in both hands.

And at that moment.

[Unique Ability ‘Strike of the Titan’, Skill ‘Claws That Eclipse the Moon’, and Unique Ability ‘White Beast’ fuse!]

You said to press down with raw strength, right?

Then let’s do just that.

Three abilities obtained from monsters, fused together, meeting the stringent condition that only manifests under suitable ‘copy conditions.’

With such a daunting challenge came an assured result.

[You have successfully obtained the right arm of the ‘Tombgrave Giant’!]

[The copied Unique Ability is stored in ‘Memory of the World.’]

A dazzling radiance flickered, and the Dreamlike Paradise was engulfed in a massive light.


Then, a moment later, when visibility returned…

Jinhyuk’s arm had transformed.

Indeed, not just the appearance, but more than that.


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